March 26, 2014 Edmonton 57 10,441 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Stay classy

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City of Champs

March 25, 2014 Edmonton 222 8,435 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik i dont even know where to start but this slimy squid is probably the most hated guy in edmonton. He goes around acting like he is some sort of big timer but he is a 23 year old that still lives in mamas house and is a broke bum. He goes around talking to girls about how he is such a good guy and that how everyone in edmonton is garbage and he has even ruined a couple of marriages with his big fat ugly mouth. I would like to put this guy on blast so that the ppl of edmonton can all comment on how big of a dirt this scumbag is .

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Patricia Brennan of Grande Prairie

March 25, 2014 Edmonton 12 8,459 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Patricia Brennan of Grande prairie Alberta has diseases and is sleeping her way through Grande prairie Alberta, without telling her sexual partners which has been many!!! I am disgusted by her lack of respect for others or herself, and feel it is my duty as one of the infected to get the word out. she’s disgusting human being and should be put down like an animal with rabies.

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Edmonton “Rap” Wars

March 25, 2014 Edmonton 99 8,453 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Graffixs, a local rapper, used to be part of the Baxwar movement (if you don’t know, Madchild from Swollen Members charges people to join a crew, get patches to sew on jackets and helps promote shitty white boy rap across Canada!) Apparently Jay Northside doesn’t like Graffixs (maybe because he seemed like just a try hard phoney thug) so this boy starts his own “movement” Mindset Mafia! Oooookaaaayyy. This goof is an internet warrior, putting his address on fb telling people to come fight, acting like a thug (then deletes it the next day because he’s a pu$$y a$$ PUNK), complaining about not being able to get a job bc he can’t stop smoking weed, yet spends money on shit ass tattoos like “HIPHOP” scrawled across his arm.

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The Grimy Twins

March 25, 2014 Edmonton 51 6,317 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I introduce you to these two little skanky drama queens. Kaira Mariie & Jayde Tuccaro! Let me start with Kaira, i don’t know how she isn’t on this site yet. She is by far one of the nastiest girls of Edmonton. She will sleep with anyone that she meets that has something that could be stuck inside her, she is recently “pregnant” right now by a guy who she only met once or twice. But then again, she has made this whole “pregnant” story up over and over again to keep a man in her life as she still continues to sleep around. She will act like she knows everything and so tough but really she sits behind a computer and mouths people off like it isn’t anything. & Jayde, she is by far worse. She smokes crack, and god knows what else; she also is apparently “pregnant”. I think these girls just flaunt about something serious to get all the attention that they can get. These girls will start a bunch of drama with someone, apologize when they get scared and then wind up starting more over the same thing. I can’t name one person that these little trolls haven’t slept with. I dated this guy and when we broke up, Jayde was first to suck him off and give him a quickie in londonderry mall bathroom, then kaira was next to pass him around. How disgusting.. These girls are by far the worst girls in Edmonton and people need to be aware of who they are before they get caught up in their bullshit. – you can find them hanging around hooka bars, & londonderry looking for quickies. Gross. What do you think , Nik?

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Britney Walrod Two faced Gold Digger

March 25, 2014 Edmonton 11 9,611 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this will be the second time this little gem gets tossed up on this site! She used to date my buddy that works up north. In the time that he’s away she breaks up with him over text messages because she doesn’t have the balls to even pick up the phone. While he’s away all she does was go out get wasted and act like a complete idiot. She hangs off of guys while in a relationship an lies to her boyfriend about it while he’s out earning money. She will send her boyfriend naked pictures of herself after breaking things off just to keep him attached so he can’t move on. Everytime he comes home from work she is just there to reap the benefit of the hard work he puts in. The dude has had a questional past don’t get me wrong but this time I’m stepping in his corner an throwing this two faced bitch up on blast

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Wetaskiwin Motel

March 24, 2014 Dirty Business, Edmonton 22 9,160 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tammy Brockman, a bat shit crazy addict that owns the Wetaskiwin Motel in Alberta Canada. No one should ever do business here, unless you want to get ripped off.

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Steer Clear of These Two

March 24, 2014 Edmonton 23 9,508 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: These 2 slores IVORY ROSE MOOSEWAH AND ALYSHA MCLINTON have been around the block more then a few times. Its sad that they have to drag a child through this lifestyle banging gangbangers and drug dealers for their drug addiction. spinning bats on the regular is what these 2 do best these days aside from sucking c0ck and fcking CLIENTS since they say they top class escorts when they cant even save a dollar made.They owe so many people they have ripped off over the years no one helps them out unless they pull favors, the kind you shouldn’t want, They both have DRD’s, multiple ones. should call them the clap sisters with drd. its sad that there are men willing to pay them 500 an hour for their company. I’m amazed they never made the dirty yet, considering they both 20 and a big whores. You can all try defend these 2 all you want but their actions were seen by many. Using men is what they do and i feel sorry for the suckers that let em use em

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