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You Heard It First On TheDirty.com, Mitt Romney Is Hiding His Friendships

October 3, 2011 Dirty Politics, Las Vegas, Sacramento, The Dirty, Uncle Chuck, Washington DC 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since you are the new media source for breaking national stories… how about this little secret you have been hiding. Everyone in the world is looking for DIRT on squeaky clean Mitt Romney so what better place to break the news than TheDirty.com. Nik, your dirty celeb “Uncle Chuck”, Chuck Peterson was college roommates with Mitt Romney. If anyone knows Uncle Chuck than you would know he is a PARTY MACHINE and should be dead already. Uncle Chuck is one of Mitt’s biggest campaign supporters (the campaign funds are hidden through Mr. Peterson’s ex-wife). I wonder what the world will think of Mitt Romney once this news comes out.

Yeah, Uncle Chuck is not a good look for Mitt Romney and Politico before you start blowing me up just call anyone in Las Vegas if you need information on Chuck Peterson.- nik

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38 Year Old Creep

June 14, 2011 Edmonton, Uncle Chuck 29

38 Year Old Creep

38 Year Old Creep

38 Year Old Creep

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This here is Kevin. He is in charge of all of the accounts for money in the Frog Lake reserve. He is a 38 year old gay guy who sleeps around and thinks that his sh*t doesnt stink because he can get whatever he wants from anyone by paying them. My boyfriend left me for this guy, because he thought that gettting his d*ck sucked by him for cash every day is better than being with a girl that actually cares for him. Kevin has been with an underage guy, he would follow my boyfriend around to make sure that he isnt hanging around me because he thinks that im “competition”, and oh yeah, did i mention that my boyfriend was 21 when he left me for Kevin? Yeah pretty crazy story. He also let 8 people crash all over his small condo because Harley (my bf), wanted them over, and Harley was practically Kevins little bitch all because he got handed everything. This guy is scum, and will f*ck up your life. Watch out, and dont take it if he offers you money. All youll do is get his mouth sores. He will manipulate you and make you a little bitch just like Harley..

Are you admitting to having a 3way relationship with this guy and your ‘boyfriend’…why?- nik

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Uncle Chuck Is Living The American Dream

June 11, 2011 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Uncle Chuck 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge DA fan for a very long time.  I’m pretty sure that is Uncle Chuck but wanted to ask you and double check on that.  That guy is truly living the American dream and we should all be jealous of him.

Yes, that is Uncle Chuck behind Lil John’s hat. My Uncle is single and looking for trim.- nik

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Wannabe Model

March 22, 2011 Cincinnati, Uncle Chuck 83

Wanna be model WHORE

Wanna be model WHORE

Wanna be model WHORE

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sophia Sunyak. She wants to be a model so bad but doesn’t realize she is too chubby to do it. I’m sorry but I’ve seen your never-ending rolls of fat, and everyone else can see your fat wobbly upper arms and thighs. She is also the biggest pussy you will ever meet, she will talk sh*t behind your back but if you confront her she will act like she doesnt know what you’re talking about. This sl*t loves weed so much she named her dog ganja. Really? I’m tired of your ugly face in every picture I see, seriously you’re not even remotely cute, you unfortunate fuck. And please stop f*cking everyone, its disgusting. Your mouth has tasted too many d*cks.

I didn’t know it was possible to have cellulite on your calves.- nik

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Typical Maple Ridge Ghetto Chick

March 3, 2011 Uncle Chuck, Vancouver 21

typical maple ridge ghetto bitch.

typical maple ridge ghetto bitch.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nicolette Gordon is a train wreck-fat ass-brown nosing-lound mouth-puking-in-a-bucket-and-posting-it-on-facebook-like-shes-cool-or-something-douche bag-wh*re.  Climax is her fave hang out, probly because its as dirty as her and she feels at home.  Shes nice to your face then turns around and runs her mouth about you to anyone and everyone. Basically a typical maple ridge ghetto b*tch.

Obviously a place called that is her favorite hang out.- nik

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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

December 27, 2010 The Dirty, Uncle Chuck 4

Click on the picture to see how Dirty Celeb Uncle Chuck has become one of the most successful Trouts in America.

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Uncle Chuck Found From Hiding

March 24, 2010 Las Vegas, Sacramento, The Dirty, Uncle Chuck 37

Finally!! Uncle Chuck found from hiding.

Finally!! Uncle Chuck found from hiding.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after almost a year of NO Uncle Chuck posts he is found and you’ll be happy to hear alive and living up to his old ways……Your hero’s been found safe and sound.

Gross, he is still dating “Almost Famous”… That chick is the queen of DreamKillers.  She took all the fun out of Uncle Chucks life and put him into hibernation.  Uncle Chuck you were way cooler when you were trying to kill yourself every night in Vegas.- nik

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Big Bulldog

March 4, 2010 San Francisco, Uncle Chuck 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…the chick on the left is Sabrina and she thinks she is the hottest thing in town…she got the “thing” part right but hot is definitely not her. She cheats on every guy she dates and likes to be f**ked with a maglight….SERIOUSLY! She hangs out with girls that are in their early 20′s and she about to be 32. When do you start hangin out with people your own age. She tries to be young by wearing clothes that are too tight for her, often show her rolls, and is just down right gross. Like I said before she thinks she’s hella hot…Nik what do you think??

Whats with all these swollen faces today…Her face looks like a nut(yes that nut).- nik

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