East Carolina University | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

The Army Pug

May 26, 2011 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 9

The Army Pug

The Army Pug

The Army Pug

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is one of North Carolina’s biggest slootbuckets to ever curse God’s green earth, yes I meant to put CURSE! This h*e-bag has done it all…lemme rephrase that done THEM ALL! Its so bad that this h*e had f*cked the entire East Carolina Football Team!!!! Yes an entire fcking team!!!! Threesomes=CHECK! Head to random guys=CHECK! She’s delusional and thinks shes the f*cking sh*t! She was a f*cking whale after our HS Graduation and now that shes in the army shes lost tons of weight, literally, but its not like she had a choice, it was either the army or back into prostitution since she dropped out of ECU which isnt even that hard!

That bottle would be nothing for her.- nik

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Is This How You Really Get Into A Sorority These Days

April 7, 2011 Dirty Greeks, East Carolina University, The Dirty 43




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here, is greensville’s finest h*e aka TESSA TRAVERS! Just to give you a small idea of how much of a wh*re this girl is .. the initiation into Alpha Phi was to roll a pair of dice, and whatever number came up she had to sleep with that many guys. Of course this wasnt an issue for ms attention wh*re tessa travers! She slept with 6 guys just to be accepted into a sWH*RErity at ECU. Knowing that being such a pathological liar this was the only way she would make friends here. All this girl does is lie lie LIE LIE LIEEEEEE and lye! BEWARE: anything this amazon woman tells you she probably sh*t out early that day. She will say anything and everything to fit in!

Six seems like a low number for me? Aren’t sorority girls at ECU required to have had 20 Gregs inside of them to pay for new friends?- nik

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Katie And Kelly Tried Getting My Friend Hooked

March 15, 2011 East Carolina University 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, DA Strong holding it down in Myrtle Beach.  Katie and Kelly are two slores from ECU that tried to get my girl hooked on sniffing methadone, vicodin, and pepsi when she was rooming with them earlier in the year. She had to move out because they wouldn’t stop the dope head pictured, Pete from bringing it to the house. The blond is an EZ-DZ Delta Zeta, comes from a family of drug addicts, and pukes to keep her weight down when she isn’t getting high. I think it stems from daddy issues, he left her mom for his secretary not too long ago. The brunette can’t get laid to save her life. She tried to slay my brother when we visited and it didn’t work out so well for her. These girls need to be put on blast.

The blonde has a nose for days… perfect for drugs.- nik

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Typical 30 Year Old Bouncer Who Couldn’t Give It Up

March 15, 2011 Charlotte, East Carolina University 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I went to college with this kid Casey Rhyne at East Carolina in 2006. This kid was the typical 26 year old creeper who should have graduated college 4 years earlier then he did, but decided to hang around the college scene because he was a f*cking ZERO. This juiced up meat head would drive around campus in his Hummer taking advantage of young college girls. He was a bouncer/bar tender/loser then, and it appears 5 years later he is still up to his same ways, only he moved his act to Charlotte and he’s hit the prime age of 30. Check out the link below….. Hopefully the kid does some jail time.  Click Here to Read Full Article

The article is about him in a fight at Suite Nightclub, not him being a creeper.- nik

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Brookelle Needs To Stop Prancing Around ECU Like She Is God’s Gift To Men

March 12, 2011 East Carolina University, The Dirty 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This girl is Brookelle Stockton. She prances around ECU like she is god’s gift to all men. She models for random ads (including one with jeremy shockey), hangs out with her “maxim” girls, and has appeared in some low-budget music video, no one likes her. And she is the most superficial obnoxious person around. She just got +2′s over the summer which help her out a little…..VERY little.

Her body looks soft to me or maybe it is because her face is overweight.- nik

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Why Are These 2 Only Concerned About Their Hair

March 9, 2011 Chicago, East Carolina University 45



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jon Molek & Sahil Sapru.  Everytime I see them in public their hair is always perfect and walk around like their the sh*t. They spend hours doin there hairs and from what i heard..they like sleep with the same girls..one after another…THERE NASTY AND GROSS.. Jon is nothing but a wh*re and has no feelings or cares how he talks and treats women..he thinks there good for one thing only and lies about everything. Sahil makes excuses and is FULL OF CRAP….Sahil never used be like this ever since he started hanging out with that douche bag…hes become an *sshole and forgets about the people that truly matter to him…Sahil you can be such a nice guy…QUIT HANGING OUT WITH JON known as “HOAR”…hes got no future and is retarded….Btw sahil get over your f*cking ex…she left you long ass time ago..move on.

That hair style was cool never. Kind of homo looking.- nik

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Wild Bills Trash

January 19, 2011 Atlanta, East Carolina University 15

Woodstock Class (gone) Wild Bills Trash

Woodstock Class (gone) Wild Bills Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This is Kelli P. She has gone from fun, classy, over achiever to Wild Bills Shooter girl (who happens to be a walking advertisement). Her Facebook is constantly being updated to “y’all come out to wild bills tonight thirsty Thursday .99 cent beer”. Are you kidding me if I wanted to know about Wild Bills I would check their website, NOT my news feed. She is always ditching her friends for random guys. She gets caught up in relationships that arent even real! Its a different guy every night. No one can keep up anymore. She is even the type of girl who hooks up with “good friends” ex boyfriends!!!! Thats just ridiculous. Not to mention her TRIBAL tattoo on her right shoulder. Are you kidding me? That is something a guy would have, not a petite young woman. and her hair extensions, I can never tell which hair is real anymore. She does have a heart of gold, but she has recently just let herself go! What do you think Nik?!

I think you enjoy saying “are u kidding me”…but seriously, are you kidding me with their faces, how does their bar make money with trolls like this handing out drinks.  If something like this handed me a drink it would be more reason to sober up so no accidents happened that I’d regret.- nik

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Wiz Khalifa Arrested At East Carolina Concert

November 9, 2010 East Carolina University, The Dirty 55

Wiz Khalifa arrested at E.Carolina Concert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, that man Wiz Khalifa had gotten arrested with 300 lbs of weed on his bus at his concert in East Carolina Univ… tweet when he got out waken…baken…wrist still achin.” haa.

But he doesn’t look high in the mug shot?- nik

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