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Travolta And His Groupies

October 3, 2008 Crow, Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 20

I am still not sure if the Crow got +2′s… looks push up to me?

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“Travolta” has a Modeling Group

August 19, 2008 Dallas, Travolta 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t know if you knew this but “Travolta” has a modeling group. I found this out when I was looking at a flyer for something going on at Firewater, a local bar here in Dallas.

Where are his models?- nik

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Dallas D Bag “Travolta” in his own movie

July 20, 2008 Dallas, Dirty TV, Travolta 7

EMAIL: Hey Nik, this is a little old but I found some video of the Dallas D Bag “Travolta” playing Dodgeball at an old event that Pugs and Kelly used to do here in Dallas. Go to 44 secs and he will be there if you don’t want to watch all of it. I think this was from 06.

Side note: P&K are not on the air right now. We (the listeners) don’t know why yet because of legal stuff. Thought you may want to know since Pugs was such a fan. Once he had you on the air we followed like lemmings to the site. Keep it up.

Faithful Army Member

Pugs hit me up… what is the deal?- nik

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Thunder Gulch

July 14, 2008 Dallas, The Dirty, Thunder Gulch, Travolta 7

Word on the street is that Thunder Gulch and Travolta are lovers. I didn’t know Travolta was into Horses. Right now Thunder Gulch is a huge favorite to win TheDirty Derby in Kentucky next year.

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Travolta Douche

July 8, 2008 Dallas, Travolta 11

Travolta! Seriously, can’t you find anything better than these two? I’m starting to lose faith in your ability to lie about who you are.

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John Travolta’s Cousin Only Touches +2′s

June 23, 2008 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 18

Word on the street in Dallas is that Travolta’s cousin is now using John’s fame to be a club promoter. He is also claiming to be a born again virgin who only squeezes +2′s until he finds “the one”.

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May 28, 2008 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 25

EMAIL: so i am friends with the california barbie doll on myspace and i saw a tag on the dallas doesn’t amber post about her and matthew jc(tavolta) and i found pictures of them obn a romantic evening in a hot tub full of bubbles…. did matthew jc replace his borwn haired harper leigh for a hot blonde barbie or what. ARE BARBIE AND TAVOLTA DATING????? what happen after the bubbles???? they are pretty high up on each others myspaces! attached are the pictures…. thats one big hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crazy! I haven’t seen Travolta’s face in a long time. He must be getting too old for the scene (…5 years ago). Anyway, I love how people actually think MYSPACE is their whole world. No offense emailer, but if there was no MySpace how would you survive? I think I am going to put Kobe Bryant as my top friend now.- nik

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January 16, 2008 Dallas, Travolta 10


I like your Globe supermodel… stop rolling around saying you are Travolta’s cousin to pick up chicks please.

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