Trent Davis is a Cheater

April 11, 2014 Edmonton 8 6,211 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Trent Lee Davis has been married for thirty years and has been cheating on his wife the entire time. I have spoken with a few other women whom he conned into believing that he was single or divorced many years, that no one cared about him, that no one ever pleasured him the way he wanted, that he was just a lonely old hardworking man…therefore convincing each girl that he was the best boyfriend ever, doing everything to make us dependent upon him emotionally (many of us were sick or terminally ill) and co-workers as well. And then he’d just disappear from our lives. Only for us to find out later he was married the whole time and had numerous girlfriends at the same time, putting all our health at risk as he never used condoms because he convinced us he was in love with us and no one else. He only liked to have anal sex, that’s a big thing to give to a man, especially one that lied to get it. In the end i found out he was also in jail for five years for rap ing and beating hookers, while married and had two young daughters at the time. Trent Davis is a complete pig and certainly not a man. He is a destroyer, a narcissistic sociopath, pathelogical liar, cheater and ra pist who abuses women. AVoid this man at all costs.

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GP Sloot

April 11, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 4 9,039 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this chick is disgusting. she walks around GP in see through clothes with her tits hanging out. she is a homewrecker. she has a daughter who she is about to lose because of her cke problem. she is dating some dude in jail who beat the shit out of his last gf. gave my buddy drd and trashes every other girl in this town because apparently she is hotter than everyone here lol. watch out shes disease ridden and desperate

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Dina Lasytchuk, Hurting for a Crayon

April 10, 2014 Edmonton 52 9,595 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is the famous Dina Lasytchuk , This bitch needs to get put on blast again , shes f*cken trash and dirty. She has no self respect. Shes a club hoppin fat slob, she leaves her kid at home with her parents so she can get some black c*ck. she thinks she all that just because she lost 1 pound. She thinks she is hot sh*t just because she has a million blak men liking her on instagram , its instagram hunny quit hiding your fat ugliness be hide a filter. She is so hurtin she actually traveled to go meet men off instagram and left her son behind like he was nothing . She passes around drds like its a hobby. She used to live with me and wouldnt pay for nothing at all we had to actually keep her stuff . Anyways just letting everyone know in edmonton and around watch out for this D*ck hungry hippo !! She wont stop at nothing she is all about her and getting d*ck she doesn’t even know who the father of her son is. Just stay away for this sick twisted individual !

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Watch out for Roberta Price

April 9, 2014 Chilliwack, Edmonton 9 7,024 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out Edmonton and Leduc you have a new problem to contend with. After ripping off investors and lenders in Chilliwack BC Roberta Price, formally Roberta Cheema is now in Edmonton. You will see her at the bars picking up guys and having sex with them while shes pulling the cash out of your wallet. She also is facing court in Chilliwack on fraud charges with her husband Dan Price in the coming months. Dont say you were not warned!

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Tara Meyer

April 9, 2014 Edmonton 24 5,967 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Let me re introduce Tara Meyer. This dumb whore is trying to start shit that she can’t exactly finish! She talks all tough behind a computer or to your face but when it comes time to fight all she does is pull hair and spit, she runs like the little chicken bitch that she is and runs. This stupid goof ass bitch also likes to rat people out too the cops as well, and this is after she decided to threaten the person and the shit gets too much. She also claims that she is pregnant, and she is staying at a old run down building where her windows are boarded up, and the heat is her fcking oven!! Like honestly she goes around stating that she loves this one guy but she calls him and his family goofs. She has some fcking nuts loose because Tara is trying to state that his ex and his sister have a kid together..yah right! She is just fucking pissed at them because they call her out on her shit all the damn time. Nike what do you think of this dumb bitch?

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Special Needs Gang

April 9, 2014 Edmonton 77 10,031 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who? Chris muise, Archy da vill, Conrad hall and the rest of the sick goofs who killed Mike Motiuk! These low life special needs retareds! Literally Conrad Halls fat mother was crying on TV trying to get justice for her kid Conrad hall because he was getting beat up allegedly by the guards! Lol I guess he was pissing blood from the beatings! hey Conrad fat mom you every think that slight pain you felt for your monster of a son Was just a taste of how mike’s family will feel for the rest of there lives!! Your son deserves everything he gets much worse if you ask me! He has Aspergers lol if you knew the little inbreded had a mental disorder you should have kept the little shit locked up so he couldn’t have committed murder!! Conrad knows what’s right and wrong common sense no mental disorder justifys that! moving on to the Mutt of millwoods Chris muise!! this bottom feeder thinks he’s some gangster for a defenseless mike motiuk in a courdley attack!! He post pictures of his gross looking body when he was in “PC ” for those who don’t know protective custody! If you were so hard because you do think of your self that way no and don’t deny it with all your hurting tattoos!! Why is it that when you went to jail you checked in right away?? Hahah because your a pussy hillbilly! nothing more your life was going no where and you took someone life who had it all and you were jealous of him you and your crew of oblongs!! Lol and Archy your just a freak ginger kid! I don’t have much to say about that hurting low life! All of these losers committed a crime and they think they are some one special because of It! When you see what these losers post on Facebook and you idolize them for hurting PC jail pictures or hurting tattoos! you guys are just promoting cowards that could face what was coming and and to be checked in! These disgusting I’m not going to call them humans because what they did was unreal! These disgusting Things have shown No remorse for what they did! People need to know the truth about these killer monsters!! They had a party after they killed Mike! they are sick in the head and if you can’t see that your just as fcked as them! Oh yea and make sure you add his new Facebook Be live because he wants you to believe he’s a killer! Thanks nik for letting me tell people about the hillbillys of edmonton

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Penny Beaugrand

April 8, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 17 7,621 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is penny beaugrand!she is a lieing cheating manipulation queen !any one that sleeps with her should get checked out cause they probley have something!@! This girl thinks she can sleep her way to the top,she thinks she’s a gangster, she has pretty much slept with every guy in Grande prairie , and every one that has slept with her says she has a very smelly box !

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Trashy Tanner Chanyi

April 8, 2014 Edmonton 72 10,814 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to begin with this dude, his name is Tanner Chanyi and he moved to Edmonton about 8 years ago. In these 8 years he’s bin hated by pretty much everyone he meets and 98% of Millwoods. He’s a sketch bag c*ke head, he cheats and beats his gf/baby mamma .. well now ex gf, He steals and has bin fcking with the justice system for too long. his most recent fck up was getting his younger brother who is also a POS to break into a home and steal all their money laptops ipad jewlery and passports and getting away with it with the law bc let’s be real here the Edmonton law force and justice system here is pretty much non existing. He recently beat the mother of his 1 year old daughter and 4 months pregnant with their unborn child while she was holding their daughter and in the process hit the little girl so bad in the face she was throwing up .. and still he walks free. Something needs to be done, he needs to be locked up and behind bars along with his loser brother. He’s bin cheating on the mother of his child for the past 6 months and she just found out not too long ago. She will stay away this time we can only hope but he needs to get the fck out of Edmonton and take his psycho family with him.

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