Heart Breaker

October 6, 2014 Edmonton 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sarah noelle lying, dirty, Pepsi slore, gold digging, sttetched out 90 year old tis at 19 years old. Spruce Grove Alberta. She thinks she’s the hottest girl on the planet.. laughs when she breaks a guys heart.. walks around with period stained skirts.

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Slave Lake Sasquatch

October 6, 2014 Edmonton, Kingston 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this woman loves to send disgusting nudes to random men online. I had a video of her playing with her loose pussy and one of her putting a dildo in her ass then sucking on it. Almost every guy on pof has videos of her. And she gets a new oil worker every weekend from Tinder. They hump her then dump her and all she does is try and make you feel sorry for her. That nobody wants her and blah blah blah. The images of her naked are so disgusting I almost puked. My friend showed me after she messaged him and within minutes of texting she was sending revolting nudes and vids to him! He was laughing to hard at how desperate and pathetic she is! Ill see if i can track down the images for proof but these images should do for now. Men be warned. This girl does not look clean at all!

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Prohoe Melissa Papin

October 6, 2014 Edmonton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this whore,like really a “whore” because she does sell her body,so feel free to look her up on FB under Mel L Papin,she’ll take money,drugs,booze,whatever gets her UP nd not think bout how much of a despert loser she is.She fucked me over so many times I tried helpin her with money a place to sleep a friend to be there,clean clothes cause she could never buy her own, but of course she tried fckin my ex bf,tried so bad she even said “ill suck you off if you buy me a 26″ Loll like wtf.Plus smokes crack nd snorts coke becuz she cant lose her baby weight that she had 6 years ago, bitch face it ur cubby nd will never be skinny unless you smoke enough which knowin you youll get some other girls boyfriend to buy for you.&so obsessed with her second bbdaddy that shes been trying to get him back,even thoe he moved on 3or4 years ago nd had a kid with this chick,they broke up becuz he was a work one day nd came back early nd saw her fcking some guy nd she keeps sayin she dumped him when its the other way around plus her first bbdaddy did the same,dumped her ugly ass,try be a mom nd take care of your kids who got tookin away becuz you hit em&yell at em in front of daycare workers nd ur old place had bed bugs&cant pay your rent.stop braggin bout ur crack head dad George papin hes a rat just like you ur sis nd retard mom&is currently dating sum Cardianl who shes cheating on with my friend, Have fun Melissa livin like a bum loser you are always were

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Watchmaker hoes

October 6, 2014 Edmonton 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: The drunk welfare sluts of east edmonton, all will fuck any guy for booze or money. -Mom is a drunk who dates rapest and bring em around her kids and grandkids. -Anita (Anita McGilvery or Watchmaker) is wanna be gangster -Cherise (Miiss SharOo FOo) is just hoe wannabe -Jaylene (Jaylene Wm) is smart good girl acting bad -Jalessa (Jaleesa Rose) is good girl starting to take after her sisters the two older sisters, anita&cherise have kids from bunch of diff guys, two babydads is okay but three or four dads, fcking close your legs or use a comdom pro hoes..you all act gangster because once when some lil girl or some ex boyfriend stabs you in the leg/arm with a butterknife doesn’t mean your a bloodset or QueenB..Get over it and quite bragging, it looks sad because it happen over a year ago Loll SOBER UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS AND GET A DNA TEST, just because your kids black, and you slept with a black guy and native and some john doesn’t mean his the dad, stupid go back to school and take sex ed..plus get some lice shampoo because having lice and bed bugs plus never taking a shower and always wearing the same clothes isn’t sexy LMAO. GET REAL && GIVE YOUR HEADS A SHAKE!

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Tristan Brand

October 6, 2014 Edmonton 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat ducking can’t cakes name is Tristan Brand. She works in Edmonton for AB Health Services which is ironic considering this dirty sank is spending Gonorhea all over Edmonton. YOU’LL FIND HER FAT ASS on POF trolling for the next act of desperation to grace her bed. If u stick it in any of this nasty bitches infected oraphaces, u might as well burn it off. 2 weeks ago a number of people got “the call” to get tested cause this slaggy shoot is handing out DRD’s like candies. When confronted…she could give a fck and hasn’t been treated. If u dare bang pissers with this cunot, wrap it double and don’t get this bitch’s squirting anywhere on ya! Beware of this tainted twat!

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Blondie Sticks Around

October 6, 2014 Edmonton 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay everybody’s know mrs. Kayla almaghary .. Aka. 300 pound whale , & Admon her slutty “man” , well this bitch has been dating this arabic guy for at least 2 years now . All he does is cheat on her 24.7 and she knows and still sticks around because this hippo can’t get anyone else , there relationship is discusting he has stds and shit and now they both do , I caught him one time with my girl at a party in the bedroom having sex about couple weeks ago , this guy will tell you straight up he’s datinf but doesn’t give a fck about Kayla , I feel so bad for her . But still she’s the idiot who sticks around. , they both are fucked in the head and both should be exposed on here !! Kayla will post depressing status about admon knowing he fuking around on her but still calls him up! What the hell is wrong with this fat hoe ? He probably already gave her something . And admon is discusting just like all his fcking family there all dirty iraqiis who will eat any pssy in edmonton , I hope this gets posted so people can watch out for them !

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Kelly Hunt

October 6, 2014 Edmonton 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: STETTLER BEWARE OF THIS MENTALLY UNSTABLE CON ARTIST/KILLER!!!! This is Kelly Hunt…some may notice her from being the scuzzy lowlife hooker and harcore junkie she is. First back when she was a hooker/junkie and had 4 boys underage of 5 who she just left wherever and alone for long amounts of time!!!! She attacked a man and was prisoned for many years. When she got out she chased men with money, and falsely used disability…then she would call abuse on these men when it was her abusing and threatening there lives..just talk to the cops as they know her very Well!!!!Her own children hate her…and she is now hiding and using a church organization for charity… SHE IS SICK AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED before someone ends up dead again!!!!!

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Beware of this Coug

October 3, 2014 Edmonton 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: MEN BEWARE IN STETTLER…this crazy women uses men to get their money she draws false disability… and then she accuses the man of abusing her when in reality she beats the hell out of then when she goes psycho…SHE IS CRAZY!!! she was a hooker and is the worst needle poking junkie out there.She will think nothing of pulling a gun on you and she has on different men before,,,,check her police records they know her well!!!! And she was put away in jail because she killed a man…She is out now so look out… oh and during the time of hookering she had 4 boys all under the age of five whom she left alone to get high and party,,,,This woman now is hiding behind a religious group and taking all their charity….she belongs in a mental institute after all the people she hurt and are scarred for life!!!!

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