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Total Loser

December 17, 2014 Edmonton 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: met this woman 2 weeks ago while out having a few drinks with a buddy. we exchanged numbers and started to hook up after talking for a bit. didnt think anything was up until i found out shes ENGAGED and cheating on her soon to be husband! not only that but this stupid broad gave me the dose. i caught go***rhea from her and called her on it but she just denied everything and said it was me who was dirty. yeah. right. i havent been sexually active with anyone in over a year, Jess. how many guys have plugged you bareback without your husband even knowing? should have clued in to the ring on your finger in that one photo you sent. when i finally ended things with her , her friend pulled me aside one evening and showed me her craigslist ad. shes now trying to find “generous” men on craigslist. so basically shes tryna turn tricks online and her fiance has no clue. someone

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Amanda Runcer Does Not Look Like This In Person

December 17, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 75


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl needs to be called out for more than editing her pictures. Everyone knows Amanda Runcer doesn’t look like her pics in person. There’s a lot of stupid ass guys out there who actually think this girl is a goodie goodie. Idiots.

Her lips = perfect Snail’s ass. Kissing her probably tastes like escargot.- nik

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Danica The Hypocrite

December 16, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 58


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Danica Olsen, I’m sorry, but you need to be on here again. You constantly preach on FB about how girls need to use their brains, their wit, their words, not their tits and ass. Meanwhile, you’ve got pics of everything on your FB, food in your cleavage, showing off your butt-everything you like to make fun about other girls for! I’ve never met anyone who uses men and relies on the throngs on sad, pathetic boys who will do whatever you ask of them; you demand it, they supply it. And looking back at your old pics… your face sure has changed, and the slight weight loss isn’t it…nose job? Brow lift? Vaginal rejuvenation? It’s ok to not have 3 or 4 different men on the go, it’s exhausting for those of us who have to hear about it, even if it’s over FB! Let Dario eat his damn tacos in peace, bish.

Moles.- nik


Found Your Nanny In Canada

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Trailer trash Janelle Lambert

December 15, 2014 Edmonton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Janelle Lambert.This wanna be Top-notch humane bitch seems to forgotten she’s nothing but trailer park trash with all bark,she cakes her face in the make up because she’s so insecure how ugly she looks, lol.guys this girl looks nothing like her pictures she photo shops the shit out of them.her face is infected with pimples zits boils drd ETC, her teeth are disgustingly yellow and crooked.she is a compulsive liar cheater.she sleeps with multiple guys even when she’s dating.she’s got drds genital w**ts ETC every guy should probably stay away from this on worthy slut. She will steal from you ,use you. She probabl couch hops. Seriously she is a lowlife piece of shit

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Work Horse Part 2

December 15, 2014 Edmonton 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: The is karlene mohn. She is part horse, part man. Part flat ass and no hips. Her face is okay, if you only look at her forehead. The rest is like I said, part horse part man. she dates for looks, because for some odd reason she thinks she’s attractive. Bleh. She bangs the guy then dumps him. She fcked a drug addict for her ion. She was recently in rehab for her massive addiction to he*oin. And apparently she is a changed woman. But no one can change who they truly are. Karlene, from the bottom of my heart, you disgust me. You always have and you always will. I do hope you get better, because you are very unfortanute and you’re basically a stain on the wall. I’ve wanted to write this for awhile, and I think I hate you less now. I hope people can realize what kind of person you are. Not worthy of friendship.

Also See: Part 1

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Jayson Schwab

December 15, 2014 Edmonton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this idiot thinks he can rip people off on the greater Edmonton area and get away with it. jerk thinks if he pays a bit for what he borrows means he can steal. he will come to you home on the pretence that he will help you out and sell you on his good word… which is none. I’ve never been more insulted by someone that can’t own up to there mistakes. forther more this half wit has his mother keeping up his lies like a dueo. they both deserve the same shame… nakamun superette. these are the worst possible people to deal with. the lies… are unimaginable. they can’t pay there bills and wont settle up after agreements. Jayson schwab is I a predator trying to make a score. watch your houses and watch you homes.

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Ronda Draeger Brodin

December 15, 2014 Edmonton, Red Deer 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rhonda Draeger AKA RHONDA BRODIN of Sylvan Lake Alberta is one fcked in the head bitch! she is delusional and thinks everyone is out to fck her dead husband ..this bitch is crazy needs psychiatric help!!!!! she lies and seeks attention and pity from anyone that will listen to her she is mentally ill mean person who needs medication ..she has no problem fcking anyone who will have her fat stretched out used up cunt! and has no issues giving anyone’s she meets on POF or any other hook up sites her drd and gentle ***ts she is a lying sack of shit the ugly ditch pig cunt! stay clear of this physco!! she will make stories about you !! just ask the last John! she met of POF!! CRAZY CNT IS THE ONE WITH THE BROWN HAIR AND PSYCO EYES!

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Morningstar Bugler

December 14, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little scum bag goes by the name morningstar scierra on facebook, but her real name is morningstar bugler, she likes to go around to big cities like Saskatoon and Edmonton, hopping from man to man. She gets money from them to support her drug and Alcahol habits (cocain, intervenes drugs, meth, and pills). She’ll act innocent and beg them for money to feed her son, who she doesn’t even know who the father is! She\’ll leave him for days with strangers just to go party, then she doesnt pay the people either. She goes to bars and clubs so watch out for this one! She gave my best friends brother genital worts after meeting up at a club in edmonton ! ! He’s devistated.. Oh yeah and she has fucked up legs, some people say because she’s inbred from the reserve. I found out about her by hearing stories, and asking people on facebook about her after what happened to my bff brother. She is a sick scandalous FAS crippled squaw with no self respect or respect for others. Go back to the rez you used up stretched c*m dump.

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