Brittani Peebles

August 28, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Brittani slut is nothing but a piece of fat meat in grande prairie she tries to date drug dealers but they don\’t even want her bc she’s a whore and all she does is snort white up her nose she acts all perfectly innocent but she lies to everyone when we all know how big of a whore/druggie you are Brittani!!! Not even carl thinks your cute anymore because you\’ve gained so much weight you hippo! You need to go puke that fat away you black out. her best friend Rebecca topol even deals and supposedly uses her boobs to get people to buy from her. when you go out and assume everyone likes you when on the real nobody does they are just nice to your face because everyone feels bad for your horrible lifestyle. I love how you go around telling everyone you spent 1000$ on hair extensions and you still look like a train wreck go buy a vehicle or better yet get your licence you low life loser everyone has you in their phone as brew sloot Britt And yes funny so funny that you called the cops on your ex because he beat you up well honey being a rat doesn’t get you anywhere in life so happy his girlfriend at the time beat you up because you were so wasted you broke and entered into his place and thought he still wanted you except your nothing but a cum bucket. for the dress code you should learn to buy clothes that actually fit instead of having a muffin top with everything you put on your not skinny like you used to be when you were 15 keep up the good work with being filthy hopefully another native man will want you or better yet once you get big enough black men will die for you. And also everyone knows you should keep your clothes on stop going to the club and stripping you dumb hoe nobody wants to see that cellulite all over your legs and ugly ass. Everyone knows how brown and big your beef curtains are funny how your ex has a video fucking you and put it on youporn everyone go check her ugly body out ew raunchy

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West Ed Slore

August 27, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this sloot. She is a big bucket of disease. Big druggie raver who will do dirty deeds for her next fix. She’s only 28 years old yet looks like she’s in her late 40′s due to her rough past. Cheated on her bf numerous times just to get blow. Even posted pics of her pierced nipples on FB. She craves attention. Likes all of her own posts on FB.. Lies about absolutely everything to make people feel sorry for her. Watch out Edmonton for Shannon Taylor.

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Gay Bathhouse Star

August 27, 2014 Edmonton 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Let me introduce you to Roche Walstrand. Roche is a Visual Merchandising Manager for GUESS in Edmonton, Alberta. This big piece of shit will date you and the whole time hang out at the bathhouse having anonymous sex with strange men. He is a sex addict that can’t stay faithful to anyone man. After I found out about his addiction I ended it with him, and then he starts dating another friend of mine. And yet again, he is spotted going to the bathhouse to have sex in private rooms with men. Roche you need to be on blast and go to sex addict annonymous and stop this distructive behaviour of having sex in the bathhouse and cheating on all your boyfriends. Sick pig.

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Crusty Caitlyn

August 27, 2014 Edmonton 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik This Dirty Pull Out Hoe! CAITYLN DOVORAK also know as ASAP BUGGZIE well let Me Start she is A disgusting Little Girl She Lies Bout Her Age My Lil Homie Told me She took Advantage of Him when he was Drunk He Thinks He got crabs from her! He’s 14 And she’s 19 as she says. She talks like shes big but nope! i got with her like 2 months ago She is gross AF! pussy dat pussy gross it was like saggy and loose! she makes fun of other girls! but they be better in bed. she. bags off Her mom For money When her mom can’t even support Herself. She looks like a old grandma. she smokes meth!and call other bitches crazy like she should look at herself. she gots a 5000 dollar hit on her. she Needs a Actright! put her brain Back In Place! If any thirsty Men want her She will take you Haha Sells her body on the corner! wtf is wrong with her. But i got some Home Girls who gunna Catch her slippin!

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Internal Douche Bag

August 27, 2014 Edmonton 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Let me introduce you to Ivan Ternovoy from Edmonton, Alberta. I first met him when I was working as a Sales Associate at the Home Depot where he is the Humann Resources Manager. We dated for 3 months, then he dumped me for another associate and it become so difficult for me to see him with this new guy I had to quit. Since I quit 6 months ago, I have heard he keeps on dating the new guys and then dumps them for a more new and improved guy as they get hired. He acts like he doesn’t care about you after he dumps you since you can’t do anything as he is your boss. This douche bag needs to be on blast so everyone knows of what this scum bag is doing and its unacceptable.

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Elephant in Asian Clothing

August 26, 2014 Edmonton 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy Garrett Plummer is the biggest liar ever. I met him volunteering at the soup kitchen together a couple times so I figured he was a decent guy. Then a couple weeks later he actually ended up rescuing my cat from a tree and asked me out on a date. He was a bit shy about sleeping together at first becasue he said he wasn’t average down there. We finally slept together and I expected him to have a small dick. Turns out it was massive and he ended up making me walk funny for the next week… Douchebags a total liar

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Alie Dumont

August 25, 2014 Edmonton 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alie Dumont located in high prairie Ab Alie is is one of the biggest sluts you’ll ever meet she’ll fck anything that moves and if you have money she’s do just about anything for you she cheats on all the boyfriends and has no self respect for herself she’ll front like she’s your friend then turn around and fck your boyfriend without even a hesitation she fucks on the first night and will do just about anything for a little bit of coke she the biggest coke whore loves the gangsters and drug dealers she can’t get enough of the free coke she’s the biggest hoe in high prairie and that’s saying a lot seeing as there’s a lot of nasty sluts in that town and she makes the top of the list dirtiest girl you’ll ever meet !!

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Yellow or White

August 25, 2014 Edmonton 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Lisa Parent. She had 4 kids by 4 different guys by the time she was 22. None of the guys stayed with her and now shes dating a guy named Randy Cavanagh. He got her very own Aunt, Tina Labutte pregnant. He cheated on Lisa and Lisa knew but still took him back. But who cares right? She’s dirt under our shoes. What I want to know is do you think her teeth are yellow or white? How many teeth do you think she has? Pretty sure she is a shark. Look at those things. Imagine licking the tartar off of them. Or worse, kissing her. Yuck!

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