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Dirty Celeb Wombat Loves The Cops

December 15, 2008 Denver, The Dirty, Wombat 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, thought u might enjoy this, its your dirty celeb “wombat” with one of denvers finest. ps. love the site!!

Wombat please let this fine officer of the Law do his job.  Thank you.- nik

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About The So Called Wombat Girl

December 12, 2008 Denver, The Dirty, Wombat 21

About the so called Wombat Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this is about the WOMBAT GIRL you guys are all talking about, I have met her a few times and she really is one of the nicest girls ive ever spoken to. For all of you who are talking about her I think its time you grow up! She is absolutely beautiful. Oh and I met her boyfriend too and they are pretty much perfect!

Thank you Wombat for submitting yourself, don’t worry you are not the only DIRTY CELEB that does it.  Serious question though?  Do I smell a hint of Noodles?- nik

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Wombat Girl

December 9, 2008 Denver, The Dirty, Wombat 18

As of right now “Wombat” is the frontrunner for her new name.  Here are other names I am quite fond of for this Denver DIRTY CELEB:

1. “Dreidel”…cause her face is shaped like one.

2. “Pug”, she has a smashed nose.

3.  “Porcaputana” ~ slang for pig and a chickenhead at the same time.

4.  “Blizzard”…………blonde lizard

Any other thoughts, this is serious!  Lives will be affected.  We have to get this right DIRTY ARMY!- nik

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New Dirty Celeb In Denver

December 5, 2008 Denver, The Dirty, Wombat 152

The Dirty Army: Nik, you totally need to make this girl a dirty celeb for denver! she was posted yesterday hittin the weed lol. anyways it doesnt get much better than this and shes crazy!! Luv ya Morgan!!

Yup, she has the perfect face for it.  Very mammal like with a mix of lizard.  I decided.  DIRTY ARMY, any thoughts for a good name?- nik

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