Twisted Cardinal

October 15, 2014 Edmonton 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This fuked up chick is Courtney cardinal. Twisted as fuck this bitch is! Out here in Edmonton. She puts me Christine up here trying so hard to rip my family apart. Well listen here sweetie everything you said was a lie! David loves me and I love him back and our kids. I don’t care about your diseases leave my family alone Courtney. Nik, this bitch talks shit about everyone. She tries her hardest to ruin relationships or anything for that matter. Courtney thinks she is the hottest bitch in the world. Yeah fcking right! You can go fuck yourself. Everything you said about me and David is not true. So whatever caused you to do this is pathetic thing is fuked up. You can sit there with your little lies and denial all you want. I know the truth and none of that is true. Gosh, don’t ever date girls with lip injections. All the Botox goes to there heads. Courtney, you can keep going around and talking shit because that’s all you do, is talk shit! You and some of your friends. I hope your happy for being a cunt now you made it onto the dirty. Nik, blast this chick already. She is effed up.

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Fat girls are the Worst

October 15, 2014 Edmonton 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Why do women send nudes when they look horrible and are overweight? Are they trying to justify some sort of acceptance? Talked to this woman a week ago and was surprised to find out that she looks NOTHING like she did on her okcupid profile. Sends me these. I just about threw up. Shes been constantly texting asking what happened to me. Told her im not interested and now shes sending strange threats and insults. Ugly fat AND crazy.

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Kazaria32 from POF

October 14, 2014 Edmonton 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is a woman who goes by Kazaria32 on POF. Name is Kazaria from what ive been told. I spoke with her two weeks ago and had a bit of a late night sexting encounter one evening. Our communication dissipated and i erased her number. Well. The other week a friend of mine got together with her and didnt use a condom. Poor guy now has a massive breakout of herpes and is devastated. I told him to always wrap it because women like this snakes and wont tell you shit. Its completely ruined his confidence and self esteem and he regrets ever banging this chick. So for the dirty army i was able to recover the old photos and video of her that i had. I really hope nik uploads the video as well. Look at that disgusting meat curtain and tell me you wouldnt be cautious. Beware of this woman.

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Rave Sloot

October 14, 2014 Edmonton 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kayla Taylor. There is so much that can be said about this little sloot and i don’t even know where to start. She thinks she is so popular but all of her “rave friends” even trash her name. She is your typical rave girl trash. She shoves anything that you can crush up, in her nose. She drinks, non stop. She pretty much bathes in alcohol and hard drugs. I know she has done every drug known to man. She drinks and drives and even does drugs while she drives and does it all the time. This chick will do any drug you offer her and is known to be black out high/drunk at clubs where she will let any man or woman feel her up. This girl is a disgrace to her family and needs to be exposed! She needs to start respecting herself fix her fcking face, and go back to school.. I don’t understand how she lives with herself. This piece of trash gives the rest of the ravers a very bad reputation.

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Herry Gillis

October 14, 2014 Edmonton 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: edmontons most wanna be gangster (on the right) . running around telling everyone your a murderer lmfao. your a joke hollering at me thru face book. no thanks bud go back to your washed up cougar meth addicted girlfriend desiree altmiks. this guy is nothing but a creep hollering at girls acting hard when your nothing but another washed up indian. nice crew do you guys all shop at value village? keep away from this never been loser as by now his girlfriend has already passed on everydrd this city has to offer . hows the mth btw ? pretty hard not to tell when your jaw shakes uncontrollably .

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Lying Boy Toy

October 14, 2014 Edmonton 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guys name is David arpin David cardinal. He lies to my sister Christine constantly. I actually get a kick out if it. He is so old and gross that any woman can use him. All you have to do is talk sexy to him. No like really, he is stupid enough to fall for it. I have been lying to his face as well telling him I never said anything about what we have done together. I usually tell people about my genital warts and h.i.v but I didn’t tell this guy. One reason why is because I hate Christine she gets everything in her life. Nik, please put this messed up guy up on here. Christine stop running back to him, bad enough you both have herpes, and warts now. If he oh so loved you he wouldn’t lie to you. Keep thinking that he loves you. He obviously doesn’t because he lies to you for like how long now. Ahaaa Clue in he will never tell you he truth! He believes me over you Christine. I’m Courtney may cardinal everyone likes me because they are all jealous of me. Nik this fcking guy is fcked please put him up here! I’m tired of him calling me and acting like we are riends and shit. But he so disgusting because he actually thinks I like him. Eeeeew I may have kissed your drd in your mouth and on your lips. But that doesn’t mean I like you. Start telling Christine the truth, stop lying to her already. I got in between you guys real good. Nik, please put him up here! He deserves it so much.

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Will Lie and Use You

October 13, 2014 Edmonton 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this simply is a warning to all females who frequent on line single sites like POF.To watch out for this loser named Derek Brooks.He is a compulsive lier who cant hold a job and lives at home with his parents in THEIR basement.Not even a bed to call his own,but will play like hes loaded and the house is his.He will say ANYTHING to get you in his van,yeah VAN where he has a smelly mattress in the back for random sex with random people male or female and refuse to wear protection as this is how i contracted drd from this pig.

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Desiree Altmiks

October 13, 2014 Edmonton 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: what can i say about this bitch . when she’s not off sucking old man cock for dollas she’s out smoking meth and popping oxys with her half wit brother and new found native boyfriend. this girl is about as shady as they come . she lies steals and fcks over just about everyone and everything in her path . up at 5 am talking shit about every chick she knows when she can’t even get it together for her own daughter who she claims she’s getting back. Bahahahah no one in there right mind would ever let this mess near a child she can’t even keep an animal for more then a few months before dropping it off on the side of the road smoking a puddle and then forgetting it ever existed. cmon dez we all know if you didn’t have that suga daddy you’d be nothing but a back pages regular. you can’t even keep a friend let alone a child. quit pretending like your hot shit cause its going to catch up to you and you’ll be back in jail putting it on everyone involved in your schemes and then robbing them while they’re locked up. stay away from this hoe or you’ll just end up on a long list of people she’s fucked over including her own daughter

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