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R.I.P. Ricardo Montalban

January 15, 2009 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 21


DIRTY ARMY, I think we need to have a moment of silence for the passing of Tatouche’s real father.  Thank you.

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Angry Tatouche Going Nuts At The Club

January 6, 2009 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 46

Angry Tatouche going nuts

THE DIRTY ARMY: He got mad at RichieRexic, took his sunglasses off, jumped on her table, poured out her champagne, and had to be removed by security. Then snuck his way back in crawling through booths. Last saturday night was a disaster mess of stl dirty celebs nik.

Can someone tell Tatouche he is not from Los Angeles.  Who wears a baseball cap with a full suit?  At least he still rocks the two watches on both wrists.- nik

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Tattouche…. And His New Girlfriend

December 15, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche 77

Tattouche....and his new anorexic girlfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s Tattouche and his new girlfriend. She cannot weight more than 90 lbs. No joke. She thinks she’s a model because she’s done a photoshoot. This makes me giggle. Odd couple.

I am just happy he has a girlfriend… I was getting worried for a little bit.- nik

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November 10, 2008 Missouri, St. Louis, Tatouche 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not 1, not 2, not 3, but NOW 4 official Tatouches or is that Tatochi? Either way, perfect costumes… black nail polish, two watches, SGM, bottles of Goose, sunglasses at night, laughable clothes and certainly gay poses.

I was wondering which DIRTY CELEB would be glorified during Halloween?  The double watches are spot on for Tatouche!- nik

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Tatouche Still Rockin’ Shades In The Club

October 15, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 37

Tattouce The Terrorist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tatman has to be stopped his bottle service is funded by terrorist organizations he is out of control I heard he has connections with the Taliban and the columbian drug cartel thats why he is always wearing his headbands to show his support for them.  And tat please get a haircut and shave your starting to look a little rough around the edges if ya know what I mean.

I hope he cuts his tongue off with those scissors.  Where is the black nail polish Tatouche?- nik

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Tatouche Loves The Youth

August 25, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres Tatouche, better known in STL as Sam, repping his 4’3 stature with some JUNIORS IN HIGH SCHOOL. What’s worse is that these juniors are some of the most ridiculous outrageous girls in the STL. Unfortunately for Tatouche, the girl just to the left of him measures in at a towering 4’9- WITH HEELS. come on Shorty pick on someone your own age. (and i’m lovin the fake louie’s…Tatouche really is nothing but classy, wouldn’t be surprised if he charged those to daddy’s card).

What nightclub is this?  Tatouche is probably baby-sitting, nothing weird about it.- nik


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August 8, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 52


THE DIRTY ARMY: Sam aka tatouche is wearing fingernail polish. This picture speaks for itself. He is the ultimate fag. He honestly thinks he’s cool. Everyone knows it’s not even his own money. It’s sad when pretty much all of his friends will talk sh*t about him behind his back. Whenever people are done talking to him, they turn to their friends and say what a joke he is. But Sam really thinks he is Gods gift and people are just SO lucky to be talking to him. HE ALWAYS wears sunglasses, day or night to hide his bug eyes. But of course he thinks he looks cool and wealthy. This guy really needs to get a clue.

So you are telling me he has never earned a dollar of his so called money. Wow, I would have never guessed that. I thought he was a business mogul that was a powerhouse in St. Louis.- nik

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July 28, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Notice how he is standing on a chair in one picture and he is still barely taller than the girl!

Tatouche I’m glad to see you got over your Michael Jackson phase. Everyone around was really scared, please stick to popping bottles and wearing sun glasses at night because thats what you do best.- nik

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