Edmonton | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Here’s John Hinkle

November 17, 2014 Edmonton, Red Deer 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik . Here we have John Hinkle who works for the online radio Bewytchmeradio. he is literally obsessed with Wanda probe aka DJ beWy who is a stalker herself . John likes to lure young girls in the chat room and flash his body parts at young girls he is a very dangerous person and needs exposing so like his co worker Wanda probe all we can say is welcome to the Dirty John enjoy your stay .

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Coked Out Roaming BC Dog

November 17, 2014 Edmonton 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this here is Kris Carter who moved to lloydminster to be with a girl but ended up alot of girls. Sadly, I was one of many. He would act like I was the only one and always flailed and feened for coke and sleep with whoever crossed his path.

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Pedo Alert

November 17, 2014 Edmonton 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Jesse dumont. He is Known for Sleeping around with Underage girl’s Sleep’s around with with 13-14-15 year old’s. And he is well over 18. Rumour has it he’s full of drd’s. He used my best friend and I’m just Putting this out there to warn other woman from this dog. He will Do anything to get in you’re pant’s. Don’t let this scumbag fool you. He has a daughter and doesn’t hardly see her. Be aware of this pedo! He know’s what he has done & Hide’s from the truth. Such a selfish being. I think it’s time jesse get’s put on blast.

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Edmonton Barstars

November 17, 2014 Edmonton 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: POF NASTY!!! Ok Nik where do i start !! Well i ended up seeing this chick about a month ago and all was good as it can be for meeting on POf . Anyways we always went out and over to my place never to her house which i didnt think anything of at first . So all was goin good we were having fun then one night she invites me over and when i get there the place smells rotten like diaper rotten ! So an hour goes by i say something and she tells me it her neighbours place that smells . So whatever couple minutes later her friend Brandy shows up and this is where it gets crazy they both try seducing me and i take the bait and all is great till they bring me to the bedroom . Were fooling around and the smell is getting worse but i fight thru it these two are hammering eachother with anything and everything they can find and fisting and pissing all over the place !! I mean it was crazy !! So these two pee swallowers are taking it hard in the ass by me and im goin to town with the ATM ! Long story short they get wasted so do i and i fall asleep on the couch . Wake up early morn searching for my stuff to leave and i pop my head in the door and i look and heres the fat one Brandy layin spread eagle with shit all over her face and belly ! Im like WTF!! So i grab my pants and as im leaving i see something in rhe hallway , i get a closer look and its a pile of shit just sitting there!! Wow !! I get in the truck and goin thru my phone pics and see some new vids so i look and there it is these two pigs shitting in eachothers mouths !!So im outa there and as im driving home i notice im covered in red sores !! I go to the Dr and its bed bug bites !! WTF !! Im so grossed out i never contacted these pigs again i couldnt believe it !! So warning to all the POF guys do not date or go near these two !!!

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Skid Hounds R Us

November 14, 2014 Edmonton, Victoria 223

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hound is a new local to Edmonton , so caution to all the local ladies and true crime figures . This guy has drugged and rapped so many UNDER AGE woman its retarded , not to mention ,he is a paid informant from Victoria B.C. So be cautious to all who come across is path . And FYI there are many people waiting for him to get locked up . He left Victoria because of all of this

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Quit While Your Ahead

November 14, 2014 Edmonton 184

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kendra Behringer just wont learn. After posting a few of her friends on here, she gets posted out of retaliation. Instead of taking it as a lesson learned, she posts someone else on here, and in that posts she lets the whole world know she’s a giant racist. (Which by the way, she accuses the dirty of editing her post to make her look racist. Nice one, dipshit) She has this problem with accepting what she has done and learning from it, and instead keeps blaming everyone else for this shit storm. No girl, you did this. You posted people here, so you got what was coming to you. I hope when you’re done school for environmental biology your future employers find your bullshit attitude on here via google. I hope they also see how you dragged your current employers name into this. Smarten up.

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November 14, 2014 Edmonton 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: So ladies and gents this Goliath sized beast is named Kayla Wartooth aka “wartoothasaurus”. I made the unfortunate decision to date her and what a big life lesson it was! Her genitals smell like an outhouse on a sunny hot +30 summer day. This lowlife walks around like her shit doesnt stink and you can find her hanging off of any DJ in edmontons underground scene. Found out she cheated on me one night and put a bunch of pepsi up her nose, not surprising though because I was warned. I like to give people benefit of the doubt though. Kayla talks poorly about everybody and anybody to make herself feel better. Her weight never bothered me much until she started to put down my body, i had a beer gut and some body hair but what man doesn’t enjoy some brews or have body hair? If you want to be fat and lazy kayla that is your choice but your nasty personality is ugly, and it is ugly right to the bone. You are a prime example of someone who will always be lonely because you feel the need to destroy others to feel better about yourself, maybe you should fix your drug problem and other nasty habits before you harp at other people. I feel deeply disgusted I ever invested time in someone repulsive and revolting such as yourself. Nik, would you?

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Linsday Tinsley Is A Child Abuser

November 13, 2014 Edmonton 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Linsday Tinsley is known to become obsessed with other people’s children and prays on the innocent single mothers who need help taking care of their children. She was known to abuse and neglect my child while I trusted her to be watching her when I needed help. Sure I never let her around my child after that, BUT it didnt stop with just my kid, there has been a few others between ages newborn-3yrs old. She also sleeps around with a new male or female every day and she will force any child she is watching to call her mommy and the person shes fcking to be daddy. I don’t know is wrong inside her head that she creates these obsessions, but I want everyone to watch out for her!!! Don’t let her easy ways fool you into trusting her one day to even meet your child.

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