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8 Belles Will Always Be Your Champion Horse Nik Richie

October 21, 2014 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I did some research into the glory days of 8 Belles. She will always be your champion horse Nik Richie. No surgery can change how special she was.

Yes, 8 Belles was a strong thoroughbred.- nik

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Gozde is Nasty

May 5, 2014 Dirty Horses, Poland 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Gozde I met her in Warsaw in Poland not too long ago.I’m pretty sure she wasn’t polish and her english sucked too.This b*tch is way too nice to guys at first but its all fake shes just thirsty for the D. Also she thinks she is the hottest shit when she has the biggest horse mouth I’ve seen. Please put this chick on blast for being so damn ugly.

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Nasty Shannon Mae

April 21, 2014 Chicago, Dirty Horses 99

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty ass bitch “Shannon Mae” aka Stacy who lives on a farm NOT IN CHICAGO. She is 100% fake you have to search to find unedited pics of her I know she’s on here a lot. I just cannot stand her horse looking ass. And being a black lover. So distgusting. I don’t even wanna think bout her down there she prolly has so many stds f*****g n*****s constantly. I mean look at her child I would never call a baby ugly. But hers if soooooo damn ugly. I am so sorry. She is COMPLETELY busted looking and a BUST DOWN for whatever. And news flash Stacy YOUR NOT BLACK STOP TRYING you talk like you are, dress like you are think you are. YOUR WHITE. except when you photoshop yourself half black. Which your horrible at photoshopping Atleast it makes you better than what you look like normally yuck. You live on a farm dress like it. Not in 6″ heels leggings and a crop top geeze. Stop trying to rep Chicago your a disgrace. Learn to get a spray tan of something your skin is blotchy and gross as hell. Admit it your what 25? With a baby living in bufu with your child at your parents house. Good job. Bet you’ll be knocked up again by a purple crayon soon. No white or respectable guy will ever touch you in the future once they learn of your past & well seeing that hideous daughter. You are just revolting. I’ve deleted you off Facebook because I can’t stand your ghetto ass statuses and NASTY AS SHIT PICS. Your like a tall ass gremlin. Just so nasty. Ugh had to get it off my chest. No wonder why you have no friends except your repeat johns. From backpage. You really need to see the light. Your gross as can be. Your stringing ass hair extensions, your not suppose to be able to tell if your wearing extensions guess your too stupid for that. And for you “fit awesome body” no it’s stretched out and the geodes thing stop folding up your shirts to show your stomach. It’s not sexy and toned AT ALL. It’s ugly and wrinkly and once again gross. But that describes you. Gross and revolting. & you’d no ass looking self. Do some damn squats oh wait you claim that you do !!! Hahahaha obviously not look at the pic. God really gave you the story end of the stick well your actually inhumanly talk but still you lost at life and your ivory 24-25?ish. Good luck try getting a REAL JOB not convulsing “dancing” 3/4 naked so nasty.

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Walking Time Bomb

February 14, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Horses 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to put spotlight on some trash living in Dallas. This girl right here is Sanela Suhopoljac aka Bella. Former twin peaks and hooters girl. I used to see this girl out all the time wasted just acting so out of control. She Tried sleeping with my boyfriend. Was caught having sex in the hooters parking lot, and was sleeping with her manager to get better sections at her job. Word travels fast. So I heard that she shot her friend in the face accidentally at Austin ranch. Didn’t come to me as a shock but its plastered all over the internet. Last I heard she’s going to school to be a teacher? Idk about you but someone like this shouldn’t be teaching anyone. This girl needs medical help. Something is mentally wrong with her or she’s just psycho.

Looks well worked.- nik

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Red Headed Sloot

January 24, 2014 Dirty Horses, Pittsburgh 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: These three triplets are three times crazy. These are the Zezza sisters. The red headed Bozo bitch thinks she is God’s gift to the local watering hole, Rivertowne and hangs out there with her nose stuck up in the air, with her boyfriend who is over twice her age (she is 23, he is 47). And if you think that age difference is bad, she caught her last boyfriend in bed with her mom and kept him around for a while after that, so her new geezer is actually a step up. Her sisters ran around telling the whole town after that happened…great sisters they are. She literally shits her pants every day because she has Crohns Disease…Probably why her self-worth is so low that she keeps dating losers. The non-identical one dates heroin addicts or Big Lots managers, like to suck dick in the parking lot of Big Lots, and is complete bat shit crazy. She had to spend time in the crazy bin when she chased after her high school boyfriend for years after he left her for some other girl, and tried to break them up for years. If you don’t answer her text messages she will drive out of her way to come to your house and hunt you down. The fat one married some asshole loser who tries to make up for his tiny pee pee with some lame Camaro. You really can’t blame them all for being total fuck ups though, their dad is a stoner loser and their mom is a cougar whore going through a midlife crisis (obviously since she sleeps with her daughter’s fugly ass boyfriends!) The three of these bitches like to think of themselves as Disney princesses. The only correlation they have is that of the evil step sisters from Cinderella. I hope they all choke on some fuckin nasty dicks, which the likelihood of that happening is becoming ever higher. Expose these ugly slores for what they really are! P.S. Someone PLEASE teach these girls how to fucking apply eye make up. What do you say, Nik? Did I pick the right posting category when I chose “Horses”?

What do donkeys say?- nik

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Will Rob You

January 17, 2014 Dirty Horses, Edmonton 123

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ol’ Horseyface heather maclaclan here can be bought for a mere hit of oxycontin and she will let you butt f* her for a painkilling patch. She’s a heroin junkie and we all know how awful people on H are. She used to clean houses for a living but now she cleans c*ks with her face. of course she leaves them dirtier than when they started, full of DRD . She thinks she’s skinny but really just log-shaped, no curves and her back is covered in dr*g bacne. Her whole body is really! Pock marked face and saggy skin make her look 50. STAY AWAY boys you can do better. Just have a peek in the gutter on 1**th and you can find better than her.

Those are humps, not lady lumps.- nik

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Proud Trash

December 19, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Horses 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty whore’s name is Brandy Farley. She is completely disgusting and has absolutely NO morals. She tries hard to come across as a nice person but she is completely the opposite. She is 34 and hasn’t accomplished shit in life other than being a whore and she is PROUD OF IT! She has a child and STILL sees no reason to be anything but a whore. She used to work at a place called “XTC tan” in Arlington that claims they offer “tanning and adult entertainment”, but it got shut down for none other than…..wait for it…PROSTITUTION! Imagine that…

Those are some rapidly thinning bangs- nik

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Fake-a-billy Sloot

December 18, 2013 Dirty Horses, San Antonio 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fake ass girl is Samantha J. I don’t even know where to start with this “Fakeabilly.” She’s a complete liar she lies about EVERYTHING. She hooks up with any guy who has the rockabilly style just because the way they look. Her ex bf dumped her ass and she already talks to other guys. She only dated her last bf because of his style and he was in a band and she got those brag rights and benefits but not anymore! She claimed to love him even though she cheated on him. Shes a compulsive lair. She claims to be cooler than she really is. She brags about playing the upright bass ..all she knows is how to pose with it for a picture. She thinks everyone wants her but truth is they want her because she’s easy and use her for her style like she does with guys. She’s not a true “billy” girl because she only does it for the attention and benefits. Don’t believe a word this chick says. She may be easy on the eyes, but she’s shit on the inside !!

Those are the ultimate forehead drapes.- nik

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