Eugene Thottie

July 3, 2014 Eugene, Oregon 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty skank is Laura Cooper, or if you go to The Brick House “Athena”. Yeah this homewrecking little slut is a STRIPPER who would have thought?! She was best friends with a girl, and then turned right around and started messing with her “Best friends” babies dad! What a fcking friend right? Even more weird, Laura says her boyfriend plays pool, WHILE she is STRIPPING at The Brick House. SICK! They are a different kind of twisted. Laura recently has been booted out of her house for sleeping around with her children’s father’s roommate on top of that. What kind of skank sleeps with their babies dad’s roommate?! This girl. As you can tell, Laura is a fat monsterous whale, so you can’t imagine that she makes very much money stripping! Rumor has it she offers up her tinkle taco to guys for money, but no one buys it! Weeeeeeeeird. Laura is a liar, an attention whore, and a pitiful sorry ass excuse for a mother. She has not had a LEGIT job since like 4 years ago. She literally makes everyone else take care of her. She hasn’t had much of a REAL place of her own, cause everyone kicks her out, and now she lives in her car with her retarded ass woman abuser boyfriend and kids. And for fun, they go and pitch a tent cause in all actuality they have no where else to go. Beings Laura likes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much attention, I figured here was a good start to get that ball moving for her.. Toodles”Sexual Lolo” it was fun while it lasted  –Booboo

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Grace Carroll

July 1, 2014 Eugene 1




THE DIRTY ARMY: This whale. Thiks she a model. Nik what do you think? Whale wars #2 Grace carroll-anderson your a busted bitch

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Beware of this Casual Encounter

June 12, 2014 Eugene, Oregon 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is a regular on casual encounter of Eugene/Springfield Oregon CL so be careful. He targets young college girls from 20 to 23 and wants to sleep with as many young girls as possible. He will send you a similar emails like the picture attached below saying that his name is Blake, but that is not his actual name. He is also not 25 but 31 years and lives in west Eugene. No, he doesn’t respect you at all but manipulate you into having sex and anal sex without protections. He will do and say anything to get into the girl pants and as soon as he does, he treats them like cheap whores. Also, he has a huge ego and might appear really confident but he has insecurities about his size so he will be extremely aggressive in bed. He is actually under 5 inches and his tool is dirty, he had sex with hookers, prostitutes, strippers etc… And he will become incredibly sour and bitter if you don\’t want to have sex. Save yourself!

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Grace Carroll-Anderson

June 10, 2014 Eugene, Portland 55


THE DIRTY ARMY: this girl is so ugly and she’s been dieting for over 2 years. she cheats on her bf and then leaves them for a younger guy. she’s 26 and dating a kid who just turned 21. huh nasty! what do you think? PS LOOK AT THAT GUT. 5’3″ NO REASON TO MODEL TRASHY BITCH!!

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Cottage Grove hottie

April 25, 2014 Eugene, Oregon, Portland 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here I have Corrin Day from Cottage Grove, Oregon. I’d love to hear your opinion of her, because she somehow gets married men to sleep with her.

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Ginger Tranny Tony Robinson

April 7, 2014 Eugene, Portland 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch is the biggest nastiest whore in the world! She had the best man in town, Tony Robinson. All she did was sleep with every single one of his friends. She is a black dick tossed up whore! Tony took care of her payed for everything. All her bills took care of her bastard children. She didn’t do shit for him. All she did was use him and cheat on him every single day. She accused him and made his life miserable while he treated her like a queen! He finally kicked her ass to the ditch where she belongs! She spreads drd’s she’s nasty fat ugly disgusting piece of trash! She’s a drug addict. Me*h c(ke whatever she can get her hands on! She’s out at the bars every single night fcking a new guy! At least trying cuz nobody wants her disgusting ugly ass! She doesnt take care of her fucked up kids! Her son has been taken from her twice! Her daughter is a piece of shit black n……! Her son is ugly n fucking retarded cuz all she does is a bunch of drugs! She thinks she hard and can fight cuz she’s fat! She has never been in a fight and if she did she would get her ass kicked! All she does is try and find dudes that will pay her bills n pay for everything cuz she is such a loser and can’t pay her own way!!! She pawns her fucked up ugly retarded kids off on her family and anyone she can so she can go out and do drugs and find a guy to fck! NOBODY LIKES HER!!! She had a best friend that took her in and took care of her n payed for everything in her life and Sarah didn’t ever pay for shit! Then she fcked the man her best friend was in love with! Fcking piece of shit!! Stay out of the bars get off the drugs and stay off of dick and take care of your retarded son and piece of shit black daughter you fcking drugged out whore! Thank god Tony left your ugly fat black dick tossed up ass!!! HE WAS WAY TOO GOOD FOR YOU!!

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Never Ending Ex

March 6, 2014 Eugene, Oregon, Oregon State 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ginger skank attempts fool everyone by dying her hair and eyebrows bleach blonde, this is probably so people won’t gag at the sight of this ghostly giger with almost transluscent skin almost completely covered in freckles. This down home slut moved from Oregon to Texas to spread her legs where “everything is bigger”. What is obvious is how completely busted this girls face is…lets be honest her parents should have put a condom on that drunk night. This pathetic little bitch got dumped over two years ago and still could not get over her ex boyfriend. Stooping as low as sending saggy titted nude after nude when he had a gf, trying to lure him back into her tatted sausage arms. She was rejected of course, taking pathetic to a new low. As for the taken women in Texas, watch your man because this ginger two-faced snake has no qualms with throwing herself at taken men.

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Jared Hamilton

February 21, 2014 Eugene, Portland 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jared Hamilton is a liar and cheater, You can catch him on Plentyoffish, craigslist and local bars. He will treat you like a princess until he has you hooked then he will talk to other women behind your back, Cheat, straight out lie to your face. HE claims to be a good christian man but in fact is nothing more than a guy who preys on women. He will use you until you leave or have nothing left. He took his ex’s money and tv. He also gave his girlfriend an std. He is a biker and thinks that makes him better than everyone else. He yells at his kid constantly. He drinks all the time, if you go to his house you will see that he does nothing but live in filth and drink all the time. His favorite pass time besides using women is to smoke weed. His boss doesn’t care, his church doesn’t care. He thinks that he has everyone around him fooled… and he does. I want to warn the women of Eugene and Springfield to stay away from this guy. He will suck the life out of you. I let him live at my house for months and he never paid me and moved out abruptly with no payment or offer of a later payment. He stole from me and wrecked the place. He would have girls out all the time while his girlfriend was at home. He is a low life. He has an ex wife who he claims is a stalker but i have never seen her.

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