Worthless Greg

October 15, 2014 Eugene, Portland 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Michael Smith is a worthless old man. He is pushing 40 now and has nothing to show for it but a young stupid girl and a bag of meth and maybe a few pills. He preys on young women i am not sure how he gets them considering he has a pot belling and seriously bad decaying tweeker teeth HE THREATENS females online with nothing to back up what he is saying, then blocks them like a bitch! He thinks he some kinda bad ass because he sells drugs. You can find him at local eugene high school looking for his next victim, oops i mean girlfriend. He is obsessive. He will text and call his girl every name in the book and then immediately text how much he loves her then send another text talking about “all the bitches he fcks” seriously a sick sad bi polar meth head pedophile. His only means of income is selling drugs and living off people. He is the definition of a scrub. He is always hanging out the passenger side of his friend ride…. Cuz he does’t drive and never has as long as i have known him nor has he every held a real job. He didn’t even take care of his kids. Don’t get me wrong kids get taken by dhs all the time and sometimes it isnt right but in this case it was and he didn’t do shit to get them back. Thank goodness tho because they are way better off without him. He will probably use girls and drugs and be a waste of human life until the day he dies. He will continue to beat his gfs and use them. I am not afraid of you!!! Come at me bro. YOU ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE NOTHING.

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Hannah Boo-Nanna

October 7, 2014 Eugene, Portland 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik,im going to mention a name that cant seem to stay off this site,hannah vandervort,and let me tell you,the bitch will be 90 still getting new post made about her.She has no self respect no class nothing.nothing to teach her children except how to lie, steal, cheat, manipulate, neglect and everything else that goes with it.She claims to be working and having a hot ass body,and to be top notch,but she’s just not.She’s nothing,she’s useless,a waste of space.Her kids are going to be so disapointed that thats there mother when they grow up.She spends 90% of her time hating and trying to destroy other people lives when she should be worrying about her kids.She cant get over her baby daddy for god knows what reason and has done multiple things to get her children taken away yet she just keeps slipping by.she’s fought multiple people with her children there,she’s slept with guys in the same bed as her children(note i said guys, not guy)she refuses to be an adult,i think the life of a child is what she will live for the rest of her life.She has fcked multiple guys which i dont see why someone would want her.She has a lazy eye right?but its fcking bad,like ones on the side of her head and the other one looks right at you.She claims to have a sexy body,but does that look yummy?no.just put it away and do some damn situps girl.You look like a fucking cow.lol.she needs to move the fck on,stop being such a cunt,and take care of her damn kids.fcking alcoholic.god she disgusts me.

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Hannah Vandervort

August 27, 2014 Eugene, Springfield 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hannah is seriously the biggest cnt that has ever walked this planet.She has two kids she chooses to pon off so she can go fck everything that has a dick.Nobody wants or cares for her anymore because shes just a backstabbing manipulating cnt who has nothing going for her.She only cares for herself and even then she is honestly just disrespecting herself by sleeping with everyone.While her kids are in the room or not.i mean come on three different guys in a week.Talk about slut.She seriously needs to go get checked or some shit Cause theres no way she could be clean.Plus you can smell that sweaty rotted pussy from a mile away no joke.(its called take a shower honey)And honestly she needs to do something about those fat rolls.Maybe something called a gym?but hey she probably doesn’t even know what that is.sad….Anyways shes pretty much alone,shes fcked everyone over ,which is why NOBODY(and i mean nobody)likes her.even her friends she thinks she has,lol,really don’t like her.and any man that is willing to get with her,don’t ever give a shit,they just know shes easy as fck.Also,she claims shes classy,but does she look classy?that is on Facebook,probably with her kids on the ground crying for mommy’s attention while she decides to take disgusting pictures.she shouldn’t be taking any at all actually,she looks like and ogre from Shrek or some shit.She can stare at you with one eye,and watch the food cook on the stove AT THE SAME TIME.lol.GO HOME HANNA NOONE WANTS YOU.

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Tinder Tramp

August 12, 2014 Eugene, Oregon 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Reba Tolles. Between the bros and I we refer to her as tinder or quick stick…because this girl spends more time playing with the stick of any male who gives her the time of day than the LAX sticks she poses so much with. I met her about 5 months ago on the app called tinder, after talking a few weeks I finally got lucky. Luck wasn’t that tough though, this girl only needed a few beers to create sin (heads up for those who met her on tinder). little does she know that my homie was also talking to her on the app,and she became the joke of our house and our crew. Who else aims for the easiest looking girl in the room? If you see her out and about you can identify her by her “I’m smart but I’ll act stupid” for attention gig, or by her un maintained hair…I even offered to let her use my comb when she stayed at my house and she denied. She’s easily fcked over 10 guys just from tinder, I’d hate to imagine the number counting the ones who she allowed to slide it in at the parties she’s always at. In a bikini she has a camel toe..probably cause the meat curtain she has hanging inside from all the dicks smashing her. Don’t let her good girl act fool you, this girl has some serious daddy issues. Talk to anyone who knows her and they will say she has a pretty smile, but once she thinks you’re interested she will start talking with the brains of a 6th grader. Her bff ash is a cut..never let her double date your homie + she smiles like she suffers from constipation.

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Heather “DiscoDoll” Hewitt

August 11, 2014 Eugene 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, although she is quite fine and enjoyable….. everyone has something to hide. Well Nik and Oregon… Here’s Heather!! She always seemed sweet but never knew she did this kind of thing. Also, these were done while still dating her current boyfriend! Sucks for him…. now everyone can see her bare all instead of watching dance as an amateur “GoGo” dancer….. ha they’re all amateurs anyways. She goes by Aubree” on there.  I think she looks good buuuut getting handled by the nasty dudes on the site is kind of a downer and makes her look less attractive. What do you think Nik?! Is she a dime or just another raver girl that will be used up soon and go in to full on porn?

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He’ll gut you like a Catfish

August 11, 2014 Eugene, Portland 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Donavan Charles LaCost also known as Donavan Purdy on FB and many dating and hook up sites is Jackle and Hyde. He finds women to date so he can use they’re cars, take they’re money, he hangs out with girls to steal their foodstamp cards, and he dates women with children to have an excuse to give his grandparents as to why they have to hand him a job or whatever he wants. He instantly instills in young children that he wants to be their dad, then when he’s done using you for whatever he needed to do he will abruptly leave. He tells everyone that he is sterile, but this is a lie. I don’t doubt that he has kids walking around and that hundreds (not exaggerating) of the underage girls he has sex with (he’s about to be 20) have all had to probably subject themselves to abortions. He lives in Eugene, Oregon and Junction City. He also has and wants to continue to live in Chicago, Illinois where he used a construction company owners daughter for money and a job, he fucked her mother/his wife when everyone was gone as well, the daughter is Ashley Brusseau and that is the name on the company. He smokes and shoots up meth, it\’s his favorite thing to do other than manipulate under aged girls and joke about fucking them and stealing from them. He will convince you of anything and like a light switch completely flip. He says it all started when he moved out of his grandma\’s at 16 and had to do grown up stuff. He doesn’t want to grow up, he wants to continue to shack up, steal, and defile.

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Nicknames Tuna

August 8, 2014 Eugene, Portland 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Koda Ellis, better known as Tuna. Her mugshot below was for possession of meth and the other picture shows her proudly smoking weed..which she posted on Facebook. This ratchet has a baby and doesn’t even know who the baby’s daddy is. She has the DIRTIEST PUSS in Oregon hands down and refuses to get tested. I have had two of my homies tell me when they fingered her they pulled out there (3-4!!) fingers and it was a greenish tint that REEKED of tuna. This girl is the definition of trailer trash and cares more about drugs then her own child, whom she doesn’t even take care of anymore!

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Raver Tylor Parris

August 8, 2014 Eugene, Portland 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tylor Parris has been on Eugene’s Craigslist too many times to count. This kid just turned 21 this year and has already slept with over 50 dudes in the local area. He is one of the dirties druggies around, literally willing to do any type of rave drug he can get his hands on. This kid uses every single person in his life. The last three homes he has lived in he has not paid rent ONCE nor has he ever paid any of the bills that were racked up when he lived with them either. This fool has never held down a job longer than two weeks and expects everyone to cater to him. He sucks dick for money on the regular to help fuel his rave/party addiction which, as I mentioned earlier, he advertises on craigslist. This nasty ginger actually spread SHIT and PISS on the inside of his last room mates house after he moved out…not to mention he stole all the kid\’s electronics before making a hasty exit. This kid has stolen and lied to a ridiculous amount of his friends and family to the point where he has ONE friend left. BEWARE!

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