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Joshua Jablinske

July 24, 2014 Fargo, Minnesota 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Mr. Joshua Jablinske. He is a 29 year old washed up loser who is a menace to the Fargo/Grand Forks ND and Thief River Falls MN area. This man can’t keep a job, has 3 daughters of which he has custody of none (he doesn’t pay child support either). He is also a known wife beater (he beat her multiple times, even when she was pregnant) and is a cheater (he likes them still in high school). This man is a narcissistic liar. He often tells women that he is some great MMA fighter, when in fact he has not fought in many years and he sucked when he did. He is a leech on society and will take advantage of anyone. He is well known to sleep with women in exchange for a place to stay and to be taken care of and he even managed to get an STD this way. Seriously someone needs to shut this man down. I can’t take one more fake ass post about how he is such a great dad and person. He belongs behind bars which is where I’m sure he will end up.

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Miss USA 2013 Will Be An Exciting One

April 24, 2013 Fargo, Lexington, The Dirty 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Ever since I started reading TheDirty I always see if I can find a chick who is up to your standards. The Miss USA headshots were released today and these two flawless blondes are part of the group… just your sh*t. The first pic is of Stephanie Erickson from ND and the second is of Allie Leggitt from KY. Allie is a 19 year old waitress going to community college… I could see her falling into the life of a porta-potty pretty easily after the pageant.

I’m Team Kentucky. Go Allie!!!- nik

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Can’t Stop Talking About Herself

January 3, 2013 Fargo, Minneapolis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. Huge fan of your site. Anyway, just thought I would help contribute by sharing my recent annoyance of overtly confident bitches. This girl is from Minnesota and moved to California. Her name is Pamela Xiong and she claims she moved to California for work but I think she is there for herself to make it as a “star”. She is constantly talking about how AMAZING she is; based on her posts, there’s isn’t a damn thing that she isn\’t AMAZING at (cooking, cleaning, wrapping gifts, fcking, getting men, getting attention, etc.), and how she is a life saver, yet, no one knows what she does for work. I don’t think this broad even knows what the word HUMBLE means. It’s definitely not in her vocabulary. Here’s an example of what she posts EVERYDAY on Facebook: “Fellas, even though I’d hold it down for you, and weather all your storms with just as much grace and passion as I do with all the other things I mentioned above; THE WAY ONLY A WOMAN OF MY CALIBUR KNOWS HOW (and nah, it ain’t internet self-hype, been tried, tested and done did it), I’m sorry that I don’t have time to fuss over you over the petty things that the other girls do; the way that you would want me to. And girls, I’m sorry that I can’t be the epitome of the average cliché you would like to see me be. So I’ll just continue on my save the world crusade while you whisper in the background (and take notes).”-Courtesy of her facebook -So what does she do exactly? No one really knows. I think she works odd jobs here and there, brags about how amazing she is, how she doesn’t need a man but talks about nothing but men and lives in a messy bedroom. What do you think Nik? Is she really ALL that she brags to be? And is she secretly a doctor saving lives and we\’re just not aware?

Quit sucking in and clean your room.- nik

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Michaela Fuchs Marmarth North Dakota Pastime Bar

December 4, 2012 Fargo 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Introducing you the BIGGEST WHORE In north dakota. she has been pregnant 3 times, by three different men, she grew up in richardton, shes a nasty gold diggin big nose whore. she works at the past time bar right in marmath north dakota.. she works as a WHORE and bartender raking in any LONLEY married man thats workin for the oil field.. watch out boys..shes been doin this for years..shes still hangin around with her fat little worn out whore legs wide open smellin like rotten chicken..shes a LIEING LITTLE WHORE.?? shes a sick little midget cock suckijn WHORE..her clit is so streched out,its nasty.. SHE I NASTY.. if ur man is workin the oil field in marmath, watch out.. she is there becuz she loves to be surrounded my men.. ?? shes a sick little midget cock suckijn WHORE..she loves money.. warn these guys about her.. shes nasty.. and she dont wear condoms so she can PURPOSly get pregnant and collect child support.. [removed] .she made some guy pay for her boob job in black mail or else she would tell his wife they fuked..she thinks because shes blonde, that makes her hot.. shes a DUMB GIRL and nothing helps..

There’s something missing here.  Why’s she so concerned about covering her neck>- nik

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Trashy Trio

April 16, 2012 Fargo 5

Skank, Dyke, and TRICK!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these girls think they’re they hottest shit ever! obviously, either their blind or need a reality check. One, furthest girl on the right needs to get a gym membership and a face lift to say the least. Two, girl in the middle..god only knows what was going thru your head when you got that haircut , maybe you should just have a sex change and call it a day. Also, pull down your shirt and wear looser spandex, i can see the outline of your di*k. And three, you need to get your head out of your *ss and stop posing, you have potential but its dissipated to say the least, and stop trying so hard to poke out your boobs sk*nk. These girls are PSYCHO. They need a reality check..someone please give it to them!

Three girls and three different attempts at hiding their thighs.  They all failed.- nik

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall Im The Hottest Of Them All

November 22, 2011 Fargo 4

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Im the hottest of them all!!!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Im the hottest of them all!!!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Im the hottest of them all!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Mrs.Piggy aka pot bellied pig aka Krystina Laraway. I had add her on fb but deleted her cause this b*tch got on my nerves with her annoying conceited posts! This chick right here BRAGS about how her “daddy” is the owner of some multi million dollar business on her bf I mean Fiance fb(what kind of fiance proposes without a ring, lmfao!) tryna come out like she some big bad hot rich bitch!! hahaha far from it, first of all let me say her dad don’t own sh*t, he some regular b*tch working for someone, earning that salary like most americans out there, she must wake up every morning n have snow whites step mother mirror in order for her not to see how her parents done f*cked her up, second of all let me qoute…lol “that awkward moment from the lady in the dressing room saying “you have such a small waist but a big butt” she thinks she is sooooo freaken hott!! What is so hot about being short, fat, full of cellulite, bigger love handles than her man? She also has no chin, a f*cked up grill, fried up hair, one eye bigger than the other, nasty *ss freckles on her face, sh*t not even plastic surgery can fix plain ugly, it’s only a face a mother can love LMFAO saying how she hate how all these americans are over weight but just her double chin out weighs her body lol. She looks like a chipmunk who swallowed her own damn chin lol her and her wannabe rapper b/f have this lame *ss reality tv show on youtube “chicagostyles23″ you DA ppls can just see her ugly personality their and enjoy!” Well nik why dont you judge this piece of sh*t! And tell me what you think of this dumb b*tch?

Not you, you look like your dog.- nik

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The Brown Eyed Beauty

October 11, 2011 Fargo 11

The brown eye'd beauty...

The brown eye'd beauty...

The brown eye'd beauty...

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think I have discovered your brunette beauty right here. This girl has a good smile, nice teeth, and deep amazing eye’s. She is 21 and has AMAZING legs any of us guys would die to touch. I use to go to high school with her and in all honesty she is seemed to truly be down to earth and sweet. The only dirt I got on this girl is she has a son now. Not to mention that she was pretty shy back in the High School days. She is tall with legs that go to heaven!!!!!! She always has a great real tan because I know she has some indian in her. I had a serious man crush on this cutie all threw high school. She always smells wonderful and looks hot. She use to be a blonde but went dark and I gotta say I personally love the change. I gotta know Nik, is she the brunette for you too?

At first I thought that her forehead was photoshopped to look funny and now I realized it’s natural. That’s just sad.- nik 

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How Is He Not Gay

July 15, 2011 Fargo, The Dirty 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this young fellow needs a spanking, scratch that he’ll probably like that.  Drew Holloway, what can i say about this guy…this ladies pimp thinks hes exactly that, a pimp.  He prances around in a lot of tight questionable outfits, the guy used to have long highlighted hair which he combed out like a f*g.  Anyways guys been getting on my nerves lately trying to hit on some of my friends, I did a quick search of this dude and look what I found…Nik give this f*g a clue, nobody wants to sleep with him.

Dude, you live in Fargo… even the animals want to sleep with him.- nik

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