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You Are All Jealous Haters Of Hope Parker

December 4, 2014 Dubai, Hollywood, Newport, The Dirty 396


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, people need to stop talking sh*t about Hope Parker on Sarai’s post. Hope is no escort, hooker, porta potty or any of that stuff. Just because she flies private and hangs around John’s doesn’t mean she sleeps with them for money. She was just with her friend Sarai and thats all. As you can see, when the weekend was over, she was back to grinding and working. Look at all those degrees on the wall, you think those came easy? Keep hating on her cause she is beautiful and men love spending money on her.

So Hope sleeps with guys for free? I don’t understand what you are trying to say.- nik


Sarai Rollins Thinks We Are Dumb

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Florida Pilot Gary Taha

November 2, 2014 Dubai, The Dirty 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, now for the true story about Gary Taha aka Hassan Taha a Labanese man and his involvment with Drug Smuggling. Gary Taha and his partner Nayef Fawaz See the following.  I can go on and on. The United States Drug Enforcement Agency has Gary Taha aka Hassan Taha on there watch list for his involvement with Nayef Fawaz and the Drug Smuggling Trade. Gary Taha’s new scheme is chartering aircraft and undercutting other Air Charter Brokers when he realizes that Royal Family members are chartering the aircraft. He gets the Charter as he is the cheapest and the Broker makes more money. He will take a loss on the flight so he can Transport illegal Packages under the nose of the Royal Family. Royal Family members travel under Diplomatic Passports and there local Embassy receive the flights and coordinate with the local Customs and Immigration officers. The Plane is never searched nor are the occupants or Flight Crew is ever Searched. These flights are conducted under the umbrella of Diplomatic Flights. Packages remain on the aircraft and latter removed. I have seen this happen on VPBOP in Brazil last month. The Plane and Crew are NEVER EVER!!!! EVER!!! Searched. Thats his new golden ticket.

DEA, you reading this?- nik

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Dark Side Of Dubai

October 7, 2014 Dubai, The Dirty 60


THE DIRTY ARMY: I found this article on Dubai – thought Nik might find it interesting if he hasn’t already read similar. I know he’s not entirely the shallow character of satire he portrays on this site.  If anything it is culturally interesting; I’m not sure readers of this site would find it as good of a read (do they read?) as I did. Note it was written in 2009 shortly after the global 2008 market downturn. However, I suspect five years have not significantly changed Dubai.  Click here to read full article.

Does anyone poop on anyone in the article?- nik

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Sarai Rollins Tags The Truth

October 5, 2014 Dubai, Newport, The Dirty 73


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how dumb is Sarai Rollins? ‘The Dubai Mall’ = Porta Potty life. I wonder if these Arabs actually undress or just lift up their skirts? Sarai let’s make a deal. I’m actually a well off individual from Newport who liked you until I saw this picture. If you can prove to me you personally paid for this trip to Dubai, I will personally refund you the full amount for the trip. No questions asks, no sexual favors. You have my word. Prove your worth in this world Sarai, not your stink.

What if her ‘modeling agency’ paid for it… does that count?- nik

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The Tinkle Twins

September 24, 2014 Dubai, Manhattan, The Dirty 33

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I used to party with these twins back in the day in NYC. Most of us have since moved/grown up and these two have continued to open and close restaurants, had a stint on a failed BRAVO! show and have started their latest endeavor in the Middle East. After following your site, poses the question: Legit international party planners? Or porta-potty Underground Railroad traffickers?

Total cover up, their revenue isn’t coming from alcohol sales.- nik

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Rosa Acosta Doing Real Work In Dubai

September 23, 2014 Dubai, Hollywood, The Dirty 82


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I follow Rosa Acosta on most social media she has. It sadden me when I saw her post, that she would be traveling to Dubai for the grand opening of some club. It got me thinking is she there to be a Porta-Potty?? Since you are more knowledgeable on how girls get hired to do work in Dubai. Do you think she was there for a legitimate paying gig or was she there to receive the brown rain of chunks? She went there with a posse of hot chicks. I’ve seen other Porta-Pottys show similar photos of them doing touristy stuff but I still don’t know if she is or is not Porta-Potty material.

There is no such thing as a ‘legitimate paying gig’ in Dubai. Single American females go there for one reason only!- nik

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Why Did Parisa Move To Dubai

August 12, 2014 Dubai, The Dirty 40



THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk, Parisa all the sudden moved to Dubai which is a weird choice, especially since he has no job. Never been there, but I assume a place like that cannot be cheap to live in. I don’t want to assume, but why else does a young pretty girl move there?

Assume to worst and she will never smell the same.- nik

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Why Did Pornstar Breanne Benson Move To Dubai

June 9, 2014 Brooklyn, Dubai, Hollywood, The Dirty 105


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it looks like pornstar Breanne Benson relocated from LA to Dubai and is leading a pretty lavish lifestyle rocking red bottoms. We all know what she is really doing out there. Will it be a new trend for Arab Sheikhs to import pornstars? Are they getting bored of instagram models and regular American girls?

The Burj Al Arab Hotel has a whole floor dedicated to Pornstars booked by the Prince.  There is usually 15 to 20 there at any given time… and yes, they fly Emirates first class if you were wondering.- nik

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