Trailer Trash Nikki

September 10, 2014 Edmonton, Saskatoon 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty piece of shit junkie is Nicole Murphy of Leader Saskatchewan. She’s been a pill junkie slut since the age of 16. She uses morphine and Percocet and fucks any guy who is around. She lies and cheats on every man she’s ever dated. She’s an alcoholic and you can fuck her after 4 beers. She lived with a guy for a year and a half messed up on pills and booze and cheated every chance she got. She also conned a guy named mark from moose jaw for money to “go see him” but never spoke to him again. This is a disgusting human being. She will lie her ads off to hide anything. She also frequents pof. Proceed with caution. She’s fuking gross dude.

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Calling All Seniors

September 9, 2014 Edmonton 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Bernedatte Featherstone or whatever she goes by. She likes to date Seniors for the Pensions. She is a homless bum that will TRY to get with ANY one that would give her the time of day. She is an addict. She has numerous kids that she OF COURSE doesnt care for. Just leaves them with whomever. She is “currently” with some old dude that is in is 70s. She has him convinced she is pregnant again & its his, lol – Eww! She told him before she had his baby but when he asked for DNA, she split the scene for abit. U can probably find her down by the homeless shelters, talking how BADASS she is, haha. She sure is a “Young, Hot Thing” lol..

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Bellamy Hill Night Walker

September 9, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Gary the fairy beaulieu. He is the dirtiest wanna be man in the whole Edmonton and area region! He is a walking drd and he likes to spread that shit around to his best friends girls. Don’t trust this fool. Compulsive liar, degenerate, doesn’t have a mom so he doesn’t know how to treat women or men! He only thinks about himself. Narcissist, and a heavy drinker and gambler. You could find him and anyone of his wannabe gangster friends cruising whyte, or jasper looking for two cent fun! Prostitutes is the way they go because they cant get no respectable women on their own…. Unless of course if its his friends sloppy seconds. Blast this jigger nik. P.s. he doesn’t use condoms. he wants to spread his seed and have no responsibilities for his actions

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Life In Edmonton Is Not That Great

September 4, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 349



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think about this wanna be Miami Beach party retards in Edmonton?  I don’t think they realize where we live and how much it blows… but they swear they are the issshhh!!!

I can’t believe how far behind Canada is… Assliction? Come on bro.- nik

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New guy Every Week

September 4, 2014 Edmonton 118

THE DIRTY ARMY: 4th time in a row here is Victoria bryan. she needs to be posted on here again. She Always has a new guy. She literally broke up with a guy. Less then 10 hours later She has a new guy! She can not be alone. All she wants is to have dick in that rotting vagina of hers. She says she is thin. She is as big as a fucking whale. She claims she lost a fcking baby I don’t fcking belive that. Trying to make me feel guilty and shit. She has literally had 1000 pregnancy scares!!! The second she has fcking sex it’s like oh my fcking god I think Im pregnant. And oh btw I love you. Go to hell bitch. First off your not fucking pregnant never have been nor can get pregnant. It won’t get guys to stay. They all think your a crazy fucking bitch cause you are. And second off saying I love you and calling and texting a 1000 fcking times and posting stuff on social media sites is fucking crazy. And it’s fckig harassment!!! I don’t fcking answer I don’t fcking want to talk. Espeiclaly to a girl like you who just used me for money. she can’t even keep a fcking job. And would call in over the stupidest fucking things. Grow the fck. You can’t expect soemone to pay for you you two timed gold digger! Wants nothing but material and time. When I fucking pay it means shut your mouth get up on your knees and suck my fucking dick. Your just a lazy ass who couldn’t even make me a fuckig dinner and when you did it sucked ass like your rotting vag was in it!! Your nothing but a lyin piece of trash and everyone needs to know how fcking stupid you are. Literally you need to drop dead!! I know you think your hot shit but fat ain’t hot. And your vagina is loose!!!! Thanks for fcking drds to bitch!! She is not clean . And cheated on me Mutiply times!!! she needs to fcking exposed!! Tired of her using and lying !!!

Also See: Lying Slore

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Twyla Not so Sweet

September 3, 2014 Edmonton 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so this one FCKED IN THE HEAD little HOBBIT. Twyla “holly” who is known in Edmonton she’s literally a mental physcotic BITCH she talks about trying to be there for her son and being a good mom when she’s running around the city fcking guys and preaching about being a better person while she’s spinning the bat and snortin that crystal meth up her nose puddle hoe fucks anyone who’s down and gave my bro the ‘ klap ‘ manipulating and conniving. DO NOT TRUST THIS SKANK she acts like NO ONE else has problems but her, says she doesn’t have friends who are girls because she hates the drama they bring but in reality she IS the drama, she seriously needs mental help.

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Cowardly Christy

September 3, 2014 Edmonton 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Christy Quewezance. I’m putting her up here up here again because she skipped out on rent and left some pretty nasty sh*t at my house. One bag smells like of rotting fem products . She is a real dirty person. I was nice enough to help her get out of her shitty apartment and this is how she repays me and my roommates. She took the cowdards way out and just skipped. Yet has enough money to party. Honestly my worst roommate Experiance. DO NOT RENT TO ThIS GIRL. Cops will come and drop her off at all hours of the night and because she is to irresponsible she never has a key and they will bang on your door!

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Gold digger Camrose Sea

September 3, 2014 Edmonton 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is char, she got jelous after I fucked and chucked both her and her sister, I guess she woke up the morning I guess she realized how much of a cum Dumpster she is, like this girl has given more rides then a grey hound bus, she tried black mailing me that didn’t rly pan out for her, so she went and made sexual harassment allegations against Me and got me fired and now every one thinks she’s just a crazy coke whore don’t worry bitch karma’s a bitch

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