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Valda Mckenzie

December 4, 2014 Fort Mcmurray 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: omg, this woman (maybe?) considers herself the “sexy princess” I am sorry iad to laugh, a nose like that? and wait til you come to ft sk.. good gad she thinks shes all that cause she wear a hard hat … lol my new rap

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Merrific Eh

December 3, 2014 Fort Mcmurray, Grande Prairie 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: Grande Prairie and Fort Mac had a bad reputation for drd’s and drug use, but this one got away, moved away and brought her DRDs elsewhere. she was one of GP’s biggest m*th/*eroin heads, started out by being drunk every every sleeping with different guys, then she got into meth and later on became a junkie selling herself for sex. I wish the dirty junkies like her would just at least have enough brains to use clean needles, or condoms with their messed up on meth selling their body for drugs. she has spread her dirty diseases all around, and tries to tell people shes clean. calls herself MErrific ….you think that means your terrific? terrific at giving head because your drug use depended on it. its a shame to see these young girls fucking with every guy who will give them a hit, byt the time they are in thier mid twenties they are so used up and filthy full of track marks and diseases. the dirtiest of the dirty . grande prairie, do something about your filth!!!

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Maryann Tachado dirty bird

August 7, 2014 Fort Mcmurray 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: Warning !! This is Maryann Tachado she is a dirty bird. This bitch will take you for it all. Yes I was fcked by here big time. I met her on Back page she was working in Fort McMurray. And I had her come over a couple times. She liked to send pics. Then we started to see each other. She started steeling from me. Then I started to get a itchy and sore crotch. So I went to the Dr in town and he told me I had drd. WTF Know in fcked for life. So to all men in town stay away from this dirty bird… That’s all I can say…

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Kaila Brown-Patten

July 30, 2014 Fort Mcmurray 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Let me give you the down low on this slutty single mother. She so trashy and disgusting to boot. She on Plentyoffish spreading her nasty drds around to every guy she meets of there. All her facebook friends that are men are all of plentyoffish. Shes a single mother and doesn’t know who her sons father is. Shes so nasty her face looks like someone ran it over. Watch out for this gem because shes very physco and when I told her I wasn’t interested in her she stalked me for months and wouldn’t leave me alone.

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Jason Burley

July 24, 2014 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this disgusting guy from fort Mac is jason burley. He has a great wife and everything that should be able to keep him happy but word around syncrude says that he’s got this French chick Rosalie as a side piece. He’s been bragging and He think he has scored big with this fuckin butterface but it turns out she’s a hooker who works out of a motel in gregoire. Mmm classy. Apparently he doesn’t pay for this prostitiue, but he HAS been paying for others. This loser wouldn’t be shit without his wife. She put him through school so he could have a decent job because he worked at grocery stores before getting into the field he’s in. His poor wife works with him too while everyone talks about this bullshit behind her back. Please put this dirty arsehole on blast. Douchebags like this and his side whore are what gives this town a bad name.

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Greg Avery

July 24, 2014 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: From the beginning Greg Avery told me that i was the only one he was talking this intently. We hit it off! We were SkYping every day. He\’s had said he had plane tickets to come see me. The last text he sent me said yes my love.. I’m Coming to see you. Next thing i knOw he deleted me. Blocked me. And cut all contact wIth no reason. 2 weeks later i find out he’s fuking another girl and had been playing it’s both. She still doesn’t know. .hopefully she will. That just happened may 2014-july2014

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Skanky Snatch

May 15, 2014 Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Thornihill Hey Skank, you think you are so classy ya real classy all fucked up passed out on the lawn. Nice car….. nice to have a dealer for a boyfriend hey!? Free blow and a sweet whip. Fuk have you looked in the mirror you ugly snatch. Same goes for that ugly fuckin bf to, UGLY!! Fcking Posers.You are the stupidest fuk ever. Hope you continue to spread your diseases elsewhere, thanks for moving.

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Bart Deadbeat Father

April 7, 2014 Fort Mcmurray, Halifax, Kelowna 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy named Bart is a compulsive lier, cheat and theif. All ladies and guys beware of this douch bag. If given the opportunity he will rob you blind. He stole so many tools from me, borrowed thousands and will not pay back. He is also the worlds biggest dead beat father, he has two sons he abandoned in the philippines and has not paid a cent towards child support for the last 15yrs. And ladies so you know he will try sweet talk you, devote all his attention to you, sing songs to you, and act like he is jelous, but beware he is only trying to get in with you, so he can get any monetary gain from you. He is currently working on a pig by the name of tanya, she is extremely unpleasant to look upon, that is why she is so gullable, as it is obvious looking at her she does not get much male attention. But ladies so you are aware, he is the deadest fck in the world, Ive seen 4 year old boys that are hung bigger than him, and you will be lucky if he lasts 3 minitues, so don’t waste your time on this douch bag, or you will be laying looking at the celing while he is on top of ya, singing mick jagger’s song ” I cant Get no Satisfaction.” He thinks he is the ladies man, beware ladies, all he will do is lie, and try to get what ever monetary item he can from you.

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