Edmonton | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Child Abuser

November 20, 2014 Edmonton 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Marie Whalen, as in wailing on little kids! Shes a wanna be gangster and thinks shes so fcking cool hitting a 14 year old girl & making her cry. No matter what circumstance, you don’t be going around hitting other peoples kids. She has self-esteem issues by the looks of it and i would too with that fat “mean muggin” face. She has tattoos all over her stretched out skin, that looks like a 3 year old drew all over her. She thinks thug life means sitting on your fat ass at home living off the government. She hangs out at the Coliseum, just like every other chug life in the city. Just a warning to everyone, hide your kids because she aint afraid to hit one.

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November 20, 2014 Edmonton 175

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Christa Rox I thought she was a good friend, boy was I WRONG. I honestly trusted her, our kids played together, we did birthdays and Christmas dinners. Only to find out she was trying to get with my man! One of her mans oldest and good friends. What a wolf in sheeps clothing she is. She smiled and is still nice to my face, thats so fcking trashy and gross. Well here is a big shout out telling you christa that I do know you were trying since New Years just like I thought you were to try and get with him. But you know what I will always have more class and more respect than you will ever have. No one respects side bitches, or someone trying to be a side bitch.

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Larraine Palzat (Black) and Mike Palzat

November 20, 2014 Edmonton 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Larraine Palzat (Black) and Mike Palzat are scam artists that prey on Seniors. If you have dealings with these people do not give them any money for anything. They befriend seniors and then take advantage of them by trying to sell them items and never deliver or sell them overpriced junk. They also run ticket scams where they take money from seniors to buy tickets for events and never deliver the tickets. They operate without providing paperwork so there is nothing the police will do. They seem to have this scam down to an art so they must have been doing it for some time. Stay clear of any dealings with these people. Larraine Palzat also operates a cleaning service and uses this to gain trust of the seniors before ripping them off. If you or any of your family have dealings with these people beware as they will be running this scam. She operates as Larraines house cleaning in Edmonton . Stay away from these low life pieces of shit!

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These Two Again

November 19, 2014 Edmonton 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: As half of Edmonton may remember, Ashley Rennie did Adam Sand REALLY wrong a few years back. Dude was head over heels in love, bought an engagement ring, did anything for her. She cheated on him, stole a bunch of his stuff and put him through hell. It took him AGES to get over this gold digging chick, and then what do I see pop up on facebook today? A ROMANTIC GETAWAY TO BORA BORA with these two.The golddigging and dicksucking ways must be strong with this one for Adam to take her back. I just don’t get it Nik, is she really that hot that he just keeps going back; would YOU do Ashley? Or is Adam just setting himself for more heartache?

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Lying Womanizer

November 19, 2014 Edmonton 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to begin with this lying, cheating lowlife piece if shit. He cheats and lies to every girl he has ever been with and that’s a lot. All I have to say is women beware of this good looking manipulator for he may leave you with not only one of the many drds he has but a very damaged self image.

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Cheating Dog

November 19, 2014 Edmonton 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Crackhead Pedos Name Is Stacey Sheppard he is a womanizing asshole who will stop at nothing to get into your pants haha eww! He always uses but baby we can make cute babies or we can do things together! haha hes an idiot! he uses crack has no job sleeps on a couch doesnt have anything to show that \”he works\”! he has 3 diff baby mommas and is mean to children well he hates kids he still goes for women with money & kids just to use them he is looking for someone new already Hes also abusive mentally physically and emotionally he will use you for cars money and a place to sleep his health is failing him and is a dose bag! hes a dirty person he doesnt and will not take care of any children but loves to use his son to bait women into his shitty world he is wanted from a lot of people I hope he gets what he deserves after all he lies cheats steals and is very sneaky *Stay Away From This User/Abuser! Ladies Avoid This Down Right Disgusting Guy He’s Not Even Worth Being Called A Man! Short Fat & Lazy Too!

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James L’hinondelle

November 19, 2014 Edmonton 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik id just like to warn you about this loser James L’hirondelle , my girl shay use to date him , he use to cheat on her but she did too they both smell and are ugly so they both deserved it . But apparently her and a bunch of other girls were suppose to have his baby’s but he made them abort them , excepts shayla is a chug and drank her baby to death . He’s a pervert who lies about his age online and is badly into pint and coke , his house is a flop house and he is a skinner that will invite anyone over , the kid still party’s with young kids because he has nothing better to do , he’s also dating my old friend jesse jackknife , I feel sorry for her cause little does she know this ugly guy cheats on her , not to mention he is very creepy looking none of his exes or now girlfriends deserve this pervert so run while you can ladies . I use to work with him at kids and the hall bistro and he use to chill with crackheads and pint whores all the time . He still messages and tries to get with under aged girls so I thought id warn you all about this skinner . Be Carefull kids and girls , he is a pig and will do anything to hook up with under aged girls

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Cory Chan – Skitzo

November 18, 2014 Edmonton 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: ugly skitzo freak piece ofcrap tell me youre gonna eat part of my leg like a steak and absorb my soul because im beautiful again, you are such a delusional piece of shit GET OFF ME BITCH, take your crazy half breed tranny gf karla joe turcin with you STOP TALKING TO ME AND TALKINGA BOUT ME I KNOW YOU FELL IN LOVE BUT I DONT WANT YOU!! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO PASS YOUR DRD AROUND TO OTHER PEOPLE AFTER YOU KNOW YOU HAVE IT. YOU DISGUSTING WIERDO. go get a diff psych nurse you fucking pill junkie take more immys AND TALK LIKE MR MAGOO TO SOMEONE ELSE. THAT HOTTIE IN THE PIC ISNT KARLA HOE ITS A NATURAL BEAUTY SHE WISHES SHE WAS LIKE. that didnt have time to crop and edit pics the way you two do. try harder chan.

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