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Duncan Goof

May 22, 2013 Duncan, Victoria 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik i got one for the record books. Everyone introducing Heidi Felicia Mendenhall. This piece of work is willing to open her legs to anything that shows a bit of affection even sleeping around behind her woman beating boyfriend Joseph Dean Jack. this dynamic duo are Duncans finest junkie losers you will ever come across. She once had a child pass away from S.I.*.S unlike any normal human being which would call 9/11 in this situation, she throws the baby into the duncan river. WTF!? waste of skin she is if you ask me. PUBLIC BE WARNED that thes people are Dope simple monsters and to never entrust the lives of your children (and property) to these drug addicts.

What happened to her teeth?- nik

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He Thinks He Is The Best

November 8, 2012 Duncan 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is such a piece of work. He thinks that just because hes jacked and good looking that hes top sh*t.  He will do anything just to be cool and blow people off when theres a chance to get laid. he sleeps around with all the lgs in high school.

High School girls are going to get him in a lot of trouble.- nik

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Junkie Slore Snaggle Tooth

May 2, 2012 Duncan 4



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this wh*re is the junkiest of junkie moms. She smokes crack with the local bums, which half of them have either aids or herpes, then goes back to her daughter. COOL. She has the ugliest set of teeth you would ever lay your eyes on, how would you like them wrapped around your c*ck!? Ahah EWW. Her and her babies daddy, also a pill popping junkie all live in one house with their 4 year old daughter the house contains one mattress. The baby dad has been known to ask their 4 year old daughter to grab daddy’s “juice” out of the fridge, juice meaning their f*cking METHADONE. These two are the most disgusting set of parents out there. They belong on East Hastings.

Once you have a kid, you should definitely stop using drugs.- nik

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Mother Of Four And Still A Slore

May 2, 2012 Duncan 30

Mother of 4 Duncan slore number 2

Mother of 4 Duncan slore number 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this c*ked out mother of four has destroyed her kids life . Her own daughter is also on the dirty. Naked lol. This disgusting excuse of a woman was caught sleeping with her daughter’s 16 year old boyfriend and is being charged for stat rape. DISGUSTING! She deserves to be on the dirty way more then her daughter does. Its not her fault her mom raised a who*e, look at the example she was leading for her. What do you think Nik?

I think you could take this post to the next level by getting some hard evidence.  Whose gunna be the courages DA soldier and step up to the plate.- nik

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Snaggle Toothed Wangster Fail

March 21, 2012 Duncan 6

snagle toothed wangster fail

snagle toothed wangster fail

snagle toothed wangster fail

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Levi Delahunt from Duncan, BC. Not only did he get his girlfriend pregnant and leave her, he also cheated on her multiple times before ending it. He claims to be a huge player, little do most people know he has only slept with one girl in his life. He acts like a huge hotshot, but we all know he spends every waking moment with his gay “best friend” owen, there’s probably a reason behind that. He treats girls like toys and still tries to sleep with his ex after emotionally abusing her, her entire pregnancy and laughing when the baby passed away. you know hes a real winner when hes doing the duck face in every one of his facebook pictures. He is the epitome of dirt and deserves to be recognized for the snaggle toothed wangster fail he truly is. What do you think of this guy?

I though only kids camped in their backyards.  Also, your sister wants her jacket back.- nik

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Dallas Dirty Mom

July 19, 2011 Dallas, Duncan 69

Dallas Dirty Mom

Dallas Dirty Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is tabatha. Shes hot right? gotta love that refund gap and that saggy mommy belly button. Shes got 2 kids… during pregnancy she likes to starve herself, great mom right… not to mention the fact that her friends and family take care of her kids more than she does shes so into drugs and stripping…. This female had a kid before the age of 20 and is a single mom. But i guess you cant say much from a dirty duncanville girl… they all have such low self esteem.

When your stuck with a rugged face like that its only natural.  Also, I don’t think that’s a happy trail down below.- nik

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Tried To Rip Her Boyfriends Greg Off

July 15, 2011 Cougars, Duncan 17

This chick is nuts she tried to rip her boyfriends dick off

This chick is nuts she tried to rip her boyfriends dick off

This chick is nuts she tried to rip her boyfriends dick off

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok so nik here’s the scoup this bitch has drd and fcks dudes without protection and without them knowing she has it she got her bf fired cuz she was mad at him she tried to rip his dick off there are naked pics of her on the internet and her beef curtains are so big men that fuk her actually comment on it and how she smells she is a miserable human.

I doubt she has the hand strength to do that, make the mistake of sticking it in and I’m sure that big jaw of hers could chomp a greg right off…careful boys.- nik

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Duncans Dirty Duo

June 29, 2011 Duncan, Victoria 42

duncans dirty duo

duncans dirty duo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chantelle James and her mom Sam. They are a mother daughter duo that love to get nasty! They even had a 3sum with Chantelles ex Phil! They work in a day care and if I had kids I would never trust them alone with these 2! Really how much faker could those tits and that nasty hair get? They are sex fiends and have a box of dildos that they share. GROSS!

That must of been an awkward house growing up in, I bet Chantelle molded into a sloot easily…thanks mom.- nik

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