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Who took her out of the ocean

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skeezy homewrecker needs to be thrown back into the ocean where her fishy smelling cnt belongs. The last post said she was in law school I think you need past a grade 8 education for that. You’d think she would put her mommys money to good use and take care of that stench and her gap between her teeth big enough to shove a cock through but I guess she spent it all on editing apps cause this bitch looks nothing like her pics. At first I thought she was a tranny in person but believe it or not under all those rolls is a very unfortunate vagina. Her gunt is visible in every shirt she wears and her only defence to people who hate her is “Im calling the police” bitch maybe if all of edmonton didn’t hate you you’d have shit to throw at people other than the pigs. This girl needs to move out of her moms basement at 23 and get her a real job instead of selling her loose crabby patty pussy to anything that shows her attention. Plankton is the only one who wants the formula bitch.

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Danielle Is A Bitch

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is danielle maria campbell shes originally from quesnel shes since moved to edmonton. this girls a wack job with serious mental issues! If shes not fighting with her split personality shes arguing with ppl on facebook.

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Falisha Ali

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl loves to run around with different men. Her husband as no idea. she recently got married and never told her husband she was married before. People are saying she the walking hoe of Edmonton. i feel so bad for her husband

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Dillion Edward Chapman aka Reese

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dillion Edward chapman aka Reece. This controlling women using piece of sh*t will play any girl like a piece of ass. He thinks he’s some tough ass fighter yet has lost ever fight he’s been in. He acts tough and says all this sh*t but can’t back a word of it. He’s a low life loser who lives with his mommy cause he can’t keep a solid job or accept responsibility. He has 2 kids with 2 different women and doesn’t father either of them didn’t even acknowledge the first one til this year and still denies it. He cheats instantly on any girl and is drd filled . So if you’ve been with him get checked! Don’t fall for his Prince Charming ways he’ll turn so fast knock you up and after the time for an abortion passes he’ll leave you in the dirt and deny ever being with you.

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Social Worker of the Year

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: HERE SHE IS AGAIN; Larissa Jackson. Trying so hard to be a social worker; well Miss.Social worker let me remind you of a book that you should of read called “Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Code of Ethics” Under Value 4 Integrity in Professional Practice “Social Workers demonstrate the qualities of Honesty, Reliability, Impartiality and Diligence in their professional practice.” Honesty- This bloody c*nt lies through her toothess mouth on a daily basis. Anything to get attention – now shes getting the attention she deserves!! Reliability- Only thing reliable is that she’s dumping her kids off on someone so she can go act like shes something in the bar with her bff Kimmy Gibblets (Kim Potts) Impartiality- She constantly puts people down does not care about how prejudice she is to people and their situationsDiligence- Only thing constant is how she keeps talking about her c-section scars & how cute she thinks she is. How about saying this ” I will be a good mother, person,and role model. I will have friends that will defend me so i wont have to do it myself” Saying your cute over and over again is not going to wipe the ugly off your face. so looks like your social work career is over before it began.

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Spruce Groves Deadbeat

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this wanna be juggalo name is Joshua Manzer, he has cheated on his girlfriend and mother of his two little boys, and has decided to skip out on child support! He was emotionally and financially abusive while in the relationship. He now ex is going to school full time and is trying to live and support her children and he won’t give her a cent while he goes out and drinks and fcks 18 year olds! I cannot say enough horrible things about this man! He gives men/juggalos/ and the human race a bad name! I wouldn’t piss in him to put out a fire! My only hope I’d that he stays out if his kids lives so they don’t have him as a role model.

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Base hoe : Sam Woods

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch is located at cfb in edmonton . What your man and friends . She goes after army guy after army guy . She’d a gregs hungry hoe who doesn\’t care who she hurts or lives she destroys . This Pepsi , Greg’s loving leech will suck you dry of everything . Drd beware , save yourself the mental health and sexual health and avoid this base hoe like the plague . Once she infects you she’s impossible to rid yourself of . Warning beware base hoe is single again and on the prowl for new Greg’s to leech onto .

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Homie Hopper Alicia Dawn

December 18, 2014 Edmonton 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: The biggest slut in Edmonton she will claim she loves you and be fuking your boys behind your back. Learned too late that this bitch is fcked in the head and will sleep with any guy that offers her a place to sleep or a hit of some pepsi. Manipulative bitch stop playing the victim card and stop selling your body and drugs and stay the hell home and watch your fucking kid. Alicia damn sunshiine on fb offer her some money and she’ll be all over your dick.

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