Travolta Name Dropper

December 20, 2007 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 14 5,246 Views


Plays Air Guitar for Sheep

Cannot grow any form of body hair

These pictures are true evidence that this D-Bag is a FEMALE. I have no more further questions your honor.- nik

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December 19, 2007 Dallas, Travolta 5 5,837 Views


My bad Travolta is Bigtime… he won an Emmy off Ebay.

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WARNING LADIES because Nik loves you.

December 17, 2007 Dallas, The Dirty, Travolta 17 9,030 Views


Ladies this guy pulls the I am related to Travolta card, but is not related at all. He claims to own a modeling agency, but cannot provide an identification number. I only tell you this because I love you and don’t want to sleep with you one day after this D-Bag.

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