Bianca Andreina Mendoza

August 15, 2014 Edmonton 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this little whore is known on facebook because her stupid little ignorant ass thought posting a video of herself fighting a pregnant girl was going to be okay. BUT clearly its not. even though the girl asked for mercy by shouting “quit it”, but no.. this imbecile continued to punch, pull, kick, slap this young pregnant girl .The main thing that crosses my mind is how can somebody raise & socialize with such a naive inconsiderate down right disgusting human being . Especially to do such a unthinkable thing to a mother & her unborn baby. To all females just think about what if that was YOUR child in your tummy, and to all males, what if that was YOUR girl on the floor with YOUR child in her stomach. You should be thankful you’re unintelligent ass didn’t ki*l that unborn baby because IF YOU DID , you would have gotten the big one MANSLAUGHTER .

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On The Run

August 15, 2014 Edmonton 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this slut stole from her family and ran away to edmonton she is a lier and would do anything to look the part, she like to think she is an insurance broker her name is layla jama [] this girl has been around the block a couple of times ask ppl in winnipeg they will tell you who she is

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Samantha Poch

August 15, 2014 Edmonton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is for the idjits who think Samantha is hot. Yeah, right! You guys been working away from home too much. Get some goddamn glasses. She called in sick the morning after this pic was taken. As foreman, warned her twice previously about showing up drunk for work, terrible hygiene, and leaving her nasty snail trail on the legs of my guys while they tried to work. Fired her ass the 3rd time. Dont know where she is now, don’t care but buddy emailed me the link for her … sounds like she hasn’t changed.

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Catiie Larson/Robinson

August 15, 2014 Edmonton 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Catie. She is a dirty skank who has this comin! She cheats in her husband while her Kids are at home and she is at the bar drunk. This girl has been messaging other guys of her c***t. She thinks she is so perfect and hot! yuCK

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Homewrecking Thorne

August 14, 2014 Edmonton, Red Deer 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Raechelle Thorne: Home wrecker. Skank. Dirty V. Working in a mans job at Husky Upgrader, this whore likes to screw married men. So ladies, if your husband is working in that area, watch out for this POS. With no conscience, and only selfish motives on her mind, she will cozy her way into her newest circle of men and prey on the married husbands with children. Leaving nothing but a trail of broken hearts, her and her insecurities will partake in shattering your marriage without even thinking twice. She travels from Red Deer, all the way to Lloydminister to work in a mans industry because that’s how desperate she is for male attention.

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Steffi Petryna

August 14, 2014 Edmonton 66


THE DIRTY ARMY: Steffi Petryna is a Fuking hoe lol. This bitch will fck. Suck & swallow anything that comes her way. She cheats lies & will neglect her child for sex

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Real Tammy Juliet Kramer

August 14, 2014 Edmonton 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so I Got Posted on this Site because SARAH LEE Found Out Her Baby Dad Who is Twice Her Age Was Calling Me From Prison because She’s Going Out Every Night Leaving Their Son With Her Drunk Drug Addict Mother. I Would Like to Clarify That I’m 20 With No Babies My Own House a Wonderful Boyfriend and a Playful Pooch. They Tried to Take Pictures of me from Literally Years Ago but I Had to Smile Because While Her and her bf SHAYLEE RICHARDSON are Completely Obsessed with My Life I Don’t Give Two Shits about them. I Have a Wonderful Family and Friends that Would Love Nothing More then to See These Girls Go Down. But as I just Said they are Girls Just Turned 18. Here are Some Real Pics of Me For You to Judge.

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Cousin Lover

August 12, 2014 Edmonton 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this goof here is Danny Badger from the screz Kehewin. This f**got ass indian is nothing but a pervert he messages young girls half his age and gets them to send him dirty pics this ugly pig is fuckin 36 yrs old and thinks hes the hottest shit around I asked about him and all anyone said was he likes fuckin his own cuzins 3rd cuzins 2nd cuzins 1st cuzins he dont care goofs like this should be locked up and beaten! I got my little cuzin to talk to him on fb and yup fckin perv asked if she was single and how tight she was. fckin fgot always tries to act tuff on fb about how built he is and how he can fck up anyone fckin fg try sayin that to someones face aint no one scared of you ya you tuff cuz u beat on younger smaller guys this squid is a straight up fckin rapist he creeps at partys on the drunkest girls then talks shit about them after hes done his ghost riding haha fckin asshole get laid with a sober girl whose your age oh wait forgot no one wants your bum ass! he creeps on his family married woman girls in relationships but its not ur wives u have to look out for even ur daughters n nieces need to be locked up no respect for no one youll get urs soon enuf fukin squid

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