Jolena Jansen

July 15, 2014 Edmonton 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Jolena Jansen. She is 23 years old and is trying with guys as young as 17. Fcking gross . She party’s with them leads them on and makes them think she likes them she then sleeps w with them and bam she is gone on to the next one . She acts like she is hot shit when really she isn’t anything special . And this is at her work place !!! It’s fcking gross . Like the amount of man she has done. She probably have loads of stds . Watch out for her. She also tried to seperate the guys from talking to anyone esle including family . She as tried breaking relationships up all cause she wants sex . She needs to grow the fuck . And stop acting like she is fcking 12 . All girls who have bfs don’t let your bf talk to her . She will destory relationships . And she will act like the good one . When really she is just trying to get in their pants . People need to know about her she has hurt way to many people.

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Shawn Pritchard HSE at its Best

July 15, 2014 Edmonton 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for the second time around in the correct city, here we have Shawn Pritchard. Self proclaimed gift to women (slut), entrepreneur.Ladies of Edmonton, steer clear of this sociopath at all costs. He may seem sweet but he is everything but. He claims to be so loyal yet he can be caught running around with his pants down at any given time. Girlfriend or not this guy craves female attention (and male attention too). Realistically speaking, being this kind of person doesn’t bother a lot of people until scum like this guy starts taking advantage of really great people and pretending to be a good dude.

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Eric Gould: Edmonton’s Biggest Loser

July 14, 2014 Edmonton 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Eric Gould. He has another post on him here under “Southside Dirtbag”, but I thought I would make another because he is still up to his dirtbag ways.  Recently found out that this sore excuse for a human is cheating on his fiancee, Heather. Not only that, this isn’t the first time it’s happened! No one can figure out why she keeps taking him back!  He’s been married once before & this is the 3rd time he’s been engaged. Every time a relationship ends it’s because he can’t keep his tiny, dirty Greg in his pants. He has such low confidence that all this guy talks about is how awesome he is. He says he makes millions & that he’s so successful, but he’s a lying, manipulative jerk. He has no money & what he does have, he wastes on stupid sh*t to keep up appearances.  He’s addicted to dating websites like POF & Adultfriendfinder. He keeps in touch with the ugly hoes he dates even after they break up, just to feel like he’s more of a man. What a pathetic piece of sh*t. He uses steroids & has the worst temper. He has no problem yelling at a woman until she cries. Wouldn’t be surprised if he beat them too.  No one can change this guy & it’s not worth trying.

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Hubert The Pervert

July 14, 2014 Edmonton 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this guy right here he will stalk you and act like hes so in love with you he has fooled around on with old ladys like 40 sum and broke my heart now he wont stop facebooking me and he has a profile of POF that’s where he meets these old ladys its sad.

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Homewrecker Andrea Hedrick

July 14, 2014 Edmonton 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik This is Andrea Hedrick. She is nothing but a homewrecking douche bag who already has 3 kids 3 dif dads and is workin on #4. She moved here from St.Paul leaving her bf she lived with to b with a guy who had his own family for 14 years. Shes a trifling used and abused homewrecking whore. And I think the city of Edmonton needs to look at that slim balls face so they know to run the other way. 1 kid 2 kid 3kids 4 … how many kids does it take to make u a whore..?? She is insecure and has no friends….things that make u go hmmmmm??? lol I wonder why…

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Not Enough Make Up In The World

July 14, 2014 Edmonton 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dog is dirty, dirty, DIRTY! She found out she was expecting a mut, but hasn’t told her award winning man its probably not his. Poor dude has been ball and chained since the beginning! Time to wake up, wash that sick makeup on and see the true nasty for what she is. Ps: your baby is f*cked with you as a Mom.

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Caralyn Johnson

July 11, 2014 Edmonton 128


THE DIRTY ARMY: well it started with a random friend request then flirting then the sending of nudes i didnt even ask to chill with her yet and i already seen her ass and tits smh she continued to msg me throughout the weekend telling me about how hard shes partying and im just smh i mean shes got a kid and shes sending ppl like me nudes she didnt even ask how old i was she just jump right into it i was under aged when she showed me this shit the reason im exposing her is cause i asked if she knew were i could host my party she gave me so much attitude i finally said stfu i asked a simple question didnt need the bs show i figured id expose her she came off as nice sweet and caring but when shes bored of you you become scum on her feet and she dosent want you talking to her she made the mistake of showing me her nudes smh i didnt ask and for anyone judging me on exposing her dont send nudes to someone who didnt ask she also goes by cara lynn on fb if anyone wants nudes

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Wannabe Model

July 10, 2014 Edmonton 212

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is playboy wannabe Kara cooper. She is delusional and thinks she’s a model, she can’t even win a bikini comp . She got her +2′s and that was a major FAIL. Check out the refund gap! She really should have got her grill fixed, a nose job hard to miss that honker and taken care of her receding hair line. Instead she bought herself bigger tits to look thinner because her body is a sad mess. who’s gonna want that beat chick in any magazine/website? She is a DRD infested cheater and a home wrecker who left her fiancé to be with a D-bag married man who is already on the dirty Shawn Michaels The butt pirate stripper. Nik would you??

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