Wire Transfer Before The Nose Job

January 10, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 80 7,968 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I was doing some snooping around on a few surgeons websites here in Toronto. What a surprise when I stumbled upon Natalie G!!! Here are her before and after pictures with no makeup. What a difference without all that photoshop and extra nose cartilage!

Her Dirty Celeb name is Wire Transfer… no such thing as a Natalie G.- nik

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Wire Transfer Is My Favorite Dirty Celeb

January 9, 2012 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 17 9,091 Views

Community Wire Transfer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is probably the best T-Shirt Wire Transfer could ever wear.  It totally is misleading, because if you got money, well then you have no problem getting one of those from WT.  Anyway, I know a few of her “Frienamies” and from what I heard, is that in the beginning she HATED your guts and wanted everything removed.  But now, her stock has risen significantly of lately so she is completely embracing it and letting that cash flow right into her account.

She only accepts Wire Transfers. FYI.- nik

Click here to see Wire Transfer’s history on TheDirty

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Since It Is The New Year

January 5, 2012 The Dirty, Vancouver, Wire Transfer 13 7,078 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I visit your site 100 times a day and sometimes and by now I am sure you have noticed. Anywho…last weekend as I nursed a hangover in bed, I felt the urge to trace back all the history of this site and our DCs! I concluded that right now we are all missing out the intimacy with them. By intimacy I mean I wish this site and all of the fans had more ties/relations to our beloved DCs. It just seems like a couple years ago, readers and your team knew the DCs pretty well. People were always watching their next step and back in 07, the internet and social networking was not as creepy ( invasive). Maybe it has changed because you are married Nik? Respect to that but damn…I know a lot of your fans would love to see more on our DCs f*kery day-to-day. I like that you are still up to date and close to Leper but let’s admit it…she is boring and beat looking these days. Leper should get off the drugs and douchersdonkers and hustle her butt. Girl needs to get her$ so that she can get some mad work done! Nik, you could guide her throughout the process! Just a thought. Anyway, the lives of the DCs circa 2009 were more consistent and relevant. Nat G is posted all the time but it’s never anything we don’t already know about her PP ways. (BY THE WAY, she is so hot and after reading so many people bash her on her looks….just sit down and look in the mirror. No matter how fake she is, she is pretty damn amazing and there is nothing average or normal about her beauty. Stop hating on her lol. She is 1000% sexier than anyone here and probably the most attractive DC. Elvira lost her game a long time ago). I am sure the life of her being a PP is not the only thing that is going down in her life. Let’s get to the nitty gritty. Nik, do you know what I mean by this or am I just to baked for this post to make sense? Love this site. Thanks for the best entertainment out there! The Dirty is a true eye opener. F*CK that forgy Anderson. PS. When I do want to post a DC, sometimes I can not find the category- get on it JV! PPS. This is not Nat G.

Her name is not NatG anymore… she is a DC (Dirty Celeb) now by the name of “Wire Transfer” and below is her theme song. I decided.- nik

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2011 Porta Potty Of The Year Natalie Gauvreau

December 31, 2011 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 55 6,432 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this has been The Year Of The Porta Potty.  I don’t know how it is in America, but here in Toronto Nik, you have lifted the spirits of so many girls. Before people knew what a porta potty was girls use to be jealous and couldn’t understand how a pretty girl with big boobs has no job, doesn’t strip, travels the world, drives a 100k Mercedes and owns her own condo. But now, we are all fully aware and only laugh at girls like this. Which brings me to Natalie Gauvreau, she has been strutting around for the past few years like she is the best thing God ever made and is one materialistic c*nt bag.  She has gone under the radar and made many girls feel stupid for not having what she has… But since you exposed her you should see her, she is 75 percent nicer and doesn’t try to punk any girls.  Nik, do you agree when I say that Natalie Gauvreau is probably one of the best Porta Potties on the site, what is the chance she comes on NR Radio and breaks it down and how it works.

If I had a poop trophy for 2011 I would hand it to NatG.- nik

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What Natalie Gauvreau Really Looked Like Pre-Porta Potty

December 21, 2011 Porta Potty, The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 15 5,985 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a friend of mine had a t-shirt company and Natalie was used as a ‘model’. Its probably from 2007, 2008.  I just wanted to show everyone how much she truly has progressed over the years.  Amazing what a career will do for you.

The rack looks the same to me… the rest I do not recognize.- nik

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My Email Convo With Natalie Gauvreau

December 19, 2011 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 69 10,565 Views

Hoeleaks - The Natalie Gauvreau Edition

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you’ve heard of WikiLeaks, well Nik, may I introduce to you my 1st edition of “Dirtyleaks”. This edition stars Natalie Gauvreau, the somewhat known escort/wh*re who lives in Toronto Canada.  Miss Gauvreau is a bragger who needs to feeled wanted and adored. She pretends her life in all glitz and glamour, being whisked away on romantic vacations and being bought expensive gifts. But all is not what it seems in the life of Natalie Gauvreau. She is not from a rich family as she claims, and does indeed “work” very hard for her money. In my first h*eleaks edition, I have obtained emails from Natalie Gauvreau – MEETING MEN OFF CRAIGSLIST FOR MONEY! That is right, in edition to trying to meet men off sugardaddy sites, when times get tough she heads off to craigslist to f*ck men for her high price of $1500!

Her rate is way too low. I think she under values herself. The big boy boats in St. Tropez would wire her $40K easy.- nik

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Toronto’s Playboy Golf Scramble Was Really Disturbing

May 5, 2011 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 65 8,107 Views

Playboy Golf Scramble

Playboy Golf Scramble

Playboy Golf Scramble

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik here it goes, everyone knows Hugh Hefner basically runs various “sex services” at the Playboy Mansion. Basically girls get paid to be there with him and give him “extra” help as needed. Now seeing all the girls he has been with and how old he is now (85) we all know he needs to get his eyes checked.  Toronto’s very own Playboy Golf Scramble lineup looks really disturbing. I’m totally lost for words now. I figure to represent Playboy and Toronto you have to have some type of good looks! I guess not. Standards has gone down at car shows, bike shows, and any show in Toronto that requires a “model”.

I am coming to Toronto in June. I hope this isn’t the talent I have to look forward to. My first Canada visit will be epic. I decided.- nik

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