Ashliee Matkea the Ex

October 10, 2014 Edmonton 217

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I had the horrifying awful experience of dating this girl after learning the hard way. This is none other than edmonton most skankiest Ashliee Matkea or also known as Ashliee Love that lives here in Edmonton Alberta. U can find her at the bars hanging off guys who act like they have money or u know anyone that gives her the attention she craves u know? I found out shes a Edmonton backpage escort after a buddy sending me one of her very first posts she thinks she’s the hottest girl ever and goes pshyco if ur one of the many men she sees and she catches u in any convo with another ” whore ” in her words Ash how does it feel that u whole family might see this or do u think they are proud on how low u have gotten ??? Is she going to be the next porta-potty Nik what do u think about this heartless gold digging deadmonton Barbie

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Adam Vining

October 10, 2014 Edmonton, Victoria 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: when i first met adam..if that is his real name. he told me that his friends put his profile up on the dirty as a joke. So i stupidly believed him. we met on pof, and talked casually for a while…then we met in person which went fine, other than his clothes were dirty and he was worried looking at his phone (as i was to find out!) but i was dumb so we hooked up after much convincing that i was not alright with it.we continued speaking and i noticed his facebook main photo kept changing from him as a single to him with a female….alright..and just as obviously, he ignored my phone messages everytime his photo was of him and a female. (so yes my mistake). what can i say im not from here and i was wishful. turns out, he was dating a girl all along, lied about a child in the photos being his cousin, and infected me with H*V. i dont want any women to go through what i went through. dont fall for this game, his words are easy and hes even easier. everyone wants to sell you the american(canadian) (if thats where your from) dream. this male, is infected, and has a girlfriend from what i can see….i googled his name as my father told me to and found him on this site in victoria BC. same guy. make better choices than me girls

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Rachael Godin

October 10, 2014 Edmonton 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well here we go again.. !!! This here is Rachael Godin aka stinky cum dumpster. I met this girl years ago man oh man i tell you we had a great go. However im posting because she doesn’t know how to take care of her child. She brings men home that she doesn’t even know. She meets them off of pof well she has sex with these guys while her child sleeps in the next room. She even had sex with a married man convinced him he was better off to leave his wife. This idiot actually left his wife for a whole 24 hours. But this nasty slob bragged to all her family members that she was with this man just for him to leave her and go back to his wife. His words ‘That was a close one bro’said he couldnt bring him self to be with someone who doesnt know how to wash her downstairs.She claims she lost all her weight with hard work and dedication but we all know she was smoking crack with her dad. She works at swiss chalet on ***t and if You dont want your food to be spat in i suggest you skip that location all together this girl is a nasty whore who deserves to be put on blast i mean considering this is her second time on her look out boys she looks like a nice lay but she will steal your money and give you a drd

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Frigid Smell

October 9, 2014 Edmonton 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty hoe, Kendal Lees is one of Edmonton’s most crazy people. I have known of her for a few years now and the things I have seen and heard and smelled are disgusting. For one i swear this chick either never showers or has a fcked up and distinct body odor, being near her or in the car with her is almost impossible, air freshener will just happen to be your best friend. Her boyfriend/fiance can’t even stand to sleep in the same bed and winds up sleeping on the couch or in his daughters room when she is not there. I myself have witnessed her cheat on him and then when get confronted about it deny it. She doesn’t put out so she forces her man to go elsewhere. She has a problem with his kid because she is not hers, she has hit him and pushed him around. She also accuses people of giving her drd’s when I can guarantee that she probably got it from sleeping around herself. Would explain the not putting out. I have seen this ugly bitch around Edmonton and she always seems to look fatter and uglier and nastier than she did before. This bitch has also called the cops on friends of mine for shit that they didn’t do. She’s insane people, and probably has a wide range of drd’s seeing as she has already contracted the clap twice.

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Ashley Skand Goddard

October 9, 2014 Edmonton, portage la prairie 65


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik & Hey everybody! My name is Ashley skank goddard. I live in portage la priarie and I have a 7 year old kid who I don\’t even get to see but thats ok. Anyways I’m just making this post because I really like fucking and doing dirty things, could be because my sex drive is so high but anyways I have lots of experience in sucking cocks and specially riding dicks and fucking in all different styles. I fucked most of the people in portage la prairie and some in winnipeg. I mostly like sucking off mexicans with big cocks, I like it when they smash their cocks all over my face and cum in mouth and all over my face. Sucking cocks is one of my specialties, specially if you cum all over my face! I usually like my mexican cocks around spring time so yeah. I love to play all my boyfriends and cheat on them with different guys. I really like cheating on my boyfriends with married man, it really turns me on and gets me wet to fuck married man! So anyways what Im trying to get at is, if your down to fuck me hard and get the best blowjob of your life and cum in mouth and all over my face, you should definatly message me anytime! I\’m available anytime of the day, I really love cocks in my mouth! Message me on facebook, Ashley Stgoddard, if your down to fuck! I will even send you nude pictures before I come to you and even videos of me shoving big bananas in my pussy and my asshole! I love sending nude pictures to guys, it makes me wet, specially pictures and videos of me shoving bananas and dildos in my asshole and pussy at the same time! So hey I\’m down anytime, msg me up if you want to cum all over my face! (Facebook: Ashley Stgoddard) …. *Pssssst: SORRY ABOUT MY CROOKED TEETH AND UGLY FACE, I WILL GET THEM FIXED AS SOON AS GET SOME MONEY, WELL, I CANT FIX MY FACE BUT I WILL TRY FIX MY TEETH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO I CAN FIT BIGGER COCKS IN MY MOUTH! ALSO, MY PUSSY IS A LITTLE BIT MASHED BUT THATS OK YOU GUYS WILL FORSURE FIT! I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND! :)

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Morgan David McLean

October 9, 2014 Edmonton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, just wanted to let all the guys know who this scum bag is and be warned about him in the community, I know this is low of me but I was foolish enough to know this liar, cheat, manipulative and downright heart breaker. a few months ago we met at my work while I was on shift (slow night) and we hit it off pretty well and a week after we talked and had sex, he met someone else, a couple months later they broke up cause the guy he was seeing was abusive and I was there to comfort him, stupid on my part yes but he was a sweet heart at best, telling me he liked me for me and how hot I was, but that all changed when he told me he didn’t like who I was and he wanted something different, different was a party goer and drug using and that’s when Darren Smith walks in the picture and I did like them both at a time but now I know why Morgan left me heart broken and one thing I will say, hope karma hits you both in the ass. PS. Morgan is drd postive

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Skeezy Kid: Matt Law

October 8, 2014 Bonnyville, Edmonton 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this is Edmonton’s self proclaimed Pot King spends his time lurking he halls of Victoria Composite High School looking for depressed art students to fck. He’s a dirty slime ball who literally smells of ass crack every where he goes. I have met kinder, cleaner homeless people downtown who have better standards than this guy. He never stays in one place more than once couch surfing or renting rooms where he can never manage to stay more than a month or two at a time after he gets caught burning property or stealing your food. After manipulating you in feeling sorry for him (I have Asperger’s, blah, blah, blah) he still chooses to do absolutely nothing for himself other than ranting about anarchy and Satan. Stoners beware! Who knows where that pot has been. He shit on my friend’s futon one time after he passed out drunk ruining the cushions with his lovely brown deposits. Edmonton beware of this 22 year old brat from Bonnyville.

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Mike Knox Low Life

October 8, 2014 Edmonton 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is mike knox from spruce grove alberta, this kid is the definition of loser. lives off welfare and steals shit, breaks into houses for money and drugs. he has admitted to having the clap for about six months not even trying to get rid of it. bragging about having sex and laughing about his sick infection. did i mention he has 2 kids confirmed possibly more… and he has not seen them in about a year and done nothing for them EVER!! dont end up catching the dose or worse from this kid BE CAREFUL

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