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Zyzz Is Still Alive

October 22, 2013 Norway, Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 34


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I swear to god I saw this man in Norway. He shaved his head. I yelled out Zyzz and he turned his head and ran off towards the adjacent alley way. He is still alive Nik. He fooled us all.

You are the third person who has told me they have spotted him in Norway.- nik

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Vintage XYZ

August 8, 2012 Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found a vintage Zyzz video.  One where he’s not posing for the camera or anything.  True candid vid of the man.  He will be missed, but not remembered.  It took me a good 3 minutes trying to remember his name, a lot of trial and error on Google.  Anyways, waddaya think, too much muscle milk?

Who is this guy again?- nik

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Is Swallow King JR The New Zyzz

June 28, 2012 Newport, The Dirty, Xyz 20

Is Swallow King JR the NEW zyzz?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think about Swallow King Jr… is this Kid the new Zyzz? Who’s got the better Abs?

I still think Zyzz aka Xyz is still alive.- nik

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Apparently Your Buddy Zyzz Isn’t Quite Dead

August 23, 2011 Atlanta, Dirty News, Melbourne, Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it seems Zyzz is planning one big con on most of his fan base. There were not any pictures of Zyzz while he was in Thailand (which is pretty unusual for Zyzz not to take pictures of himself). But the biggest bust in this web of aesthetic lies is this; [click here to read].

Gayden: these screen shots are of Zyzz’s ex girlfriends FB page (whose ‘Lol’ing’ at his death, and calling him a sl*t) and his promoter buddies FB page who are planning events for him in Miami as we speak.  The guy whose investigating this deserves a medal.

Even if Xyz is still alive. What benefit is he going to get from doing this? The guy is such a tool.- nik

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Kangaroid’s Spoke To Xyz Before He Passed Away

August 11, 2011 Kangaroid, Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kangaroids shout out to Xyz… Proof of all the Juice the Xyz was taking no wonder that idiot had a heart attack, dude was stacking like 4 different roids at once. What a waste of a life… all for what?

I told you drugs had to be a factor. Thank you Kangaroids for the death explanation.- nik

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Today Is Truly A Sad Day, Knowing Xyz Is Really Gone

August 9, 2011 Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I didn’t believe it that Xyz was dead… but after doing some searching I found an article that explained it all… Its seems Xyz suffered a cardiac arrest in a sauna in Bangkok.  Come to find out Xyz did have some jobs, including being a person trainer, aspiring model, and a part time stripper in Sydney… I don’t want to be a Greg but Nik, do you think all the steroids and partying ways ended up catching up to him?  And at 22 years old, we truly lost a super star in the making way to young . Click here to read full article.

Never liked the guy and there has to be more to it… drugs have to be a factor of death.- nik

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Some People Just Don’t Learn

August 9, 2011 Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 16

Some People Just Don't Learn

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you posted some dirt a little while back about that bodybuilder named “Zyzz” and his brother “Chestbrah” getting busted for selling steroids. Well, I checked out Chestbrah’s facebook page and he had this to say, “Said aka Chestbrah who am I f*kn kidding, im back! got let off with a $400 fine, the judge was female and mirin hard, kept calling me hansome and said I was busting out of my shirt…feels good man. Oh and to top it off there where miscers there who followed me to court…what a day! feels good man….feels real good. Time to celebrate by doing what i do best, GYM! gonna be a big shoulder sesh today!” Nik, I have two questions for you. One, if this is the truth, don’t you think he snitched on just about everybody he could name? And two, if he really did get let off this easy, then wtf kind of justice system do they use down under? What do you think about all of this, Nik?

Everyone in Australia is born a criminal, but it doesn’t matter because his brother is dead because of him. Chestbrah was the drugs really worth it now?- nik

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Rest In Peace Xyz

August 9, 2011 Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 46

R.I.P Zyzz

R.I.P Zyzz

R.I.P Zyzz

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sydney boy Zyzz passed away a couple of days ago in Bangkok. He was reportedly found unconscious in a sauna and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. I went to University with him and regardless of all the perceptions people may have held of him it is safe to say that he was a lovely, down to earth guy who did things just to make people laugh. And that is how he will be remembered. RIP.

I blame drugs for his death.- nik

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