High Prairie Aware

August 19, 2014 Edmonton 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hear this Nik, this girl is a horrible mom she goes out partying while leaving her kid with her crack head mother. She is unsure of her baby daddy and claims she’s she has the best life on Facebook meanwhile she’s on welfare and her so called baby daddy beats and cheats on her 24/7. On top of it she’s pregnant again!!! Like close your legs whore your baby was just born!!! Everyone be aware she won’t care who you are or where your from she will fcuk you to get weed and money. Bouncing from Mc’Clennan to high prairie and all in between!! Do not trust this shady bitch!

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Mommys Sloppy Seconds

August 18, 2014 Edmonton, portage la prairie 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty little girl Tanisha Mcivor needs jesus or better yet a beat down. She has been sexually active since the age of eleven and was rumoured to sleep with her mothers dirty boyfriends. well now this is proof! she is dating the one that used to beat the living daylights out of her own mom! She has no ambition, she’s rude and disrespectful to her own family, she has sucked more D*** then any girl her own age. Nasty ass, fas kids. Way to follow in tania’s foot steps.

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Victoria Bryan

August 18, 2014 Edmonton 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone this whore is Victoria bryan she is the biggest fcking whore I know! I dated this fat whale. She is a fcking clingy bitch. She has been with a guy on and off for years and Anytime they take a fuckin break she has a new guy that day. She sleeps around and parties like there’s no end. She photo shops her photos to! She is just a fat whale. She thinks she hot shit she was is fcking nasty! I had terrible taste cause I thought she was fcking nice. She just fcking used and lied to me! This stupid whore of a bitch has been posted on here beofre. Naked pics look at the fat whale she is. She cheats on all the guys she with! Don’t trust this stupid whore. She can’t keep her legs close and her vagina smells like rotting fish. She constantly harasses you when you date her. You don’t answer for one fcking day you get 100 messages and calls! Fcking insane. She acts like a child. She fcking can’t even hold a fcking job and eveyone has to pay for her two timing ass. Do not trust this whore! She just sits on her fat fcking ass all fcking day and does fck all. She is a lazy no good for society.

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Daddy Issues

August 18, 2014 Edmonton 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is discussing she hops from guy to guy. She was with a guy and he died 2 days later she marries his brother wtf? She has a guy at her place mostly every night she fcks them when her daughter is in bed. She ruins relationships she tired to ruin my friends relationship & she’s sleeping with a client of hers that just had a baby with his girlfriend she’s a dirty bitch. Is thinks she’s all that but when you take the make up off holy shit its like her face is a crusty old pizza. She ponds her daughter off to every one even these roommates she use to have that she told everyone they mistreat her daughter but her daughter is still going there mmm.. All she does is lie & talk about people Shes a back stabbing bitch. Be warned women & men also she gave my friends ex and drd dirrrrttyyyy pig she must be lacking daddy isuess to fck who ever.

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Northwest Territory Slug

August 18, 2014 Edmonton 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Elaine Roach. She’s from the Northwest territories & moved to Edmonton for schooling. she’s 20 years old and still makes her mother to pay for everything. She’s honestly selfish! I met her off POF about a month ago and it was a huge mistake! She was already opening her legs after a few drinks! I was disgusted with how easy she was! She is a pure POF junkie. She has accounts for woman and men. Ladies & gentlemen if your looking for a “Quick Lay” just hit her up! She strips down completely after a Few Drinks! She’s a slut if you ask me! Her picture’s are also very deceiving she Photo shops almost every one of them! She looked like a whole different person when we met.

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Bianca Andreina Mendoza

August 15, 2014 Edmonton 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this little whore is known on facebook because her stupid little ignorant ass thought posting a video of herself fighting a pregnant girl was going to be okay. BUT clearly its not. even though the girl asked for mercy by shouting “quit it”, but no.. this imbecile continued to punch, pull, kick, slap this young pregnant girl .The main thing that crosses my mind is how can somebody raise & socialize with such a naive inconsiderate down right disgusting human being . Especially to do such a unthinkable thing to a mother & her unborn baby. To all females just think about what if that was YOUR child in your tummy, and to all males, what if that was YOUR girl on the floor with YOUR child in her stomach. You should be thankful you’re unintelligent ass didn’t ki*l that unborn baby because IF YOU DID , you would have gotten the big one MANSLAUGHTER .

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On The Run

August 15, 2014 Edmonton 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this slut stole from her family and ran away to edmonton she is a lier and would do anything to look the part, she like to think she is an insurance broker her name is layla jama [] this girl has been around the block a couple of times ask ppl in winnipeg they will tell you who she is

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Samantha Poch

August 15, 2014 Edmonton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is for the idjits who think Samantha is hot. Yeah, right! You guys been working away from home too much. Get some goddamn glasses. She called in sick the morning after this pic was taken. As foreman, warned her twice previously about showing up drunk for work, terrible hygiene, and leaving her nasty snail trail on the legs of my guys while they tried to work. Fired her ass the 3rd time. Dont know where she is now, don’t care but buddy emailed me the link for her … sounds like she hasn’t changed.

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