Edmonton | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Darcy Doerr

November 24, 2014 Edmonton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is a real prize pig. Lies to girls to see them strip on webcam while he is recording them. #fakesoilder. In the army as a pencil pusher. i met this guy and he said he was special forces. totally not true!!!!! the closest he got to Afghanistan was sucking camel cock at the local petting zoo. I thought military guys were suppose to have big cocks, was i EVER wrong! He kept falling out. Thought i felt something, but it might have been his pubes brushing up my sand bar. He drinks cough syrup to get drunk while he is out in the feild. He is psycho. He has split personalities that he talks to and one talks black thug speech. Do not date this guy, you will NEVER CUM. He uses a flashlight to penetrate himself and thinks women love it. He loves when you jack him off and you stick your fist up his asshole.

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Justin Bober

November 24, 2014 Edmonton 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this guy is someone who I actually used to be good friends with, his name is Justin Boller, but he changed it to “Don” after being bullied relentlessly for having the same haircut as Justin Beiber and acting like an un-neutered Pomeranian for most of his teenage years. He likes to act cool like he actually does things with his life but that’s far from the truth, he works at wal-mart, lives at home with his parents and has no vehicle and hasn’t even gotten a high school level of education but boasts about his huge 14$/hr job! When we were friends in high school he’d constantly go after girls who had boyfriends when they were having relationship problems, being the shoulder to cry on then when they were venerable he’d try to have sex with them, fortunately for me having such a good friend when I was having trouble in my relationship guess who stepped in to help my girlfriend in need. Well of course I’d be mad but after I told him he was gonna get hat was coming to him he called the cops on me, then posted all over his twitter and facebook what a murderous stalker I was because I saw him working at walmart where i was buying groceries, yes a “stalker”, that is what it is called when you see a loser working at a grocery store, stalking. I want every girl and guy in Edmonton to know about this creep, not only was he dating a 15 year old at age 18 but he constantly tried to cheat on her (with no avail) and cried when I took him to the bar that night! (I KNOW), beware.

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Simone Frost

November 21, 2014 Edmonton 280


THE DIRTY ARMY: I want this slimy bitch posted,Simone Frost is nothing but a lying,cheating bitch from hell.I ended our 3 month relationship because all she could do is lie and cheat,I have had enough.I was nothing but nice to this bitch.She wanted a serious relationship,she told me I was the only one she wanted,only to find perverted text to guys of “Meetme” When I confronted her she went crazy on me,breaking my shit,calling my work to cause absolute chaos. I warn all you,if you come across here run the other way and fast.She will put on her sexual charm,tell you what you want to hear,its all just a bunch of B.S She needs to be posted her because she is the dirtiest of the dirty

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Robert Neyrinck

November 21, 2014 Edmonton 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly waste of skin is a crackhead named Robert Neyrinck, a wife beating POS who also abuses small children and anyone else he can push around. He comes form a long line of losers, his mother is another winner, she’s on line slut that is on The Backpage, Badoo, POF and any dating site that she can pick up men who she rips off to buy pint, meth and powder. Her and her son are also rumored to have done the dirty deed, which is common knowledge here on the north side of Edmonton. Her waste of skin son drank until he blacked out (again) then attacked his tiny wife and beat her senseless in front of their little girls. His wife’s name is Laurissa and she’s got 911 on speed dial because Robert said he would get even with her for calling the cops, when it was one of his own daughters who called 911 because ‘Daddy is beating up Mommy again!!!’. This complete loser is a three time loser at ‘negative attention fake suicide’, he pretends hes depressed and tells people on Facebook that hes going to ***imself, then after he’s drunk, he calls 911 for an ambulance to take him to the Clairview Medi-Centre where he wastes more taxpayer dollars getting dried out. Then when he gets out, he goes right back the booze, pills and the bag of dope. Neyrinck claims that his ex Laurissa beat him up when he was sleeping which is complete BS since she has used her own body to protect her little girls from this crackhead monster. He\’s already been convicted of beating Laurissa twice.

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Stop Being Jealous

November 21, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 211


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t get why girls are so jealous of my friend. Is it because she is a 10? Or is it cause men just want to give her money? I understand your boring lives suck, but keep my girl out your mouth, she ain’t doing nothing but living the life.

Self post.- nik

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Twitch The Witch

November 20, 2014 Edmonton 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slut Natasha Wylie leaches off guys for their money, drugs and a place to live. She acts like she’s some rave kid yet she’s never actually been to a rave. Natasha is known to leak vaginal fluids on peoples things. She’s always on some form of drugs, shes more cracked out than a broken mirror. she only has two outfits that she never seems to wash, the only thing greasier is her hair lol. watch out for this one, she’s as dirty as they come.

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Child Abuser

November 20, 2014 Edmonton 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Marie Whalen, as in wailing on little kids! Shes a wanna be gangster and thinks shes so fcking cool hitting a 14 year old girl & making her cry. No matter what circumstance, you don’t be going around hitting other peoples kids. She has self-esteem issues by the looks of it and i would too with that fat “mean muggin” face. She has tattoos all over her stretched out skin, that looks like a 3 year old drew all over her. She thinks thug life means sitting on your fat ass at home living off the government. She hangs out at the Coliseum, just like every other chug life in the city. Just a warning to everyone, hide your kids because she aint afraid to hit one.

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November 20, 2014 Edmonton 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Christa Rox I thought she was a good friend, boy was I WRONG. I honestly trusted her, our kids played together, we did birthdays and Christmas dinners. Only to find out she was trying to get with my man! One of her mans oldest and good friends. What a wolf in sheeps clothing she is. She smiled and is still nice to my face, thats so fcking trashy and gross. Well here is a big shout out telling you christa that I do know you were trying since New Years just like I thought you were to try and get with him. But you know what I will always have more class and more respect than you will ever have. No one respects side bitches, or someone trying to be a side bitch.

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