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I Like Thickness’ Natural Look

February 8, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Thickness 145

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Thickness just came across my timeline and I must say, she looks so much better without 18 pounds of makeup on.  Her boobs look like 10 times bigger so maybe she got some new ones.  But definitely an improvement from previous years, maybe 2014 is her year?

Same +2′s… she is just on her period that’s why they look bigger.- nik

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Thickness Is Now Going By Sarah Milania

December 9, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Thickness 222

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Thickness lost all of her friends besides Freddy Fags and is now calling herself Sarah Milania… I do find her more thicker than in the past and I love when her weight fluctuates because her +2′s even get bigger.  Check her out from her bday party… and dude, tell me in the first picture she doesn’t look hot as f*ck!!!

Isn’t Milania a black person’s name?- nik

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Thickness Is Still Thick

October 31, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Thickness 95

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can someone please explain to me what Thickness is for Halloween?

Looks like some sort of heavy witch.- nik

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Why Is Thickness So Weird

October 9, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Thickness 128

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m fairly new to your site and became so interested in Thickness because I have never seen a more delusional person on IG.  Check out some of these pictures, she not only photoshops her body, but now is photoshopping her makeup.  She is so damn weird.

Thickness is like a fatter version of Amanda Bynes. I decided.- nik

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Thickness Needs To Embrace Her Weight

September 17, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Thickness 81


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m literally speechless at this picture.  I mean can your photoshop skills get any worse?  I don’t understand why she can’t just be honest with herself and embrace her thick beauty.  Its 2013, being a fat girl is very in right now and guys are loving ‘em big girls.

I have never seen the ocean current have such clean lines… I mean look at the sides of the picture. It must be God creating a miracle that day.- nik

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Thickness Is A Little Off

September 2, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Thickness 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Thickness has a great point.  But I think she misunderstands a lot of things. I think when she gets posted on TheDirty she feels that people are hating on her… on no we are not, we are giving her constructive criticism.  When we say she is fat, we mean she is Thick, therefore her DC name.  We don’t think she is a wh*re because she hangs out with guys, its because she has sex with them for money, so no one is hating honey, they are just stating the obvious.

If you’e hangout with Scooby Snack, you’e a _________.- nik

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Thickness’s Real Age Revealed

August 28, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Thickness 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, with Scooby Snack’s real age being revealed, I took it upon myself to see if Thickness was lying too. Sarah Scheller claims to be 23, but according to her arrest back in 2007, she was 23 THEN, making her 29 now just like Kina. The funny thing is, if these girls didn’t load up on the Botox and over-the-top lip injections, they probably COULD pass for 23 and 24. Thickness is always uploading TBT pictures, and even though she hilariously compresses all of them to make her look skinnier, her face was actually not that bad before, especially compared to what it looks like now. Obviously she never was or will never be pretty, but without the disgusting lip injections, atleast she would look younger.

I wonder where Thickness and Scooby Snack will throw their joint 30th birthday party?- nik

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Is Thickness Serious

August 24, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Thickness 90



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, seriously what the hell is Thickness thinking?  Her pictures are getting more and more photoshopped. The first one, I think she made it longer so it would make her look skinny lol.  What are these girls thinking, like we are stupid or something.

The stretching the picture trick only makes the legs look skinnier, NOT THE ARMS.- nik

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