Brandon Dirt

July 24, 2014 Edmonton 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandon Ash, Edmontons used and abused pass around. Brandon Ash is around 30 years old and he likes to go on facebook and ask young girls for photos “for his eyes only”.. hes a complete PREDATOR! when the girls say no to sending him photos he asks for he beaks them off making false accusations about having drd’s & calls them hookers? his personality is the most disgusting personality ever, I know because I witnessed with my own eyes when he was on the prowl for young girls XXX photos. I saw him totally tweak out for speed the other day, he needs help. his mentality is messed right up. I’m posting because I used to be his friend, and one day he decides to go on my facebook profile pretending to be me asking my younger female cousins for photos and to talk dirty to him. he needs to be put on blast because there is no way someone can get away with that disgusting shit. Brandon I hope you’re happy you nasty drug addict. if you dont believe me get a 16 year old girl to add him on facebook and witness for yourself. he truly is a dog in disguise, I feel sorry for the girls victimized by his dirty ways…

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Greg Avery

July 24, 2014 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: From the beginning Greg Avery told me that i was the only one he was talking this intently. We hit it off! We were SkYping every day. He\’s had said he had plane tickets to come see me. The last text he sent me said yes my love.. I’m Coming to see you. Next thing i knOw he deleted me. Blocked me. And cut all contact wIth no reason. 2 weeks later i find out he’s fuking another girl and had been playing it’s both. She still doesn’t know. .hopefully she will. That just happened may 2014-july2014

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What you know about Ratchets

July 24, 2014 Edmonton 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is the cheese. Thinks shes hot but she aint nothing but bottom of the barrel stank. To many guys, so many kids. Kids she cant keep. 6 months prego and she be snortin lines and drinking like she above fetal abuse. She needs to give her head a shake, thinks its ok to bring different guys home every night. She even started hookin! you can find her ads on craigslist, she be sexin for money to pay for her little white baggy. Not expensive either, just enough for her fix. Pay her and she be suckin whatever you put in her face. This sloot needs to have a good long look in the mirror cause she shouldnt be leaving the house with her drawn on tranny brows, because she looks like a confused boy. Vanessa House, you stank.

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E-towns MOST gangsta

July 23, 2014 Edmonton 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where can I even begin? How about with the ratchet picture displayed above? I feel like this picture says enough, but let’s continue shall we? Keri Coveney, better known as “I wish I was a baller Keri Cee” is a 32 year old degenerate who preys on young girls. Watch yo back! But don’t actually this bitches breath is worse than her bite. Speaking of breath i do recall “Keri Cee”: talking some mad shit about her so called friend Whitney’s nasty breath. Quite a coincidence, stats show she got it from THE CEE! Since were on the topic of all the shit Keri talks, let\’s move onto her BESTFRIEND SHAY! Another winner. Winnah winnah chicken dinnah! Keri and Shay are such close friends they take turns fucking each others girlfriends. Beghind each others backs of course. Sharing is caring. Yes friends this does include the h*rp derp. Shout out to Keri though. For real girl get your shit together. A 32 year old putting money up their nose every week isnt a good look. I mean you could get away with it if it was a weekend thing but you’re taking this shit to work. Shameful. Much like that red bandana you’re repping around your wrist from giant tiger. BB Gun: 200 dollars Red Bandana: 5 dollars (giant tiger special) Siriacha Shirt (Wal_mart edition): 2 bucks Losing all dignity and self respect by just being you: PRICELESS Oh and P.S. you Wendy’s looking motherfcker, YOUR WHITE!

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Amy Marie Wagstaff

July 23, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, try to read this with out getting too distracted by that nose. I promise you it won’t come through the screen and knock you out. Well every one I thought I would the do honors of making Amy’s 3rd file on The Dirty. Nik this thing is Amy. I babysat for her almost everynight when she hired me, she bummed smokes and akways came in crying and stumbling drunk to the point I didnt want to leave her 9 month old she just got back from social services because they found out she smoked crack through out her pregnacy. Shes from Red deer and she used to sell her self for her drug addiction when she was 16. She was adopted out because her real parents couldnt handle her slutiness and drug problems. She only fucks black guys because shes so loose she couldnt even feel a white guy when he goes in her. Go big or go home I guess. So she got knocked up at 18 had a baby that she cant even take car of with a guy that dosnt give a shit about her. She claims to be a fighter but all she fights for is for me to babysit for free so she can go out and soend her child support and welfare money. She beats all her boyfriends andher current boyfriend is her baby daddys Go Ku (coo coo)’s best friend and they have been hiding it from him. His name is bishop and he sells drugs from the apartment social services got her in Edmonton with the baby. I always got called in the middle of the night to this sluts house to grab her daughter when police were called so that way it would look like the baby wasnt exposed to her crazy ass . She has huge anger issues and dosnt even care for her daughter. The house was soo dirty, she is so poor she cant even buy formula for her baby. She stays at home all day and plays with her vibrators till her ni***er cock gets home so she can stick her finger and toung up his ass. Shes white trash. We need her to go back to red deer. She asked if I would take custody of her kid when she goes to jail this year. Hahaha what a Joke. Ya hand a baby to a 16 yr old. That sounds awesome. She chose to live on 118th in edmonton so when she does need money for crack she has a corner available and dealers in the area. Shes had so many drd I cant counts on my fingers and toes and shes trying tk have a second baby!!! Ewwwww shes a cheater, a liar, a theif and the worst mom I have ever whitnessed in my life. She says the only reason her nose is that big is because its been broken 5 times. Its the same fucking nose in the pictures of when she is 5 years old Nik. I bought her groceries and she sold them for a pack of smokes. She asked me for nudes and to have a 3 sum and I said what? So your boyfriends have a reason to cum? Lmao dirty nasty skeezy whore. Who agrees? After this post im calling child welfare lol. Whats ur opinion nik?

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Is This Guy Special

July 22, 2014 Edmonton, Vancouver 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik.. this rapper tyger le.. is he for real or he special? He is from Vancouver BC and now in Edmonton Alberta

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Stevie Yau The Lazy B

July 21, 2014 Edmonton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik !! so I want to introduce you and all the guys in Edmonton this Asian Loser Bitch! Stevie!. I really don’t know but I think the doctor after she was born he probably dropped her or something because seriously she’s 22 years old and she’s the easiest bitch ever that any guy can pick up right away. (she goes to white ave pretty often) This stupid bitch thinks that she’s the hottest Asian bitch in the town, when she’s just a LOSER that everything that she does is “eyelashes” (white ave. is where you can find this bitch) like in her stupid ass mind she considers it as a passion like seriously!! .This stupid bitch doesn’t even drive wait… she doesn’t even have drive license (when she’s 22 years old) like seriously what positive you’ve done in your life bitch other than sleep with guys every single weekend. She talks shit about her friend (about how bitch and lonely she is) because she’s pretty than her and complains how her friend gets the D… every weekend when she also does! HELLO! One more thing guys make sure to wear condom before you fuck this bitch well… up to you guys honestly sooner or later miss Stevie will abort like she did on the past so. Like seriously get your shit straight little stupid bitch and face the real world because life isn’t about sleeping with bunch of guys and putting those damn “eyelashes” stupid lazy bitch!!

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Nasty Natasha Holmes

July 18, 2014 Edmonton 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Natasha Holmes. You can find this used up old hoe at a number of bars on Whyte Ave on any given night. She acts like she’s 18 when she must be in her thirties. She’s getting too old to be this much of a hardcore bar star. Met her at the bar one night and she slept with me that same night. She was probably the easiest pick up I’ve ever had at a bar. I don’t even think I bought her a drink. I don’t even think she knew my name. I had to search her up on Facebook in order to find out her last name. All she did was brag about how much money she makes as a safety person on the rigs. Only hoes work on the rigs, everyone knows that. Her body looked good at the bar in the dark and I had a few drinks but then the dress came off and I saw her spare tire. SICK. She gave me genital warts that I had to go get burnt off. No joke. It hurt. And she had this nasty braid thing in her hair that smelled like death. It was all I could smell while I was fucking her. That and her nasty alcohol death breath. Not sure which was worse…  When I went into the bathroom to clean up after the garbage was half full of used condoms. Then I was grossed out and realized I wasn’t the first guy here. Maybe she collects used condoms…? Just wanted to warn all the other guys out there about this nasty hoe. She’ll give you warts. Serious warts. And she wasn’t even that good. Not worth the pain of getting the warts burnt off. Trust me on this one.

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