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The Unicorn Moved Her Horn

November 10, 2008 Newport, Unicorn, USC, Would You? 6

The Unicorn moved her horn

THE DIRTY ARMY: HAHAHA here is another pic of the unicorn! Will this girl never learn last year it was a horn on her head now this year its on her face….whats next Madonna cones on those plus 2′s?

She is not aging very well.- nik

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The Unicorn

July 13, 2008 Hollywood, Newport, Unicorn, USC 15

DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the elusive Unicorn from USC was spotted on the peninsula this holiday weekend. Word on the street is that she’s working at one of the local bars until she goes back to L.A. in the fall. Looks like 909′ers aren’t the only things that migrate to Newport during the summer! 

She is far from a unicorn.  She has real boobs, jacked teeth and a big nose.  Just Sayin’.- nik

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LAKERS courting USC chicks

April 7, 2008 Hollywood, The Dirty, Unicorn, USC 22


EMAIL: Nik I saw the unicorn girl at a Laker event, what are the chances that the Laker’s ran the train on all of these University of Sucking C*ck ho’s?

Kobe’s probably in the bathroom choking a b*tch. Do you think Farmar can fly with those ears? I doubt it… he can barely dunk.- nik

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March 10, 2008 Unicorn, USC 5


EMAIL: Ok nik here is a picture of the unicorn girl throwing up the sgm. I have also attached some of the whole group just wasted. These girls all go to USC and think they are something special, when in reality they are just a bunch of University of Sucking Cock ho’s.

After further review she is not even close to being a Unicorn.- nik

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Hidden Trojan

February 27, 2008 The Dirty, Unicorn, USC, Would You? 14


How would your Greg feel about a unicorn?

The Unicorn looks like she has a boob under her +2 on the left side. Which means I will have to squeeze as hard as I can to get to the original… already tired from thinking about it. Greg says no.

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