Edmonton | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Insecure Wittow

December 12, 2014 Edmonton 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kaity Quinn Wittow, insecure, self absorbed, immature girl that is obsessed with herself and getting the attention from any guys and tries to make girls jealous. Only wears push up bras cause she wants to make her tits look as big as possible, can’t wear a normal one. She knows her face and rest of her body are shit and that’s the only thing her sorta has going. Flirts for money and acts like a slut constantly. Doesn’t care if she’s hurting others or ruining others peoples lives. She’s slept with random guys and done shady things on coke. Tits for tips cause she knows her annoying manly voice and boring lame personality won’t get them for her. Eww stay away unless you wanna catch something dirty. You shady little bitch. Stop sending naked pictures to everyone. Random guys only wanna fuk you. They don’t want anything else.

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Jenelle Aulotte

December 12, 2014 Edmonton 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Nasty Slut Goes Around Edmonton Fcking Every Guy Mainly Goes To Casinos To Pick Up Men Every Time She Meets A Guy And Has Sex With Them Once Shes Automatically Pregnant Said That About 15 DIFFERENT GUYS lol shes a dirty native she sells herself to old men ..shes 6 ft tall acts like shes so hot when really shes just a ugly used up hooker nothing new here edmontons full of them but this chicks plan nasty picks Guys up at casinos saying shes pregnant from every tom dick and harry just so they stay but they never do cuz they realize shes a nasty hoe and she stinks …literally she does like cottage cheese and thats nasty she trys wear short shorts when they dont look good on her all her nasty fat sticks out lol like grosss thought id put this botch on blast and btw yes she has a std my friend fuckes her and got claudima like nasty. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DIRTY MUTT OR SOON SHES GUNNA BE COMING TO YOU SAYING SHES PREGNANT

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Bree the Sloot

December 12, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik …. I don’t know where to start… this is my first year at school with this bitch. she talks about her ex boyfriend who “tried to kill her” and “beat” she talks about all different guys and got stood up by one and I think its because she just not pretty. She has a little beautiful girl and shouldn’t even have her. Everyone in the school thinks that way she thinks everyone likes her but no one does. she puts herself first before her own kid. She will go buy smokes before getting a snow suit for her kid or even a weather cover. Its sad seeing what that kid has to deal with. You can trust her with anything, you can tell her and then she would go tell everyone what you said. She would sleep with anything that has a c**k.

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Deadbeat Dad

December 12, 2014 Edmonton 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Character has gotten 3 girls pregnant… and has not been around to help any of them. His oldest son is 8 years old and he doesn’t care to know this low life piece of shit. Last i heard he just left his pregnant girlfriend for a 35 year old woman… He hops from couch to couch hitting up lonely single moms cause he can’t get anything else. He thinks he is the sexiest man out there and has a big **** but let me tell you. his attitude is the ugliest thing going for him. and he isn’t that good of a lay. He steals and smokes meth or whatever he can get his dirty grubby fingers on and he is an alcoholic.. i wouldn’t be surprised if he was smoking it right now. Get a life Kyle. Start taking care of your responsibilities. Act your age not your shoe size.

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Jason Berger

December 12, 2014 Edmonton 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this sick fuks name is Jason Berger he rapped his step sister and his niece. He went to jail for 2 years. He got 5 but he didn’t even do all his time. But the worst thing is. He just had a kid with this stupid bitch sandy brule. He gets to be around the kid and it’s bullshit. His going to rape his own kid and I feel sorry for it.

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Is She Canada’s Hottest

December 11, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 159


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this girl from Edmonton.  She swears she is the hottest girl in Canada and that her body is next to none.  I think she is being a little delusional about her and her looks, so I had to see what the master himself thinks.

Those tattoos ruin everything (beside her scent). I hate tattoo lining/bible scripture under a breast – ruins the squeeze and bounce.- nik

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Sarah KP

December 11, 2014 Edmonton 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m so sick of this little girl n her front she puts on to make people think she’s real.EVERYTHING about her is fake down to her personality to her relationship.She will look down on you but wont own up to her own shit sarah perez thinks shes above everyone cause shes had to suck off arabs to get what she wants did i mention this girl has the guts to say “wallah” just because you’ve fcked more arabis then you can count doesnt make you arab . Oooh and she says shes spanish what a joke right??? i could say so much about this hoe but no one has the time to read it .let me just say a couple of my homies have shared her and she does not know how to shave or clean up down there from the previous arab who ran thru that p*sssssssy. karmas a bitch!

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Tiffany Chantel Louie

December 11, 2014 Edmonton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik This is a straight up nasty dirty ass bitch! Tiffany Best Believe, sucks dick for whatever money she can get and fcks any dick she can get! Any guy with money she will fck, she’s a fcking dirty theif! She fcked half if edmonton and b.c, two faced back stabbing bitch! She will Tak whatever she gets her hands on and she thinks she’s a “model” cause she takes pics for that creep “Brklyn” She thinks every girl is jealous of her but little does she know nobody gives two fucks about her and her little ass titties and flat ass! She thinks she has a nice body but she has the body of a 12 year old boy! She stinks like fish!! She doesn’t know how to close her legs and will fuck any dick with her horse face! This bitch needs to be put on blast once and for all! She acts all innocent but is the biggest hoe around! Hahaha and an ugly hoe at that! Ask anyone they probably know her and the only girls that get along with her are hoes as well!

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