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Tony Fag

August 31, 2008 Chicago, The Dirty, Tony Fag 58


Yes, the civilian paparazzi rocks!  Check out Tony Fag checking himself out in his reflection with a broken down kit car.

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Tony Fag Caught By The Civilian Paparazzi

August 20, 2008 Chicago, Scissor Gang Mafia, The Dirty, Tony Fag 24

Video & Pics Of Tony Fag!

THE DIRTY ARMY: I ran into one of your favorite Chicago subjects last night: Tony Fag! Apparently he has NO IDEA that he’s famous on The Dirty!!! I got video of him talking about it and I think you’ll get a kick out of it. You HAVE to post this!

Here’s the url for the video on YouTube:

Tony Fag is FAKE SGM. Tony keep driving around with your shirt off and Speedos please. That is what the gays do. I decided.- nik

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Chicago Dirty Ride

August 17, 2008 Chicago, Dirty Rides, Tony Fag 1

Must be friends with Tony Fag.

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Ring Ring Ring…Hello Tony, This is the 80′s

August 5, 2008 Chicago, The Dirty, Tony Fag 38

Tony tags gays spotting

THE DIRTY ARMY: Coming back from the beach, look over in the parking lot and see Tags doing his hair in the window of some van and thought na that’s can’t be him. You can imagine how excited I was to see him strut over to his Ferrari. Got this pic in the middle of him organizing his always matching wardrobe and accessories in his “Ferrari, 360 spider” Head to lunch, still talking about the fadouche, we look up and see him jogging with as couple of white two pound dumbells. Hey Nic, Tag’s real SGM?.

Tony, the 80′s called and they don’t want you back!- nik

**Fake SGM, real SGM have black Ferraris.

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Tony Fags

July 26, 2008 Chicago, Dirty Rides, The Dirty, Tony Fag 53

Tony Fags

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is a picture of Tony Fags car on Michigan Ave. I swear he put a spoiler and the gold stripes and rims on it, because factory Ferraris do not look like that. It might even be a kit car. He always parks it in the Gold Coast at a Hotel so that he can go “workout” along North Ave beach or Oak Street beach. He is always topless with a fanny pack belt. He does a few reps with 5 or 10 pound weights then power walks. Does some sit-ups. The actual setting up to do the workout lasts longer than the physical activity. Then he comes back to the car in the middle of the Viagara Triangle, still shirtless, and stands by his car doing stretches. Then people take pictures with him and his car because he’s a douche. He’s been doing this for years. Supposedly he owned a club and it burned down under suspicious circumstances. $$$. He goes by different names such as Sammy Hagar, Rod Stewart, David Coverdale….

Tony Fags, keep it up! You are on the fast track to becoming a DIRTY Celeb. I’m going with fake on the Ferrari. Final Answer. Something about it just doesn’t look right.- nik

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Chicago Is Cool With Underagers

July 25, 2008 Chicago, The Dirty, Tony Fag 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Classic. Here is Brian the promoter douche drinking with underage girls. Thats how Brian likes ‘em even though he is almost 40 years old! The ho in white (top left circle) gets this messed up on E every night. She is always at the clubs where Brian promotes with a group of her beat high school friends. and the girl in the skank red top is a 19 year old stripper. she is out with surreal every night of the week. check some ID for once and keep out the nasty underage girls trolling for E and acting like skanks. hot girls would go out more if they would clean this mess up. Just sayin!

I wonder if he is friends with Tony Fag? They have a very similar upper body. Yea, Chicago has major issues with high schoolers in the clubs having sexcapades. It really sucks for the girls who are in their early 20′s because they all look fat next to these minors.- nik

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Tony Fags

July 24, 2008 Chicago, Tony Fag 4

Email: OMG… I was riding my back down the street and saw this guy and really wear no shirt… I almost pissed myself and his plates really say “Tony Tag” his car looked kind of weird though I dont even know if its a real Ferrari.

Tony Fags might be the original 30k Milli rocking the kit car. Looks like he is on his way to train for his swim across lake Michigan.- nik

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Tony Fag

July 23, 2008 Chicago, The Dirty, Tony Fag 98

EMAIL: Nik, this guy is always cruising around Rush street and the Viagra triangle in Chicago in his old as Ferrari with yellow pinstripes. He can also be seen walking the beach by Castaways in his tight biker shorts. He is always solo and big on color coordination. Heard his heroes were uncle chuck and the singer from Twisted Sister.

DIRTY ARMY, let’s play a fun game. What CD do you think this SHIM is listening to in her Dirty Ride?- nik


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