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White Buffalo Needs Some Food

December 12, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, saw this video of Kimberly Leigh (I refuse to use her fake KimbyrLeigha name..) on her new ‘official’ acting facebook page. Wow. I didnt realize she forgot to take off her halloween makeup cuz the girl is SCARY thin now.. and all in the face. I guess moving to LA to become a famous actress (you know, the dream she had before she got knocked up) is taking its toll. Get to the nearest fast food place and eat Kimberly.

Wow, I truly concerned for White Buffalo’s well being… her face shows malnutrition and depression.- nik

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What Happened To Her +2′s

November 29, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was completely in love back when White Buffalo was a major hit on TheDirty.com.  I remember that little frame, those beautiful eyes and those AMAZING +2′s.  Just came across this pictures and it saddened me, she looks nothing like she use to and doesn’t seem to have any of that sex appeal.

She is a Mom. Let White Buffalo be forgotten as the legend she once was.- nik

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White Buffalo Is Back In Action

September 13, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, guess who is back in action taking self portraits of herself for the internet… I knew she could stay away from the action. The famous White Buffalo is looking fine for just having a baby. Oh and Nik you were right, she ended up becoming a single mother. Long live White Buffalo and I hope her body gets back to normal.

I’m surprised her +2′s survived the pregnancy.- nik

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Kimberly Leigh Is A Single Buffalo

July 13, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 10

Single Buffalo

Single Buffalo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so it seems that even getting knocked up couldn’t keep her new man interested for too long. White Buffalo is not only now 30 and reeking of desperation, she’s now also a single mother. Can’t say I’m overly suprised. The girl may act sweet but she’s a complete asshole. Can’t believe he stayed around that long to be honest. Also notice that her instagram username is now ‘KimberlyLeigh’. Guess her +2′s and personality weren’t the only fake things about her.. Her name was too! She’s already moved back in with her parents while she studies to become a lawyer (Still with that bullsh*t… Didn’t she “pass the bar” last year?. Enjoy a life of food stamps and government handouts Kimberly.

I called this one. I wish Kimberly Leigh would have listened to my advice. Potential wasted.- nik

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White Buffalo Has Fat Hands

February 16, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 84

Now I know why she's been hiding

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I have been wondering what happen to White Buffalo. She’s lost it all. I would be in hiding too if I down graded like her. Love the hiding of the stomach fat with her arm. Shes still obsessed with her self tho, she told a fan on twitter that she didnt want to share her daughters name because it was so unique. Really? Her name is Shyla. When did that become unique.

Congrats on having a baby White Buffalo (called it).- nik

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White Buffalo Got Smaller +2′s For No Reason

April 4, 2011 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so as we all recall WB got smaller +2′s for her move to LA and her acting career.  Well WB found her self a true DreamKiller surfer and she is no longer moving to LA to pursue acting.  So in the end of the day, WB ruined her smoking hot body for nothing, kinda of makes me pretty mad, Nik, any thoughts about this?

I am still sticking with my pregnancy theory. I think she was all packed for LA and this random dude refused to pull out of her.- nik

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Now I Understand Why Scooby Is In Love With The White Buffalo

February 4, 2011 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you are totally wrong about White Buffalo’s new +2′s.  She is a very short girl and the old ones she had definitely made her look like a pornstar.  Check these bad boys out, they are big and nice, but not to Pornstar big.  You have to give her props on this one, she is pursuing her acting career and without a doubt that was the best thing she could have done or she would have ended up in San Fernando Valley if you know what I mean.  Nik, also do you think WB will give Scooby a legit shot?

They look too small… I doubt Scooby will even text her now after this picture.- nik

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Udders And White Buffalo Madness

January 24, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, The Dirty, Udders, Vancouver, White Buffalo, Would You? 68

Udders/Whitebuffalo madness

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik for the love of god,for christ’s sake, STOP THE DAILY UDDERS/WHITE BUFFALO.  They are like twin sisters determined to make the entire dirty army go blind. Despite the fact that white buffalo and JV make comments about how good of an actress she is in every post about her, I still prefer her. Udders has a SERIOUS case of mac forcefield like no other, plus she is a legit Mexican. go figure. Nik they have already brainwashed about 40% of the dirty army, for crying out loud, DON’T LET THEM TAKE MORE OF US.

I wonder if they will make the Final Four? Serious question, with a gun to your head which one would you?- nik

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