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Dirty Celeb SUPERSTARS Collide

May 6, 2009 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty, Timberfake 117


THE DIRTY ARMY: Umm Nik at club 15 the other night Timberfake got on the microphone and called Tatouche a smelly mexican and a Trust fund baby and then to make it worse he was on the microphone calling out Tatouche and saying he was the #1 Playbaby. Then Tatouche tried charging at Timbo and his crew held tatouche back it was crazy. Then Timberfake had a Police Escort all through the club it was Impressive. Timberfake rolls harder then Barack Obama. I couldn’t believe it but its true.

This really went down… Tatouche should be careful because Timberfake can do backflips in his sleep.  Not that I am taking sides because Tatouche yells out “Look boss da plane, plane!” in his sleep.- nik

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Tatouche Sighting

March 31, 2009 Las Vegas, St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: I was at a company outing the other night at Tropicana.  I saw a dude resembling Tatouche off thedirty.com and went up to him and asked if he was indeed the man.  He stated he was.  He was with a very hot blond.  It was very surreal seeing the legend with his big shades.  He even had gold rhinestones on his wristband.  Who wears a white scarf to a bowling alley?

Wow… small breakthrough.  He is only wearing one watch.- nik

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Who’s The New Chick Tatouche?

February 18, 2009 St. Louis, Tatouche 33

Whos your new chick tatouche?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anyone know who this chick is?

I am really disappointed with this. I didn’t think a Dirty Celeb would lower their standards to woodland creature.- nik

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Looks Like Someones Busted

February 6, 2009 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 18

Are you seeing this Pic! Guess who this guy is!

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl was making out with Tatouche and met him up later that night.

Tatouche stop cheating on your new girlfriend.- nik

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Tatouche’s New Tail

February 4, 2009 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 40


This is Tatouche’s new girlfriend he has been parading around STL.  Yes, they match outfits because it is true love.

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Tatouches Long Lost Adopted Brother Spotted In Dallas

January 26, 2009 Dallas, Tatouche 17

Tatouches long lost adopted brother spotted in Dallas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I found Tatouches brother in Dallas, since they were both adopted and seperated at birth we should reunite them what do you think?.

I think this guy might get mad when Tatouche tries to hit on one of his boyfriends. I think it’s best we keep them apart- nik

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Tatouche Is Now The Chef

January 21, 2009 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 19

Tatouche the Chef

THE DIRTY ARMY: See, true story, he really was the chef at the party on sunday. Hes been cut off from $$. He has no choice, he has to work. Welcome to the world son.

Tatouche you had a great Douche Bag run… now ditch the shades.- nik

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Tatouche At The Club

January 19, 2009 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: At times I wish I could be as cool as Sam I just don’t think I could. look how cool he is so tall and fresh. If joe dirt was rich I think that he would act like Tatouche that guy on the right so tight.

What’s wrong Tatouche… you can’t afford Cristal anymore?  Maybe you could sell one of your watches.- nik

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