Skin Beef

October 20, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Buddyz a skinner…Edmonton Alberta has him on file…check this ugly b**ch a** indian before yu fuk around…hez a walking drd wit full blown A**S N drd .he infected my friend…guyz like him need to be posted to keep b**chez aware !!

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Miss Piggy

October 20, 2014 Edmonton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s “Lynn Propz” aka Cara Lynn Johnson dirty little hoe from Hobbema thinking shes all hot sh*t running around Edmonton passing around DRDs. She was already posted with her nasty nudes, “sexy” LOL Typical Chug Indian. Doing drugs and drinking with random guys she meets from facebook, while her sons around. “Good parenting” she calls it lol go back to where you came from you dirty sloot. And take care of your F.A.S son instead of fucking random guys for your next rail.

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Nasty Ben

October 20, 2014 Edmonton 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, please post my cousin Ben, he is a NASTY FAT BIG NOSE LOSER. He lives off his parents, only can hold a job for a short while because he`s too f*cked up on G and pills.On the weekend he tried to pick up a working girl only to rob her for more dope,she kicked his ass thank god. He will drive`s around in a truck that is up for repo looking for ways to make fast money, he is the biggest loser ever,he stinks and his hair is so greasy, its so disgusting,I am shamed to even be related to him. So girls if you see this guy run the other way. He goes on a site called,plenty of fish under the name “bennyfromdowntown” and one called badoo. SO NASTY!

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Questionable Manslore

October 20, 2014 Edmonton 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Ryan. Ryan thinks he’s so hot but really he’s not lol. He drinks every weekend. He has different girls over all the time. Ryan & I go to the same school and I always see him with hickeys all over his neck. He thinks he’s a total babe but he’s not he’s just a guy who likes to play different chicks. I remember this one time he sent my friend a photo of his dick on snapchat. Lol then the next day we seen him & he was holding hands with some other girl lol what a goofball. Watch out for this player.

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Alex Sutherland

October 20, 2014 Edmonton 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: its this low life’s birthday and his gf has a big mouth announceing his party to everyone at tribute when she was etoxicated rubbing up on the black folks and asked for them to come threw. Does he owe you money? he owes brick money to his boss but keeps fronting ta pawn his big eminem chain and diamond ring and watch. fo free diamonds come to this party.

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Insane Jane

October 20, 2014 Edmonton 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik tthis young lady is a very sad story. She’s so full of herself and thinks her shit don’t stink. She’s what you call an undercover hoe. Crazy Jane screams all the guys names. Now she’s got a sad excuse of a boyfriend, I’m shocked he hasn’t already cheated on her, or maybe she’s just not aware he screws around on her all the time. I mean, I almost feel bad for this buck tooth twat. She loves it in the ass and she’s had countless 3 sums. When she’s not working at Harry Rosen in the core she’s out sniffing blow with her sad excuse of a mother. Jane is so insecure about herself that she feels the need to pick on people who she knows are better than her. She’s constantly putting people down to bring herself up. I remember seeing her at a high school party, she can never hold herself up after a few drinks, she pulled 3 guys into the washroom with her and one of her trashy friends, they were in there for over an hour! Who knows what went down, but everyone in the house could hear her and her screaming and moaning. Went she had came out, her pants were inside out and her hair looked like a rats nest. Let’s get down to her pssy. I wouldn’t even sit on the same chair after her dirty ass sat on it. She’s given ch*** multiple guys. She’s also known for begging to use no protection and she pressures them to bust in her. Basically Nik, she’s just a dirty little girl, and it was time for someone to air her shit out. Sorry honey. Make sure you get your shit together and keep up to your annual Pap smears.

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Freak of Nature

October 17, 2014 Edmonton 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik.. This guy right here is so messed up in the head. His name is Christopher Babiuk. A friend of mine dated him for a while and thankfully she was smart enough to rid herself of this man. Firstly, this guy is dirty as hell. His bathroom looks like he has hocked up loogies for the past 10 years in the tub and never cleans it. He wears the same clothes all the time. He is an alcoholic thru and thru. The guy will drink all day and night and then get up in the morning and drink again. He smokes weed all day, and sleeps on the job. When my friend was with him, they were only together for less than 2 months and he proposed to her and was telling her that he loved her and cant be apart from her. he would call her at all hours of the night when he was drunk just to talk. The scary and most disturbing part about him is that when my friend dumped him, he showed up at her house at 3 in the morning, opened her patio that opens to her bedroom and stood there for god knows how long. He was just starting at her. Plus the fact he has a small dick for a guy who is 6’9″. They went on vacation together in separate cars as friends ( my friend had her kids with her) and he got drunk, smashed her brand new car ( she had it for 6 days) and then tried to run over her 2 year old daughter. He was a complete jerk to her kids and told her son that hed rather have a hitchhiker in his car then her kids. Girls need to be warned about this guy. Only guy in edmonton 6’9″ with alopecia. Watch out

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Shaun Black

October 17, 2014 Edmonton 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shaun Black one son of a bitch he is lives in the dark extremely usless unless you want drugs or drinks even then your buying anyway I think he held a job long enough this year he finally got a high intrest loan for a piece of shit new jeep guy is still like a lost puppy craving off girls wherever he goes not just in bonnyville and don’t dare get this loser mad he does throw golf club’s and spits in your face and run to your daddys like a man child when he’s upset with you dumb ass shaun your still just a man child even your bonnyville amd cold lake knows it k

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