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Young and Clingy

December 20, 2012 Dirty MySpace, Saskatoon 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik she came to me in the pub started asking about my tattoos. She leaves comes back and gives me a note and says call her shed like to see the rest of my tats and show me her’s. Slept with her in her car on the first date. After that she was all over me Interdiction me to mom and dad sisters telling everyone we are going steady. Then brakes in to my place because I didn’t call her for 3days and takes the coffee table her mom gave me. I was in jail I told her and she found out I was seeing 2 other girls and talked shit about me to them but still told me she loves me and let me fuk her.

I’m surprised she doesn’t have colorful hair.- nik

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Facebook And Myspace Haters

October 19, 2012 Dirty MySpace, New England 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jenn Digulo. You might have seen her on facebook as Crystal Smith or Alex Hansley and under several more fake names, or on all of those “ugliest sluts ever” pages on MySpace and facebook. I’ve seen her around Boston and I don’t see why everyone hates her so much. Do you see anything wrong?

Everyone hates her cause of the fake profiles scamming money off them.- nik

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The Real Teal Lynnkelly

August 7, 2012 Dirty MySpace, Huntington Beach, The Dirty 7

Teal Lynnkelly

Teal Lynnkelly

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, this girl is pretty internet famous you could say, she’s a model. And pretty good looking, a lot of people make fakes of her and get her information out there in the internet world mixed up. Teals, been dating a guy from california they met on facebook. recently and both live in different states. So im going to get to the point anyways i guess the friends he has were telling him that she was fake and from the numbers of fake facebooks people made of her he believed it. She was at the us open this week and some drunk girl at the nike sb party came up to her and was dissing on how she never met him and how it was funny there were saying sh*t about her being fake, because he was using her for sh*t. and that he just wanted some ass and hers was good lmao so funny but i feel bad for her she kept it like a champ but still i think it was wrong/funny this girl was hating on her and didnt even personally new her!

A) I didn’t understand anything you said Ms. Edison High. B) Who is this chick? More intel please.- nik

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Did She Use The Infamous Jenelle Evans For Fame

May 21, 2012 Dirty MySpace, Raleigh-Durham 28

Did she use the infamous Jenelle Evans for fame?

Did she use the infamous Jenelle Evans for fame?

Did she use the infamous Jenelle Evans for fame?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Hannah Inman. If you know anything about Teen Mom 2 or have family/girlfriend that watches, you know about the infamous Jenelle Evans, Trashy Jenelle. She goes through friends like panties. The story was that Jenelle couldn’t do drugs because of probation but her best friend Tori and herself was did acid one night and talked Hannah into trying it which she did, & Of course they did horrible stuff to her and placed a voodoo doll around her and if you’ve done cid it does crazy stuff to you but they did it so Hannah wouldn’t sell Jenelle out, So she was terrified. Anyways they had their fall out, Hannah will be on the next season, Well Hannah is an amazing singer and tried out for the X-Factor and made it! Everybody is going around saying she used Jenelle Evans for her fame, What is your opinion about this? Then again how can you get famous from Teen Mom? Seriously? I think Hannah is GORGEOUS!

So Hannah got knocked up in High School too?- nik

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Young Smut

February 27, 2012 Dirty MySpace, Wichita 11

young smutt from janette

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This brods name is Stephanie Nicole Ressler. She attended janette high school before she got pregnant and droped out. I know several people who had problems with this girl. She is a straight smutt, fcked her way through all of west morland county and now made her way through pittsburgh and surounding suburbs. She is known for breaking up relationships and having a new boy toy every cuple weeks. Rumor is she sucks massive dick and loves it in her ass. All this suckin and fcking she doin for free ain’t getting her nowhere in life because she lives in a trailor and grandparents take care of her child while she is pregnant with her second!

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Dirty Douche

January 27, 2012 Dirty MySpace, San Antonio 18

Dirty Douche

Dirty Douche

Dirty Douche

THE DIRTY ARMY: SO this douchebag is named Mason, who lives in San Antonio and acts like he’s hot shit. Tell’s everyone he’s bi yet only looks out for little boys to f*%k. He’s slept with almost the entire town and has run out of guys. He’s always talking about his d*&k and how big it is and it really isn’t big. Just looks big because he shaved like a child and he’s short. Always tells his “boys” that he’s single when in reality he’s in a relationship, who I happen to be victim of. Learned my lesson, guys and “girls” beware avoid him at all costs. Look at his pics, what do you think nik?

Straight guys wouldn’t cover up their stomach flap like that.- nik

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Crazy Obsessed Snake Sloot

November 2, 2011 Dirty MySpace, Toronto 9

Crazy obsessed snake bitch

Crazy obsessed snake bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this scene kid wannabe taking ridiculous myspace pix (so 5 years ago) is Ellen Walsh. This girl is a FREAK. Not to mention shes’s 20 years old and looks like she’s 12. She’s beyond crazy and obsessed with my friend that HATES her guts. (who is also her ex bf) He recently had a really bad accident almost died and because she wants to be with him so bad and he refuses she called the cops on him and made up some bullsh*t story while he was IN the hospital and he got arrested! She’s such a f*cking loser this stupid b*itch calls his phone off the hook and harasses him and his whole family. She is SO obsessed with him and just doesn’t get the point. She even lied to everyone and said she was pregnant to get attention. What kind of sick person does that? F*ck you Ellen Walsh he’ll NEVER want you! It’s about time this stupid c*nt gets put on blast.

She’s pulling down her dress to hide her gut, the duck face is for the cheeks.- nik

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Ultimate Classic Pictures Of Wasted Ass Christina Dolce aka Forhidden

October 20, 2011 Dirty MySpace, Forhidden, Huntington Beach, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik!! Christina Dolce the once popular Myspace wh*re named Forbidden was caught drunk and sl*tty this past week! This overrated has been got way too drunk over the weekend and made a mockery of her friends good heartedness… Drunk chick in the limo I would say…easy! Gots to go!

Looks like her MySpace comeback isn’t going so well.- nik

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