Sword Case Needs To Ditch The One Piece

June 2, 2014 Miami, Sword Case, The Dirty 0 7,282 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, not feeling this summer new bikini being the 1 piece… its for fat girl with big stomachs, not for hot skinny girls like Sword Case.

I don’t get it either. 2014 is the season for 1 pieces. Even my wife is buying them, which is not a good sign.- nik

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Sword Case’s Secret To ITG Success

April 30, 2014 Hollywood, Sword Case, The Dirty 108 111,450 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I think I cracked the code with DC Sword Case. The reason she has an epic ITG is because she does this workout called bungee kickboxing which tones the inner thighs and spreads her pelvic bone. She wasn’t born with a sword case, she made one.

I hate when people claim ITG’s are genetic. Just don’t be fat and you can have one.- nik

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Sword Case Lying About Her Age

March 19, 2014 Sword Case, The Dirty 75 98,709 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just find out that model Ashley Sky has changed her date of birth on all of her social media site’s, so she can stay al little bit longer in the model industry. How sad is that? Her real date of birth is Nov 26 1990, and she now has changed it in Nov 26 1991 that makes her 22 years old, when she truly is 23 years old. And I got some prove!In June 2013 she had an interview with Magazine Maxim, in the interview you can she that she writes that her age is 22 and she says now that her dat of birth nov 26 1991 is, and we are now in 2014 that means she’s still 22? yeah right. I’m sending you some photo’s so you can see it for your self.

As long as she is born in the 90′s who cares?- nik

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Nipsey Sword Case

December 21, 2013 Miami, Sword Case, The Dirty 117 103,012 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been following Ashley Sky aka Sword Case for a few years and have always wondered what “they” look like. Well…I came across this. Gotta say, I was kind of disappointed. I was really hoping for mini nickel sized guys. Could be worse I suppose. Enjoy.

What kind of model has a bikini bottom tan like that? I would be so mad if I was the designer.- nik

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Wild Thing Vs. Sword Case – Pick Your ITG

December 17, 2013 Sword Case, The Dirty, Wild Thing 65 96,100 Views


Known for their strong ITG’s and failed modeling careers. Which Dirty Celeb would you bang?

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Why Does Sword Case’s Look Change All The Time

October 28, 2013 Hollywood, Miami, Sword Case 10 10,963 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why does Sword Case look so damn weird in every picture?  I follow her on all the social networks and I feel like she never looks the same. Is it because of the make up or all the surgical work she has got done?

She claims real boobs… I don’t know.- nik

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Ashley Sky Aka Sword Case’s Doctor Needs A Nobel Prize

October 2, 2013 Hollywood, Miami, Sword Case, The Dirty 65 99,445 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so my friend has been sleeping with Ashley Sky aka Sword Case for the past few months.  He hits it all the time and she is totally in love with him.  She shows him pictures all the time of her photoshoots and all that.  He asked her why she never shows him pictures from her youth and she said she doesn’t have any because they were all in a laptop that was stolen years ago.  We did some research and found her on your site and then googled her… after seeing pictures like this, I see why she tries to pretend her past didn’t exist.  God Damn was she ugly as f*ck.  Her surgeons should get a nobel prize.

Sword Case still claims to this day she has never had any plastic surgery (LIE).- nik

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It’s Official Sword Case Has A Real Rack

August 19, 2013 Miami, Sword Case, The Dirty 131 94,595 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I guess it’s safe to say Sword Case has real boobs. I’m sorry people but fake boobs don’t bounce like this. I guess Ashley wasn’t lying after all. She is all natural with no plastic surgery. Nik you can’t deny Sword Case’s natural beauty.

I have always been a huge fan of Sword Case’s arms, especially her elbows.- nik

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