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The Pelican Is Looking Better These Days

February 8, 2013 Dallas, The Dirty, The Pelican 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, little miss Amber Dawn AKA The Pelican seems to have stopped with the spray tanning and added some more hair on her head so she doesn’t look so much like a wounded bird. I will say, she is looking a lot better than before, although she still packs on pounds of makeup and takes insanely waaaay too many pictures of herself and whines about how she wishes someone would tell her that she’s beautiful because she doesn’t have much self-esteem. With over 700 pictures on Instagram of you posing in front of a mirror I’d say you have plenty of self-esteem. So, Nik, what do you think? Does she look better these days?

Nope, she still looks like a Pelican.- nik

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The Pelican Is Flying Away

August 7, 2011 Dallas, The Dirty, The Pelican 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, The Pelican has decided to move away again to “better her life”.  But I’m pretty sure last time she did that she ended up on this site even more.  So Nik, you think she’ll actually get away from the party scene this time and finally do something with her haggard self?

She will fly back to the scene, she always does. The sex and alcohol are just too good for her beak.- nik

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The Pelican Was So Wasted, I Doubt She Remembers Anything

May 25, 2011 Dallas, The Dirty, The Pelican 4

the pelican got robbed

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, the girl everyone calls “The Pelican” just recently posted on her facebook how she was ROBBED by a taxi driver.  I was there that night, she was so drunk she couldnt even stand, knowing her she probably gave the cab driver all her money and left her phone in the car. STOP claiming you were ROBBED & ASSAULTED when you were really just DUMB & IGNORANT. -dirty strong.

I would fly away on this one Pelican. Alcoholism is a problem that you need to realize.- nik

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Did The Pelican Get Work Done

May 20, 2011 Dallas, The Dirty, The Pelican 18

did the pelican get work done?

did the pelican get work done?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so even though she moved out of Dallas, she still pops up around the party scene quite often. But recently I noticed that The Pelican (amber mcd**vitt) has been looking less pelican like. I think she got a nose job and some +2s what do you think?

+2′s maybe, but the nose still looks like a Pelican to me.- nik

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Dirty Celeb March Madness- Round 1

March 19, 2011 Burnt Bacon, Cigar, Elvira, March Madness 2011, Scooby Snack, Sea Biscuit, Secretariat, Tang, The Dirty, The Pelican 24

Round 1 Winner: Scooby Snack

Round 1 Winner: Burnt Bacon

Round 1 Winner: Tang

Round 1 Winner: Elvira

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Proud To Be A Dirty Celeb

July 26, 2010 Dallas, The Pelican 14

proud to be a dirty celeb

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was on my facebook yesterday and I see a post from amber m****vitt (the pelican) and she actually referred to herself as THE PELICAN!!! is she aware being called that isnt a compliment? i pointed an arrow to why she is called the pelican, get that thing fixed then you can be proud to be a dirty celeb. haha dumb broad.

I love how she is owning up to it… takes a lot of guts.- nik

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The Pelican Is Trying To Be 8 Belles Too

June 15, 2010 Dallas, The Dirty, The Pelican 44

The pelican wants to be like 8belles

The pelican wants to be like 8belles

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ever since amber m (the pelican) has moved away from dallas she has slowly been transforming into 8belles.  I saw her at kinkis the other night and could have sworn it was 8belles. WTF doesnt she know if shes gonna look up to anyone it should be Leper?

Is it possible for a Dirty Celeb to look up to and worship another Dirty Celeb?  This is some Single White Female sh*t.- nik

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Family Feud With Dirty Celeb

April 21, 2010 Dallas, The Dirty, The Pelican 25

Family Feud

Family Feud

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the so called pelican! She has recently moved out of the dallas area to “leave the dallas lifestyle” and start and actual life. She moved in with her grandparents and so far in the week of living there she has already mysteriously disappeared for two days skipped a job interview and skipped classes she just started last week! YUP she tried real hard!! She has wasted more than half of the money her dad left her from legal fines from all of her DUIs and other irresponsible bullsh*t. She is a pathological liar, and none of her family can trust her anymore. She feeds off of drama and attention, so here you go Amber!!! Hope your fifteen minutes of fame was worth pushing your whole family (who loves you) away and has done everything in their power to help you!! One day when all these losers you hang out with: end up in jail, die, or possibly grow up and become nothing and i mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! No matter how your fate turns out, you will be ALONE! unless you clean your act up and figure your sh*t out. Sorry I had to this but there was no other way, hope you listen this time.

My website helps people save lives… Pelican time to wake up and smell the spray tan.- nik

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