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Going Down A VERY Dark Path

July 21, 2012 Delaware, East Carolina University, Richmond, The Dirty 26

Sn00ki wanna be

Sn00ki wanna be

Sn00ki wanna be

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is nasty, she’s a backstabbing b*tch, she drinks, smokes, and sleeps with the majority of the guys in her school, and she likes to steal peoples boyfriends, she moved to Delaware because everyone ganged up on her and she got scared and dropped out of school for her seventh grade year.. pathetic right?! She attempts to look like snooki on a daily basis, and did I forget to mention SHE’S ONLY THIRTEEN. Nik, what do you think about this girl?

I think she will try to get pregnant on purpose for MTV auditions. I hope her parents (if she has any) sees this. She NEEDS TO BE GROUNDED until the age of 16 or at least wear heavy sweaters.- nik

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I feel Sorry For Their Baby Already

May 18, 2012 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 24

I feel sorry for their baby already :(

I feel sorry for their baby already :(

I feel sorry for their baby already :(

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, LOVE your site! but I gotta say, I’m so surprised that this girl hasn’t made it on here yet. This is Julie Sebesta, 24 years old and preggo with her baby daddy Ivan. She used to be a cocktail waitress at stil life before she got knocked up by her mexican boyfriend…who by the way is trash man..literally, he’s a garbage man! the two of them share an apartment with his roommate. Also, Ive been to her apartment before and it was disgusting! dog hair bulit up in the corners of the carpet…stains everywhere..dishes piling up everywhere, and her bathtub…don’t even get me started!!! They claim that getting pregnant was an accident but honestly, i think they did it on purpose. how careless!! MY concern is that these two have no freaking idea what they’re getting into. She’s more concerned with hitting the latest club openings and partying with her friends for St. Patricks Day then say…saving her money for their baby. Oh but she’s been caught saying, that babies don’t use that many diapers and don’t need more than a couple onesies etc..This girl is completely oblivious to how much of a money pit kids are and She seems so much more worried about her social life than taking care of her baby. All she eats is cheeseburgers and take out. and Her man supports all this sh*t! HE takes her with him to the club!!! WTF is wrong with these people?! I would hate to see what kind of living condition this baby is going to be stuck in. More than likely sitting in a filthy apartment, with a dirty diapers screaming until mommy and daddy come home from the club! its so sad! Nik, put these two on blast and give them wake up call! Children should be your first priority! GROW UP!

I definitely see a drink in hand with a baby on board.  Bars should not serve pregnant women.- nik

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Does This Southern Belle Have The Right To Be So Conceited

February 26, 2012 Charlotte, East Carolina University, The Dirty 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Taylor.  She’s a southern belle from North Carolina.  She’s not too much of a partier but when she goes out….she gets wild. Shes kinda conceited but she has a reason to be.  I wanted to get your opinion on her.

If she was less Orange and kept her hair straight, I would probably file her away.- nik

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Cheating Man Slore Elliott

February 9, 2012 Charlotte, East Carolina University 3

cheating STD manwhore elliott

cheating STD manwhore elliott

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the biggest piece of sh*t that i have ever met in my life. He is a liar and a scumbag and should never be trusted. He is a frat guy at my college and has spread around just about every DRD to every sorority sl*t there is. He loves fat ugly girls but even better news, he doesnt mind having gregs in his mouth. Give this boy some pills and he will let any guy do whatever they want to him. This douchebag needs to be put on blast for spreading around disgusting sh*t and lying to any decent girl that hes ever known.

His stance leads me to believe he likes the guys in frats more then sorority girls.  Any guy over a girl really…I’m calling forgy.- nik

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Ashley Will Use You

January 11, 2012 Charlotte, East Carolina University, The Dirty 21

Truth Behind a Smile

(Click on the Image to see a heart)

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Ashley, hmmm a name that’s pretty common right? Well I can assure you, this one is very different. Shes 32 years old and has worked probably 6 months out of a 2 1/2 year stretch. This one loves to hide behind her smile, hence the title. In her mind she is perfectly fine but yet everyone around her is someone she just met because everyone else, her real friends, no longer know who she is and do not associate with her. Shes locked in a prison of lies. Everyday is a lie. Pill-Poppin Animal is another word that comes to mind when describing her. This girl will steal from her own family to support her habit. Charlotte Pharmacies are open because this girl is alive. Do not trust her AT ALL. She will use you to get what she wants and thats it. Taking advantage of her parents and using there hard earned money to live off of is sad. Ashley is also known to sleep with married men, and use men who have kids, use ex bf’s family members’ children to get closer knit between her and his family. She is capable of anything and cannot be trusted. RUN FAST if you see her face. Shes very dangerous to herself and those around her.

Why did I click the image? I love how she does drugs around the children’s play toys.- nik

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Beware Of John Payne

August 25, 2011 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 0




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Jonathan Payne. He thinks he is so cool because he is 7 feet tall. Jonathan sent pictures to me and all my friends of his hairy wank. We told him to stop but then he wouldnt and asked us to meet up with him. He tried once to get us to suck his greg for some bong rips, gross. Supposedly some stupid sl*ts fell for it. I feel so bad for his girlfriend. He gets with any girl he can get. He thinks he’s so cool bc he’s in a frat. He tries to buy nice things but all his money goes to child support for the girl he had when he was 15. THIS LOSER WORKS AT AN ICE CREAM SHOP AND DRIVES AN UGLY *SS BUICK AND CALLS IT THE”BLUEGOTTI”.WHAT AN EFFING JOKE!!!!

Watch your drinks around the creepers in the back.- nik

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Ecu’s Finest

August 22, 2011 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 60

Ecu's finest

Ecu's finest

Ecu's finest

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, lemme tell u about this girl peyton mills. you know how people always say never judge a book by its cover well peyton is the perfect example of that. when you first meet her you prob would not expect her to do the things she has done. that is exactly why i am obligated to put this girl on blast. one night at a party i met this girl after a few mins of talking she proposed that we should go up stairs. of course i accepted. luckily my friend looked out, he pulled me aside and told me the nasty details of this girl. first of all she has been trained, yes i mean TRAIN’D several times and not with just the run of the mill guy shes been taking the black mamba by several hood rat dudes but thats far from the end of it, now noone is sure when it happened or who it came from but she has aquired quite a bit of drd’s. HAHAHA now the funny part is that they are not all down under….lets just say you dont want to kiss the girl. i truely do pity the next guy that this monster tricks into hooking up with her, i wouldnt wish it apon my worst enemy. i would think that is more than enough reason not even to look at her but heres something that i personaly found to be the funniest part of this girls history, while at a party two guys approached her at the bp table within the next 2 minutes she was down on her knees playin 2 flutes at once. D*MN!!!!! thats some nasty SH*T. be on the look ECU watch your friends backs because there is no telling who or where she is going to strike next.

Answer: No, I’m not into triangle figures or swollen cheeks.

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Every Guy Can Only Dream Of Getting With This Girl

May 31, 2011 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! this is Corey, she is so gorgeous and such a down-to-earth girl. Every guy in NC can only dream of getting with this girl. I really think the search for your brunette is over. What do you think, would you Nik? I dare you to find a flaw.

She is not my brunette, the nose is way too bubbly.- nik

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