Liana Sousa cheats on Justin Sousa

September 18, 2014 Edmonton 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Liana Sousa is a dumb cheating lying slut. Justin Sousa ever wonder why she leaves you for hours at a gime ? Its cause she’s taking it up the ass. To be honest she only settled for you because you were the first college educated freak who paid attention to her. Don’t worry bro, my big black dick takes care of her nasty gaping holes. Liana is a cheesy smelling woman. She shows 3 times a day, but still can’t take care of that stench. You should have kept your nose were in belonged Liana. This is what you get for being a stupid ignorant bitch. I hope your kids google your name and see what a loser you and your freak husband are.

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Drugged Beaten and Raped

September 17, 2014 Edmonton, Windsor 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of shits name is Cody Gardner he is originally from grabdfalls Windsor Newfoundland but has been residing in fort Mac for quite some years now. I went to high school with this psycho he has a known history for drugging girls raping them and even beating then up he was charged with something but nothing as severe as it should of been because of complications! He’s also known for doing copious amounts of drugs on and off work time! What kind of a sick pig would do that!? This one he’s about 26-27 years of age and works for stony valley! We need to work harder to remove scum like this from our streets and world !

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Amanda Grant

September 17, 2014 Edmonton 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikkie this is a military girlfriend who constantly fck with all the guys yet her boyfriend doesn’t know, she tries to have babies yet she wants to claim it’s her boyfriend, she literally sleeps with so many guys on the base, no one why they think she is used , wonder how. The sex is with her wide ass vagina after fcking all those military guys ? Lmfao. She is disgusting , god knows what she could have after sleeping with so many guys.

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2 Thirsty Trolls

September 17, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik.. this is a family thing here, bitches chasing any tail they can get and taking any cent around, they will steal from ANYONE.. my boy Reggie told me about these two..MOM and DAUGHTER to boot..Dolly Murase(pretty sure you say it MORE ASS) and her daughter Celina Bernard, or Ceecee L Bernardo(Asialicious) who likes the dark meat but isn’t picky when you got the coin.. the mom is staying in Edmonton to supposedly take care of her parents and she does nothing for them but bring dick back for her pleasure.. she steals money when she can so I am sure she charges a penny for her dusty V, she is desperate, so have your way with her if you have spare change… and her daughter who has like 4 kids at least, same thing.. stole money from her pimp and whores herself out to anyone in Toronto where she now lives to try and keep her kids in Jordans and having iPads so they can fit in with the white kids and not know mommy gives it up cos she sure dont work..I laugh at Reggie for being duped, but hey, he says she got a mouth on her… the two of them think they are hot stuff.. what do you think? would you toss these bitches a bone?

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Bonnyville Dealers

September 17, 2014 Bonnyville, Edmonton 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this pepsi dealing lossers from surrey need to be posted so they get out of our town. Linda nelson is the biggest pepsi head will sleep with anyone named carlos. She cant get a white man so she imports them from mexico carlos sells powder to kids in bonnyville please nik post these dirt bags so the go back to surrey where there from. Linda nelson is a sk ank Hoe bag that dates drug dealers

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Try Hard Nerds

September 16, 2014 Edmonton, Los Angeles 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is such a local try hard. Will jump on anything and everything. Sits on her phone taking photos obnoxiously. Her tumblr is a tool for her to slut herself out. She gets upset if you call her out. Lets see what you guys think

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Kelsey Sorensen

September 15, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kelsey is A Bad Whore Who Cant Keep Her Legs Closed She Fcks Everbodys Boyfriends Lies And Cheats On The Ones She Has Had And Even Give Me Cla**idia When She Was Cheating On Her Boyfriend With Me She Needs To Be Put On Blast Hard She Always Lies And Says She Either Not With A Man Or Just Broke Up With One And Then I found Out She Has A Man She Is So Shady I Feel Gross For Ever Touching Her But To Any Lucky Guys Out There She Where Lingerie And Will Speak French To You As She Sucks You Off

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Nasty Girl Pretends To Be A Model

September 15, 2014 Edmonton 308

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her name is Sharon Davison. I had the displeasure of knowing this psychotic bitch for years, and she is hands down the most passive/aggressive bag I have ever met. She’s a judgmental bully, gossip, and certified whore to boot, that has caused so much drama and hurt to everyone. Her douche boyfriend cheats on her all the time, but that doesn’t stop her from bragging about how perfect her sad life is. Not to mention her non-stop rants about how “pretty” she is, and how “everyone’s jealous” of her. No bitch, everyone hates you! She runs her mouth constantly and if someone dares to retaliate she will get her crazy ass family after you or call the police and play the victim. I don’t know how this slut can call herself a Mom when she’s tanked all the time. She flirts with all of her friends’ boyfriends right in front of them, God knows how many of em she sleeps with on the side. A friend complimented her shirt and asked where she got it from, and her response was, “Doesn’t matter they only have small sizes left”. PLEASE NIK put this fugly c**t on serious blast here! I beg of you.

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