What the hell Edmonton??

July 28, 2014 Edmonton 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Enough said. This is actually sad.

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Portage la Prairie Psycho

July 25, 2014 Edmonton, portage la prairie 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Echo Dale. First of all, Miss Echo likes to play the pity card.n”Poor me, everyone bullies me because of my scar.” No Echo, Everyone just knows how fcking psycho you are lol. She will tell people she’s the hottest MILF in portage yet the dummy lost her kid after what? 5 months? Good job, Round of applause. Grew up in a foster system because of abuse as a child and look at you now lost your kid because you wanted to party and neglected your son. Did you even try to get him back? Nope. You went and started dating some guy who has a kid so you can play mommy to that one. Lmfao, Anyways .. You can find this “milf” on plenty of fish looking for “coffee date friends” while her boyfriend is gone to edmonton. Rememeber guys. When the lights are off it doesnt matter lol.

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Some Guy Named Ross Carver

July 25, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here we have Ross Carver. So badly addicted to synthetic weed and selling on the side for 25 dollars a bag, still living with mom and swears up and down he can get back into the plants after having his TWIC card cut in half for getting caught smoking the fake weed in the parking lot. He has a fetish for dominatrix type women.  When he does have a girlfriend he loves her to use a dildo on him.

Scooby?- nik

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Deadbeat Mom

July 25, 2014 Edmonton 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik everyone knows this one. Jessica Drouin aka Molly Poppinz and boy she be poppin it!! This is a girl who jumps from Asian to Asian just so she has a place to live and someone to buy her clothes and designer shit. Get a job Jess. Now she’s with rocky LOL. Try raising your son Jess I know u had a rough childhood but you’re makin sure ur son grows up to be just as fcked as you! You tried to kill ur bb girl with alcohol and drugs rather than get an abortion and she got taken away. What kind of mother are you? Straighten the fuck out stop talkin shit on FB and be a real mom. I’m sure someone can find her on backpage.

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Using Slore

July 25, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman asked me to marry her when i was vulnerable. Lied cheated and stole over 2000 dollars from me is a known mth addict.. loser piece of shit. Her and mike are going to smoke crystal till they di*… junkies edsons finest

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CDN Gunplumber

July 25, 2014 Edmonton 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Greg. G.G. Former military man seriously messed up with PTSD, has a wicked temper, physically, emotionally and verbally abusive when he’s in a mood. Big man child when he is called out on his behaviour. We had a fight, I threatened to tell his wife about our “friendship” (he’s been married a long time, with two kids and has cheated on her with so many women) – he told me he would, “kill, if he lost his kids”. Dangerous man when angry. He would rather spend time cleaning his guns than with his own family or girlfriends. The worst kind of man who makes promises, promises to love and care for you and then just disappears. Addicted to oxy. Just stay clear of him. Since I can’t tell his wife what he’s done…I figured this would do

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Two Timing Mental Patient

July 25, 2014 Edmonton 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is insane. I dated him for a very short time thinking I knew him. Turns out, he was still living with his “ex-fiance” and still trying to get back together with her. We went camping one weekend, he texted her the entire time, told he was with another girl “Friend”…turns out he was texting two other women. He got so drunk he was still drunk the next morning driving us home and texting all the way. I broke up with him during the trip – a week later messages me telling me he was in the hospital. Yeah right. Gambler, alcoholic and has been hospitalized for mental issues. Always two or three women on the go.

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JD Mc, JimmyDSpix

July 25, 2014 Edmonton 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: I have known this guy for 20 years. He pulls famous disappearing acts. Has lied to me about his whereabouts. Has lied to his gf about being my friend. Lied to me about where his gf is and that she’s ok with an open relationship. Cheated on every woman and ruined my life for 20 years.

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