Edmonton | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Sam the Drughead Mom

December 10, 2014 Edmonton 188

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik id like to tell you about Samantha callihoo , she’s lived on welfare for most of her life she has two kids that she literally beats and does drugs infront of let alone does drug deals in her house . She brags about how she does crack and pint like she\’s cool or somthing . She’s always begging her family for money . She smells like fish and is morbidly obese . She needs to be put on blast for talking about people when she’s the one one drugs and tweeks out infront of her kids. Go back to the women shelter

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Low Class Escort

December 9, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Let me introduce you to Michael Micklos if you haven’t heard of him already. This guy is the biggest douche in Edmonton, Alberta. He sells his ass for Coke and not the cola stuff. $200 – $300 can get you this guy, and lets hope he can get it up this time. This prostitute also robs people to get his fix. If he can’t sell his ass, he walks the streets robbing helpless individuals for money. This guy needs to be on blast as the biggest loser of all. You can read more about him on backpage if you really want to or to purchase his services.

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Women Beater

December 9, 2014 Edmonton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, This piece of shit Asshole thinks its ok to hit women, he goes and lies to my 19 year old friend thinks hes all hot shit then like a fucking coward lies to her and her family about his life his non existent “career” and how he could be a great provider! then a couple months before tying the knot he beats her till the cops come, blames her and calls off the whole thing after her family sunk a bunch of money into the wedding. Ladies beware he’s an abusive manipulater with a small dick!

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Edmonton’s Grimiest

December 9, 2014 Edmonton 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, let me introduce you to the scummiest guy from Edmonton. His name is Cody ( the guy in white) and he is Edmonton’s dirtiest john. This guy is the biggest joke I ever met. This guy first started talking to me via Facebook and i thought he was pretty cute and nice. He asked Me to pick him up one day so we can have sex and what not. I agreed ( wrong move) this guy is the biggest pig! We ended up screwing around and he said he loved me and want to move In with myself and my child not knowing this loser was just using me the whole time because I ended up finding out he has a gf who is pregnant with his child! His gf is a prositute that slangs her p*ssy to old men for money and she is 21. Very classy. I also found out that he was not just sleeping with me but five other women at the same time. So ladies beware of this chump and don’t let him trick you! I made sure to go to the clinic afterwards

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Corrine Paulin

December 9, 2014 Edmonton 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl here is another reason why Fort McMurray has its name of never ending sloots. Not only is this girl almost 8 years younger than the married father of three she’s moving her head up and down every night but she had the odasity to go over to the married man’s house and have dinner with the kids. She fcked him and he is a married and happily at that, with three kids at home. Who can do that? Corrine can. I’m sorry but check your morals honey Syncrude knows your a SLUT and also the rest of your family too. Next to you enjoy a beach with this piece of shit who your taking on a vacation instead of him seeing his kids. Think to yourself he left a beautiful woman of 20 years. You don’t think he will do the same to you?? Good luck with sloppy, drunk seconds! Home wreckers….. disgusting. Not to mention he was fcking both of you at the same time lol enjoy!

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Karen Gilks Leduc Sloot

December 9, 2014 Edmonton 257


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dumb as fck hotshot drives around Leduc in her leased Audi with her stupid Louis Vuitton handbags, acting like she’s some kind of celebrity. Reality is she is a cleaning lady and pays for all her fancy shit on credit. The cheap ass house they live in in Leduc has a 40-year mortgage. The truth is she is married to yet another Newfie rig pig who she constantly cheats on. Luckily he works out of town for weeks on end, and always been gone for weeks at a time, the whole time the’ve been together. She admitted to him that she cheated on him once, but he doesn’t know about all the other times. She likes to go on “girl trips” and cheat on him, including an incident in Canmore on a “girls’ trip” she took only a couple days after she got home from their honeymoon! For awhile she was after her neighbour Matt, who is basically her husband’s best friend, and her huband’s friend Nick, who also cheats on his wife. This spray-tanned, bleach-blonde bitch sends these photos around to various guys, and they are very old, as the real Karen Gilks is at least 50 pounds fatter now! Dumb girl with no friends whose parents and sister have disowned her because she is such an awful bitch. Fake nails, fake tan, fake designer shit, fake marriage!

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Shawna Sinclair and Amanda Elvertorp

December 9, 2014 Edmonton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Both theses girls have tapped men by getting pregnant. Amanda the star is in her fourth kid while shaunny is desperate to find some helpless soul to secure her a monthly cheque. Shawa is a loser on welfare who will not get off her fat ass to secure a job. Amanda and who kids loser father Frankie Phillips is a coke dealer which she is proud of this and the fact. Sluts that love drama!

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Delusional Ditch Pig

December 9, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: I thought it should be known to all that this dirty ditch pig Lynn Vander aka Wendy Lynn Vander likes to go on random hookup sites & screw married men, even though she’s married herself! She went after my husband, met him online, they hooked up once with intentions of hooking up again. Sadly, my husband was killed in a car accident on his way to hookup with another woman before he went to work one morning. This nasty twat was so delusional about what she really was to him that she actually contacted my family right after my husband died, contacted the funeral home demanding to see his body. Threatened me that if I didn’t allow her to see his body, that she would show up at the funeral! Stalked my husband’s Facebook and posted in his groups that she was his girlfriend, looking for sympathy from those that knew him. She even had the balls to contact my teenage son through Facebook. Even after showing her the emails & text messages to and from other women, she still tried to maintain that they were in love & that they had planned to be together. Contrary to every text message & email between them. It turned out that she had drd’s The even scarier part of this is that this delusional cunt is a social worker in Grande Prairie!!! Married men & women beware!!!

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