Nik Richie Radio Replay With Special Guest RayJ

October 23, 2013 Hollywood, Nik Richie Radio, Star F*cker, The Dirty, Vancouver 213

“I hit it first, he hit it last.”@RayJ. If you missed the live Nik Richie Radio show last night catch the replay above. Thanks to the 126k live listeners last night. Much love and it’s good to be back on air.- nik

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**Here is the Dirty Celebrity Star F*cker that RayJ keeps talking about**

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How Has The Hottest Dirty Celeb StarF*cker Been Lately

November 23, 2012 Star F*cker, The Dirty, Vancouver 78

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, whatever ever happened to the hottest dirty celeb to ever grace Starf*cker aka Olivia Pierson. OMG she is soooo hot I wanted to marry her and she just disappeared. Even you admitted she was hot and you don’t even likes brunettes. Does the dirty army know anything new with this bombshell? I looked forward to always seeing new pictures of her beautiful face and nice +2′s.

I heard she got really fat. Anyone seen her lately?- nik

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Olivia Is The Prettiest Girl Alive

April 2, 2011 Star F*cker, The Dirty, Vancouver 103

brunette beauty

brunette beauty

brunette beauty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’ve been married since I was 18 so I kinda of have been living under a rock.  My wife has basically blocked me from going to any websites with attractive girls since she is a god damn beast.  But anywho every time I have to have sex with my wife I think about his girl Olivia Pierson. She is the hottest thing on earth and I believe she could come from a blood line of princess and hot girls.  Nik, do you agree?

Her name is not Olivia, it is Star F*cker. When she closes her eyes she thinks of me or David Beckham.- nik

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Dirty Celeb March Madness Round Of 32

March 25, 2011 Brock's Chick, Chesticles, Houston Rockets, March Madness 2011, Night Rider, Nik's Chick, Osama Chin Laden, Prodigy, Star F*cker, The Dirty 34

****Voting Ends Tomorrow at 5PM (PST) *****

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March Madness, Final matchups of Round 1

March 22, 2011 Kaden Solo, March Madness 2011, Night Rider, Nik's Chick, Osama Chin Laden, SD Coug, Shimderella, Star F*cker, The Dirty, The Shining 5

Winner: Star F*cker

Winner: Nik’s Chick

Winner: NightRider

Winner: Osama Chin Laden

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Your Ray-J Brunettes From VanDirty

March 22, 2010 Star F*cker, The Dirty, Vancouver 90

your brunette

your brunette

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik these’s 2 girls are Olivia and Natalie absolutely gorgeous and the most sweetest girls I no!!! They can deff have any guy they want! And Vancouver the most gorgeous women in the world.

They are famous for being starf*ckers… they try to hit me up on Facebook everyday.  They have fat arms made for black dudes, my Greg wouldn’t even rise half mast for these klondikes.  Sorry.- nik

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I Love Famous PC

January 12, 2010 Dirty Athletes, Star F*cker, The Dirty, Vancouver 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Natalie H only sleeps with famous black guys, she has sooo much plastic surgry done on her face to look her cuz Oliva lol and thinks she already famous…. she the biggest b*tch ever! shes dateing James Anderson she loves thoughs NFL’s and they love her big *ss booty slow done on the candy and cup cakes nat!

Man she looks just like her cousin Dirty Celeb Star F*cker.  I guess loving famous purple crayon runs in the family.- nik

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Who’s Hotter? Megan Fox Or Her Crush Olivia?

June 24, 2009 Hollywood, Miami, Newport, Star F*cker, The Dirty, Toronto, UCLA, UCSB, Vancouver 70


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this might be the most important decision anyone has ever made you make. I need to know. Megan or her lesbo crush Olivia… you can’t have both!

Very tough call… Star F*cker has a better nose than Megan Fox, but she needs to lose 4 lbs in the face.  I personally think Megan Fox is all eyes… leaning towards Olivia.- nik

What does the DIRTY ARMY think?

  • Megan Fox (57%, 10,806 Votes)
  • Olivia aka Star F*cker (43%, 8,035 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,832

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