Now Wonder American’s Think Canada Is Full Of Ugly Girls

September 28, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 136


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Before you readers assume I am some uneducated, unattractive woman posting because I have nothing better to do- I can assure you that you are wrong. Anyway, back to my post. I watched the second season of the Bachelor Canada last night, and couldn’t help but laugh. Of all the women in Canada, these were the women who were picked. I could not believe it. Now I know why most of the readers of think we are an unattractive nation. This show is making us look bad, and I don’t like that. I want readers opinions- Do you find these women attractive?

Yup, looks like Canada to me.- nik

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Jesse Chamberlain the 25 year old Raver

September 26, 2014 Edmonton 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Please put this up, i feel everyone should know how fucking ridiculous this dude is. Hes a 25 year old guy still raving and doing drugs almost everyday literately he has the mind set of a 14 year old he has nothing going for him what so ever he wears the same clothes everyday even after a few mollys and a night of being a complete man whore . this ugly looking son of a bi*** came in to my life and the second i wasnt like every other greasy raver girl he turned in to a fucking loser self sabotaged everything and would hang out with me just to ignore me after i gave my head a good shake and got as far away from him he went and started fucking my BEST FRIEND! now i didnt mind she did anything cause she has some fkn disease down there and now im hoping he does too lol any ways now they are both in relationships and still keeping the affair going all they do is talk about me and put me down pretty much there friend ship is based on hating me and fucking lol i feel famous  and to top this all off i recently had to start carrying pepper spray on me cause this loser has been telling people hes after me and from a dude who went to jail for 5 years for selling crck and beating chicks i have to protect myself . i just want to warn people that this guy is the fakest piece of friend stealing ugly looking h** carrying dick sucking son of a nasty bi*** as for my “friend” she can have all the fun she wants shes a horrible human being and soon things will catch up to her

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A Real Serial Liar

September 26, 2014 Edmonton 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is a liar. Acts so nice at first but he is a psycho. Gps your car. Go on over 7 date sites. Hides emails,pictures. Lies about money to his baby mama. Omg he lies to everybody.

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Tazmine Davis

September 25, 2014 Edmonton 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: She pretends she’s a nanny to fck marry men. She was helping me and my husband out and it turns out she was fuking him behind my back. You can find her fat ass on FB and badoo and other websites looking for men to please. She is a fake c*nt who pretends to be your friend but will fck any man she can. She just wants cocks. She thinks being a nanny will help her find a rich husband. Stupid slut.

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Manslore Richard

September 24, 2014 Edmonton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, if you can please post this so everyone gets to know about this walking drd whore passing it every girl he misleads. He will talk to you and treat you like his “girlfriend” just to get in your pants. This gross fck will sleep with anyone with a vagina, then he talks shit about the girls he slept with to his friends. He says he doesn’t want drama but he talked shit about me and other people he slept with. He passed the cl*ps to bunch of people… BTW this walking infested drd whore also has a kid which he doesn’t give two shits about… All in all this guy will kiss-n-tell and give you drds. The dirty is where he truly belong

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POF Pedo

September 24, 2014 Edmonton 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Mohammad.This guy molested the little girl in the picture,how do i know this its because im friends with the kid mom who told me she caught this mofo in her daughter room that’s his cousins kid.Can you believe it ?If you click on the link below and read his profile its obvious he has no job.He looks like a f-ing bum cuz he is one, claims to have 17,000 in his debit cant even afford a hair cut.He likes to smoke pot with random ppl he meets on the streets.What do you think Nik?

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Teacher Turned Predator

September 23, 2014 Edmonton 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this creep is gainfully employed at CDI college the downtown . He is a med teacher who takes advantage of his position by telling female students just how easily they can pass, if ya know what I mean. Not to mention, he sexually assaulted a coworker. His name is wasim . Be on the look out for the dirty goof. Lock up your daughters and walk in groups of at least three if your in CDI or reeves college on 100 and jasper.

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Mr. Dancing

September 23, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Shokhi Hossain. GP’s wannabe Under cover cop. He runs the business START MY TRUCK and claims to be an under cover CIA agent for Canada. He goes from woman to woman trying to catch a hand out whenever and which ever way he can. He claims he is an oilfield consultant as well yet never works. What he does for money is unknown but i am pretty sure it is of the illegal nature. He claims to love you then leaves you for four months and has numerous woman answer his phone and then laughs it off like it was one of his family members. He lives off people and doesn’t pay his bills yet expects people to care for him and take care of him no questions asked. He beats woman and disrespects them to the fullest. Watch out for this scum bag as he claims he is no longer in Grande Prairie yet was seen a few days ago driving around in his car with his START MY TRUCK logo on the side. Such a loser! Has no respect for anyone not even himself! He would rather sit and play video games all day and doesn\’t even take care of his own son. He typically likes to control his woman and make them be his slaves as he does nothing and uses them and there families and leads them to believe he is a GOOD PERSON and that he is INNOCENT and never does anything wrong yet finds it ok to leave the country with no notice and leave all of his stuff and bills to whomever he left behind. Stay away from this FAKE wannabe! He ruins lives because of his own mistakes!

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