Cheating bastard

June 30, 2014 Edmonton 44 7,948 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this guy and his wife a while back at a party in Winnipeg and they seemed to be happy. After a year or so I met his wife and she said that he was working in the oilfields in Fort McMurray. Well after finding that out my friend out in Edmonton told me that this loser decided to have a single life while out there. He came across this slut named Ifrah \”Effie” Egeh and lied to her told her that he was single and got her pregnant. He then told her that he was married and with kids and decided to stay with the trollop after he told her. She said God gave him to her and she’s blessed. I called the wife and talked to her she said that she knew and the bastard left his wife and kids after she found out by email what was happening and moved to Edmonton to be this this skank and changed his religion from Christian to Muslim based on lies and deceit. I hope they both rot from what they did to his exwife and kids.

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Chantelle Upshall

June 30, 2014 Edmonton 112 7,830 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Chantelle Upshall from Edmonton Alberta. This fat assed slut goes around bitching at people and whatever to clean their house, and that she will call child welfare on them. Sorry to say but this dirty ass whore lives with her mother still and not to mention is a fcking welfare case. She was dirty enough to sleep with a man that was taken. Then she reports that she is going to post the guy’s girl. This bitch stinks like fcking rotten fish!! Her and her family hit up every downtown free bbq, and they “work” at the downtown festivals just so they can go to the after parties to get free drinks lmao. A few years ago her and her family got fired from a fcking volunteer how sad can you get? You can look on a post on the dirty called “Tara the Slora” where she admits to it lmao. She claims she ain’t dirty but seriously who would admit to something like that on this site. Time to post lol. I’m actually suprised that her whole fcking family ain’t on here yet.

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Womanizer Shawn Phaneuf

June 27, 2014 Edmonton 219 10,888 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Shawn Phaneuf from Edmonton ab. take a good look at this hottie but trust me u don\’t want touch because right here ladies under this sexy body is a Womanizer as will as a so called tough guy from what I heard he likes to hurt people manly women his with. I now all he dose is drunk play video games and work and troll online women doesn\’t care age or looks he\’ll sleep with anything . Anyway I met this trash online I f*cked him which to be truthful was OMG WOW some how because all he did was have me on top and from behind . But after sometime of seeing him here and there he told me he had a women and she was starting to ask thing so ya then I haven\’t seen him since. He did keep me online chatting and stuff but he never talk long . Then I got a message from a women saying he is her boyfriend / fiancé and that they have been together since 2010 and here\’s the kicker she was pregnant with his twins plus he has two more step kids at the time he was with me and she even told me that he was even to busy cheating on her to even come to the hospital will she gave birth to his babies. And that after they where in the NCU. She had to bag him to come see them . Any way I just want the to inform any other women that his with or chatting up with that his a no good drunk, closeted drug user . And in the chat I had with he\’s girlfriend. Not that she said it herself but I am guessing he’s not good at being a father ether . So ladies look out for this one he\’s no good. I feel so sorry for my part in his lies to her and I send my truly heart felt apology to her and there kids . But honey I tell you know move on. No men like him ever get the hint and grow up. He will away cheat and always lie too you. I seen your FB your heart Brocken and I feel your pain. Honestly find someone better , someone that devices your loyalty and trust girl…

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Is he Your Baby Daddy

June 27, 2014 Edmonton 41 7,572 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Robert white also Rob white , Paquette and on Facebook as Rob Baquette. He is all over Alberta and Canada but I know is from Barrhead ab also from Edmonton where I met him.. Anyway it Sad to say I have offspring with this boy. This woman beater / womanizer also he has drds and DRDs is also he’s a druggie and alcoholic . And YES he has shit cuz he gave it to me stuff you can’t get take a pill and it gone shit . I thank god that him and his nasty dick are out of my life. But the reason I come to dirty is , that I just found out all his lies he told me he only had one kid. But then here I find out he may have kids all over. Like in the 20s of kids . But So fer I know of three boy from 8 ,7 and almost 2 years of age plus my kid .So ladies I would like to know if you have kids by this BOY cuz he ain’t no man in my books. I’d just like to know how main are out there and how may brothers and sisters my kids may have . .. Thanks

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The Booniedoon Hoodrats

June 27, 2014 Edmonton 14 9,485 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Theses two girls lo pave to cheat on there men jodie the darker skinny one has a husband who in the British army fights for his country she cheats on him every day with new random men Georgia the bigger light skin one cheats on her boyfriend. Mike all the time they both sleep with any man who has booze coke or MDMA the have a little party house in the booniedoon area were the meet new men off tinder and pof reel them in to use them for booze and drugs the sleep with new men everyday and Jodie is pregnant but still does come and drinks everyday she has no idea who the baby’s daddy is because she sleep with any thing that crawles and has booze or drugs if you been in contact with this girls I suggest getting a std check

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Sloot of Boonies On

June 27, 2014 Edmonton 9 7,964 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Jodie’s is a slut who cheats on her husband who is a soldier who fights for his country she don’t buy food because she knows that she just has to open her stinky legs to get feed free booze or what ever she want she sleeps with a new guy every night she is currently pregnant and doesn’t know who the baby daddy is since she sleeps with a new guy every night be aware she is only out to use you for your money and will sleep with anything she sleep with a 65 year old man to get free booze she is only 30 years old that just gross she has no limit to her slutyness will do anything for coke and MDMA so if you got drugs this girl is yours for the night even a bottle of cheap wine will get her in your bed most likely has std never use protection so be aware guys if you Hooked up with so has every one else and you should get checked out

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Do you have a kid with Tyler Gamble

June 26, 2014 Edmonton 229 11,344 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wanting to know how many women have children with Tyler gamble. He has 6 kids known of under the age of 10 by 3 different baby moms that we know of. We want any women who know or might think he’s the dad of your children to step forward so we know how many kids he has plus how many brothers and sisters the children have.

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Cheryl Krochenski

June 26, 2014 Edmonton, Edson 21 7,846 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Cheryl Krochenski…. Edsons local shit talking whore. Couldn’t keep her fcking mouth shut or her legs closed to save her life. Single mom, trailer trash who goes around beaking off to and about anyone and everyone. She has had a number of DRD’s and used her last position at the Olive Tree Restaurant to sleep with whoever and whatever gave her a second look. This poor girl has really bad self esteem and an even worse smelling lower vault for that GUNT shes sporting. Nothing but a two faced loser!Thinks she is hot but shes nothing but a welfare mom in some used walmart duds!She sells home based business stuff on the side. DONT GIVE HER YOUR MONEY….She’s a thief and a liar! Get off the meth hunny and get a life!

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