Stripper Nina

April 18, 2014 Edmonton 38 9,158 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Nina. Another dirty stripper with no future who dances for a living and who thinks shes gods gift to men. What is with Canadian girls being so proud of being a stripper for an occupation? Dont they know they are damaged goods?

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Dirty Homewrecker

April 18, 2014 Edmonton, Edson 2 8,384 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Check out Ali! Girls be careful. She doesn’t care who’s man she sleeps with! She worked at the Nova and Sundowner in Edson and slept with plenty of men passing around her drd! This girl is nasty! She has a son in Edson but moved to Red Deer leaving him with her dad who isn’t even her real dad. Must be nice to ditch your responsibilities! She had a boyfriend in Edson and put false charges on him and tried to get him sent to jail. She can’t keep a boyfriend because she doesn’t shower and her twat is stinky! Steer clear of this Edson whore!

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The Snitchy Witch

April 18, 2014 Edmonton 15 9,847 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jalisa Usman age 21 the bitch.. I put her up in my house free of charge with her homeless 35 year old boyfriend homeless boyfriend for one week i taken care of them and treated them like a humans she was having problems at home and I asked her why would your dad just kick you out for no reason? she didn’t give me one concrete answer later on I found out that she had got caught with needles in her room she then lied and blamed her closet friend who saved her life from overdosing in the super 8 in Fort Saskatchewan while she was escorting for drugs .. I rented a UHaul truck for her to move her stuff I also loaned her order a hundred bucks and she didn’t pay back nothing. I went to her mothers home I decide to ring the door bell then what she yelled to her mother is to call the cops on me for apparently no reason just to get me away from the house although she owes me $480… she recived $1400 from scamming the Aish for the severly Handicapped now she herself is a RAT GOOF also on charges her boyfriend he’s on house arrest and they’re not supposed to be together everybody right but it seems like she is a real rat so please post this and down yeah have fun


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Chantelle Roseboom

April 18, 2014 Edmonton 8 9,165 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Chantelle Roseboom of Edmonton,we talked for a bit and decided to meet up,I rented us a nice room with a juccuzzi and everything,paid for everything,we drank and had a good time,then when I woke up she was gone and so was my money,she left her jacket,her carry bag with her stuff in it,she even left her dirty panties laying on the bed and took off with my money in her sweats and no panties on,she is a low life user,I even found out she lost her kids,she goes on back page and pof looking for her next victim,if anyone decides to hang with her,make sure you don’t have cash on you or any valuables,she will get here when she is found.

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The Jajczay Sisters

April 18, 2014 Edmonton, Would You? 32 9,864 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, you always post the worst of the worst that Edmonton has to offer. But some of the sexiest girls do live in Deadmonton! Check out Samantha and Kassy Jajczay. You ask any guy, Sam and Kassy are amazing. No question. These sisters are all natural with bodies way better than the gross Kardashians. And both have college education. Smart, sexy and classy. This is what Edmonton’s really like. Come on, I know youre picky but these girls are perfection. Would you Nick?

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Cheating Wife

April 17, 2014 Edmonton 48 8,722 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is Davina tait . This bitch has been cheating on her husband for months now. She lies and has also tried to sleep with my bf. She won’t stop till she gets what she wants. She will sleep with any guy that gives her any attention. And her husband has no idea. He thinks she is a wonderful wife. She also doesn’t use condoms she refuses to she has had multiply pregnancy scares. And has got an abortion. And her own husband doesn’t even know. She needs to be posted on here so people can see who she really is. She just uses people right now her and her husband live at her parents house cause she fcked up his job cause she wanted to stay with her other boyfriend. Sounds like a fcking whore to me. Watch out for this bitch she probbay has dieases.

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Andrew Bruggeman is a Wannabe baller

April 17, 2014 Edmonton 10 7,800 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy right here has made my life a living hell ! Hes hacked onto my facebook many times and tries to be me, Hes accused me of giving him gonarria and clamidia witch he has givin to me 3 times he is a dirty fcking kid hes 28 and still lives at home with his mother hes assalted me many times as well as try n rape me nikk this need to get out to the public maybe somebody can sure put him in his place right now hes been in jail and trying to get me back but we have a restraining order this guy is a phyco do not go out with this guy he will turn u into a coke head and anything he can do to destroy your life. He used to drug deal and sell ppl baking soda instead of coke yeah you heard it baking soda any kinda pills that are white hes just a slum dealer hahaah… What do u guys think of this loser

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Trashcona Door Knob

April 17, 2014 Edmonton, Winnipeg 32 8,369 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Carey lowen! Trashcona born and raised and her whore like tendencies go way back. Ask kristy zamonsky she knows all to well how dirty Carey is. Carey runs her mouth and when she is called out to her face she runs like a bitch. This white trash has caused more heartache to people than any good. She has slept with men in their fifties for her next line of Pepsi. Dont worry boys she doesn’t care if you have drd! Chances are you should worry about sticking your burrito in her Arby’s roast beef sideways with extra cheese. She swings both wys and first care if they are in their senior years of life either. She said it doesn’t take me as long to cum…. What a pig

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