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Wild Thing Has The Perfect +2s

November 7, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Wild Thing 21

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, wanted to shut up all the haters out there who don’t think Wild Thing is the hottest cougar out there.  I submitted some pictures of her +2′s that need hearts over them, but you can surely tell how much thought she put into those and how good they have come out.  Check em, let me know what you think.  Click here to see some hearts.

She still looks old to me (early 40′s).- nik

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I Find Myself Slowly Falling For Wild Thing

November 5, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Wild Thing 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’m having a huge problem in my life.  My wife is good friends with Jennifer aka Wild Thing.  They have been friends for a very long time but in the past few months, the more she brings her around… the more I’m contemplating leaving my wife for Wild Thing.  I know it probably sounds crazy because you are thinking what would make Wild Thing want to be with me.  Well 2 reasons:  First reason is that we have always have the best conversations whenever we talk, we laugh together and just stare into each others eyes and the second reason… I’m RICH, trust me.  I bought my first wife and have no doubt I can buy Jennifer’s love as well.

Don’t get sucked in… she is all chest.- nik

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Wild Thing Is Looking Amazing

November 1, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Wild Thing 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know all you guys hate on Wild Thing and say she is old looking and what not.  But you folks got it all wrong.  The girl at the age of 29 looks so good.  Check out that body, only +2′s are fake on it.  The rest is hard work paying off.  That is why she can be at the Playboy Mansion whenever she wants and can have whatever guy she wants.  So stop hating and start appreciating.

I think if Wild Thing got an eye lift she would look her age.- nik

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Wild Thing Is Looking Amazing In This Video

October 21, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Wild Thing 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out Wild Thing in this video.  I know you aren’t her biggest fan because she is only 29 and looks like she is 42. But check this out, no photoshop.  It shows truly how sexy and beautiful of a woman she is.  Those curves are amazing and her face looks like an angels.  What do you think?

Still way too old looking for me… where are the +2′s?- nik

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No Way Is Wild Thing 29 Years Old

September 23, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Wild Thing 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a grown ass man and can’t stand when people lie to me.  I’m friends with a girl at Playboy and she told me that Jennifer Vaughn aka Wild Thing is 29 years old.  No way in hell, you can’t fool me on this.  I’ve met her several times and partied together, let me tell you she is no younger than 37.  People need to stop BSin.

I still say a strong 49.- nik

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Does Anyone Know How Old Wild Thing Is

September 18, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Wild Thing 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Wild Thing has quickly became my favorite Dirty Celeb.  She is hot, blonde and has some huge +2′s… everything I would want in my future wife.  I wanted to ask you if you know how old she is?  Some people are saying she is only 29 but some are saying they are positive she is over the age of 40.  To me she looks like she is 38 maybe 39 tops.  With a body like that at her age, I’m beyond impressed.  So NIk, do you know how old she is?

My guess 49.- nik

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Old Face Wild Thing

August 31, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Wild Thing 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: You are right Nik, unfortunately Wild Thing has an old looking face. I really thought I was in love for a second until I did some research on Ms. Vaughn. Even if I close my eyes I don’t think I can get past the Arm n Hammer smell. Wild Thing you don’t make my Greg spring.

Go easy on Wild Thing. She is a closer… one of the last pitchers in the Playboy franchise.- nik

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Wild Thing Thinks Its Still The 90s

August 30, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Wild Thing 29

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’ve been following Wild Thing on Instagram for a while now.  I just don’t get this cougar.  All she does is run around the playboy mansion like it’s still cool.  Doesn’t she realize that the magazine is dead? I mean even Holly and Kendra got out of there for a better life.  And they’re husbands are jokes!!  One is unemployed and the other throws raves.  Please tell Jennifer to stop posting pics at the mansion pool and all this.  Like Hef is the only rich guy in LA with a pool and zoo animals??  Everyone has that now!  This is not the 90′s.

Wild Thing has a face from the 90′s so she is stuck mentally.- nik

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