Wire Transfer In VanDirty

March 5, 2012 The Dirty, Vancouver, Wire Transfer 12

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, look who it is… WT in Vandirty! I wonder if she was visiting one of Vandirty’s many 30k milli wannabe trouts or a wealthy noodle? I guess a girl has gotta eat and pay those bills. I wonder how much money she actually has in the bank. Does WT ever wonder what her parents think of her? Maybe not an issue since her ass is everywhere. After her Porta Potty event with douche JRL, can’t say she is as hot these days. She must be behind with her injections.

She needs to invest in upkeep because her looks are starting to fade.- nik

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Why Would Lennox Lewis Follow Wire Transfer On Twitter

February 25, 2012 London, The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 9

(Click on the Image to enlarge)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why would Lennox Lewis be following Natalie on twitter?  We all know Nat is a “professional mistress” and Lennox Lewis is stupid enough to publicly follow this escort. I hope his wife Violet knows he’s either cheating on her, or will be shortly. I wonder what Natalie will be thinking about when this big dredded monster is mounting her?

Looks like Lennox Lewis is not getting the satisfaction he needs from his wife.- nik

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Has Wire Transfer Fallen Off

February 20, 2012 Manhattan, New York, The Dirty, Wire Transfer 12

has natalie gauvreau fell off ?

has natalie gauvreau fell off ?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are some real photos of her Natalie Gauvreau from New York this Valentine’s weekend with her temporary sugardaddy. Not only is being Justin Lee’s date embarrassing but these blue contacts are not looking good on her….at all. Nik, do you think she’s fallen off ?

Her arms and legs are not as toned as I would like them to be.- nik

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Proud To Be Canadian

February 17, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, Wire Transfer is going to win all of the rounds this year in March Madness. We all know she is the hottest DC!!!!! Proud to be Canadian haha! Love the site xo.

I have her getting knocked out in the Final 4.- nik

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Without A Doubt True Love

February 17, 2012 Manhattan, The Dirty, Wire Transfer 22

Natalie Gauvreau Hookin' With World's Biggest Douche

Natalie Gauvreau Hookin' With World's Biggest Douche

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Natalie Gauvreau is currently hookin’ in New York with super-douche and self proclaimed “super jew” Justin Ross Lee. Who is this socialite? His Wikipedia says: “Justin Ross Lee (born April 7th, 1983) is an American socialite and tabloid personality based in Manhattan. He has been featured in publications such as The New York Observer and The New York Post. He owns Pretentious Pocket, a silk pocket square business.” What a winner, eh? For any women thinking of following Natalie’s footsteps – just think about how horrible it must be to have to have sex with that epic douche? On the second thought, they are both so vapid, maybe it’s true love ? And is it just me, or does she look REALLY weird?

Wire Transfer is not looking hot in these pictures.- nik

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The Perfect Match: Justin Lee And Natalie Gavreau

February 15, 2012 Manhattan, New York, The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 19

Justin Lee and Natalie Gavreau--perfect for each other

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my god… Justin Ross Lee, douchebag and biggest loser of NYC, has “invited” Natalie Gavreau (as in, paid her, or…offered to pay her) to “stay” with him. And now he is bragging about having her there! His FB and twitter are on fire with photos of her, from picking up at airport, to the lounge. He is bragging about having Wire Transfer visit him! Does she know he won’t be able to pay all the money he is promising for her escort fee for the weekend?

I wonder if his Wire bounced back?- nik

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Somebody Sculpted Her To Perfection

February 6, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, yeah, yeah, I know we always post her and she is old news but she is definitely our best DC… do you agree Nik? Just look at that face. The hands of Michelangelo must have performed her surgeries. What do you think she has had done to her face? Most of the tweeks are obvious but I am wondering if she had some cheek implants too? DA strong xo.

I truly believe all of Wire Transfer’s surgeries paid off bigtime.- nik

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Being A Porta Potty Really Pays Off

January 19, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, say what you will about being a poo bucket but look at what it has done for our sexiest DC, Wire Transfer. I was streaming and I look to the right: Buttchin! Thank goodness for injectables. We need some dirt on her besides the obvious job and physical procedures.

It’s amazing what a new chin and nose job can do.- nik

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