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Brittany Claggette Is A Gold Digger

December 19, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 12


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I don’t need to say anything, the comments will speak for themselves. Deadmonton’s finest gold-digger.

I cannot tell if that is a wig or full weave?- nik

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Steven Charrbonneau – Phycopath

December 19, 2014 Edmonton 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Steven Charbonneau is a abuser ,rapist and child molester so anyone and everyone take notice stay away from this snake he has ruined so many woman and child s life’s . he is physically abusive to woman and children ,he play’s off as a charming person to begin with then as soon as u give him a inch in to your life he becomes evil first with controlling then emonitional mental and finally the phycial abuse starts. he will cut you off from family and friends so the only person in your life in the end is him. there are many weman out there that can vouch to this so beware of this evil snake , and run the other way.

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Red Headed Edson slore

December 19, 2014 Edmonton 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Leanne Taylor lives in Edson from Edmonton. Also know as Red. She’s got to be one of the biggest grossed lying sloots around. She thrives on sleeping with every guy she can. Esp guys who are already taken, that’s her gig. As soon as your back is turned she’s got her hands down your boyfriends pants. She hangs around in bars playing slot machines, leaves with someone different every night. She’ll get your boyfriends number then start by sending txt and naked pics of herself. She is not a good friend to any female she literally laughs when she’s got someone else’s guy. She lies to men tells them what they need to hear true or not in order to get in their co_k. Do not trust her this is all that she does all she aims for. She is a whore.

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Drug Pusher

December 19, 2014 Edmonton 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is KRISTI WILSON also known as “SQUEAKS” out of Edmonton. She’s a worthless meth smoking home wreaking criminal. She’s has no morals and seems to enjoy everyone else’s man but her own. She has no problem calling, or texting other women’s men playing the damsel in distress, asking for them to come save her ass. She texts all day everyday asking to hang out or get a ride. She thrives on getting men hooked on M*TH, so she has a ride when ever she needs one. She thinks she’s some hot shit, but the truth is she’s a criminal. She just finished a 3 year bit and is proudly thinks she’s a gangster on parole. She has a son who lives with his dad, who she doesn’t even know because she’s never there and always in court then jail. Keep her away from your man girls cause she don\’t care who he belongs to. She’s the biggest fcking whore out there. NICE JAIL PIC KRISTI, she’s every guys moms night mere.

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Who took her out of the ocean

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skeezy homewrecker needs to be thrown back into the ocean where her fishy smelling cnt belongs. The last post said she was in law school I think you need past a grade 8 education for that. You’d think she would put her mommys money to good use and take care of that stench and her gap between her teeth big enough to shove a cock through but I guess she spent it all on editing apps cause this bitch looks nothing like her pics. At first I thought she was a tranny in person but believe it or not under all those rolls is a very unfortunate vagina. Her gunt is visible in every shirt she wears and her only defence to people who hate her is “Im calling the police” bitch maybe if all of edmonton didn’t hate you you’d have shit to throw at people other than the pigs. This girl needs to move out of her moms basement at 23 and get her a real job instead of selling her loose crabby patty pussy to anything that shows her attention. Plankton is the only one who wants the formula bitch.

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Danielle Is A Bitch

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is danielle maria campbell shes originally from quesnel shes since moved to edmonton. this girls a wack job with serious mental issues! If shes not fighting with her split personality shes arguing with ppl on facebook.

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Falisha Ali

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl loves to run around with different men. Her husband as no idea. she recently got married and never told her husband she was married before. People are saying she the walking hoe of Edmonton. i feel so bad for her husband

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Dillion Edward Chapman aka Reese

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dillion Edward chapman aka Reece. This controlling women using piece of sh*t will play any girl like a piece of ass. He thinks he’s some tough ass fighter yet has lost ever fight he’s been in. He acts tough and says all this sh*t but can’t back a word of it. He’s a low life loser who lives with his mommy cause he can’t keep a solid job or accept responsibility. He has 2 kids with 2 different women and doesn’t father either of them didn’t even acknowledge the first one til this year and still denies it. He cheats instantly on any girl and is drd filled . So if you’ve been with him get checked! Don’t fall for his Prince Charming ways he’ll turn so fast knock you up and after the time for an abortion passes he’ll leave you in the dirt and deny ever being with you.

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