Alie Dumont

August 25, 2014 Edmonton 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alie Dumont located in high prairie Ab Alie is is one of the biggest sluts you’ll ever meet she’ll fck anything that moves and if you have money she’s do just about anything for you she cheats on all the boyfriends and has no self respect for herself she’ll front like she’s your friend then turn around and fck your boyfriend without even a hesitation she fucks on the first night and will do just about anything for a little bit of coke she the biggest coke whore loves the gangsters and drug dealers she can’t get enough of the free coke she’s the biggest hoe in high prairie and that’s saying a lot seeing as there’s a lot of nasty sluts in that town and she makes the top of the list dirtiest girl you’ll ever meet !!

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Yellow or White

August 25, 2014 Edmonton 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Lisa Parent. She had 4 kids by 4 different guys by the time she was 22. None of the guys stayed with her and now shes dating a guy named Randy Cavanagh. He got her very own Aunt, Tina Labutte pregnant. He cheated on Lisa and Lisa knew but still took him back. But who cares right? She’s dirt under our shoes. What I want to know is do you think her teeth are yellow or white? How many teeth do you think she has? Pretty sure she is a shark. Look at those things. Imagine licking the tartar off of them. Or worse, kissing her. Yuck!

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I Spy With My Little Eye Jessica Kane

August 23, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton, The Dirty 227


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Jessica Kane, a known escort of Calgary/Edmonton/Vancouver. She used to be huge but lost the weight and became a backpage hooker. She sucks every new GF into the soulless lifestyle. All the girls in the pics are also escorts. Some deny it and say they only do ‘private party’s… Bitch you are hired hooker. While sucking Greg after Greg these girls also have sugar daddies. Gives them money to travel around then when the money runs out it’s back to ‘business’. Somehow Jessica has a boyfriend… she supports him so that’s why he’s okay with it. Nik these girls need to be put on blast. Take a look at your life the money, purses, and other material shit isn’t work losing your soul.

You can tell she was obese by the rings in her armpit.- nik

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Beware Of Devious Kayla Nati/Witzke

August 22, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 208


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kayla.. Where to start. This girl used to be so pretty I was actually envious of her body and looks now she’s let herself go…to many times to the botox clinic that is… Either her line of work as a backpage call girl and low budget rub and tug working girl has made gravity take control of her jaw or she seriously has to stop with the fillers your face looks like Quagmire “Giggity giggity oh yeah” she finger bangs her boyfriend Jake in the bum and brags about how many fingers he can take. THIS GIRL IS RIDICULOUS! Been licking for atleast 11 years I’m sure down there can use surgery save your face before your nose falls off like Michael Jackson.  You’r not hot.  Help this girl get some insight there’s still a chance at life.. a douche or two and no more fillers your face is full and the botox is just going to.your head… .and plus size butt. So sad.

I’m not a fan of her crack… too much darkness.- nik

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Oilfield Pass Around

August 21, 2014 Edmonton 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a coke head n drunk he has 4 kids which he don’t see or give money he sleeps with anyone his name is chuck chalifoux hes a loser hes a goof n a cheating lying whore that only cares about himself

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Coated in MAC

August 21, 2014 Edmonton 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met this slut online. When i went to meet her in person i had to bail out. Almost puked. She smelled like a trash bin and her face looked like it beaten in with a shovel. Shes so much heavier in person, doesnt drive, drinks way too much, and loves sleep with dirty Arabs and black men. She tried to tell me she needed a lift to see her “guy friend” after meeting for like 20 minutes. I told her to get lost and left. What a disgusting pig. I deleted my profile.

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Thinks He’s So Hot

August 21, 2014 Edmonton 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser is Ansley McMahon. He lives in Lloydminster but we met in Fort Mac where he was working. I had no clue he was engaged until after I slept with the scumbag! We would only talk through snapchat and texts because he said he didnt have Facebook(REDFLAG!) But the real kick in the teeth was when I found out he’s actually married with 4 kids! I felt so dirty and even dirtier when he called to tell me that I should probably go and get checked for an drd. I thought that bump on the back of his dick was normal, clearly I was wrong. Warning to all your ladies who come in contact with him….he is dirty & married with kids & engaged!

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Will (I AM a loser) Buck(Wessman)

August 20, 2014 Edmonton 113


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fckin idiot is what is wrong with the world all wrapped into 1! This sick fck robs ,beats ,jacks ,steals and probably kills and that’s what he does to girls he is involved with. He thinks he is some big bad biker when in actuality he is a scrub! He rapes women regularely he recently a girlfriend of mine whose man owed someone along the line who now owes Will ,and this winner P.O.S rapes her and tells her the debt is 10,000$ and he will take a dollar off each time he rapes her! WTF is wrong with this idiot he runs around bragging about people he has hurt or disfigured or robbed and some women fall right for his bullshit. I don’t know how look at him he is so ugly. I cant believe that bikers allow garbage like this to be associated with them ,he rapes girls ,with G …what a pig! He tried to fck my friend one night and I dragged her away before she made a huge mistake. Someone really needs to teach this guy how to treat women ,we are not your toys pig! One day it will all catch up to you loser.

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