Jealous Price

April 17, 2014 Edmonton 13 7,725 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, heres the dirty evelyn price.. AGAIN, this sloot doesnt know when to stop runnin her mouth she moved from edmonton to ontario to live with her mommy cuz mommy wouldnt pay her rent here for her anymore. When she booked her flight she decided to burn all her bridges with everyone by talking shit and starting drama. bitch is 47 acting like a fuking teenage twat. grow the fck up already. even half her family dont want anythign to do with her! When she left she left behind dirty kitty litter and all her garbage for others to clean up, stole and threw out numerous different house hold items and clothes that werent hers. Not to mention even stole a bag of weed thinking she wouldnt get caught till she got caught smoking some when we knew she had none. This bitch is one of the biggest whores around. sleeping with multiple men in the run of a weekend. You can probably find her on POF looking for her next victims to spread her legs for. be weary of this one people, not someone you want to befriend.

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Are The Real Or Fake

April 17, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 91 103,070 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tammie Blanchette has to be the hottest girl in Edmonton. She serves bottles and who knows what else she does for a living. Do you think her +2′s are real?  She wears a bra to hide the sag so I am thinking they are real.

Tammie you would make a lot more money if you beach your hair blonde. They aren’t tipping you because of your eyebrows babe.- nik

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Pedophile Rapist Younes Khiat

April 16, 2014 Edmonton 34 7,944 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , I would like to expose these two Filthy Filthy men. When i 16 years old i woke up with my pants on backwards and my underwear off. I had no recollection of what happened. Only that I was not in the house I had been in the night before. I couldnt find my purse at all. These 2 creeps were plus another guy were in the house . I asked them for my purse,and what happened the night before. They got mad and kicked me out. Leaving me with no way even getting home. I was scared and humiliated. Anyways a couple months later I got a message on fb from another guy that had been in the house that night. He told me he had something to tell me. He told me that night he came home went inside this pedophiles room (younes Khiat) and seen them both having sex with me. younes turned to the guy and asked if he wanted to join I was passed out. and they were also videotaping me. I honestly didnt know what to do when i heard this. Why it was not reported by this other guy i do not know. I havent gone to the authrities because im scared no one will believe me. It haunts me all the time knowing that they took advantage and raped me. I was 16 years old. I would like everyone to please share this. Lets humiliate these 2 pedophiles. It will never come close to what they did to me. But other young teen girls should be warned. They were 28 and 30 at the time. his fb is also Younes Khiat

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Douchebag of the Year

April 16, 2014 Edmonton 23 7,741 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik , here we have the douche bag of the year! he hook’s up with chick’s busts a load then tells them to walk home, like dude get a life, you think your all hot shit? like hello womennizer much? like what man dose that totally leads women on just to ghet his dick wet!! he needs to be put on the blast cause hes dirty …

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Vikki Chapmen Is Not Cool

April 16, 2014 Edmonton 34 7,176 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Vikki Chapmen is a whore who likes to sleep around with 40-50 year old men…it’s the only way her fat lazy ass can get laid… She doesn’t work and sucks cock all day just get by in life… She has nothing going for her at all and when she needs to actually do something she says she can’t because she\’s depressed… This bitch really said she can’t wash dishes because she has a “thing” about doing them and that her doctor told her she shouldn’t…. She is so lazy that after a friend of a friend moved out of her and her boyfriends place that there was still cat litter in the bathroom after 4 weeks of not being there ewww she is so dirty she even made a kijiji add for someone to buy her her a plane ticket out west and she’ll suck there dick for it this bitch is so dirty I’m surprised she’s not up here yet!!

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Mandy Lee Gladue

April 16, 2014 Edmonton 34 7,969 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m Mandy from beaver lake ab south lac la biche. I’m a reserve whore, a town skank, a city hooker to provide for my 11 kids, I let my mommy play with my breasts and my brother. Feels so good. Family is best. I’ve been trying to lose weight for over 20 years and think now that screwing it off isn’t working so I need more or curves and more dominant sex. Unfortunately my husband Layed under a picker truck because he was tired of using flour to find my huge hole that kids just fall out of now. I like screwing my family, going to Edmonton for more and I’m very racist. Wanna find me, fuk me? I’m on Facebook and Craigslist. Or you can call Ill gladly cummm fast. I squirt too. DP is where it’s at. Hit me up I’m horny.

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Tyler douchebag Lalonde

April 15, 2014 Edmonton 10 8,458 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tyler Lalonde from Spruce Grove is a cheating lying douche. This guy has 3 kids with 2 different women. He even had the first kid taken away because he is an unfit parent and his 2 other kids are about to be. This guy cheats on his current baby mama constantly, and even gave her the c**p!! He thinks he is a good parent but won’t even buy diapers for his kids – but instead buys smokes and Starbucks every day. This guy thinks he is the hottest guy around when really he can’t even find shirts that fit right because he is too chubby and won’t accept it. This guy needs a nice slap in the face before he has more kids that he cant afford or gets himself some drds.

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Sexy Mama Emerald

April 15, 2014 Edmonton 6 9,084 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, this nasty ass chick is Emerald nasty ass hoe, she is self proclaimed a “sexy mama”, she is nasty as can be. She has kids, is in the middle of a divorce, and brings random men to be around her kids. Are you kidding me. I don’t understand how anyone found her attractive enough to marry her, and knock her up… Nasty. I can’t get over how much of a liar she is, you ask her one simple question like what colour are your socks and she lies about it. I honestly believe she has some kind of mental disorder. She even told me once she’s better than me….. Excuse me cow, but i am not only a lot hotter than you, but my snatch doesn’t smell, and it hasn’t been invaded by anything that pays attention to me. Nik I think maybe if she is put on blast, she will be embarrassed enough to think straight, maybe even put her kids up for adoption. They don’t deserve the white trash, uneducated life she’s giving them. Her mom should have swallowed.. Then again she won’t understand what that means.

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