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Woman Beater/The Ex That Learned The Hard Way

May 2, 2014 Dirty Predator, Pittsburgh, The Dirty 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, Joe Marcello was posted before. Everything in that post is true and then some. I dated Joe for year, found him to be nothing he said he was. He hides behind his grandparents money, they brag about “being mafia” , yes the whole family has been federal protection program. Both Joe and his twin brother were both big drug dealers, if you google his name “Joseph Frank Marcello & Frank Joseph Marcello” you’ll find a lot. I was blinded by his con artist crap, he told me he was in West Palm for 5yrs come to find out he just got out of prison. He started getting very jealous going thru my phone,my text etc. When I ended it between us, would show up at my house, my job, places he knew id be. Nik, I started to feel like I was in an episode of a scary ID documentary. He does not like being told no nor is he happy when he doesn’t get what he wants. I came home he came from around my house and grabbed me we wrestled around it escalated into my home where he choked me and I reached up with my left hand pulling on his chain and he choked me even harder, by that point my daughter & fiancé arrived my daughter could not get him off by this point I’m loosing more and more consciousness. Finally I was out my daughters boyfriend got him off me. I did and will stick to my guns pressing charges. He thinks he’s unstoppable he brags about his family and their money etc. But, whats money when its not yours? Id just like to warn these girls out here he’s dangerous. I will not have all the pictures till after the court hearing. But, you wouldn’t believe a man bites a woman as he’s choking her. Sure he looks sweet, talks sweet but he’s a real loser. I do have a pic of my hand where he bit me. Ill post…

I want to see the other images.- nik

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Update: King Kevi Is An Extra Not An Actor

April 4, 2014 Dirty Predator, Hollywood, The Dirty 188

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douche bag King Kevi acts like he’s an actor! Ha! He’s an extra who lives with his parents and barley has money for gas. He wears fake designer clothing and drives his moms Range Rover all over town while taking selfies all day.

LaserAway that Rolls Royce tattoo buddy… why put something on your body that makes you a 24-7 liar?- nik

**Update Email for King Kevi: I woke up this morning to fans of mine sending me a link to your “Blog” what I saw amazed me, my pictures uploaded on your sight that I own, my name is Kevin Pederson, my address is 30452 [REMOVED] Pl, Agoura Hills, CA. I believe this pictures were uploaded by a old agent of mine who seems to be very immature. I ask in this email that you take down and remove the pictures affiliated with King Kevi, due to this post on your website my sales from my fansite have gone down 60%.

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It Pays To Be Rich In America

April 2, 2014 Dirty Predator, The Dirty 234


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is beyond disgusting how our f*cking judicial system works.  So this pig, Robert H. Richards IV was convicted of raping his three-year-old daughter only faced probation after a state Superior Court judge ruled he “will not fare well” in prison… why did the Judge say he “will not fare well”? Oh ya, cause this pig is an Heir to du Pont family fortune that is worth BILLIONS.  It makes me sick how someone can rape their children and get away with it with a slap on the hands all because they are so rich.  It is disgusting and if I was in charge of this country, you better believe this pig would be slaughter on nationally televised channel.  We need to wake the f*ck up.

What products are his family responsible for? I want to boycott them.- nik

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Houston Area Middle School Teacher Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Student

March 25, 2014 Dirty Predator, Houston, The Dirty 40

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, a Cypress Fairbanks ISD middle school teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students, according to Harris County court documents.  Corrie Anne Long, 43, was in Harris County court Monday morning to face charges of sexual assault of a child under the age of 17 and having an improper relationship with a student at Hopper Middle School in northwest Harris County.

The investigation started when a fellow student told Hopper Middle School staff that he saw Long and a male eighth grader, aged 15, engaging in horseplay he thought was odd, namely the student spanking Long’s backside. The student also saw the teacher sitting in the male student’s lap.  The student that had allegedly been interacting with Long was later interviewed by investigators, documents state, and he told them that he and Long had known each other since he was in sixth grade and that she was his current math teacher.  He told investigators that she performed oral sex on him in November 2013 while the pair was alone in her classroom before Thanksgiving break.

Sounds about right.- nik 

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Scott Alcorn Pedophile

March 16, 2014 Dirty Predator, Winnipeg 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: The guy here is Scott Alcorn. He works for pizza hotline on Henderson. The guy is messaging 14 year old girls here in Winnipeg and offering them sex for drugs and booze. Watch out Winnipeg cause when this guy is delivering your pizza he maybe checking out your little daughters. He is a sick Pedophile that lives on Talbot Ave and preys on little girls. He may deny it but i have screen caped a conversation he had with one of his VICTIMS who he got drunk and had sex with. She is 14 years old you sick f**k you should be shot. Watch out for this guy if he comes to your house or you live on Talbot Ave!!

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*Warning* Sperm Donor Who Is Offering His Services Had A Vasectomy 5 years Ago

March 16, 2014 Dirty Predator, Vancouver 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Warning to the ladies of Victoria who are seeking a sperm donor. This man has been posting on CL for years, offering his services as a sperm donor. He specifically states that he is not “shooting blanks”. In email correspondence he states that he has not had a vasectomy, but because the sperm donation is anonymous, you just have to take his word for it that he is being honest. I saw a recent ad posted by someone with the same stats as the sperm donor (height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc) but the ad said that he was fixed & married but needed action on the side. I set up a fake email account to see if it I would get a response from the same email account as the sperm donor, along with the same picture as the sperm donor, which I did. I got him to confirm in the new email that he had a vasectomy 5 years ago. So, this guy has been preying on women who desperately want to have an anonymous child, all the while knowing that he can in no way father children. So by lying to these women, the consent to sexual activity these women gave him became null & void. This makes what he did a sexual assault. This man is a very sick individual. He is preying on woman who can’t afford to go to a fertility clinic just so he can get free unprotected sex because he isn’t getting enough at home. Whoever you are, quit misrepresenting yourself to women who truly want to have children when you knowingly can’t impregnate them. I will be contacting VicPD to inform them that they have a predator on CL, preying on women. Perhaps they can track you down & have a very embarrassing conversation with you & your wife.

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Sociopath On The Loose

March 16, 2014 Dirty Predator, Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guys name is Stefin. He is the complete definition of a sociopath. I dated him for almost a year until I found out he was cheating on me with his ex girlfriend who looks like a frog. I dumped him although he tried desperately to lie and tell me I was crazy for doubting him although I had all the proof LOL. He will sweet talk you and then use you. After I dumped his ass I found out not only was he cheating on me with his ex but he had been screwing a girl from Whitby for years who has some form of down syndrome and had no idea he was in a relationship. He is a sex freak and also a dirty lying cheating scumbag. He didn’t even have the balls to face me when I tried to confront him about his sneaky lying cheating ways. He is a sociopath who will treat you well at first to lure you in and then start showing his true colours later on. His girlfriend is deranged and stays with him because she has no self respect despite knowing that he continuously cheats on her as he has a history of doing for the past 9 years. I’m so lucky I was able to see what kind of f*ggot he was before it was too late. He has no friends because no one wants to associate with him once they realize how messed up he is.

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Ladies Beware: Michael Jay Radio Is A Sexual Trap, Michael Johnson Is A Sex Offender

March 4, 2014 Dirty Predator, Hollywood, The Dirty 79



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have to expose Michael Johnson. A female friend of mine, 22 years old found a job on Craigslist for a female radio co host in Pasadena, she calls and gets an interview. She shows up to the ‘studio’ at 638 Colorado Blvd Suite 302 in Pasadena on Feb 28th and she was hired right away by Michael Jay (Real name- Michael Johnson, 56 years old) the host of the Michael Jay Radio show http://www.michaeljayradio.com .  There was another female there when she arrived sitting in another part of the office and he said it was his assistant. She went to work on March 1st as his ‘co-host’ and she noticed the girl (assistant) was not there. She asked where she was at and he said he had to fire her because she was missing work.

Craigslist Ad:

Posted: 6 days ago

 Female Radio Host (pasadena)

compensation: pay tbd

Radio Show is looking for an open minded fun female host for our weekend show! The Show airs on Friday and Sat and Sunday Night! We holding auditions this Friday! If you are interested please send a picture and the best way to reach you! Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!


She thought it was odd the studio was so empty, but he told her it was empty because he had just moved to the new location. He said the radio show was sponsored by Coors so she thought it was all legit. He would tell her they were on the air when they weren’t and told they were off the air when the were actually on the air. She didn’t know this until she was told later by friends who listened to it and said they barely heard her. Before she left for the night he told her “If you want to work in this business you need to learn that your going to have to suck some d*ck” and “your going to have to f*ck to make it in this industry and right now your not doing anything so you better think about it”. He also told her he had a web cam business and she can do that for money too. She declined all of it and left. He did not pay her for the night as well. She left in tears and called him when she went home to tell him she did not feel comfortable with the things he said to her and he fired her over the phone.

She went on FB and noticed the girl/assistant who he said he fired had messaged her to tell her he was sexually harassing her and she had to stop going there. This guy is a predator. He claims he is Clear channel and Sirius XM. He also bragged to the assistant that he had an escort business. This guy is scum. His website is registered to a Sunnyvale address. We also found him on Megans Law site as a register sex offender who is in violation since June 6, 2010 for not registering. The assistant who quit and never went back said he had made her take her skirt off and made her stay there for 12 hours. She was scared of him and afraid to try to leave.

So both girls go to the Pasadena Police station and the police do absolutely nothing. In fact the female officer at the front desk acted like she didn’t believe them and said you will have to wait outside and if an officer is going to talk to you they will go out there to talk to you. The girls told the officer the man is on Megans Law and he is a sexual predator and the female officer could careless. This is why kids are getting molested and women are getting raped because these police officers are lazy and could careless unless it happens to there kid.

The police would not take a report, they said he did nothing wrong. Wow. His picture is attached that is currently on Megans Law and it says he is in violation for not registering. So what good is Megans Law if you report to the police and they do nothing? I cant believe the cops wouldn’t do something after they told him he is on Craigslist preying on girls…did we not just read about the girl who killed 22 people on Craigslist? So since the Pasadena Police didn’t want to do it we are blasting it out to theDirty to get these girls to tell there story so we can stop this predator from doing it to another girl. If you have been a victim of Michael Johnson please come forward! Thank you Nik.

His Craigslist ad is still up. Be careful ladies.- nik

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