Makes Trash Look Good

August 8, 2014 Edmonton 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jennifer mills also known as Jennifer cardinal also goes by a few other names but that’s besides the point. She claims to be a friend but the second you tell her something she finds a way to steal it or use it against you. I was madly in love with a guy and she stuck her “spiritual holier than mother Teresa” nose into our problems saying she would help us figure things out. And you know what this cunt did slept with him. She also slept with half of bonnyville has kids with just about every guy she has been with which included married men. She\’s been married and divorced like four or five times ..she lost her kids cause she’s a junkie .. She can’t pay her bills and has her vehicle repossessed cause she can\’t hold a job and if she does have one she doesn’t show up. Your thirty six go after someone your own age and someone who isn\’t in a relationship. It\’s time to act your age and be responsible .. Blessed be thy name this bitch deserves to be punched in the fucking crater infested face! Just make sure you wear gloves so you don’t get skank on your hands

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Gang Bangers

August 8, 2014 Edmonton 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was lying on the couch in the living room when i was ready to go to sleep and just as I was falling asleep the guys in the house Brain Sorensen, Will Sorensen, Kandin Dyll, Daniel Ward Chris Gunner ( he doesn’t uses his real name) and Aaron Beckett, i semi woke up while they started putting drugs in my face before i blacked out. After i came to I woke up to being viciously fingered and a hemorrhoid ( the first and only) one I have ever gotten with a sore back and a bruised boob. They had another women at the house when i had originally got there but they locked her outside and called a cab. I guess a couple of these goofs go to the bar to pick up a chick and then bring her back well she is intoxicated and have there way with them. I have had Aaron write to me that Brain tried to date rape a 16 year old at his house party. I have heard other accusations that women have believed the have been raped before. Because they are a mini rape gang it is very hard when it is one against 6. They will try to belittle you, call you crazy and make you feel insane but it is just one of their tactics. I have went to the police and reported them but now i am looking for more girls to come forward to the local police station and let them know who these guys really are, their characters and what they are doing. They are scared that people will come forward please don\’t let them, their girlfriends and family scare you into not coming forward. Lets bring this gang rape to an end

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She Man

August 7, 2014 Edmonton 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this she man goes by the name of chantel. What his real name is I have no idea. I met it at a bar in town here, and honestly thought it was a woman. Brought her home and realized it was a tranny when I saw the scars… Thought I’d share my mistake so nobody else has to.

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Hamlet Fuentes Married And Stupid

August 6, 2014 Edmonton 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: WHOEVER KNOWS HIS WIFE SHOULD TELL HER.To make this short and easy. Just like his special picture he likes to send to girls. This dude has hit on many girls under his WIFES nose through facebook message. If you know this girl its best to tell her to divorce this dude asap. This guy is a creep who likes to add random girls on facebook and talk to them and eventually ask them to bang. The wife should check this dudes facebook messages and in the box of no deleting the “ARCHIVED”. Hamlet Fuentes biggest creep on facebook. PUT THIS N#$@$@ on Blast!~ NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR DICK

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Used Up

August 6, 2014 Edmonton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Christy Quewezance this girl is the biggest and nastiest slut youll ever meet.She thinks she the hottest shit known to man. Literally has no loyalty in her bones.You help her out and she acts like a psychopath. Talks mad sh*t. She socializes herself with junkies and alcoholics who fck her over.All her girlfriends use her for money/jack her and her guy friends are nothing more then fck friends.Im surprised this fugly creature can even get laid.Anyone who fuks her is desperate for used up pssy.Christy is an alcoholic she has to have 3 or 4 drinks a day she gets moody if she dont.Shes embarassed to be native and tells ppl shes spanish instead.Christy told me personally she goes over/invites guys she meets online.The phycopath calls this making new friends when everyone else calls it putting your safety at risk.One day she will meet a bigger phycopath then herself. What do you think nik would you?

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Scummiest Property Managers

August 6, 2014 Edmonton 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet mullethead Bill Hurshman & his nasty wife Pat Hurshman. Together they are the property managers for an apartment building in the Oliver area called Parkside Manor (10220 115 Street). DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. As long as these two are managing it they will knock on yr door at all hours of the day, will be spying on you in the hallways (each floor has a camera!!!) & they will enter your apartment without yr permission! They are horrible people, they reek like booze and dont change their clothes. Pat is always wearing the same tank top and shorts EVERYDAY yes even in the winter. They are disgusting negative people. apparently they manage other properties but who in there right mind would hire them!!! Pat always brags abt her & Bill going on vacation & always about how much of a good husband he is but little does she know he hits on all the girls in the building, HE IS A CREEP. And they hide the fact that the building has bed bugs and is disgusting. The buioldng owner craig stout wont do anything about it, he lives in BC somewhere & doesnt give a shit about his building being managed by these two fools. ive heard about numerous people moving out and not getting any of their despoit back even though they cleaned and pat and bill lying about how much time they spent in the persons suite cleaning it. they keep the money for themselves!! DO NOT MOVE INTO PARKSIDE MANOR UNLESS YOU WANT BED BUGS AND TO DEAL WITH THESE TWO WHITE TRASH LOSERS. i cant wait to move out!!!

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Tara Lyne Mackenzie Lutgen

August 6, 2014 Edmonton, Halifax 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please post this please !!! OK so this nasty lil troll is Tara Lutgen born as Tara Mackenzie she is from prince Edward island this bitch cheats on her rich ass husband every chance she gets the only reason she married him is because all the money him and his family has and funny this is he is her cousins wifes brother lol this filthy bitch is nothing but a pill popping lien wine drinking slut the bitch cant even take care of their 4 kids their daughter drank bleach a few years back and almost died because she was to busy reading twilight like a 16 year old school girl. she even told her husband and ever one else she hasnt done a drug in her life lol the truth is from the age of 15 till she was 23 all she did was pop E like it was pez candy and snort blow of her nasty as boyfriends dicks when people talk about tara they refer her a the rave queen she even has a nasty fairy tattoo taken over her back .its funny because his entire family hates her and he doesnt under stand why well let me tell u this dan its because we see through her bullshit and we all no shes only with u for one thing and thats our family money

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Dough Bag Neil

August 5, 2014 Edmonton 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nike Meet Neil Gunther. I met him on the pof dating website. He was sweet and charming at first. Took him only a matter of days to see who he really was. He’s nothing but a lying cheating basted. Who does nothing but use and abuse woman. Emotionally and physically. He plays the sob story about having a job as a roofer making 60 bucks an hour in the summer. And in the winter doing pipe fitting. He took him a matter of days to ask me for money. And when I refused he stopped talking to me. But before all this we decide to have Sex. And I here I thought it was with a condom. Turns out it wasn’t. He lied to me about using one. And gave me an drd. So ladies watch out for this one

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