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STL’s Finest

July 24, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 39

STL's finest

Tatouche is going down hill. He’s been seen all around town dressed as MJ and hanging out around the Boys and Girls Club. I’m worried.- nik

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July 23, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: more evidence tatouche is a douche. … and probably gay..

Wow, that is what Tatouche looks like in the light?- nik

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Tatouche IS the STL Club Scene

July 20, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: What a bunch of lemonheads! Did they coordinate these outfits? Sweet cell phone on your belt, son! In the second picture I just wanted to show of Tatouche’s girlie fake LV wallet. Maybe he needs a purse? Also, the chick who probably contracted h*rpes from drinking after Tatouche is named Dorcas…not kidding at all. More on her soon……

I heard Tatouche refuses to go out to the clubs when it rains because if his hair gets wet he loses 3 inches.- nik

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Tatouche Loves Tip It

July 18, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look who invaded the VIP at Nectar? It looks like he brought his gaggle of skanks with him too! All of those vertical and horizontal stripes are making me dizzy! Are those tortoise shell glasses I spy? You gotta love the swap meet bling as well!

What is with the tape on the finger, Tatouche? Did you break one going up for a rebound in the special olympics?- nik

(Rookies: Name is derived from Tatu from Fantasy Island + Douche)

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Tatouche takes over the Cardinals!

July 16, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Another one of the thedirty.com all-stars. I figured with the MLB All-Star game last night it would be appropriate to show what this mess is up to.. Who knows, just the usual clown at Busch Stadium..

She must be 3 feet tall.- nik

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July 14, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tatouche and his wack Hummer Limo… I think we’ve found Mrs. Tatouche, this poodle-haired beat chic he’s with is only 21 and is a complete social “climber” (jumping from group to group depending on who she thinks is the more “in” crowd)…

It has to be a cover… there is no way Tatouche actually uses his Greg to stab chicks.  Tatouche is a bottom.- nik

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July 14, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 5

Yes, Tatouche runs the STL and wears jackets in the summer.  What is with the one glove with cut finger openings?  It doesn’t really flow with the pacho stache.

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Tatouche and Jay E

July 2, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche 17

I am pretty sure Glitter Head Bands are for the gays!

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