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June 27, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 13

EMAIL: Hey Nik,
Here are some more shots of everyone’s favorite mini douche. Please take notice of bald douche, Brian, as well. He is best friends with Sammy and can be seen running around clubs wearing sunglasses at night just like Sammy. He says his dad is an executive at Pfizer, but he lives in a crappy apartment, wears fake designer clothes, and bartends for a living…hardly characteristics of a trust fund baby. Gotta love the 30K millionaires that spend their tip money on booze and blow…

Wait, are you telling me Tatouche is a 30K Millionaire?- nik

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June 19, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 18

I wonder if it is Tatouche’s handsome good looks that pulls all the hot chicks in STL? No way it could be wearing two watches and his money.

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St. Louis’s Grease Ball Promoter and….

June 17, 2008 St. Louis, Tatouche, The Dirty 24

EMAIL: It is people like these guys that make St. Louis suck so bad.

We will call him “TATOUCHE”.  

It is official according to the DIRTY ARMY voting and I confirmed it this morning on the radio in St. Louis with insideSTL.com that the King of all Douche Bag will now be crowned the name Tatouche.

Tatu (from fantasy island) + Douche = Tatouche

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