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Interview w/ Dallas Vampire Loser

March 31, 2009 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 34

Interview w/ Dallas Vampire Loser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Matt and he is locking in on another Dallas wanna be model (a blonde one this time)>The guyliner is one thing but now he is into to the Covergirl powder look! Watch out girls he will sink his fangs in…..

Word on the street is that he is trying to shed his image of “Travolta” from nik

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Gold Digger

March 20, 2009 Dallas, Travolta 16

Gold Digger

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amy S*E of dallas! Gold Digger! This old mexican dude in the back ground is her suga daddy that’s been jet settin her around. She claims he is “just a friend” but nothing is free. This dude set her up with a condo on the beach in Cancun, he made her part owner of one of his bars, they have gone on several vacations together. Look how mad he looks cause she is hugged up with some other dude! He is tapping that ass! Its a shame what some girls will do for the “finer” things in life! She also sleeps around with a Mavs player, drug dealer/hair dresser, strippers, and every once in awhile she will throw a ex boyfriend in the mix.

Travolta is totally banging behind her sugar daddies back. DIRTY ARMY get me more info on this gold digger.- nik

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Love Triange?

February 26, 2009 Dallas, Travolta 14

love triange?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Do you think Travolta has that goofy smile on his face now?

What is with his Neck Fat?- nik

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The Dallas Barber and Travolta’s EX

February 25, 2009 Dallas, The Dallas Barber, Travolta 19

Dallas barber and Travoltas X

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aren’t they cute? Do you think Travolta is pissed?

No. He has been real busy perfecting his Danny Zuko impression.- nik

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Special Forces

February 5, 2009 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 49

special forces!!!lol

THE DIRTY ARMY: So here’s Corrie & the eye liner douche wearing a special forces shirt! priceless clowns! what do u dink nik!??

Travolta I am sorry for your loss.- nik

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Corrie Spotted

November 1, 2008 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 23

Corrie Spotted

THE DIRTY ARMY: Corrie was spotted at Edge-fest 18 last week, once again running to Travolta trying to get attention from losers since her 15 minutes of fame on Paris Hilton’s BFF is over. I heard she was walking around like she was actually a celeb. Gimme a break.

He’s reaching up to see how firm her +2′s are.- nik

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Desperate For Attention

October 27, 2008 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 34

Desperate For Attention

THE DIRTY ARMY: I guess Paris Hilton’s BFF will do anything for attention these days. Including slutting it up with Matthew GAY-C aka Travolta. She’s just another piece of Dallas’ trash with many diseases.

That might be the worst press wall I have ever seen?  (you can’t make out the companies)…  Anyway, I heard Paris Hilton’s BFF is making $3k an appearance now in Dallas.  That is more than Crow or Leper.- nik

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More Of Paris Hilton’s BFF’s Gap

October 22, 2008 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: This was taken at Matthew GAY-C’s aka travolta’s fashion show last year and had to send it in. Nice scars there huh???

Looks like Paris Hilton’s BFF love to take her clothes off for the camera.  Do you see the arrow her body automatically makes that points to the REFUND Gap or is it just me?- nik

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