Tara Bobc*ck

July 30, 2008 Seattle, Tara Bobgreg, The Dirty 28 8,089 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres another pic of tara bobcock, model. In case you didn’t know, it says it on her shirt. This is from Summer Jam, and she was in the Miss Summer Jam contest. Here are a couple other girls also trying to win. I thought you would enjoy it. My friend thought you would enjoy the girl on the left also.

The sad part about this picture is that the other chicks are so beat that BOBcock actually looks the best (4.8766287). I wonder is PETA is happy with all the dead animals on their heads?- nik

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Would You?

July 22, 2008 Seattle, Tara Bobgreg, The Dirty, Would You? 8 6,856 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I just gotta know… would you? Because she has a hard time believing that ANYONE wouldn’t. This girl is only 18, graduated from High School just a few weeks ago, and claims to be a “model.” Maybe it’s just me, but it looks more like she’s an aspiring porn star. She loves her huge fake t*ts and talks about them all the time. My question is this… why hasn’t she fixed that hideous nose or those chicklet teeth?!? I’d be scared to be within a mile of her with my pants down… This is a “model” from Seattle named Tara Babcock. Most of these pics of from recent promotions she’s done within the last few months for photoshoots, model searches, and trashy radio contests.

Answer: No, she is like Rackstar… all +2′s and no substance.

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