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Alina Is A Part Of Wire Transfer’s Entourage

April 25, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 41

who is this whore?

who is this whore?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is always on these sugar daddy sites and says she models. I’m pretty sure she models at rub & tugs. Anyone know who she is? Goes by Alina. I think she is part of the Wire Transfer entourage.

How much do you think she costs? I say $250 an hour.- nik

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My Favorite Escort

April 23, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 23

Nat Gauvreau, my favorite escort

Nat Gauvreau, my favorite escort

Nat Gauvreau, my favorite escort

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are published photos of my favorite escort Natalie Gauvreau aka Wire Transfer. Keep in mind this is recent and after all of her plastic surgery… and still; the dyed blonde hair and thinning extensions and butt chin still make her look gross. That, and who knows how many Gregs have been inside her for money.

Looks like the chin implant is trying to fight back.- nik

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Natalie Gauvreau Really Looked Pathetic Before

April 19, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, in response to What Natalie Gauvreau Really Looked Like Pre-Porta Potty.  Here is the real deal, check out this video that was made 4 years ago.  It’s insane from how ugly she was, not how amazing she is now.

The past is the past… you are only as hot as your last photoshoot. I decided.- nik

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The REAL Wire Transfer

April 9, 2012 Dirty Craigslist, The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, those pics yesterday were nothing. These are the gold! Im glad she doesn’t Eat anymore too LOL.  Can you imagine what the world would look like without plastic surgeons?  Its insane how she went from a 2.3423355 to a 9.2442 in a matter of two years.

Plastic surgery is king.- nik

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Wire Transfer Before The Nose Job

April 5, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 34

Wire transfer sans nose job

Wire transfer sans nose job

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is wire transfer Nat G before her nose job. I just couldn’t stop laughing because she looks like a french man and what is that on her lip a mustache?

It looks like she LaserAway’d the mustache.- nik

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Wire Transfer Is Unbelievably Sexy

March 28, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, she used to be the hottest girl in my mind. I feel like Wire Transfer is a chameleon. Sometimes she looks unbelievably sexy as hell while other times not so much. We all know you photoshop the sh*t out of your photos even your candid phone picture. This has been online for a bit now but watch it Nik and let us know what you think of of our TO DC. Wonder how much money she’s put into her body?

She is a good actress.- nik

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Wire Transfer In VanDirty

March 5, 2012 The Dirty, Vancouver, Wire Transfer 12

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, look who it is… WT in Vandirty! I wonder if she was visiting one of Vandirty’s many 30k milli wannabe trouts or a wealthy noodle? I guess a girl has gotta eat and pay those bills. I wonder how much money she actually has in the bank. Does WT ever wonder what her parents think of her? Maybe not an issue since her ass is everywhere. After her Porta Potty event with douche JRL, can’t say she is as hot these days. She must be behind with her injections.

She needs to invest in upkeep because her looks are starting to fade.- nik

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Why Would Lennox Lewis Follow Wire Transfer On Twitter

February 25, 2012 London, The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 9

(Click on the Image to enlarge)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why would Lennox Lewis be following Natalie on twitter?  We all know Nat is a “professional mistress” and Lennox Lewis is stupid enough to publicly follow this escort. I hope his wife Violet knows he’s either cheating on her, or will be shortly. I wonder what Natalie will be thinking about when this big dredded monster is mounting her?

Looks like Lennox Lewis is not getting the satisfaction he needs from his wife.- nik

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