James (Jed) Stewart

July 31, 2014 Edmonton 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the most pathetic person I have ever dated. I met him on POF. He is so insecure and wimpy. One of the first things he ever said to me was him whining about how women don’t talk to him because he’s not attractive. We did get along for the most part. But on our second date, he whips out a flask in the middle of the restaurant and starts chugging it back. This was, of course, after he had told me he “used” to have a drinking problem. I ended up getting drunk with him just so I didn’t feel so awkward about him being wasted. I ended up piercing his lip and he cried and wheezed like a little bitch. Then later on he wanted to have sex with me, but he kind of got a little too busy whining about his small dick. He was so insecure about it he couldn’t even keep it up for longer than a couple minutes. Then he cried about that too. He always was crying about something. When I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore, he flipped out so hardcore that I got scared and felt the need to go out and buy a knife for my own protection. A week later he called and texted me every 10 seconds for an entire day from his friend’s phone, trying to convince me I’m being stalked by a killer. I ended up calling the police on him. Not only all that but he stole dvds and money from me too and laughed and mocked me when I was asking for it back. And last week he comes into the store I work at, sees me and runs out telling his friends “she’s psycho. we gotta go”. Jed, I’m not the one who’s psycho.

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Male Gold Digger

July 31, 2014 Edmonton 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone, this is Darlington Sackor. He has two jobs that bring in money, one a typical one, and two dating girls to get their money! I dated him for a little over two months, and during that period of time i paid for everything, and even loaned him money! i like most of you fell for his looks, and sweet talk. The money i asked for the money he blocked me everywhere and disappeared! Talking to to other girls around edmonton, many of them know him… and have gone through similar experiences! Beware hes a predator and probably out looking for his next prey! Pray you dont fall into the trap!

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Alana Lately Anyone

July 30, 2014 Edmonton 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so I recently met this woman and had been speaking to her for weeks beforehand. Sexting. Flirting. Whatever you call it. We finally hooked up about a week and a half ago and two days ago I had to visit the doctor for contracting the “drd” from her. My life is ruined now…And I am so upset with myself. This disease is no joke and i am wondering if anyone else has had sex with this woman recently?? Maybe she doesnt know she has it or she is just a bitch and is doing this to her sexual partners. Whatever the case…her name is Alana, but i never found out her last name. At the clinic they asked me for any recent sexual partners and I gave them her first name and phone number. But i tried calling it when i found out to express my concern to her and she must have changed it. Very fckin shady. So my warning you Edmonton dirty readers, stay far away from this garbage bin as you can!! You may think alot of posts on here are bullshit and they probably are but i can tell you honestly this one is not. I have the sores to prove it. Dont let her infect you.

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Shay Train

July 30, 2014 Edmonton 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: ooh heyyy Nik look what we have here the “shay train” these dirty little hoes DESERVE to be put on blast. first may i add these girls are “sister in laws” and cousins at the same time lmao if they aint at one of the local parties fcking everyone and getting trains ran on them .. there posting ads on backpage selling their bagged out puss’s to support their meth habits. shayla dion is known for sleeping around and being the CL*P CHAMP ! you go girl . shayla ladocuer is just a used n abused trick who aint got shit going for herself except the fact shes edmontons top hooker. these girls are dirty chugs and deserve a spot on this site ! keep doing ur things babygirls u the bitches we love to hate ! put them on blast nik

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Clueless Thug

July 30, 2014 Edmonton 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Andrew Burke, AB the DB. This, specimen, of a human being is the most dishonest thieving c*cks*cker in Edmonton. Rhetorically speaking, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be betrayed by a lecherous, lazy, grammar butchering, short bus riding, cheating on his old lady, no dad having thief? Well, go become this twats friend. He will lather you up with with his rehearsed bullshit and then f*ck you with no lube. I heard when he left his last place of employment and his desktop computer needed to be wiped. Browser History that he was a frequent visitor to such high class sites as Back Page, Ashley Madison and Plenty of Fish and more. While we’re on the subject, he left his last job (he was fired) because he lied, stole and cheated his employer. He also bullied anyone who questioned him on his total absence of work ethic and threatened people with their jobs, when he was in no such position to do so. Let us move on shall we? He started dating a sweet young lady a few years ago and despite the fact he is as useless as he is fat and stupid, she stuck it out with him. She is much bigger and dumber as a result of staying. If she only knew, she would realize she could do better if she suffered severe burns to her face and body, suffered serious head trauma and lived in squalor. Sadly, she seems to be every bit as daft as him. And finally, he has ruined her life, shackling her to his debt and complete financial ruin. She will pay for that for the rest of her

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July 30, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy has been playin me for awhile. I brought him out for the weekend to meet my friends finally. When I did, I noticed this odd feeling in the air, my friend pulled me aside and said she’s been banging him every weekend for the past month. He told me we were starting to be seclusive hence why I took him to meet tha friends. Does grande prairie have no honest men ????

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Used and Abused

July 30, 2014 Buffalo, Edmonton 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik I got a thottie hottie for you this is shayla dion aka the c**p champ in the edmonton/lac la biche/ buffalo lake area. not only is she known for being a hoe shes also known for getting d*cked down by her own cousins lol k so anyways she sleeps around with whoever crosses her nasty little path. she was partying at my friends place with her little asian boyfriend KC and she passed out with some guy and peed on him LOL this girl needs to be exposed for what she really is. she was telling two other guys to ride her shay train” lol ha u know u really aint all that with ur gross little body n ur bagged out puss Lol put this hoe where she belongs nik

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Angela And Her Carousel of Men

July 29, 2014 Edmonton 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh where to start with this Facebook drama queen! Posting text messages from her ex Dustin, having everyone pile on with their 2 cents that eventually led to some dumb whore friends of hers calling him a woman beater in the making. Ang jumps from dude to dude, she’s works in the trades so there’s plenty for her to pick from. Stay away from this crazy chick, this is a CDC warning! I feel bad for the next guy she traps in her huge vagina. Oh and while we’re at it, Nik would you? (piercing, DRD’s and tattoos aside?)

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