Aimee Rose

July 17, 2014 Edmonton 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Aimee Rose. A “hard working” mother of two who is always complaining about life and the misfortune it brings her. This almost 30 something sorry excuse for a parent is a depressed diabetic know it all who has nothing to offer anyone (most of all her own children) except sob stories and a lifetime of stupid mistakes. Shes been a druggie. A runaway. A goth. An emo. And above all else, a job hopper. She hasnt held down any full time employment for more than 6 months. She even leaves her insulin needles laying around her place where she has her young ones. How fucking negligent can one be? She is one several dating sites and a few of my guy friends have slept with her and said she is absolutely full of poor self esteem and always craving attention. One buddy even said he could not believe how big her forehead was! And was disgusted at how messy her place was. Another Edmonton hoodrat put on blast!

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Help Find Jager The Maltese By Identifying These Dognappers

July 17, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 131

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, an Edmonton couple has taken to social media to plead for the return of their pet that they said was stolen off their apartment patio at Whyte Avenue and the Mill Creek Ravine.  Ron and Shannon Carlin have surveillance footage of a woman jumping the fence Friday night into the couple’s patio and taking their Maltese. The footage shows a woman in black jeans and a white t-shirt jumping the fence of a patio and taking the dog out of the yard. She was wearing running shoes with pink laces. The video also shows her with a man in blue jeans and a white t-shirt with sunglasses on top of his head. His left arm also appears to have tattoos. The Maltese, called Jäger, has been described as about three pounds, really tiny and quite cute.

Who would want to steal that dog… it’s ugly.- nik

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Iesha Brianna

July 17, 2014 Edmonton 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Iesha Brianna, golddigger, mother of two and wanna be model. The girl isn’t dirty, she publicly claims to have no sex drive but jumps from relationship to relationship like she’s trying to avoid falling in lava. She has two kids with two different dads and throws this big sad story at you, but the truth is she can’t take care of her kids. She dates guys to live rent free and makes them do everything for her, all while cheating on them and moving to the next one. She’s recently joined the Alberta oilfield wives Facebook page and is already calling her new boyfriend her hubby. Shes a ridiculous person and is too worried about her modelling ‘career’ to raise either of her two kids. She’s a deadbeat mom

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Thieving Pig Lindsay Slaby

July 17, 2014 Edmonton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if ever their was a dirty bitch who dezerves to be put on blast its this dirty bitch Lindsay Slaby. My friend Bryan was friends with her and did her a favor by renting his house to her and her kid for a few months when he was out of town. When he got back he found out they did $15,000 damage to his house, totally renovated and painted it without permission and broke all the windows in it when they found out they had to move. She even started a mariwana grow op in the basement with her fcking kid their. I was just their and I was so upset for him I told him I was posting her here, it will be like a year before he can even get the house livable again. She actually told him to man up and pay her bills for her when he called her on it. What the fck is that? The only thing he can do is take her to small claims court but she’s 31, lives with her parents and has nothing to sue for. I’m so over these stupid bitches who think the rest of us should wake up and take our kids to daycare and go to work every day to pay taxes to pay for dirtbags like her to get welfare and do nothing just because they spread there legs for there baby daddy once. Its fcktards like her that make it hard for other single moms like me who actually work for a living to get places to rent because people are scared they will rent to someone like her. Im sure smoking meth or bath salts or whatever it is you do with my money all day and neglecting your kid is a hard job for you but its time for you to woman up get a real job, pay your bills and stop being such a useless cunt. And if your a landlord and she wants to move into your place, this is the last person on Earth you should let near your property, she will completely destroy it. Nick put this trashy bitch on blast.

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Saddle Lake Con

July 16, 2014 Edmonton 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: This head case makes fake profiles on fb her recent one is Chriss knight, she f*cks anyone for drugs or a case of beers she’s almost 30 still chasing any d*ck she can get her baby daddy beats her and he’s so ugly he has to pay girls to sleep with him, she acts like the toughest b*tch that can beat anybody but only goes after girls who are ten times smaller than her this stinky ugly cow has to be blasted karma a b*tch close you’re snatch up already and stop having abortions left and right just cause the guys leave you, and easy on the beer you’re d*ck do is looking a lot like youre toothless mothers hahahahaha

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Desirae Nickel

July 16, 2014 Edmonton 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Desirae is a nasty wanna be hoe. She hits on any guy who crosses her path, even if they’re in a relationship! She has no standards and even hits on men 20+ years her senior. She is constantly hitting on her friends bf’s right in front of them! She thinks she is so hot but in reality most people in hinton wouldn’t touch her with a 20ft pole! That’s why she always ends up dating people from other towns! Watch out and stay clear of this nappy bitch.

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Daisy the Cow

July 16, 2014 Edmonton 136

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is daisy rae. akadaisy the moo cow! E towns dirtiet scum & the lowest of the low!dont even kno where 2 begain with this infested trainwreck! first of all , this slore has no right wearing a 2 piece! Thats just wrong!!!I can C the infections oozing and running down her legs from hereShe tells her little pu*sy boyfriend that shes going out with the ladies, and everyone knows except him that shes blowing and deepthroating randoms!she got more drds then mc donalds has customers& i grant ya , she eats plenty by the look of the mcchicken sauce in her rolls( maybe you should send these pics to your own man , b*tch . instead of mine! ) daisy got to be one of the most discusting b*tches out there. shes dirtier then a fat rat in a sewer. dont worry if you got some pespi or some money she will suck your di*k and all your friends , forget the pespi and money she’ll probably do it for free. dont date this disease ridden wh*re , cuz she’ll cheat on you with anyman that can put up with her stank. word is if you need a easy lay, then smash daisy norman. she has a big nasty gross cu*t shes just one big walking mattress . this ugly ass rhino can be found sleeping with random men on cragis list and pof. shes known to stagger the streets of fort mac but is currently sleezing the north end of edmonton. you can find her by renting a truck for moving and i am sure she’ll help you unload. make sure you pack plenty of dental dam, condoms and glad cling wrap. Pure Contamination! Gross!

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Pam Parsons

July 16, 2014 Edmonton 324

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Pamela Parsons, Edmonton’s trashiest, drunkest, most self absorbed whore. Congrats Pammy!!! She just got her drivers licence at 33 years old!!! If anyone ever wants to get some fat cellulite ass, just go around the Whyte ave bars and sure enough the selfish cunt will be there, blacked out drunk and on mth, waiting to go home with whatever. She claims to have a “night eating disorder” To sick to work Pumela? Ok, go home and drink. This selfish bitch takes ever problem and makes it all about her somehow. Pammy babe, grow the fuck up and maybe realize that you are NOT hot, the world does NOT revolve around you, and if it weren’t for abortions, you would be a terrible mommy several times over. Nic, please put the Whyte Ave drunk slut on blast!!

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