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Xyz Makes The News

August 2, 2011 Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this article on XYZ and his brother being caught up for selling steroids.  It so funny how this douchebag thinks he is some super star… when at the end of the day, everyone just makes fun of him.. Click here to read full article.

No way… Xyz does steroids?? I thought for sure he was all natural.- nik

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Is Xyz Always On Ecstacy

July 19, 2011 Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I was watching tmz and heard people talk about coning. It’s where you grab your icecream by the icecream and eat the cone first. I went on youtube and one of the first videos was zyyz. I’m trying to remember where I saw him and I remember I saw him on TheDirty. Here’s the video.

I don’t understand why this is funny?- nik

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Xyz Steals A Random Kids Shirt

June 26, 2011 Melbourne, Sydney, Xyz 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik first off love your site.  Just found out about it and have been browsing nonstop for days.  Anyways I was watching some of that Zyzz guys videos and stumbled onto these.  Notice the first video hes ‘mirin’ some random guys shirt and tryies it on…then in the next video you will notice him wearing that same shirt…the f*ckin douche stole it lol, or im sure muscled him into selling it, poor kid.  This Zyzz guys gotta be gay aye nik, listen to his buddies telling him how good he looks…oh and zyzz nice chain brah!!

Why do people worship this loser?- nik

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Internet Sensations For A Reason

June 23, 2011 Melbourne, Sydney, Xyz 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik check out these internet sensations pooling together to try and make a show…problem is they don’t realize that nobody cares about them.  People log in and watch their videos for a laugh, we don’t relaly wanna knwo who they are or what they think they can offer, we wanna see you make a fool of yourself and thats it.  Nik people’s heads get way toobig from a little bit of attention.  Most of these guys should be embarrassed to show their face.

This looks so stupid, not funny or interesting at all. Makes these guys worthless.- nik

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Xyz Involved At Vancouver Riots

June 17, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Vancouver, Xyz 29

ZyZZ involved at Vancouver Riots!!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was Browsing through Vancouver riot pics and look who was stumbled upon. It was on the site that has been created by the community to give to the police. (In the event that the pic implicates anyone doing anything illegal which these clowns do not seem to be) Just thought this was hilarious after seeing him on your site quite a few times. What are the odds??? Peace out Nik.

I don’t think that is him… these are just his worshipers.- nik

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Xyz Gone Fishin’

June 14, 2011 Hollywood, Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 27

Zyzz Gone Fishin'

Zyzz Gone Fishin'

Zyzz Gone Fishin'

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, so I was browsing through Plenty of Fish and look who I see Zyzz! I thought he lived in Australia? Is it him or a poser? It says he lives in Newport or LA and is looking for “realness”, seems like an oxymoron from a man who tans and takes steroids. Either way those are some pretty sweet red shorts.

Xyz is the definition of every guy in Australia. They all dream to be like him.- nik

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Xyz Is In Wolverine Mode If You Were Wondering

June 9, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, havent seen my favorite Dirty Celeb on TheDirty in a few weeks, so I jumped on the net to see what the hell he has been up too.  I guess its wolverine mode for him.  I truly love this guy and he is a true Celeb.

What is with all the birds… does he live in the jungle? Xyz please keep smoking.- nik

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Zyzz Lives In The Closet

May 9, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: NiK i love this zyzz guy he is hilarious.  I was browsing a bunch of his videos and came across this.  I know you just put up the vid of his dad walking in so I’m sure you’ll like this one which maps out his tiny ass bedroom.  About 45 seconds in you get a nice tour of his bedroom.  I’m trying to figure out why he’s dancing a flexing with and for a guy but I guess thats zyzz, the closet gay who lives in a closet.  Dude needs to get a job instead of woking out all the time.

You are right, Xyz is a Ninja.- nik

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