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Miami Dolphins Cheerleader On The Prowl

April 25, 2014 Dirty Cheerleaders, Miami, The Dirty 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jennifer Bergakker(the brunette), Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, jersey chaser and all around Miami skank. There isn’t one real thing about her. Her +2s, lips, cheeks, butt, hair and eyelashes all paid for from generosity of her patrons, or shall I say her prey. She’ll carry your bottle for free but do a little something extra for tips – she is on the prowl on athletes, DJ’s or someone who is going to “take care of her” or “be there for her.” Who am I kidding, if you’re popping bottles, she is interested.  She is currently looking for her next baby daddy, since the one she has doesn’t want anything to do with her. Who would? She is over 30 and career bottle girls who is “going to go back to school”. Meanwhile, she is too busy with cheerleading, planning her social life, sleeping all day, and posting pictures of her +2s on Instagram (will do anything for a like or a follow) to find her way to the local community college. It’s a shame, she has a young daughter and cares more about her personal life than kid or setting a good example. Another athlete’s baby mama thot for the books – a word to the wise, don’t believe the plastic, injections or Instagram hype.

The second image reminds me of Thanksgiving for some reason.- nik

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Cheerleaders And Beer Don’t Mix – Melissa Chinn

March 3, 2014 Dirty Cheerleaders, Oregon State, Portland 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, curious about Oregon State University cheerleading alumni? Check out over confident stuck up prissy high maintenance skank whore slut bag Melissa Chinn. She still cheers and coaches. But uh hey Mel, lay off the beers? Her dating blog (google awkward: a dating blog) is almost as worse as her rolls are to look at. Cover up honey!

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Home Wrecker Cheerleader

January 31, 2014 Atlanta, Dirty Cheerleaders, The Dirty 125


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this crazy ugly keeps posting pics of my boyfriend and her… On her FB and Instagram. He dumped her 8 months ago and she is still calling him her bf… Crazy ass girl and cheerleader. She is a dancer for the Jacksonville Sharks attack dance team! And she has even tried to hook up with my brother.

Those are some nice abs.- nik

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Busted Bob Cat Rachael Meagan Greenan

January 25, 2014 Charlotte, Dirty Cheerleaders, The Dirty 93


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you please tell me why I had to see this tragic hair line girl Rachael Meagan Greenan doing a wall split at golds gym. She is busted and nothing can fix that hair line. And don’t get me started on the tats. She thinks she is hot because she is a pathetic Bob Cats cheerleader. When will we get some hot non train wreck girls to represent Charlotte? Sad start to 2014.

Any girl whose thighs touch can be a Bob Cat cheerleader.- nik

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Carolina Panthers’ Cheerleader Laura B… Not So Innocent

January 15, 2014 Charlotte, Dirty Cheerleaders, The Dirty 44


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wonder why the Carolina Panthers never have any cheerleaders on this site? They are supposed to be innocent and they hold themselves to a higher standard than the “other” sports team cheereaders in Charlotte. This means no skanky photos, calendars, etc. Well, check out Panthers TopCat Laura B. This little racer-chaser used to date a friend of mine who is a driver, and she made his life hell (and is STILL trying to be in his life). Check out the “topless” pic. She tried to conceal her identity so her cheer coaches wouldn’t figure it out.  Nice try. This girls number one goal in life is to be famous. Keep showing some skin and maybe you’ll get there.

Congrats Laura, you are famous today.- nik


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Tough Times For The Raiderettes

December 18, 2013 Dirty Cheerleaders, Oakland, San Francisco, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s that tough time of the year where even the plastic Raiderette’s have to get out from the filth of Oakland and work the ritzy street corners of San Francisco’s shopping district to beg for change. It’s ironic seeing that Caitlin and Althea already have boob jobs, what else could they be pan handling for?  Would you like to help a poor needy Raiderette out?

These girls definitely look like they are from the streets of Oakland. You  gotta love the Raiders for sticking with their community when it comes to recruiting cheerleaders.- nik

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Seriously How Does Alexandria Stay On The Gold Rush

December 12, 2013 Berkeley, Dirty Cheerleaders, San Francisco, The Dirty 154

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the evidence speaks for itself, shes only there because of the NHRA.

You got to hate the politics involved in professional cheerleading. It ruins the calendars.- nik

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Another Perverted, Sick In The Head NFL Cheerleader

November 19, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Dirty Cheerleaders, The Dirty, Washington DC 214

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first of all, as a female follower I have to say I really appreciate what you do. I think people get the wrong message, but this really is a forum to encourage people to quit acting like children and take responsibility for their appearance, lives, whatever. So thanks for that.

Anyway, this former Titans cheerleader followed her friend’s 12 year old son into a bathroom during a party, fondled him, tried to pull his pants down, and offered him a blow job. The boy told ran out and told his mom, who called the cops on the woman. She’s claiming that she was drunk and mistook him for another MAN at the party. Funny though, she asked the kid if he’d ever been with a woman… now why would you ask a grown man that question????

She did NOT get jail time, but was put on 18 months of probation along with drug testing and mandatory AA meetings. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but there seems to be such a double standard when it comes to female sex offenders and child predators. If a man had followed a child into the bathroom, fondled him/her, and then tried to perform oral sex on the child he most likely would’ve been sent to prison. I’m a mom myself, and I can honestly say that it would not matter AT ALL to me whether a man or woman tried to molest my child, I’d be looking for harsh justice. Probation doesn’t cut it. She should be someone’s prison bitch for a while… just my thoughts.

NFL Cheerleaders could get away with murder in this country.- nik

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