Cocky Lyle

April 7, 2014 Edmonton, Vancouver 19 8,379 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is Lyle and he is good for nothing except for a good party buddy then a good fck. When you’ve had enough of the life he’ll drop you calling you names and on to the next one. He’s a self proclaimed ladies man and thinks he’s all that. He’ll tell you what you want to hear to get you into bed then he’ll drop you. He always has drama following him and he’s always high on something. The party never stops. Enough is enough already. He left Edmonton cuz he owed people money and wanted to beat the shit out of him but blamed leaving on family problems. If that’s the way you’re gonna be Edmonton doesn’t want you. It’s my town and I have more backing here than you so be gone!

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Grande Prairie Stink Penny

April 7, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 4 8,226 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This piece of shit thinks she’s all hard core gangster and ducks anything ,if she thinks she is going to use you she will fck you,she is knowen to have one smelly pssy cause of all the loads of cm she has in her

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Cross Dressing Allan C

April 4, 2014 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 9 5,858 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty indian is allan courtoreille , deadbeat father ! Likes young girls,and has a tiny peepee,bad breath,and a lowlife loser

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Jaylene Baker

April 3, 2014 Edmonton 5 7,047 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s a duck face sloot. Oh look.. Is that sleezy chaisley?? This bitch has no morals and she’s lucky this is all she’s getting.

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Awesome Parents

April 3, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 9 9,139 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kaila Watts and Eric Nelson! These two are amazing parents ,not only did Kaila drink ,do drugs and smoke while pregnant with their son; but she tries to deny it. Eric is ALWAYS out drinking, doing/selling drugs and over at minors houses.Great parent hey???? I heard from my friend that Kaila and her son were on their way to McDicks and someone smashed her head against a wall. Nice of you to put your son in danger Kaila; you are a wonderful mother. Especially when you smoke, bring your kid to Mcdonalds to smoke weed, and do both in your house. These two dirty ditch pigs need a wake up call; and their son taken out of their custody. What do you think Nik?

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Shut It Shelbi

April 3, 2014 Edmonton 13 8,825 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh hang on ladies. You think you’re missing the douche canoes by avoiding the lead singer? lol, Watch out for Dylan Brulotte. He’s the bassist of all people. Fronts as a nice down home mama’s boy, in reality he is in it for LE BOOTY. duh. In a band. Feels the need for gratification though. Will pretend to care about your feelings and nutritional needs. Nope. The minute you decide you have a bad day he BAILS HARDCORE. To be honest, unless youre an amphibian moonlighting as a cool chick (not a groupie, he’s paranoid of girls doing his bestie – lead guitar Alex who lives with him) He won’t stick around ever. So Fuck and run this one. So fast. Then do Alex, who lives next door and plays an actual role in a band.

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Waylon Paul

April 2, 2014 Edmonton 9 7,424 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Waylon Paul from Alexis reserve. Let me tell you a story of why Waylon never sees his kids. One day while he was supposed to be babysitting and while his woman was at work. She had discovered that he had been looking at child porn on the computer. She takes and leaves for good. He has many other dirty secrets. This dirty prick should be a registered sex offender but because of his mother and his family. Watch yourself and your children around this man. Believe this if you want but just know this is the ultimate and worste thing you can accuse someone. If you knew his history you would know this can very well be true.

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Pint Sized Stalker; Justin James

April 2, 2014 Edmonton, St. Louis 1 10,077 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Howdy NIK -I’d like to put this little Pint Sized Pssy on blast in Northern Alberta. This tiny mite is Justin James, a complete lying sack of Trash and skilled manipulation. He stalks relentlessly any girl in his life. Then keeps stalking when he’s moved on to the next Victim. No Home.. no Job .. No prospects .. Lazy .. Broke .. Useless .. The rumour is that hes on Meth and likes to spend all that free time awake digging through girlfriends Apple Accounts and Hotmail.

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