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The Pelican Tried To Sleep With My Boyfriend

April 19, 2010 Dallas, The Pelican 22

Still a SLUT

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the pelican. Apparently she has moved out of dallas and is now in bedford. She crashed my party last night with some guys and was wearing this sl*tty outfit. she claims she moved to get out of the partying scene yet she got completely wasted and tried to get with my boyfriend. watchout fort worth this club rat is trying to take over.

Easy on the Jersey Shore reruns Pelican… your color scares me, I can’t even tell what race you are?- nik 

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Did They Put TheDirty On Their Resumes

March 25, 2010 Dallas, The Dirty, The Pelican, The Predator 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so what do our fav. dirty celebrities the predator (Alison) the pelican (Amber) and the pornstar (Corrie) have in common? they all work at them same place!!! I went to eat at this burger place in uptown hoping to get something classy instead I see all theses dirty girls it was really quite a site nik. Did they put the dirty on their resumes?

No joke, Nickel from Seattle has “Dirty Celeb from” on her resume.  A tanning salon that she was applying for in Vegas emailed it to me once.- nik

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The Pelican Works At Hooters?

September 8, 2009 Dallas, The Pelican 26

the pelican works at hooters?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so i was looking through the pelicans pictures and i found this one. Hooters really has lowered their standards, and the one in addison normally has hot girls. this cant be true, they wouldnt hire this ugly sk*nk. would they?

Probably just a Halloween outfit… Hooters wouldn’t lose money like that.- nik

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Ka Kaaaaaaa

April 3, 2009 Austin, Dallas, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech, Texas-AM, The Pelican, Would You? 20



THE DIRTY ARMY: HERE IS THE SO CALLED BIRD AND you can see theres not to much to these washed up wh* nik tell me every other guy does, would you?

The Pelican really needs to stop partying and save up for rhino.- nik

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Pelican And The Hulk Return

March 25, 2009 Dallas, The Pelican 35





Pelican And The Hulk


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Pelican And The Hulk once again during SPRING BREAK these are FRESH new pictures that Pelican just uploaded in her spring break album!.. and here is PROOF that Pelican AMBER is prego and is drinking a beer. how sad that baby is going to be retarted and look like more of a Pelican that her. and look at how FAT the Hulk is.. i mean damn look at thoes fat rools.. they just keep on going i cant even count them.. GROSS & these girls love to show that they are drinking BEER so n every picture they make sure they have a beer in their hand. and they are only 18 pshh.

She is just drowning her sorrows from losing to Blonkey in Round One.

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The Pelican And The Hulk

March 23, 2009 Dallas, The Pelican 38

the pelican and the hulk

THE DIRTY ARMY: is that the hulk and pelican i see in the blue???

Looks like it. God The Pelican’s nose is even bigger than I remembered.- nik

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Pelican And The Hulk

March 18, 2009 Dallas, The Pelican 39

Pelican and The Hulk

THE DIRTY ARMY: you wanted more info nik well here it is. Ambeezy and katie are the known bicycles in dallas, everyones had a ride or two or twenty. They prance around dallas clubs half naked ( which is the last thing that kadie b*tch needs to be doing, cellulite and cottage cheese thighs dont flatter honey) and think there the next best thing. Amber is probably the nastiest thing to walk this earth, she f*cks everyone and has probably f*cked your bf already, i hear stories about amber and some random club owner she’s f*cked or i’ll hear stories from guys who f*cked her the night before and want to kick themselves in the ass the next morning for doing it hahaaaa its sad pple. Kadie basically just stands there f*cked outta her mind waiting for some poor wasted dude to fall on top of her and get at it. She’d probably have more sk*nk stories too if her body was so repulsive ew. I dont know why these cr*ckwh*res havent been on here before, you need to put them on BLAST NIK, there giving dallas girls a bad name and giving dallas an ugly scene!

I don’t even wanna see a full body shot of them, I think I would be scared for life. It would also probably take up the whole computer screen.- nik

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Round 1 DIRTY March Madness Match Ups

March 12, 2009 Blonkey, CG-Girl, DIRTY March Madness, The Dirty, The Pelican, Wombat 6


DIRTY March Madness Round One Match Up

  • Blonkey Has Nice +2′s (95%, 5,602 Votes)
  • The Pelican Has A Nice Beak (5%, 265 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,866


DIRTY March Madness Round One Match Up

  • Wombat, has nice eyes. (64%, 4,267 Votes)
  • CG-Girl, has a nice mirror. (36%, 2,412 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,679

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