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Xyz’s Father Comes At Him

May 6, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I was browsing vids and came across this one.. I dunno if youve taken time to watch some of Zyzz’s videos. I personally think the dude is hilarious, but I guess he still lives with his parents?

I have trouble believing that is Xyz’s real father.- nik

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Why Xyz Is A God Amongst Men

May 5, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a lot of people in America are misunderstanding Xyz and what he is all about.  If you got the time watch this video and you will understand why he is what he is and why he acts like he acts.  Then man is a damn GOD nik.

Come at me bro. I think Xyz needs a new chin and nose (no homo).- nik

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“Come At Me Bro” Is A Movement Nik

April 27, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I saw that you mentioned Zyzz a few days ago and you wanted more dirt. This guy has even tried to make his own vocabulary and every single pic his in, his surrounded by dudes.  Im ashamed to call myself an Aussie!! Because for some reason he has so many fans out here, I just dont understand it, but the Come At Me Bro movement is very strong out here nik.

**Boss, as you requested I order 24 coffee mugs for the office, they will be here 2-3 weeks.  Come at me Bro. – JV

This guy bangs koalas and gets fingered by kangaroos. I decided.- nik

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World’s Biggest D-Bag Title Is On The Line

April 26, 2011 Frog, London, Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 30

XYZ vs Frog

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you must use your powers and get a cage match setup between XYZ and Frog. The winner shall be crowned the King D-bag of the Dirty. This would destroy any pay-per-view record.

Frog and Xyz, I will negotiate a really good fee with Vivid if you losers make a 4 hour gay sex tape together. I am thinking we start the first scene in the gym and work our way to the locker room showers. We can even do a pretend needle butt shot. $$no homo$$ – nik

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We Have A Word For People Like Xyz In America

April 25, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Xyz has found out about and I cannot wait until he makes a youtube video threatening to kick your *ss.   This douchebag would get moped up if he was here in good old America.  Here is America we have a saying for guys like Xyz and that word is Homosexual.  Nothing wrong with it but don’t go walking around like you are some god.  LOL… Nik, check out this video of this close last 2 minutes are the best.

Come at me bro.- nik

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To Better Understand Xyz You Have To Know Where He Comes From

April 24, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Xyz is without a doubt already my favorite DC.  This guy is crazy, I didn’t know people in Melbourne where so damn weird and to top it off everyone thinks this guy is some sort of god.  Check out this youtube video I found of him, made by someone that is his loyal fan, def helps to see where this guy is coming from.

The evolution of Douche. I wonder if Xyz loves himself at all?- nik

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Zyzz Before The HGH And Steroids

April 22, 2011 Melbourne, The Dirty, Xyz 63

Zit a.k.a. Zyzz before the HGH

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not everyone here likes Zyzz.  I have never heard of your website but word is traveling fast that some guy in America is putting Zyzz on blast.  Well I had to check it out for myself.. and i’m instantly hooked on your website… anyway I went to school with Zyzz and before all the steroids and HGH in his bum bum this is what the little douchebag looked like.

Yes, this is really Xyz.- nik

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