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Pepsi head Charmaine

November 27, 2014 Edmonton 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet this nasty whore who fcks everything and anything. We use to be best friends until she fucked my boyfriend and SIX guys at a party for c*ke and m*th ! Gross ! She claimed to be engaged to her sloot wannabe thug boyfriend. Charmaine walks around telling everyone she loves to suck dick when she barley even showers or brushes her hair . Nasty ! Claimed to be pregnant TEN times ! Something is wrong with this girl & she’s really headly. I drank with her and she pissed her pants it was so embarrassing! She fucks guys for bus fair and will do anything for a hoot . I feel bad for the guy stuck this this crazy b***h. This chick needs help what do you think nik?!

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Candice Gardner: Danger to Society

November 27, 2014 Edmonton 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl is a danger to society. Her name is Candice Gardner. Recently I was in a relationship with her for a few months. I contracted an std from her within this time, I approached her with it and at first she was very apologetic. Trying to do the right thing I wanted to get tested together. She avoided this saying she hasn’t been with anyone but me since her last test a year ago. (Except for her husband) We started to fight, drift apart from the stress this caused us. I wanted to work through this and stay with her but this escalated to our relationship falling apart. Through doctors knowledge and facts she is the only possible candidate to give me anything. She is in denial that she has something and not willing to care for it, it’s sad cause she has a beautiful daughter and this can lead to serious things quickly if not cared for. She needs to deal with this and if she is your friend, try and talk some sense into her. She is living in Boyle but likes to ditch her daughter, go into edmonton and do drugs and drink and party. She does not care enough about herself to look after the situation and trust me she doesn’t care enough to let you know your life is going to change. I’m not here to call her a slut or anything like that. I’m here to raise awareness that there are people like this. Irresponsible with no care for anyone, not their selves even. I would not even doubt she knew she had a desiese and willingly gave it to me. I’m sorry it came to this but I do care about you. Hopefully this prevents you from doing what u did to me to anyone else. And even better hopefully someone that knows you sees this and try to help you. You need the help. People like this belong in jail.

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No Mama All Drama

November 26, 2014 Edmonton 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this waste has five kids and not custody of one left a boyfriend to overdose and almost die can’t hold a steady man cause she’s a junkie had babies taken away at three months old cuz she rather a pipe or pills. Ratchet hoe can’t even keep er’self clean (in more ways then one) save yourself the head ache and run . Fcks anything with a third leg. And always tries to get back with her ex. Major mind fck ! Gives the definition to crazy red head. Dirtiest girl ever met. Fcks her ex to see her babies , cheated on her other and kids prob arent even his . Ruins lives cuz u happy with her own. That’s only half the dirt yo

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Scott Stuart and his married mistress Ashley cormack

November 26, 2014 Edmonton 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this prize winner of a guy lmfao scott Stuart talks he is a mma fighter and yet he has never stepped foot in the ring. His hep c positive ass is nothing but a want to be drug dealer and woman abuser. He is running around on his wife with this married Ashly cormack who keeps leaving her husband everytime she thinks scott is available. Well Ashly may think Scott’s a prize but any normal woman should be asking why his wife left him?? He was charged with assaulting her and is known for his abusive ways. And to top it all off put his own children at risk by running a flop house while separated from his wife. Real smart Ashly if one mother takes her kids away from that environment why put your kids around drugs and guns way to go. Her husband should have the kid , so this fat dollarama Working chick from 137 avenue & 42 street can keep jerking off her junky Scott. Who would want a man that\’s missing teeth and can’t even guarantee he will be out next year. Oh well have fun with those pen visits for the next 7 + years. And don\’t drop the soap there Scotty dog even though I heard he likes it up the a$$ dry. Wouldn’t this be to much karma nik if the other two spouse worked together to get revenge haha

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Trashmonts Finest Part II

November 26, 2014 Edmonton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as we’ve read b4 about that crazy whore, one of Ashmonts Finest: “Kat” Ladouceuer, it’s come to surface that her and her sister go hand in hand. Although her sister isn’t as putrid looking as she, she still has a dirty history. She hasn’t been able to keep a job in God knows how long, and her kid is her excuse. Even when her child was in school, she couldn’t bringg her lazy ass to support herself. Obviously she still can’t. After she broke up with her long time boyfriend, can’t remember the poor souls name for the life of me, she slept around with any guy she could get her hands on, including his close friends to try and get “revenge” for leaving her sorry ass. She slept with dozens of men, (get checked after bein with this bitch) all while she had her daughter with her. She was out whoring herself out, prior to, and post to having her sweet, innocent little girl. She had to hide her phone, sneak around and do scabby things all to get a quick lay. Now in a years time, after an abusive relationship, abandoning her kid for a year, losing full custody in court and whoring herself out in Fort Mac, she’s found her money man. She traveled up there in search of a man who makes good coin and to fall into her “trap”. Yup, pregnant one month into the relationship so she can get his check. She needed a man quick to support her so she doesn’t have to work for another 5 years. Son of a bitch managed to find her a house, pay for all her shit (and she spends up to $1,000/time she goes out shopping for random shit), and somehow is still tolerating her pshycoticness. He’s not allowed to look at other women; watch movies with hot chicks; watch movies with naked chicks; not allowed to have girls on Facebook…. Basically all the stuff she does with men. And she’s the one who’s going to be banging other guys (and girls, forgot she is partly lesbian) behind his back after that poor child pops out, like the last one. She’s probably got them all lined up. Those Ladouceur sisters will do anything for a lay and anything for a dollar. Gross whores like that are giving mothers a bad name. She’s a cheating, brainwashing, std filled, compulsive lying, ugly, man trapping, slut cunt who doesn’t deserve the gift a child, all she sees is a god damn pay cheque. Useless waste of skin. Watch out, after this guy gets his shit together and leaves, you might be the next trap. Don’t be fooled, make up does an ugly woman wonders, gross mutt faced skank.

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Jedaprin Beats

November 25, 2014 Edmonton, Hamilton 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i’m sure you’ll get a good chuckle from this one.. I mean, he is just a giant joke. Meet Jeff Perrin, self proclaimed “money maker” and owner of a “bfc”, which stands for big French cock. Classy, right? He’s absolutely disgusting, his face looks like it got hit repeatedly with a sledgehammer, and his teeth look like a bucket full of broken beer bottles. He’s absolutely revolting, and I’m sure he’s never heard of a toothbrush. He’s constantly talking about him getting tons of money, for doing what, you may ask? Oh, why, Jeff’s favourite pastime is using his rent money to buy cheap jewelry and ‘precious’ stones and try to turn a profit from that. Does he actually ever do so? No more than 10 dollars profit… Ever. He’s creepy pathetic.. His favourite people to date are woman who have experienced severe emotional trauma… That way he can try to control them. He’s violent towards woman, AND a rapist! Unfortunately, those just DARLING qualities haven’t stopped him from getting a girlfriend, although he isn’t loyal to her whatsoever, and she knows that.. He’s also a ‘father’, and I’m using that term very veeeery loosely. His poor son has an abusive mother and a psychotic, neglecting dad whom he had to live with full time. Jeff would let his 2/3 year old run around for hours before getting his disgusting, smashed-asshole looking face out of bed. He never buys his son anything, and he treats him like complete shit. I wish CAS would take him and find him a family who will love him and feed him proper food, unlike Jeff. As the parent with primary custody, he also left his child in Hamilton so he could fuck off to Alberta for a couple of months with his girlfriend, so they could make ‘lots of money’… Needless to say, they’re back here just as broke as before. Please expose this welfare trash, piece of shit father for who he truly is. Truth be told, he’d probably love the attention.

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Wannabe HA Rapist Connor

November 25, 2014 Edmonton 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please help get the word out. This guy needs to be blasted like yesterday. This guy Connor Nerrenberg has a history of raping girls. He goes around downtown acting like he’s apart of HA. Haha Connor get this straight! You would be a disgrace to the HA club. Connor is 22 and goes around raping girls under age. Karma will get you back, I promise. This guy is a waste of skin leaching off society and raping under age innocent girls for no reason at all.

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Cindy Schoffer Lennon

November 24, 2014 Edmonton 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this flat chested,40 something ditchpig used,abused and left her amazing husband of almost 20 years for some fat loser with no life.She had it ALL, no kids(“i don’t want to ruin my body”)was her ONLY reason,has always been a selfish pig who only thinks of her self.When her now ex husband was out of town Cindy Schoffer Lennon would have this new guy come to THEIR house and screw in their bed,all the time he is working hard to make their life better and when she isn’t with this new idiot,she’s busy slinging draft like the classy gal she is at some dive hotel for over 20 years.She was no prize to be married too,if asked for a $20,she wrote it down and made sure to get it back from him but had no problem with him paying for ALL her vacations. Who brings their lover to the house that you and your husband lived and loved in?! SLUTS do.When he’s not in town she stays with her equally slutty and used up friend Janice who has supported her cheating ways and supports her by giving her a place to stay.Tbh I’m surprised anyone would want her,a goldfish has more personality,she has a body of a boy,thinks it’s STILL 1988 and talks to people as though her sh!t doesn’t stink,it does and i hope karma bites you in the ass when you try to steal the house from underneath your ex and you get nothing and the pig your with now ditches your ass for someone who has a personality and a body that resembles a womans.Pure evil,when she’s done with him she WILL be looking for her next victim, don’t be it!

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