Skeezy Kid: Matt Law

October 8, 2014 Bonnyville, Edmonton 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this is Edmonton’s self proclaimed Pot King spends his time lurking he halls of Victoria Composite High School looking for depressed art students to fck. He’s a dirty slime ball who literally smells of ass crack every where he goes. I have met kinder, cleaner homeless people downtown who have better standards than this guy. He never stays in one place more than once couch surfing or renting rooms where he can never manage to stay more than a month or two at a time after he gets caught burning property or stealing your food. After manipulating you in feeling sorry for him (I have Asperger’s, blah, blah, blah) he still chooses to do absolutely nothing for himself other than ranting about anarchy and Satan. Stoners beware! Who knows where that pot has been. He shit on my friend’s futon one time after he passed out drunk ruining the cushions with his lovely brown deposits. Edmonton beware of this 22 year old brat from Bonnyville.

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Mike Knox Low Life

October 8, 2014 Edmonton 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is mike knox from spruce grove alberta, this kid is the definition of loser. lives off welfare and steals shit, breaks into houses for money and drugs. he has admitted to having the clap for about six months not even trying to get rid of it. bragging about having sex and laughing about his sick infection. did i mention he has 2 kids confirmed possibly more… and he has not seen them in about a year and done nothing for them EVER!! dont end up catching the dose or worse from this kid BE CAREFUL

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Kristin’s Debut

October 7, 2014 Edmonton 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this one here has gotta be one of edmontons worst pieces of ****. Kristin Hendrickson AKA Kera Knight of JAILEYS massage parlor. Some of you may recognize her because she is amanda gallants friend & they turn tricks & smoke speed together . This goof leaves her kids alone for weeks on end while she turns tricks. She has at least 500 guys under her belt. The funny thing is the b**** has been selling her ass all that time & has nothing to show for it lol! No car no place to live she free loads off her mom & tells everybody she\’s a nurse for a living bahahaha.she had a lot of people fooled for a lot of years but it’s showing now she looks like she’s dying. Maybe she has aids or something . The sad thing is the kids gotta live with this deadbeat of a mother as she drags them along doing speed & chilling with all the hookers & gutter rat nobody goofs!

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Invasive Noodle

October 7, 2014 Edmonton 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is easily the most disgusting human being I’ve ever met. He likes to pray on drunk girls at the bar and try and force them to dance with him. A year after graduating high school he went to the school he graduated from’s after grad and took a 17 year old girl outside who was passed out and had sex with her while other people filmed it. Even though charges were pressed he’s still out hunting at the bar, watch out girls.

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Girls Like This

October 6, 2014 Edmonton 142



THE DIRTY ARMY: Talked to this woman for 5 minutes on pof. Exchanged numbers and she sent me these photos right away. Total slut! I dont even know her name. Haha. Says shes looking for a “relationship” and wants something real. Ooook there. Theres about 5 other guys who have her photos. Nice face. Not bad body but terrible looking breasts and a bit of a muffintop. On top of that she has a super snot attitude and cant hold an intelligent convo. I was immediately turned off. Girls. Please dont send a guy nudes unless you have a brain to back it up. Being a brat only gets you laid by sorry pathetic losers and its no wonder you stay single. Lmao.

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Home Wrecking Manslore

October 6, 2014 Edmonton, Edson 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty slut lives with her mother and is a home wrecking whore! She sleeps with married men but wait………. She acts likes the chicks friends and while they r at work she is fucking their husbands! What a fat dirty piece of shit whore. Watch out ladies even though she is the ugly of ugly she still can get on your husbands cocks (GROSS)

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Heart Breaker

October 6, 2014 Edmonton 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sarah noelle lying, dirty, Pepsi slore, gold digging, sttetched out 90 year old tis at 19 years old. Spruce Grove Alberta. She thinks she’s the hottest girl on the planet.. laughs when she breaks a guys heart.. walks around with period stained skirts.

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Slave Lake Sasquatch

October 6, 2014 Edmonton, Kingston 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this woman loves to send disgusting nudes to random men online. I had a video of her playing with her loose pussy and one of her putting a dildo in her ass then sucking on it. Almost every guy on pof has videos of her. And she gets a new oil worker every weekend from Tinder. They hump her then dump her and all she does is try and make you feel sorry for her. That nobody wants her and blah blah blah. The images of her naked are so disgusting I almost puked. My friend showed me after she messaged him and within minutes of texting she was sending revolting nudes and vids to him! He was laughing to hard at how desperate and pathetic she is! Ill see if i can track down the images for proof but these images should do for now. Men be warned. This girl does not look clean at all!

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