Trent Kelemen, DJ TK

April 14, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 11 9,890 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well he had it coming. Surprised no one posted this douche bag a long time ago! 30 year old Trent Kelemen AKA “DJ TK” is the biggest piece of shit to ever walk the Earth. Skinner goof this guy is. 3 rape charges with underage girls. How many more not reported? Born and raised in the shanty ghost town of High Level he now lives in crack city Grande Prairie. Watch out ladies. This guy is nuts. He will lie and say anything to get you into bed. He needs to get woman drunk or high before they will sleep with him. He is known as the roofie guy in HL. He has a tendency to beat woman when he doesn’t get his own way. Last Easter he supposedly punched his gf in the head so hard she needed stitches. Him and his crackhead paki father Albert rahal take turns head butting her. And he likes to cheat on the good woman who love him. He has genital warts and **V. If you are ever misfortunate to come into close encounters with his rotten member you’ll notice the bumps everywhere and he will say they are just razor scars from shaving. TROLLOLOL. His dick smells like rotten sushi. He sticks it in anything that moves. Calls himself a dj but doesn’t actually dj anywhere. Its not hard to use frost wire buddy. This guy only plays marky mark and back street boys. Get with the times you wannabe has been. Got fired from djing at Spurs because he was selling blow there and tricking bouncers into sneaking in underage girls. But we know he was just a terrible dj. He’s been caught jacking off onto a sleeping girls face. Mollested his little sister. Good thing his daughters are in foster care already! His sister hates him so much that she wants nothing to do with him, so embarrassed of this loser that she didn’t even invite him to her own wedding. He frequently beats up his own mother. Kicks her while shes down. Probably fucks her too. She pays all of his bills. Hes a complete mommys boy. He has multiple email and Facebook accounts hidden on different names and text apps and magic jack numbers so his gf cant find out about his rezzed out side sqwas. He even gets his cell phone bill sent to his moms mail box so his baby momma cant see his call history. He cheated on the poor girl when she was 7 months pregnant, with a “model” stripper Darcy Diamond. Ouch. But hey diamonds are forever, just like drd. He likes to think hes a man and that he pays his own bills but he cant even hold down a job for more than a week. None of his co workers could ever stand him. Hes lazy and selfish. Always going to work high on coke and/or hungover. Always failing piss tests. Always on his phone harassing his baby momma. He borrows money off of everyone and never pays them back. He uses anyone who shows him kindness. He is manipulative and a compulsive liar, like his mother. He smokes crack and meth. So full of himself and narcissistic for no reason. He is ugly as fuck. He has lizard eyes that like to get lazy and wander. Hes so scrawny and pale and sickly looking. Wait is it A**S or drd that he has? He smokes so much dope hes full of scabs from picking his face. Zombie alert. He likes to wear makeup and cant cum unless he’s got a finger in his ass. This guy has no empathy or remorse. No conscious at all. Total sociopath. He is his own god.

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Carley not so Small

April 14, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 26 5,894 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is a twisted pathetic DELUSIONAL bitch , CARLEY smalls / April / Sampson / cardinal or whatever the fck her name is. This girl is hated all around gp and Edmonton for being a fcking stalker . This bitch claims to be successful but doesn’t even have custody of her child bcus she’s too busy neglecting her son by sitting on her fat ass hating on pretty girls on FB / ig and posting girls on the dirty, it’s about time you get a taste of your own medicine & lay all of your shit out. She’s so insecure with herself that she just gives it up so easy to anybody , she even slept with her best friends boyfriend when they were living together. And when she has beef with girls she brags about sleeping with their boyfriends quote this bitch said to this one girl “your bf fuked me and went home to you and you sucked my pussy off his dick” can you say mother of the year? She doesn’t even know who her baby’s dad is, she claims that it’s this one guy, yet she was on the phone with this other guy harassing him for money for “their kid” It’s funny because you’re such a hoe and now you’re little sisters just following in your fucking footsteps, this bitch has no friends cause she’s too jealous of every girl around. She just has a fake life and puts on a front, she calls down girls and calls them poor and that she appearently works 3 jobs, what 3 corners? Ha this bitch is a fcking joke she harassed her friend for 300 bucks just bcus she babysat for a few hours, saying she would call the cops if she didn’t pay her. Hahaha you’re so rich right? I’m surprised she wasn’t already posted on this site cause she’s the most hateful bitch around it’s pretty fuking sad, she’s a waste of skin. She follows pretty girls on ig just to comment their pictures and point out their flaws, what a fcking loser. Her whole life is based around these 3 girls darla, Stacy & Sarah aka “wawa” she nonstop posts about these girls on her ig, FB and the dirty, the obsession is actually kind of scary. These girls never even post about her and here her whole page is about them lmfao. All she does is make up lies and stories about them when she never even met them. She makes fake FB and IG accounts to creep girls and was caught doing it a dozen times like she claims to have 3 jobs and take care of her kid yet has all the time to do this shit? She’s 300 pounds & photoshops some of her pictures to try to make herself look slim, her little sister even admitted it on IG when they were arguing lmfao nice sister, but can you say pathetic? If your ass ran as much as your mouth did THEN you wouldn’t be such a fat bitch. Sorry Hun but you can’t lose weight by sitting on your ass and criticizing girls that are actually good looking. She called down girls and tries to say they’re bad mothers when this bitch admitted on FB comments that she smoked weed when she was pregnant. Saying her baby is “fine” and she has the time to comment on girls pictures calling their kids ugly and saying they should’ve aborted them, clearly she wishes she aborted hers cause she was selfish enough to get her poor kid stoned. She even drank coffee, got her hair and nails done when she was pregnant. Cause she’s so obsessed about what other ppl think about her well now everyone can know the truth, about time this bitch was put on blast considering she probably posted half the girls on here.

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Jordan Ruff

April 11, 2014 Edmonton 21 7,928 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: yeah this guy is a woman beater in the worst way…. and he tries to mack on any thing with a heart beat…word.

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Trent Davis is a Cheater

April 11, 2014 Edmonton 10 6,246 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Trent Lee Davis has been married for thirty years and has been cheating on his wife the entire time. I have spoken with a few other women whom he conned into believing that he was single or divorced many years, that no one cared about him, that no one ever pleasured him the way he wanted, that he was just a lonely old hardworking man…therefore convincing each girl that he was the best boyfriend ever, doing everything to make us dependent upon him emotionally (many of us were sick or terminally ill) and co-workers as well. And then he’d just disappear from our lives. Only for us to find out later he was married the whole time and had numerous girlfriends at the same time, putting all our health at risk as he never used condoms because he convinced us he was in love with us and no one else. He only liked to have anal sex, that’s a big thing to give to a man, especially one that lied to get it. In the end i found out he was also in jail for five years for rap ing and beating hookers, while married and had two young daughters at the time. Trent Davis is a complete pig and certainly not a man. He is a destroyer, a narcissistic sociopath, pathelogical liar, cheater and ra pist who abuses women. AVoid this man at all costs.

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GP Sloot

April 11, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 5 9,087 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this chick is disgusting. she walks around GP in see through clothes with her tits hanging out. she is a homewrecker. she has a daughter who she is about to lose because of her cke problem. she is dating some dude in jail who beat the shit out of his last gf. gave my buddy drd and trashes every other girl in this town because apparently she is hotter than everyone here lol. watch out shes disease ridden and desperate

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Dina Lasytchuk, Hurting for a Crayon

April 10, 2014 Edmonton 62 9,704 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is the famous Dina Lasytchuk , This bitch needs to get put on blast again , shes f*cken trash and dirty. She has no self respect. Shes a club hoppin fat slob, she leaves her kid at home with her parents so she can get some black c*ck. she thinks she all that just because she lost 1 pound. She thinks she is hot sh*t just because she has a million blak men liking her on instagram , its instagram hunny quit hiding your fat ugliness be hide a filter. She is so hurtin she actually traveled to go meet men off instagram and left her son behind like he was nothing . She passes around drds like its a hobby. She used to live with me and wouldnt pay for nothing at all we had to actually keep her stuff . Anyways just letting everyone know in edmonton and around watch out for this D*ck hungry hippo !! She wont stop at nothing she is all about her and getting d*ck she doesn’t even know who the father of her son is. Just stay away for this sick twisted individual !

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Watch out for Roberta Price

April 9, 2014 Chilliwack, Edmonton 17 7,130 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out Edmonton and Leduc you have a new problem to contend with. After ripping off investors and lenders in Chilliwack BC Roberta Price, formally Roberta Cheema is now in Edmonton. You will see her at the bars picking up guys and having sex with them while shes pulling the cash out of your wallet. She also is facing court in Chilliwack on fraud charges with her husband Dan Price in the coming months. Dont say you were not warned!

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Tara Meyer

April 9, 2014 Edmonton 39 6,003 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Let me re introduce Tara Meyer. This dumb whore is trying to start shit that she can’t exactly finish! She talks all tough behind a computer or to your face but when it comes time to fight all she does is pull hair and spit, she runs like the little chicken bitch that she is and runs. This stupid goof ass bitch also likes to rat people out too the cops as well, and this is after she decided to threaten the person and the shit gets too much. She also claims that she is pregnant, and she is staying at a old run down building where her windows are boarded up, and the heat is her fcking oven!! Like honestly she goes around stating that she loves this one guy but she calls him and his family goofs. She has some fcking nuts loose because Tara is trying to state that his ex and his sister have a kid together..yah right! She is just fucking pissed at them because they call her out on her shit all the damn time. Nike what do you think of this dumb bitch?

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