Bart Deadbeat Father

April 7, 2014 Fort Mcmurray, Halifax, Kelowna 26 6,406 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy named Bart is a compulsive lier, cheat and theif. All ladies and guys beware of this douch bag. If given the opportunity he will rob you blind. He stole so many tools from me, borrowed thousands and will not pay back. He is also the worlds biggest dead beat father, he has two sons he abandoned in the philippines and has not paid a cent towards child support for the last 15yrs. And ladies so you know he will try sweet talk you, devote all his attention to you, sing songs to you, and act like he is jelous, but beware he is only trying to get in with you, so he can get any monetary gain from you. He is currently working on a pig by the name of tanya, she is extremely unpleasant to look upon, that is why she is so gullable, as it is obvious looking at her she does not get much male attention. But ladies so you are aware, he is the deadest fck in the world, Ive seen 4 year old boys that are hung bigger than him, and you will be lucky if he lasts 3 minitues, so don’t waste your time on this douch bag, or you will be laying looking at the celing while he is on top of ya, singing mick jagger’s song ” I cant Get no Satisfaction.” He thinks he is the ladies man, beware ladies, all he will do is lie, and try to get what ever monetary item he can from you.

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Cross Dressing Allan C

April 4, 2014 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 10 5,858 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty indian is allan courtoreille , deadbeat father ! Likes young girls,and has a tiny peepee,bad breath,and a lowlife loser

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Maryann Tachado Sleeps with Married Men

March 24, 2014 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 255 9,982 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Maryann Tachado she has been sleeping with my husband and sending him pictures.Can’t you go back to your country and stop being a home wrecker. He told me everything and I found your pictures on his phone nice…. I hope your happy for all this.

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Richard Whittaker is a Cheater

March 3, 2014 Fort Mcmurray, Vancouver 19 6,247 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cheats on his wife. Lived with his girlfriend in Fort McMurray, even went on a mini vacation behind his wives back to vegas. All his friends knew, and everyone he worked with. Feel bad for his wife, she should know. Shes young enough to get out and take him for everything he has. Hope Jessica D Nicks was worth it Richard Whittaker. Attached are pictures of their trip to Vegas too for some proof.

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Melody the Junkie

February 27, 2014 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 118 11,327 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch melody AGAIN! ugh look at her!! She lost her kids from doing crank and other drugs. She first got pregnant moved her tribe to the reservation, nice way to introduce to your kids. she still will not get off welfare, she claims she is so inlove with her hairy man Shayne. hahahaha guess what while you guys were out her i fooled around with him, how do you think hes hairy, even though i felt like throwing up but KARMA!! she needs to get the fck out of Canada ,, messaging other men, partying while her kids are around. fuckin camel toe, she thinks she is so cute but just like her past dirt she still looks like a tranny. You have so many haters, i hope your kids are taken from you permanently you junky whore! even all her pics arer trashy just like her LOL broken mirror ghetto much , nobody wants you here die already. you should learn how to get a job keep your legs closed smelly gross bitch. and you and your hairy bf should go to rehab

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So Glad She’s Gone

December 13, 2013 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 112 11,711 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Courtney Mcallister ripped my heart out sent me out west to work and provide while she slept around with half of minto fml

You can expect no less from people who show off their holes.- nik

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Annie Arnold

October 30, 2013 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 50 8,775 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ratchet bitch annie arnold is the most gross sick fcked up girl i have ever met in my life why she did the things she did i have no clue
all i can say is Yuck 5 reasons why 1- she is a fcking hoe she has sex with every guy that looks at her dont matter if they are ugly gross are down right homeless she will hop on any thing 2- every word that comes out of her mouths is a lie shes a 2 faced bull shitter she pretends to be your friend and uses what ever you have and as soon as u have nothing she back stabs and lies 3-lmfao she fucked her own dad too get what she wanted ended up getting her parents to divorce and hate each other had an abortion was her own dads baby 4-after being friends with her for a while we got close for about 2 months we spent every day with each other she has no self respect for her self with in 1 month every day she had sex with a new guy with out a condom some times she would have sex with 2 different guys but like i said any thing will do for her 5- THE MOST FUKED UP THING ABOUT HER IS SHE RAPED HER OWN COUSIN WHILE HE WAS PASSED OUT SLEEPING 3 PEOPLE WITNESSED HER IN ACTION THERE ARE CHARGES BEING PRESSED ON THAT RATCHET ASS HOE LOL AND THATS NOT THE ONLY GUY SHE DID THAT TOO AND ALL SHE HAS IS A STANK ASS MUFF THE REAL BLUE WAFFLE IN LIFE WATCH OUT FOR THIS DOSED UP SLUTTY HOE P.S I WILL KEEP YA UPDATED ON THIS HOE

She reminds me of a character from the Flintstones.- nik

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Rotten Cheater

October 28, 2013 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 20 9,583 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Abby Palmer a crusty, cheating, lying, unfaithful loser. She works for KMC at suncore She was engaged to my buddy at work.This guy put 100% of his effort into the relationship, they were together for 5 years and engaged for 1 and she cheated on him for the last 3 years of the relationship. she even got both families together to go wedding dress shopping while she was cheating on him. Guys in Fort Mac watch out she’ll use you and lead you on and girls she’ll sleep with your man as she has no morals. She even accused Natasha Flett of being a slut with guys at work and it turns out she’s worse. Dont let her fool you she may look short and sweet but shes completely two faced. Her best friends and even the maid oh honour didnt know she was sleeping around on him. This is a warning for any guys that may run into her and seem interested walk away.

Don’t chu point those guns at me!- nik

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