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Is Seth Rogan Really Dating Pornstar Violet Monroe

January 16, 2014 Dirty Army Strong, Hollywood, The Dirty 59

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so word across twitter is Seth Rogan is privately dating a porn star that goes by the name of Violet Monroe. She has posted photos of him and he seems to respond to alot of it and rumor is they been seen together in public recently.  I don’t get why anyone with money would even date a pornstar.

Who cares… nobody cares about Seth Rogan’s sex life. Violet thanks for the submission. Hope it helps your porn career.- nik

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The 3 Sides To ICK

January 10, 2014 Dirty Army Strong, Hollywood, The Dirty 189


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl KISSY LEANNE is awesome.  I seriously can’t stop hearing her name everywhere I go! I’ve been told she is a makeup artist and tattoo artist, model I don’t know know this girl but apparently everyone can’t stop talking about her! So I had to check her out for myself so I googled her.  I found her Facebook and checked it out for myself I seen a post she posted saying this is me for real, 3 Pictures 1st being her with makeup how she really does it the, 2nd being her when she wears a little and 3rd being none. So I wanted to throw it out that what she claims is the real her! I guess from what I found a lot of what she’s been doing lately her videos.  The way she talks and how dramatic she did her makeup was an act! Who is the real KISSY LEANNE!?

I’m digging the Mexican tutorial image, but ICK please stop submitting yourself.- nik

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Name Says It All, Slutton

January 10, 2014 Dirty Army Strong, Pittsburgh 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet GINA SUTTON…AKA GINA SLUTTON> This girl is Grimy, with a capitol G! She has slept with every Dope Head, Crack Phene, & Plain Summatime Man in the surrounding Avella/Washington PA Area. Every dude she gets with is usually the desperate kind, ya know, Thinks they are winning because they get to f a Girl, instead of their hand. — Little do they know, She has had, & still has a few of them DRD’s, And she doesn’t give a shit about passing them back & forth with fools– She has this HUGE Flat Wide Nostril Nose and Squinty eyes, and fat knees! I hate Girls with Fat Knees, ya know what I mean Nik? You can’t see any muscle tone in her legs or arms at all, it’s all cottage cheese squeeze, cellulite everywhere, ewww! YUCK- To see her in a bathing suit or shorts lol far away its a Gem, but once you get her up close it’s just all a big ole mess man. Its just repulsive! But she thinks she’s all that. She’s so stupid too Nik! Like a bag of Rocks- She’s Like One of those Like Girls that Like Don’t Like Know Like anything Of Like Importance. Her biggest worry is what club she’s going to hit up, or how much money she can get off her next dude, because obviously she can’t hold a job… My friend used to date her waaaaaay back in the day, like teenage days, and we recently moved in together. we found a box of stuff his mom had that had a few letters that GINA wrote>>Man she is one dumb bitch. Can’t spell wortha damn, and literally every letter was about when he was going to buy her something, “My perfume broke this morning it fell off the bathroom sink, can u buy me one please please please its brittany spears and its my favorite”–So juvenile, Nik. She has a kid, about 4-5 years old- Would you guess that she didn’t know who the Daddy was for that poor boy till he was old enough to have features resembling one the guys she has slept with?? She still isn’t sure because she has f***ed so many people. GINA SUTTON ALWAYS has greasy ass, stringy hair, that she bleaches blonde, like that Real Avella Rat does, She has Pus Pockets in her Face From doing Dope & then Pickin Her Face Like a Phened Out Herion Head– All The while, she does her dope in front of her kid, even takes him to go get it in Pittsburgh- In Fact A few weeks ago, she got busted with all kinds of bags on her & the needle in her arm, nodding out in the front seat, pulled over at Family Dollar, when the cops found her and her baby was unbuckled jumpin around in the car playing with the heroin. She’s an unfit, immature little baby girl, who has no ability to be a mother. Her mother was a fuc*ing whore too, so I guess GINA SUTTON Learns from the best example. I’ve seen her 8 months pregnant with that kid chugging beer and doing shots and she had no care for that poor child inside her at all- still don’t. Her rent is paid by WELFARE, bc she can only read & write on a 3rd grade level, so her employment choices are limited. The only thing she does do that she can represent, is sleaze around. literally the pictures that would float around of her in high school were repulsive. She woulde get all messed up on heroin & booze and then pose for pics that all the h.s. boys would trade & pass around to jag off to. It turned into a regular event every weekend. She would be sticking Hot Dogs and cheap vodka bottles up herself, & be completely trashed ripping her clothes off in videos, saying “F me, I want someone to F me!” I was at a hotel pool one day with my niece and nephew bcause they have a resort pool for the public, and here comes this nasty Trashy whale walkin out of a hotel room with 2 guys, completely high on dope, eyes almost closed, track marks & blood runnin down her arms, greasy stringy hair, wearing a white stained up dirty bathing suit cover with nothing underneath it but t*ts & a*s! She’s so Gross Nik, Please Help Her! Give her a Taste of Reality Buddy. Because she thinks that she is Queen Shit! She has to hear what’s really up from someone on the outside- How stupid can you be, with no friends, and people callin you out all the time?? She needs to know how to dress respectfully, Or even just how to clean up properly> She is just plain dirty all the time like she just climbed out the WashPa gutters floatin with the rats. I mean with a Nik Name like GINA SLUTTON, her entire life.. I’d say if it sticks, its not a miss. The pics that I have posted below say it all, too well… Youll get to see her nasty ass greasy hair, her pus pocket face, and that huge flat gorilla nose- looks like a freakin clown(SCARY!) with all that makeup- crimpin up her hair and trying to pose cute blahahahaha She is a JOKE- GINA, You are the BIGEST D*** Sucker anyone will EVER Meet! You’d F*** anyone for a buck or a bottle of perfume lol And Your Stretch Marks, Monstrous Hairy P*SSY + The DRDs will swallow a N*gga Up. Get Real GINA, You Aren’t Anything Special, Just a Ho That Never Made It. Tell Us Nik, Would You Tap That?

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The New Kelowna Bicycle Haiiden Deloume

January 5, 2014 Dirty Army Strong, Kelowna 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Haiiden Deloume (Hayden). This hoe bag loves to leave her kid with her ex boyfriend all day n night while she is out wondering Kelowna doing drugs and getting high with the local dealers. She pretty much will sleep with anyone who she can gets her hands on. Every other week she’s got some new boyfriend who is “daddy” to her two year old daughter. Posting nasty sl*tty pictures on facebook instagram and plenty of fish. Brings new guys over every couple days to f*ck just so she can get threw the whole town, its like she counts how many new people shes slept with in a month just to think shes something special. This girl posts and says and does things most mother wouldn’t.

Hayden it’s ok to be a good mother. Do you really want your child to end up like you?- nik

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TheDirty Makes Us All Better

January 4, 2014 Chicago, Dirty Army Strong, The Dirty 84

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Everyone wants to stone Nik. Why? Because he exposes poor decisions in life that starts with one simple fact. Alcohol or addiction. True, many of you realize just how bad you look and call the blogs lies when you see yourself on here. Why don’t all of you look in the mirror and see just how bad it looks to others. Your own actions and decisions. Own them and change yourself. FYI, nightclubs are doughy to begin with. You all need to grow up for attacking Nik and look in the mirror first.

82% of life is about having sex, so we look to bad habits to give us an easier option for sex. We sacrifice self dignity for attention so guys and girls can find us sexually attractive. We all want to be loved and don’t know how to attain it sober. Real romance died because status on the internet means everything.- nik

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Well All Love Jobs

December 27, 2013 Dirty Army Strong, Jersey, The Dirty 64

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, thought everyone would get holiday chuckles from this T-Shirt I acquired on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

I prefer receiving Bill Clinton’s employment strategy.- nik

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Tess Taylor Is Really Pregnant

December 23, 2013 Dirty Army Strong, Hollywood, The Dirty 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a few weeks ago my buddy posted about the real reason why Tess Taylor never showed up for her interview with you. He also confirmed that Tess is pregnant and she is. She is only about 2 months along, as you can tell in these pictures. For the baby’s sake, I hope Tess finally stops the drugs (CUZ SHE HAS RELAPSED WAY TOO MANY TIMES). Hopefully it won’t be a crackbaby. That is the only reason her boyfriend proposed to her too… for the baby. She should not be a mom, do you agree Nik?

Oh man this is not good.- nik

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Cheating Military Wife

December 15, 2013 Dirty Army Strong, Las Vegas, The Dirty 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I’ll try to make this short and sweet. Her name is Breanna. She is a military wife with two young children. She is a cheating b*tch! This affair took place over the summer of 2013 while she was still living in Ft Irwin, California. She was on ashleymadison, the one site all those no good married wh*res go. Well, now everyone can see that you are an unfaithful, no good lying cheating wh*re.  Click here to see some hearts.

Why do I feel like these pictures are not for her husband overseas.- nik

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