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True Meaning Of DRD

April 30, 2010 Cincinnati, Dirty MySpace, Xavier 90

laura stegmoyer, true meaning of a walking std

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik first off this girl is something a mother couldn’t even love. she is the biggest whore in cincinnati area. she has had sex with over 30+ guys without condoms, i mean hell her p*ssy should be letting fluids out like a damn volcano. she has the most f*cked up teeth it looks like she has cheese all over her mouth, she has nose hairs that are so long it looks like she has a mustache. she is by far the worst excuses for a human ever. she is a waste of space and talks to so many guys and f*cks them all. ive seen this bitch around school at uc clermont and she is f*cking hit and she also smells. and she cant suck a dick for nothing, she uses her teeth and chews on it like a f*cking piece of bubble gum. I will put money that this girl cant even pull off a skirt just cause her gaping whole of a vagina hangs like a wizard sleeve. so just a little heads up you plan on messing with there girl i feel for you, her p*ssy stinks like nasty garbage and even after showers. so just enter at your own risk if u want your man parts to stay connected to your body of LAURA S**

She looks angry, must be because her chin looks like an ass cheek.- nik

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Football Boy And Lover

April 27, 2010 Dirty MySpace, Hollywood, Villanova 0

Football boy and lover

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Here is Joey Fatone and his gay ass boyfriend who posts sh*t about himself and how he use to be some football star. Keep killin him Nik and I’ll keep posting. Paybacks a b*tch Mikey.

I think the Fat One is making fun of his Ed Farty shirt, but I cannot tell because his face is so fat.- nik

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Sac Town Train

April 23, 2010 Dirty MySpace, Sacramento 14

what kinda train? A MOBBY TRAIN!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, jus wanted to post an update on the queen of the dirty! this gurl right is such a h*e.. i know she got sum type of disease!!! she stay at the club 24/7 So what im wondering is where is her kid!!??  Gurll do you take them flikas in front of your daughter???? Hmmmm u nedda think how her future gunna be!!!!

I like how they positioned the picture from smallest to LARGEST.- nik

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Cinci Loser

April 21, 2010 Cincinnati, Dirty MySpace 7



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik what we have here is a grade-a bottom feeder. It’s pathetic how the ONLY girls he gets are girls on the rebound. He uses these girls for money, drugs, and their cars.. Because yup. You guessed it. He’s jobless, has NO money, plus no running car. He thinks he’s got “swagg” but the only thing “shoulder-leaning” are his busted ass jordans he’s had since highschool. Mike A***l has no game. The only girls he pulls on his own are classy pill snorting newport girls who live off welfare. Cmon. Get a job! You’re going nowhere in life. No one believes your little hard-ass act you’ve got going on. Get over yourself… No one loves your tattoos done by your kitchen-magician friend that just got out of jail.

Nice fools gold chain and rock hard abs buddy! My advice, take whatever money you can get together and buy as many shirts as possible and wear them, never take them off!- nik

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Would You

April 19, 2010 Dirty MySpace, New Orleans 13

Would you?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Amanda from Kenner ,,, She hot I think !!! So Nik would ya ??

Answer: No, photoshop doesn’t even make her look good.

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Dallas Local Celebrity

April 19, 2010 Dallas, Dirty MySpace 17

Dallas LocalCelebrity Bitch

Dallas LocalCelebrity Bitch

Dallas LocalCelebrity Bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, rylee g** is dallas mixed barbie bitch hoe , she only cares for herself && noone elses . Shes a pregant bitch by ROBERT MO** the std man , i mean we all knoe he loves her but when he gettn his teeth fix? i mean how does rylee kiss him and ride his face w/o gettn cut ?

Just because a few people know you for being a sloot doesn’t make you a local celebrity.- nik

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Rode Hard And Put Away Wet

April 14, 2010 Dirty MySpace, Seattle 71



THE DIRTY ARMY: HEY Nik, everyone its Deanna agian up to her same old tricks. This Trout faced bimbo claims to be barbie but everyone in the 206 and 509 knows she is A nasty Snicker licker…. more like barbies ugly little sister skipper the skank…with that rank @ss prank p*ssy…giving everyone STD’s!! BEWARE…..THIS FISH HAS GONE BAD!!

These are just wrong..she should stick to face pics only, no one wants to see this.- nik

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Look Who Can Finally Go To The Playboy Mansion

April 13, 2010 Chicago, Dirty MySpace, Los Angeles, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Gap from chicago is all over and she managed to sleep her way im sure into the mansion been awhile with out her. I bet we got some new people along the way who have ran into her or up into her lets see what we come up with now, but Hef has lost it thats for sure.  What are the chances Ron Jeremy banged her that night?

Wow the Gap is still flaunting her width.  I really think for Halloween this year she should be the chick from Total Recall with the three boobs… one could fit in the middle perfect!  And yes Ron hit that.- nik

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