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Grants Pass Nastiness

December 17, 2014 Eugene, Portland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this guy is on a few sites up here trolling craigslist for bi encounters tries to say no one understand respect loyalty or honor anymore but yet sits in my house and lies to my family after given a free pass so to say on one lie. asks for their help for his “homegirl when the whole time it’s been one big lie and he’s been fcking anything that walks.. yeah found a condom wrapper that said so in his bed.

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Psycho Mom

December 14, 2014 Eugene, Portland 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know you probably don’t get too many submissions from little towns like little ‘ol Bend, Oregon but I feel that everyone needs to know about this… thing. She is my husbands ex-wife, the baby mama. She thinks she rules the damn world. When she left my husband after 12 years of being with him (because she was talking to another guy), she was on top of another guy in a week. Since then, she has been with 6 or 7 in a year. That we know of so far. She is always talking crap about me in public on facebook. Getting her friends to stalk me. Even messages friends on my facebook and talks shit about me then “steals” them from me. On top of that… she gets the kids involved. Telling them anything she can to make them hate me (which doesn’t work). I don’t know what to do with this horrible waste of a human…. She thinks she is perfect with a heart of gold. She never admits to being wrong and says everything is my fault. There is more but this is just the gist of it.

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Sloots Love Pepsi

December 10, 2014 Eugene, Portland 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this lady, Sarah Allyene, is a self proclaimed coke head. She sleeps around and hides the fact that she has an drd. She likes to pretends to be an innocent classy lady. This girl that brags about being on drugs is one of the most two faced, heartless bitches you will ever meet. She is so ugly on the inside and out she has to cake makeup on her face to attract people who she will eventually push away because she can’t keep her vagina in her pants. She is also extremely manipulative. Dont trust her. Beware.

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Savannah Jones

November 17, 2014 Eugene, Oregon 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Savannah Jones is a desperate home wrecker. She will try to make you feel sorry for her. With her stories about rape and cutting herself. And act like a “princess”. She has a nude blog, where she post pictures and videos of herself masterbating for attention. Then this fat whale will turn around and insult you. She will call you nasty and disgusting. Then spread her legs like the slut she is. If you like having a penis that doesn’t drip, do not fck with this one! If you need a walking drd to be your call girl, hit her up!

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She Won’t Tell You

November 17, 2014 Eugene, Oregon, Portland 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erika Roberts- This chick has drd and WILL NOT tell you. I had my first breakout start and ask her if she had drds and she said no, and when I got a positive test and confronted her all of the sudden her facebook status was \”changed my number guys\” Thank you Erika, drds type 2 is f*ckin awesome. Watch out for this one.

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Monica Thot Banuelos

November 5, 2014 Eugene, Portland, Sacramento 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Monica Banuelos This thot of a mother is out in the bar every weekend with her ugly ass crew!! She has been around and it’s time someone called this skank out! She has the worst boob job I have ever seen and I feel bad for her son and her felon baby daddy! This girl runs through guys like crazy! She has the shape of a 13 year old boy those boobs need to be redone and her sleeping around is madness! She puts everyone on here so now karma is a bitch!

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Worthless Greg

October 15, 2014 Eugene, Portland 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Michael Smith is a worthless old man. He is pushing 40 now and has nothing to show for it but a young stupid girl and a bag of meth and maybe a few pills. He preys on young women i am not sure how he gets them considering he has a pot belling and seriously bad decaying tweeker teeth HE THREATENS females online with nothing to back up what he is saying, then blocks them like a bitch! He thinks he some kinda bad ass because he sells drugs. You can find him at local eugene high school looking for his next victim, oops i mean girlfriend. He is obsessive. He will text and call his girl every name in the book and then immediately text how much he loves her then send another text talking about “all the bitches he fcks” seriously a sick sad bi polar meth head pedophile. His only means of income is selling drugs and living off people. He is the definition of a scrub. He is always hanging out the passenger side of his friend ride…. Cuz he does’t drive and never has as long as i have known him nor has he every held a real job. He didn’t even take care of his kids. Don’t get me wrong kids get taken by dhs all the time and sometimes it isnt right but in this case it was and he didn’t do shit to get them back. Thank goodness tho because they are way better off without him. He will probably use girls and drugs and be a waste of human life until the day he dies. He will continue to beat his gfs and use them. I am not afraid of you!!! Come at me bro. YOU ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE NOTHING.

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Hannah Boo-Nanna

October 7, 2014 Eugene, Portland 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik,im going to mention a name that cant seem to stay off this site,hannah vandervort,and let me tell you,the bitch will be 90 still getting new post made about her.She has no self respect no class nothing.nothing to teach her children except how to lie, steal, cheat, manipulate, neglect and everything else that goes with it.She claims to be working and having a hot ass body,and to be top notch,but she’s just not.She’s nothing,she’s useless,a waste of space.Her kids are going to be so disapointed that thats there mother when they grow up.She spends 90% of her time hating and trying to destroy other people lives when she should be worrying about her kids.She cant get over her baby daddy for god knows what reason and has done multiple things to get her children taken away yet she just keeps slipping by.she’s fought multiple people with her children there,she’s slept with guys in the same bed as her children(note i said guys, not guy)she refuses to be an adult,i think the life of a child is what she will live for the rest of her life.She has fcked multiple guys which i dont see why someone would want her.She has a lazy eye right?but its fcking bad,like ones on the side of her head and the other one looks right at you.She claims to have a sexy body,but does that look yummy?no.just put it away and do some damn situps girl.You look like a fucking needs to move the fck on,stop being such a cunt,and take care of her damn kids.fcking alcoholic.god she disgusts me.

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