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Cory Chan – Skitzo

November 18, 2014 Edmonton 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: ugly skitzo freak piece ofcrap tell me youre gonna eat part of my leg like a steak and absorb my soul because im beautiful again, you are such a delusional piece of shit GET OFF ME BITCH, take your crazy half breed tranny gf karla joe turcin with you STOP TALKING TO ME AND TALKINGA BOUT ME I KNOW YOU FELL IN LOVE BUT I DONT WANT YOU!! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO PASS YOUR DRD AROUND TO OTHER PEOPLE AFTER YOU KNOW YOU HAVE IT. YOU DISGUSTING WIERDO. go get a diff psych nurse you fucking pill junkie take more immys AND TALK LIKE MR MAGOO TO SOMEONE ELSE. THAT HOTTIE IN THE PIC ISNT KARLA HOE ITS A NATURAL BEAUTY SHE WISHES SHE WAS LIKE. that didnt have time to crop and edit pics the way you two do. try harder chan.

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Half Breed Tranny – Karla Turcin

November 18, 2014 Edmonton 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this tranny bitch tries to hide her dick constantly but she pops boners at the batH HOUSES. not to menton she chases every HALF GRAM bag of mth or methdealer in the city now she dating some skitzo freak show cory chan who is half breed like her. keep your cock in your pants karla hoe youre ugly and jealous of chans pretty ex gf you cant compare too and every one knows you just dont add up…lol..own your own house…the one your DAD BOUUGHT FOR YOU SO YOU WOULD STOP STEALING FROM HIM. YUCK EW GROSS. TRANNY GENDER BENDER GO BANG YOUR tiNY DICKED HALF ASIAN BF THAT NO ONE WANTS BUT YOU. amd youre attention seeking green lipstick is hurtin. yuckkkk try harder tryra banks. ill take you to the try cleaners

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Sharpie Junkie

November 18, 2014 Edmonton 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty junkie likes nothing more than being with guys that already have a family. She already has 3 kids of her own, with how many dads who knows. She only has 1 of her kids cause she’s such a fall down. She likes to get high on GHB, M*TH and of course her favorite Her*on. One can only hope she over doses in the very near future, save her children the heartbreak of finding out what a loser whore junkie she is. She knows they have a family and she wonders why it never works out. Maybe if you went for SINGLE guys you wouldn’t have that problem. She likes to pretend she’s going to stay away yet continues to message them, and when she doesn’t get what she wants she threatens your family. Wonder how many times her baby has seen her nodding off, or fucking someone. She’s a gross pig. So look out for your guys girls cause she’s clearly looking for another baby daddy, maybe one that will stick around and pay her and her other 3 kids way.

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Homewrecking Shalene

November 18, 2014 Edmonton 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, been a fan a long time and never thought I would have to submit but in the many years of being a follower of your site, I finally have had the misfortune of coming upon this lost skitzo. Her name is shalene and she says shes from Edmonton but who knows. Caught this whore in bed with my so called boyfriend last weekend and thought that this one should be blasted for the world to see as well as all the women of Edmonton. KEEP YOUR BF/HUSBANDS in sight as this ‘girl’ will do what ever she has to just for a fix and a roof over her head. She hops from guy to guy like its nothing. Its as if guys are her air and every ‘breath’ is another guy. Look in the pics and you will see what she goes through in just a matter of hours. Telling the guys shes madly in love with them and then moves onto the next one. I am sick of seeing this bitch with all these guys.

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Sister Witches

November 18, 2014 Edmonton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two are the most drama filled girls I have ever met. Meet Kimberly Granger and Tamara Granger two self proclaimed ‘witches’ say thats their families religion. Bunch of Harry potter wannabes. Let’s start with Tamara. Not only is she a two faced bitch she is a big liar as well. Both her and her sister try to claim they are the nicest girls. In reality they talk behind everyone backs. I cannot even begin to tell you the things they have said about their friends. Example Kimberly posted her supposed friend Jenna Maskell here back in the summer and has been milking the pity party ever since. Claiming it wasn’t her and getting angry at the few people trying to help her out when her boyfriend cheated with Jenna. Even though she posted jenna because she knew Andrew cheated(obviously) Kimberly likes to pretend she doesn’t find these things out because she finally got a boyfriend. So she will do anything to keep it, even if he is horrible to her by sleeping with Jenna, and probably a bunch of other girls. Tamara isn’t much better than kimberly, however it is her who is the cheater instead of cheatee. I know from trustworthy sources that she has cheated on her boyfriend, that she supposedly ‘loves’ Watch out edmonton, these two faces bitches will manipulate you into thinking they’re ‘pure and nice’ which is the opposite of what they are. Tamara works as a extentionist and Kimberly works at NoFrills. Watch out and don’t be fooled by these two! I’m actually happy Kimberly’s boyfriend is fcking Jenna, now Kimmy can feel what it’s like to be wronged. Since she’s one of the biggest closet bitches I’ve met.

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Amber and Bre Drama Slores

November 17, 2014 Edmonton 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these two girls, Amber Haley and Breanne Cochrane, love drama. They search through thedirty so they can find some drama to get into and go off in rants at people saying all these untrue things just so they can stir the pot. They act like they know the people they are trashing but in reality they didn\’t know they existed until seeing them comment or posted on thedirty. Then they’ll even go post complete strangers and later complain about being fed up with their crap that the two of them were the ones that instigated. Then after spending weeks making daily attacks on a person and bullying them, try to tell that person they need to get a life. They act like what they say is justified because they read something, that nobody forced them to read or comment, and got angry meanwhile calling the target they bully a bully. Talk about hypocrisy. It\’s about time you guys got called out. Unfortunately for you, you left a long stinky trail leading right to you even though you tried so hard to remain anonymous and hide behind your keyboard while you go around bullying randoms on the internet to satisfy your boring pathetic life and HUGE insecurities. And when they were caught they both changed their facebook names and pictures, deleted accounts, etc to avoid having the tables turned because they can dish it out but they can\’t take it. People with a healthy self esteem and a fulfilling life don\’t go doing things they do. Deny all you guys want, any psych WOULD tell you the same thing.

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Danielle Whithead

November 17, 2014 Edmonton 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick needs to be put on blast, edmonton needs to know this slut isnt as hard core as she walks around pretending to be.. Shes a junkie, a bad mom, & lost everyone that truely cared about her. I TRIED TO HELP HER OUT ALL SHE DID IN RETURN IS LEAVE HER DRDS BEHIND AFTER STEALING FROM MY 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER FOR METH. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS CHICKS ABOUT PLEASE PUT HER ON UR SITE THANKS BRO

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Michelle Navratil

November 17, 2014 Edmonton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Hoping to give people in Sherwood Park a heads up about this crack head, thieving, piece of shit. She will take anyone down if she benefits from it! Even if it hurts her kids! She thinks she’s as good mom, but Children Services has been involved a few times and it doesn’t even faze her. She laughs about it! She lives off her ex boyfriends or ex husband’s money but uses it for herself and her drug problem, not her kids. If anyone sees them in the park, give them a hug. Her photos may not show it, but they are paying a price. Don’t be fooled guys, if she’s hitting on you, its because she wants your money, not your love. She’s a snake.

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