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Super Pimp Trout Is Opening A Night Club

April 7, 2014 Cleveland, Super Pimp Trout, The Dirty 43

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Super Pimp is opening his own club.  Super Pimp Trout (real name: Mike Toth) has been the master of ceremonies on West Sixth Street for over a decade.  It was only natural that Super Pimp Trout venture out on his own: “I am pumped to announce my own club, The Mixx, he says. “I knew it was time to have a place with my own flair.”  Starting with a Sundays-only format, The Mixx is taking up residency at the Country Lakes Party Center in Broadview Heights. Why not a location on West Sixth Street? The answer is simple to Super Pimp Trout. “I wanted a getaway from the usual bar scene,” he says. “Most of the time the music is so loud you can’t hear yourself talk. You can’t meet anybody. Its a drunken orgy. The Mixx will have an excitement and energy to the place, but not so much you will be drowned out by it.”  Do you see yourself at SPT’s club?

What is wrong with ‘drunken orgies’?- nik

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Super Pimp Trout Still In The Game

February 27, 2012 Cleveland, Super Pimp Trout, The Dirty 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was trying to see Johnny Drama tonight but guess who I ran into non other than the SPT.  The dude doesn’t seem to age and he said he is coming to Columbus to party with you.

He is the George Clooney of Cleveland.- nik

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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

December 21, 2010 Super Pimp Trout, The Dirty 4

Click on the picture to see how Dirty Celeb Super Pimp Trout has slayed more Cougars than any other trout in Cleveland.

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Super Pimp Trouts Illegitimate Son

November 2, 2010 Cleveland, Super Pimp Trout 7

Super Pimp Trouts Illegitimate Son?

Super Pimp Trouts Illegitimate Son?

Super Pimp Trouts Illegitimate Son?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this guy might be SPT’s long lost son. He idolizes the Trout and then decided to let out his inner pimp for Halloween. The resemblance is beyond striking.

Love that costume.- nik

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I Didn’t Know I Took A Picture Of A Legend

October 25, 2010 Cleveland, Cougars, Super Pimp Trout, The Dirty 15

I didn't know who Dirty Pimp trout was

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was wasted at a bachlorette Party on 6th in Cleve, and I was taking random pictures, as you do, and I saw this absurd man in a suit. I posted the pictures on facebook today and my ex was like Dirty Pimp Trout! I guess I captured a legend. Bad ass… So the sighting was Oct 23rd @ the Barley House on 6th.

That is Super Pimp Trout (SPT), Dos Equis ripped the most interesting man in the world after studying this guy in Cleveland (true story).- nik

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Super Pimp Trout Runs Cleveland

September 29, 2010 Cleveland, Cougars, Super Pimp Trout, The Dirty 6

Super Pimp on the Velvet Dog rooftop Patio

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, out for my friends birthday and ran into Super Pimp Trout. Photo had to be taken for submission to The Dirty!

I heard if you sleep with Super Pimp Trout all your Cancer cells automatically die. If you don’t have Cancer you should sleep with him as a preventative.- nik

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Is Super Trout Forgy

June 7, 2010 Cleveland, Super Pimp Trout, The Dirty 34



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I like to stay up to date up. Super pimp trout is my all time favorite dirty celeb and I was a little confused with this picture…why is he hanging out with this forgy who is trying way to hard to get any kind of attention.  Nik could this super hero be forgy?? and does that strip him of his super hero powers of wooing any woman he pleases.

What the hell is that thing?  Stop claiming Donald Trump’s bastard child and lose some weight fatso.- nik

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Super Pimp Trout Strikes Again

May 10, 2010 Cleveland, Cougars, Super Pimp Trout, The Dirty 22

Super Pimp Trout Strike Again

Super Pimp Trout Strike Again

Super Pimp Trout Strike Again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw Super Pimp Trout at a bar downtown and since he loves the attention and being a Dirty Celeb we decided to stop for a quick photo shoot.  And like the true Super Pimp Trout he is we managed so snap these within 30 seconds of each other.  He is a true hero here in Cleveland, also seeing him reminded me when you were in town and how you f*cking killed it.  When you coming back Nik?  Ever?

SPT is a true legend… he should have his own commercials like the Most Interesting Man in the world.- nik

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