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This Is So Disgusting

June 20, 2012 Dirty News, Manhattan 1

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I wanted to ask you what you think about this saggy boob woman walking around Manhattan topless.  It’s purely disgusting.  She is ugly, pale and has the nastiest boobs… why in the world would you walk around and make people throw up?

What is with the gunshot under her belly button?- nik

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Danielle Chaisson Is After Your Money

June 16, 2012 Dirty News, Scottsdale, The Dirty 29

Danielle Chaisson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Danielle Chaisson and believe me, she can get down on some Meth and Adderal. She tries to be your friend but she is only after money. Once she gets what she wants or needs, she will screw you over to. You have to beware of her because all she is into is partying and screwing people over. She will take what you got, then leave you with nothing. From what I heard, she works at Salon 33 in Scottsdale. Please be careful of her. She is a bad person and only thinks about herselft.

You can tell Scottsdale is dying with trash like this fighting for survival.- nik

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+2′s Paid For By FEMA

June 16, 2012 Dirty News, LSU, New Orleans, The Dirty 46



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I ran across this girl on an older post and saw that her boobs were paid for by FEMA after Hurricane Katrina. If this is the truth she needs to be put on blast big time! Even Emergency Management couldn’t turn this slore into a 4 out of 10. But she still post these horrifying pictures on her Facebook… So is it true that she paid for plastic surgery with funds she received from Red Cross and FEMA?

FEMA still needs to work on this emergency… it’s far from over.- nik

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Third Times A Charm

June 13, 2012 Chicago, Dirty News, The Dirty 109

third times the charm

third times the charm

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Fanny still thinks shes pretty… I don’t know wtf shes thinking. She thinks shes lady gaga with her fake hair extensions and false eyelashes and 10 lbs of makeup from WalMart. Everyone in Chicago hates her but she thinks shes cool cause she acts like shes too good for anyone and shes so skinny fat it’s not even funny and her teeth are jacked!

Talk about a blow job nightmare.- nik

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Who Would Have Thought

June 12, 2012 Chicago, Dirty News, The Dirty 11

Red Cups

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been drinking from Red Cups for over a decade, yet I never knew. Enlightenment has washed over me.

Red Cups for life. YOLO.- nik


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The Real Quebec

June 11, 2012 Dirty News, Montreal, Quebec City 280

The real Quebec

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, this post is to clarify something! I just finished reading a post written by someone from Quebec, talking sh*t about the rest of Canada, specifically, English Canadians! He claims that the woman here are beautiful because they are Quebecois and that the English has RAPED their language. Lets get one this straight, you raped your own language, when sit there and write things like “kes ke tu fu” when it should be written “Que’ce que tu fait?” That’s you raping your own language. When you say things like “Asoire.” when it should be “A soir.” your raping your own language. Ask anyone from France, the people who speak REAL french, if the french in Quebec speak or write their own language properly, all will say NO! Furthermore, the french people here are underachievers, they all drop out of high school, work in a garage, not as the mechanic but as the guy sweeping and cleaning up the place. They all drive Ford pickups filled with beer and weed. They are the NUMBER ONE CARRIERS of SYPHILIS, CHLAMYDIA, GONORRHEA, AND HERPES in CANADA (you can look that up, ever heard of Rouyn-Noranda?)! Their woman are NOT hot, the girls in Montreal that are beautiful are the ethnic girls, the Italians, Greeks, middle eastern, Asian, Black, Indian, Russian, French from FRANCE and Romanian girls! They are NOT Quebecois! You need to go to the rest of Quebec to see what they actually look like, and they are not as attractive as the girls centered in Montreal. So don’t claim these beautiful woman as your own nationality, because they are not. The french girls here are classless sluts with no morals and STD’s. They act and talk like men, they get wasted and fuck boys and old men in bathrooms, and they piss on Crescent and St.Laurent street after the clubs. They go after coupled up and married men and protest naked in the streets. Im sorry, but Americans, if you had to deal with these low lives everyday, you too would hate them too. If Quebec ever does separate, it will FAIL, because the educated and ambitious people who keep this province running are the ENGLISH and the IMMIGRANTS! the Quebecois do nothing with their lives, but sit on their front porches, with beer and their flags and complain about everything English. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to Montreal, pick a hot chick, and she won’t be a Quebecois. She will either be English or have an ethnic background. So do not claim us beautiful woman as your own, I’m a model here in Montreal, very well known and considered one of the beautiful faces of Montreal, I do many events every weekend, I have my own calender and do signings and appearances constantly. I am NOT QUEBECOIS! And neither are any of the other girls I work with! Just wanted to make this very clear. So Canada may suck to Americans, but the Quebecois are the SCUM of Canada!

Canada problems are so low class.- nik

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Syed Has No Game

June 7, 2012 Dirty News, Huntington Beach, The Dirty 26

california watch out for this faggot!!!!

california watch out for this faggot!!!!

california watch out for this faggot!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this idiot named Syed Bakhtavar Jawaid and goes by BJ (BlowJob). This idiot tried so hard to have sex with me earlier this year in Vegas. We talked on and off for a year about 6 months ago…. we met up in Vegas and he was trying so hard to get with me.. I kept blowing him off but he decides to take it an extra step and text all my friends acting drunk and making it seem like he’s the life of the party when we met up he was making noises like he was a donkey….. after trying so hard…. my friends left us and he kept trying to touch me….. even pulled my shirt down…… then has the nerve to tell my friends a completely different story….. let me tell you how lifeless this douchf*g is.. all he does is surf the web night and day, has a masturbating issue that he confessed to me over text and all he can ever do is repost millions of videos……. lifeless much?….. he also thinks he can model but seriously why does someone need to have their eyebrows pointing up like that? He pretends to live a life he honestly doesn’t and all he does is smoke. All he ever wanted to do when he was with me was smoke…… how f*cking impressive douche? Next time you text me I’m going to post all the dumb sh*t you say on here. If there is any other girl who gets this, please expose this dirtbag.

I want the BJ text messages.- nik

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Bath Salts

June 4, 2012 Dirty News, Hollywood, The Dirty 22

Bath Salts

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. So we’ve all heard about this recent “zombie apocalypse” that is upon us. Many people have claimed that bath salts are turning people into flesh eating zombies. Well the other day, I was thinking… and I made a strange connection in my head. Do you remember last year when a video came out of Lindsay Lohan “buying drugs” on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA? The dumb girl was caught on camera checking out a plastic bag with a suspicious substance in it, and then accepting it from her friend. Upon criticism, her publicist later came out with the statement “The bag contained crystals that had been purchased for Lindsay at a local shop.” Um…crystals? This story was never really resolved. Well I think I have the answer for you. I think she was buying bath salts. I mean…look at her. Am I right?

I knew Lindsay Lohan was a Zombie.- nik

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