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Timberfake Rumor About Sleeping With Alexis Neiers

May 13, 2010 St. Louis, Timberfake 14

Is Timberfake turning into Timberfake because of you Nik?

Is Timberfake turning into Timberfake because of you Nik?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik is it me or is Timberfake morphing into the actual Justin Timberlake? Oh and I have some dirt on this homo from an inside source from a radio show. I heard when he was in LA about a year and a half ago that he hooked up with that crack h*e Alexis Neiers from Pretty Wild on E and I heard there is proof!!! Timberfake and C-list celebs don’t doubt it but she has low standards and all he has to look at is st louis trash and she has a drug problem and is a theif and he is delusional ass that judges girls and makes appearences at Crap Clubs in St Louis.

This sounds like a fake Timberfake post to try to save his celebrity in St. Louis.- nik

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Timberfake Has Demons

May 6, 2010 St. Louis, The Dirty, Timberfake 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whats going on with Timberfake here? He looks like some sort of escaped mental patient. I hear the kid has really lost his mind as of late. Nik, whats your take on this?

I am staying out of it… word on the street is that Timberfake is super delusional and is ready to take lives.- nik

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Timberfake VS The Situation

February 5, 2010 St. Louis, The Dirty, Timberfake 17

Timberfake #1 Playbaby vs The Situation

Timberfake #1 Playbaby vs The Situation

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik you missed it your douche dirty celeb Timberfake aka the #1 playbaby and that jersey trash the situation had it out in st louis.  They were at different clubs cause I heard Timberfake didn’t want nothing to do with him because he hates the gottis and just jersey trash in general and their hairstyles.  But they ended up at the same hotel later that night and they got in a huge arguement and timberfake told him to his face he was Jersey Trash and I was in the lobby and timberfake actually had hotter girls with him.

Timberfake is on a higher level than Sitch.  Who else besides Michael Jackson can grab their junk and still come off as an icon… nobody besides T-Fake.- nik

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Timberfake Is Back

December 30, 2009 St. Louis, Timberfake 40

Timberfake is gone all day like the Clock on the Wall

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this playbaby homo is to damn cocky he thinks he is gods gift to women.

He is, RichieRexic blew this deal.  She could have married Timberfake and had more babies by now.- nik

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Cardinal Young Guns Hanging With Timberfake

December 19, 2009 Dirty Athletes, St. Louis, The Dirty, Timberfake 58

Cardinal Young Guns Hanging with Timberfake

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the #1 Playbaby Timberfake out on the town with the cardinal young studs colby rasmus and brendan ryan. I wonder who is more famous in st louis. I bet the Playbaby is more recognizable but I think he is a closet homo.

I don’t even know who those guys are except for Timberfake.- nik

[IMAGE:  InsideSTL]

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Playbaby And The Informant

October 7, 2009 The Dirty, Timberfake 4

Playbaby and the Informant

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, once again the Playbaby himself uses his massive connects to get in on the set of the informant and do what he does best. Word is he even got in on a round of golf with Matt Damon here.

I saw that movie last night and it sucked.  I got to give it up to Timberfake though because he is the ultimate male celebrity stalker.- nik

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Timberfake Goes Hollywood In The National Enquirer

August 31, 2009 St. Louis, The Dirty, Timberfake 31


Timberfake Goes Hollywood In The National Enquirer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, your Dirty Celeb Timberfake is blowing up Nationwide I was looking through the National Enquirer and couldnt believe my eyes Timberfake has a two page spread and the funny thing is another person whos always on your site Miss California Carrie Prejean has a story right above Timberfakes looks like timberfake has hit the Big Time.

I am telling you Timberfake might crossover from Dirty Celeb to real time Celebrity.  St. Louis is truly blessed to have this Play Baby in their town.- nik

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Timberfakes New Chick: Would You?

August 10, 2009 Timberfake, Would You? 0

Timberfakes new chick: Would You?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Timberfakes new chick… the million dollar question.. Would You?

Answer: No, she has fat upper arms, and he probably just stuck it in once and now she’s going around saying their dating.

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