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Scammer Conned North Van Seniors

April 3, 2013 Dirty Predator, Vancouver 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bryan Tickell is out on parole now. His scam artist career started over a decade ago on a website called Clubvibes. He’s a compulsive liar and will do anything or say anything to scam anyone! He is out on parole for scamming seniors and the infirm (mentally retarded) people out of their wills. Here’s a few news links [click here] ‘Trustee’ caught stealing $1.26 million in assets from two seniors’ [click here]. He was last seen on a website called Meetu** braggin that he was a “medic” and that’s all he needed to say to pick up girls. He’s a predator. He is now trolling dating sites such as POF & OkCupid and whatever site he can join.

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Chris Luna

March 20, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Predator 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is chris luna AKA lil chris… This Fcker is a chilMO. I recently seen the activity on his ex girl friends page, she blasted him on fb because he was caught watching CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!!! He’s a tattoo artist, that’s strung out on Mth, Cke,and pills! I’ve seen some good and some bad work…. Also, he likes to date girls younger than his daughter.. “HINT” his daughter is only 17!!? Yeah stay away from this guy please keep your kids away from him too, guys a big creep! This type of people need to go to prison and fcked in the ass like they fcked these poor little girls.. Fcking bastard, I hope you go to Prison..

Nice handgun…- nik

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KC Player Round 2

March 18, 2013 Dirty Predator, Kansas City 60

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the second time around for this guy. I guess he never learns his lesson. He is still creeping around KC & on every chat line and creepin/stalkin people via Facebook and Instagram. Good news his girlfriend wised up and dumped him, bad news the guy is worse then ever and every female in KC should be warned. The dude is almost 40, lives at home, has multiple dwi’s and lies so much I think he believes his own bullshit now. Seriously, the boy needs some help quick. He dragged the last girl through the mud with him and looks like he caused nothing but trouble for her. Shes a single mom. Does he have no boundaries? I wish I could blast this all over Kansas City, Facebook and any other social site he creeps around. He is the worse of the worse because he is trying to blame his “stalker” (me) for all of his wrong doings. Hey jj, man up we all know you’re the one pulling this crap, I just outsmarted you & called you out on it.

No homo, but why’s this guy have a purple greg??- nik

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Deadmonton’s Latest Douchebag

March 15, 2013 Dirty Predator, Edmonton 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I’d like to introduce to you and all our dirty army strong readers Jason Rocco Cirillo. This douchebag is such a poor excuse for a man, this guy just decides to up and leave his pregnant fiance and drop the bomb he slept with someone else. BUDDY how much lower and cowardly can you be? You don’t propose and get someone pregnant, acting all family man when what you really desire is to be Deadmonton’s most famous G! All I got to say is Deadmonton ladies stay clear of this two timing loser or else you’ll probably find yourself knocked up and alone just like his fiance!

Is that the discount double check I see…- nik

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The Lakeshore Diddler

March 12, 2013 Dirty Predator, Toronto 120


THE DIRTY ARMY: well nik let me tell you all about this deadbeat crackhead crusty diddlemonster philip john(diddles em)young.this piece of shit gear finnally figured its time to get a job now that hes in his 30s only because hes a shitty criminal and he realised it was easier to pay for his crack instead of ducking in and out of the lakeshore allys sucking cock and taking it up the ass for a toke.this guy had his shit pushed in so much he has to use womens tampons to stop the anal leakage.trust me he was caught and seen numerous times coming from an allys pulling up his pants with a fellow in toe behind him everybody knows about it lol.hes still a deadbeat crackhead who stole his daughters 15 yearold girlfriend and started to date her and is known all over for his love of the young girls maybe it has to do with his name??probably his pick up line is hi there my name is p.j young and thats how i like em. besides all that this guy is an absent father of the 2 known kids. has never bought a birthday nor christmas gift or anything for that matter for either of his kids and if he ever does come around its only to steal his daughters gifts so he can pawn off for crack this guy deserves the award for worlds biggest peice of shit. a two bit car thief in and outta jail a real loser that thinks hes hard.

Anybody his age should be embarrassed to be dating a heart…- nik

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Fake Photographer

March 8, 2013 Dirty Predator, Kansas City 257

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This guy, Mario Antoine, has already been on The Dirty for scamming newly weds out of thousands of dollars on their wedding day, pretending to be a photographer, and now he’s finally getting charged with 10 felony counts in Kansas City for all the money he stole. He’s already a convicted felon in the state of Tennessee for stealing his old roommate’s expensive guitar and pawning it for money. This guy is the lowest of the low. He takes nude photos of young girls and then uses the photos to try and extort them by threatening to show the photos to their boyfriends, family members, employers, etc. which is illegal. I’ve heard first-hand from a model that he took photos of her while she was changing without her realizing it. He never has a real job. He just hides from everyone, constantly changing his phone number, sitting around between trial hearings, waiting to find out if he’s going to go to prison or not. It seems he likes to Google himself all the time and see what everyone’s saying about him, because he still constantly comments on his own news stories, trying to deny everything, and he obviously uses fake names, pretending to be other people. He’s a pathological liar, a sociopath, and a stalker who still tries to creep on young girls. On top of all that, he is one ugly dude. Everyone who’s been an unfortunate victim of this creep is praying he goes to prison soon. I have no idea how this guy is still breathing. This is the link to the latest news story about him: [click here for article]

He definitely looks the part though….put down the cheeetos!- nik

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Christopher Wintermute

March 7, 2013 Cincinnati, Dirty Predator 300

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Chris Wintermute on Match[], username ***. He is 38 years old lives in Dayton OH, cannot hold down a job, had a charge on him for assault and recently found out he had a civil charge on him in the past, you can check it on Dayton Municipal Courthouse website under civil and criminal cases. He used me for sex and money. I paid his cell phone bill twice, neither time he paid me back, I know stupid of me right! He is a hypocrite, he is judgmental, flaky, cheap (except when it comes to himself), self-fish, self-centered, conceited, egocentric, an a#$hole, a jerk, a douche, and anything else that you can think of describes this guy. He broke up with me via text because he doesn’t have the balls to acompany that small di#$ he has, and trust me it is small that even he refers to it as a gerbil. He basically was looking for an easy way out and took it and after breaking up with me proceeded to tell me what was wrong with me and the relationship instead of making it just a clean, swift break and be done with it. His “examples” he labeled are BS excuses and COPOUTS in my opinion and my families. We had been texting back and forth “explaining” things on an occasion when I was in Dayton at the Air Force Museum, a place I visit frequently, with and without him, on this occasion he was with his sister (a woman who has NEVER met me), when she found out I was in Dayton at a place I go to alot, btw I live in the NKY area, she proceeded to tell Chris that I was stalking him and he needed to call the cops. Really, last time I checked USA is still a free country and I can visit a historical, touristic attraction like the museum regardless if I live there are not. My own father said her making that statement having never met you proves she may be a nut herself.
Mr. Wintermute is not loyal or trustworthy, this guy reads his own mother’s emails and BRAGS about the fact that he knows her passwords and can “get in” anytime he wants. This guy LOVES to talk about his past lovers, even going so far as to tell me, while I was his girlfriend mind you, what it was like to f#ck one of his ex girlfriends from behind doggie style! Absolutely no class! Absolutely LOVES to talk about a girl named Heather Marie Decker, another one of his ex girlfriends Do not trust this guy with ANYTHING unless you want it shared with everybody under the sun. He has a big mouth and no censor button and prides himself on that fact. Do not let him on your computer/laptop because I can guarantee you he will SNOOP, SNOOP anotehr word that best describes him, and he gets VERY VERY defensiveness at that word. You can say hi to him on Facebook, Chris Wintermute, his profile picture is usually of him from like 6 to 10 years ago when he actually was good looking and less chubby and he usually has racing gear on, he’s real big into NASCAR, or he’ll have a Viking jersey on, and his crazy sister Sheena Hargrove is also on Facebook as well. Do not date this guy unless you want to date someone who will take advantage of you and your heart and who is ONLY and SOLEY in the relationship for HIMSELF because that is what this guy is all about HIMSELF! And dont count on him celebrating your birthday with you or getting a gift. I literally went out of my way to make 2 birthdays special for him, not one birthday was he with me or return the favor, f’in scumbag! The pictures below are some I mentioned above, the one with gray shirt was his Match profile picture. I’m the girl with him in the one picture. I have had ny number changed, I moved, he is blocked on Facebook and he is blocked from contacting me via email. Do not get involved with this guy unless you want a real nutcase and wack job on your hands. He ain’t worth the aggravation and headache ladies!! Your better off with someone who can actually HOLD DOWN A JOB!!!

So fierce posing in front of his wall blanket.- nik

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Sean Conan Is Back

March 7, 2013 Dirty Predator, San Diego 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have to tell you about this guy in San Diego, in hopes that others will be warned. I am a realtor and I recently hosted an open-house for a condo in Pacific Beach. I should have known he wasn’t serious when he rolled up on his skateboard, but. . . he told me he was interested in buying something, and I try not to judge based on dress, especially in SD. I gave him my card and honestly didn’t give it that much afterthought, until he started texting. Little by little, his messages got increasingly creepy — “the only room in the condo that concerns me is the bedroom, lol.” He managed to work an innuendo into virtually everything. I ignored him at that point, but he kept on texting me until he started sending pics. I thought ignoring them would give him the message, but obviously not. He kept on sending pics and then a video of him beating what he calls “The Conan.” I’m a realtor, so I just can’t change my number. . . I went to bed and figured that would be the end of it. Nope. I awoke to a new video of him beating it along with the tag line “Good morning sunshine, time to rise and shine like The Conan.” Having gone to ASU, I knew about this site and figured I would submit this gem. Lo and behold, someone had beat me to it. No surprise there. Reading through the comments, it seems like this is par for the course for Seandusky. The picture with the Chow haunts me.

Looks like he was kicked off the couch and is now sleeping on the floor.- nik

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