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The Burrito’s Career Is Falling Apart

June 2, 2010 Chicago, The Burrito, The Dirty 19

The Burrito at Enclave

The Burrito at Enclave

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you believe the Burrito got his set cancelled at club Enclave this weekend.  Man his career is starting to go down hill, I mean look at the chicks he is now hanging around.  Is The Burrito’s career over?

The Burrito you are aging at a rapid rate… hate to break it to you, but people stop going to clubs at your age.- nik

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Yacht Party With The Buritto

May 13, 2010 Chicago, The Burrito, The Dirty 21

Yacht party with The Buritto for only $94 per person

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as I was looking into Yacht rentals for party, came across the Burrito. Who knew he was a Level 3 Pro DJ? I wonder if he owns the Yacht too.   And is this real because if it is 94 bucks is a deal, to hang with this guy for sure.

Where the hell is this guy?  Supposedly he moved to Russia to team up with scientists to figure out how they can turn off the internet, but that is the last I heard.- nik

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The Burrito At WMC

April 12, 2010 Chicago, Miami, The Burrito, The Dirty 21

The Burrito at WMC

The Burrito at WMC

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, havent seen The Burrito on here  in a while, he must have been hybernating for summer time.  Anyway here are some pics of him from WMC how many little girls do you think he touched in the wrong place?  And nik look at the first picture he is wearing a t shirt that says “Got Yayo?”  How much Pepsi does this old timmer do?

If The Burrito has anything to do with drug cartels he sure is doing a terrible job hiding it. “Juice & Coke”?- nik

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Lion King

March 2, 2010 Sacramento, The Burrito 12



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch is dirty. F*cks every guy she chats with online. Has all these tattoos but is clearly a fat cow, and needs to get over it. && stop taking myspace picture angles. i like to think of her as lion king or a bigger version of snooki? what do you think Nik? & her friends are all uglyer then sh*t.

This is why you don’t talk to girls who only have head shots…they really look like this.- nik

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The Burrito Halloween Begins

October 26, 2009 Chicago, The Burrito, The Dirty 56


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, i didnt know the burrito actually hangs out with hot chicks?  Does he really pull tail like he claims?

I think The Burrito should dress up as a normal person for Halloween.  Not sure what he is going for here?  I am guessing Ken from Street Fighter 2?- nik 

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The Burritos “Salsa” In San Diego

October 8, 2009 Chicago, San Diego, The Burrito 11

 The Burritos

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Word on The Street is that the BURRITO is Flying in to SD today and thinks he has a chance with this gorgeous chick ….She is actually Cool. Not sure why she would hang with a The TOOL of All TOOLS.

She is the one who looks like a Burrito.- nik

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The Burrito Without His Bottle

September 27, 2009 Chicago, The Burrito, The Dirty 48

The Burrito Without His Bottle

The Burrito Without His Bottle

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, not sure if you’ve seen these, but this is The Burrito without his gun, bandana, kissy face, bottle of Belv, etc… etc…. and what’s the deal with the Shims?

Wow, he looks naked without his armor.  Almost normal looking in a Trout kind of way.- nik

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The Burrito Lost, Nik Richie Wins

August 31, 2009 Chicago, The Burrito, The Dirty 20


(click on image to enlarge)

To answer all the DIRTY ARMY emails I have been getting on The Burrito drama from this past weekend at Crobar in Chicago… well here you go.

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