Sarah the Joanna Man

October 17, 2014 Edmonton 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Sarah Elsahib. This gigantic creature has to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.There is no way “It” is a girl.Claims to be dating a guy when she looks like one LOL. You can find this she/he thing at Ben Moss in Kingsway mall.She use to be picked on cuz shes the same height as an NBA basketball player(6″2-6″4) so she started smoking pot and ever since her face has been high as a kite.She gives ppl advice but never takes her own.She dropped out of high school because shes smart like that.Likes to call ppl she don’t hang out with her friend/girl when in really their not and maybe if she stopped smoking pot she would realize it. Her mom abandoned her family so she hates on other ppl families her dad is a bigger dumbass than her cuz he’s unaware shes a stoner.Sarah calls other girls bitches behind their backs because they are pretty than her.Sorry you were born fugly Sarah but its genes.What do you think Nik?

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Ms Londera

October 16, 2014 Edmonton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: POF is chock full of liars, skanks, married men, ex cons, and people with untreated sexually transmitted diseases. We all know that. For some of us theres hope. For most of us its a good use of the block button. Ive really only talked to maybe three normal women on there and had a date with two of them, which did go well but nothing to write home about. But still it was a good experience nonetheless Its women like this who make me laugh and cringe at the same time. A walking example of how not to display how you really think of yourself, online. Oh yes dear youre “not easy”? We can clearly see that because your photos just scream class. Lol. The funny thing is its women like this who have extreme issues keeping men around other than sex and end up alone in the end constantly wondering why and blaming the male population for not seeing them as anything other than a hole to plug. The fact she is a mother and wants just a casual fling here and there speaks volumes on her upbringing and how is most likely raising her own children. Also, dont wonder why your profile keeps getting deleted. Ive seen this same woman use about 4 different usernames in the last 4 months. Whoever she is needs to stop posting photos of herself like this online, get a “real man” (lol), and save that shit for the bedroom.

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Dan the Lyndsay Lohan of Edmonton

October 15, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know this piece of shit pussy bitch pretty good. I’m commenting to warn others to save them turmoil. WARNING: Daniel aka chase aka disgusting parasite Is a straight up PREDATOR of the naive/weak/trusting/or average person. He can ruin your life many ways , for example he commits IDENTITY THEFT and FRAUD he does BREAK and ENTERS he has also DRUGED and ROBBED he partakes in INPROTECTED SEX with MEN and WOMEN he is also a IV DRUG USER and haha Wannabe DRUG DEALER. Please people, be careful when interacting with this narcacistic, sociopath. Every word that comes out of his mouth is FALSE he only cares about his own needs even if it means he has to ruin the lives of innocent people.

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Broke Cheater

October 15, 2014 Edmonton, Halifax 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: kevin jackson,from darmouth you cheated on me on christmas eve on your visit back home to your parents, wich i paid for your plane ticket because you were too broke to pay it. May you rott in hell  , he s got nothing else than a x box and his white subaru . I bought all furniture in the place . i found him later on tinder , anyways ladies stay away from this lyin piece of …. golddigger who cant even send his mom a mothers day card (That i bought for him) I could go on and on but at this point just warning other girls about him will do! Oh and those pictures down south, i paid for that trip too

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Broke Down

October 15, 2014 Edmonton, Montreal 49



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this broke dirty slut from Montrael named Henriette aka Hennie goes around from city to city,town to town spreading drd’S & drd’S. all she does is play games with both guys and girls. She uses anoyone to get what she wants. She steals and takes money from anybody who tries to help her ugly ass, and the best part of all; this hoe has no morals she fucks anything that has a dick. warning to the guys in Edmonton/ Alberta in general watch out for this drd spreading bitch. triple up your condoms or you will regret playing with this cunt She is not worth anytime nor money with her ugly, useless, whoring self, & attitude. Nik, this needs to be posted so that everyone in Edmonton/ Alberta is safe.

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Ariel Rombough

October 15, 2014 Edmonton 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh when will this disgusting troll ever give her poor used up vagina a break …? The answer to that question is… Probably never. Ladies and gentlemen meet Ariel, one of the fakest, slutiest , most attention seeking bitches in edmonton?. When will you realize that a child will never fix any of your disfunctional relationships with your poor choice of men.. I truly feel sorry for you. You just keep popping out them kids like popcorn. One after another.. What’s wrong with you… Somebody get her a chassity belt. Keep your legs already.. Just a little tip sweetie. You stink like crazy. Not even your perfume can cover up that fishy smell. I don’t even understand how any guy can get in between that… Do you plug your nose ? Poor guys .

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Trenton Arcand

October 15, 2014 Edmonton 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Trenton Arcand gets out of jail in two weeks. Everybody in Edmonton, Morinville, and the Alexander Reserve better watch out because this piece of shit straight up kicks the shit out of women. Look at what he did to Elizabeth’s forehead for fck’s sake–he threw a can at her. True contusion there and it still looks like ass more than a year later. I’ve tried speaking out against this dirt bag, going to the cops, everything, and Elizabeth still won’t dump his smudgy ass. Guess it’s easy for Trenton to pretend he’s hot shit when you come from a two-dude town called Camrose. Trenton brings everybody down.

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October 15, 2014 Edmonton, Toronto 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Mohammad this guy goes on plenty of fishes to use women for sex.He will never spend money on u cause his ass is always brook, cant work a job for more than two days. Makes up lies that he goes to school to be a PSYCHOANALYST I meant him in Edmonton and now according to his profile he moved to Toronto hes always different cities looking for pssy. Do not believe anything on his profile he does not drive a car because he cannot afford one. Claims he lives as a king when he don’t have shit and that his parents are Somali Diplomats(Somalia don’t have government)DUMBASS!!!He doesn’t even have a cell phone SAD LIFE. He is the most fucked up person I have ever meant in my life and he is a pathological liar.

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