Stay Away From Dwayne Harvey

October 31, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want to warn girls to be careful about this one… seriously, I have a background in psychology and patience.. and it was still a long road with this man, and the hate he has for woman… he like strippers, works on his body but truly needs to work on himself…

I wonder if he is all natural.- nik

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The boyfriend Should Know

October 30, 2014 Edmonton, Saskatoon 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessica Walsh. her post was originally on the grande prairie section of the site but shes really in saskatoon. the word needs to get out that she cheated multiple times on her boyfriend, cody while he was working up north and other times too. this is not ok as he has a young son and is a great guy. expose this lying cheating cunt for who she really is. She doesn’t give a fuk about relationships and is a homewrecker.

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Watch out for this Douche

October 30, 2014 Edmonton 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Do I have one here for you. This poor excuse of a boy is Stephen Bailey. He is original from New Brunswick but now lives in Edmonton. First I would like to mention that his family is bat sh*t crazy. His mom doesn\’t really want anything to do with him. His dad sends Stephen an his sister thousands of dollars to help them pay bills since they cant do it on their own. Also his Aunt and Cousin who live in Wetaskawin threatened my live after he broke up with me because i broke his heart “( f*cking idiots). His Aunt thinks its ok to let her 16 son smoke weed an drive around an his other cousin has a 2 year old that she smokes pot around all the time an thinks its no big deal. Now to Stephen, I thought he was a nice guy at first said all the right things an made me feel special…. then we moved in together, that is when everything changed. He couldn\’t hold a job for more then 2 months, He was always pawning shit to pay for his gambling addiction ( he also got money from his dad to go to the casino), and he constantly cheated on me with slots from POF. I would try to confront him about the cheating an he would get mad an leave, sometimes he would be gone all night. I finally got the nerve to break up with him after he hit him an i moved away to a different province to start a better live ( which I have). In December (after we had been split for 7 months) some how he got my number (an I know who gave it to him) an sent me a text message telling me that he would pay for my way home for Christmas an all he wanted was sex in return… I told him very politely to go f*ck himself. Then I got another text message in January asking me to come home for a weekend so he can get laid. I told him to go f*ck himself again an that I was a with someone (which he already knew but still had the nerve to ask for sex). Then he sent me a facebook message in May asking for me to come home so we could fix things…, I told him that there is no fixing Stupid. After this last encounter with this douchebag, I called my cousin at home to bitch about this, that’s when I found out he has had a girlfriend since December. I feel bad for his new Gf cause she quit her good paying job up in fort mac to come home an be with him because she can’t trust him not to cheat, they have broken up an gotten back together at least a dozen times an now live together thinking that this will solve all their problems. Good Luck Stephen, you are almost 30 an still have no career or no desire to find a career. I hope your girlfriend pulls her head out of her butt soon an realize what a piece of sh*t you are an leaves you. Ladies watch out for this f*ucking Goof. Nik put this sorry excuse for a man on blast, god knows he deserves it.

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Miss Wanna Be Playboy Bunny Shaylnn Lanelle

October 30, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 78


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am sure you have seen this ratchet thot before but I would just like to remind everyone about this try hard wanna be model. First off your not a PlayBoy bunny until Nik Richie says you are and I am sure that would be the last thing Nik would say about you. Stop posting pics on Instagram and Facebook like you made it with your cheap knock off clothing that your dirty little boyfriend probably stole for you from china town. We haven’t forgotten that your Edmonton’s most used up.  You will always will be known as a ratchet thot that you are.  So Nik, is she a Playboy bunny.

Her weight makes her eligible to be a Playmate.- nik

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Greg Hungry Housekeeper

October 30, 2014 Edmonton, Edson 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the Cock Hungry Housekeeper, Heather… She likes to get high every chance she gets at work and even drinks on shift, pick up random guys at the clubs and toys with them on getting lots of x rated pics, when she finds one ( which ends up being 3) she likes going to their rooms and taking them to her room so she can fck their brains out, i wouldnt be surprised if she has drd’s. I dont even think she really knows who her baby daddies are. she loves to brag about who she is sleeping with and who she strings along and if they piss her off she comes up with some random excuse like ” they grabbed her crotch” and bar them from the clubs, she power trips on the staff that she isnt even in charge of, She loves to cause drama and problems with those she works with and in her personal life and has to know everything about everyone. She uses people to get her own way and is very manipulative, she even had her own sister barred and kicked out of the hotel for looking for drugs when shes a user herself, even had one employee fired under suspicion of using in the bathroom. All i have to say is if you meet her RUN!

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Another Boyfriend

October 30, 2014 Edmonton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat sloth Victoria bryan does it again. With another boy… She has a new bf so often I can’t keep track of how many she has been with. She is a crazy bitch… Calls then 100 times a day and wonder why’s they use her for sex … Not sure why though as she weighs as much as a whale. Not only that she uses the guy an lies to them. She has stds and she won’t tell any of these guys that. She gave her last bf something… She also likes sloppy sections.this will be her 5th time on the site. Must say something… Nik please post this all the men out in edmonton desvere to know about this no good fast ass whore cheating bitch!!!!

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Hatchet Face Escort

October 30, 2014 Edmonton 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: yo nik, I cant believe this bitch isn’t up here yet. she used to be my girlfriend till I found out she was cheating on me the whole time. sad part is I have a kid with the bitch and I don’t even know if hes mine or not. she has 2 kids and she don’t know who the daddy be to either of them. she drank and did lines throughout her pregnancies and her oldest kid has mad F.A.S. she always left her kid with me while she went out to party and she wouldn’t come back for days at a time. this slut is beyond nasty. she gave me a drd too. her kids go without food cause she spends all her money on drugs and partying and buying cheap knockoff brands. I had to ask my mom all the time to get food for the kids. this bum bitch lived with me at my moms and mooched of us for a year. now she lives with her c*ke head sister kandas. raven thinks shes all hot shit because she has an older sister Melissa whos boyfriend sells drugs and hes supposedly this big ‘gangster’ lol tell them to hit me up then raven. you and your whole family are fcked up in the heads. have fun trying to be an escort, no one is gona want to sleep with your fat hatchet face looking self. don’t ever ask for me back cause I wont go for it anymore.

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Lisa Anne Skeoch

October 29, 2014 Edmonton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: LISA ANN slept with my bf. She was my friend glad i got out! Also known as the town bicycle. This chick makes it out like she’s a great mom but is out almost every weekend doing coke getting messed up while her family or friends watches her kids. Same gold digging attitude that half the women in this town have. Living off the child support that her multiple baby daddies supply. She does nothing but sleep around and collect child support and put on a show she’s an “independent woman. Hugest the hugest user and freeloader and will do anything for that pepsi. Lisa and Ashley are frequently seen out together always with a new man entourage. We are not suprized to say the least that lisa does what ever she can to make sure everybody has a good time.

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