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Trashy Trisha Joe

November 26, 2014 Fort Worth 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch needs to wash her vagina once in a while, sh’s by far the biggest whore in Fort Worth. She’s a low life with absolutely no goals in life, goes from couch to couch to whoever she tricks in to letting her when she’s not out sucking dick and spreading diseases, Bitch please take a shower! At least wash the last guys cum off of you before moving to your next victim! Beware guys! She’s not hard to miss with that disgusting horseshoe sticking out of her nose! If you let her stay the night, warning you she WILL STAY until you kick her fat ass out the door so you can’t go get some antibiotics! Dirtiest of dirty right here guys ! If you know what’s best for you steer clear of trashy Trisha! She’s to be seen on a nightly basis either working at a bar or getting sloshed at one around west 7th until she finds some poor soul to take her in for the night or week until she burns Another bridge.

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The Rats

November 19, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, Here’s something that the rest of the world should know before u become friends with them. If you already know them then u know the kind of people they are. The couple- hannah johnson and jayce joyner she’s 24 or about to be. Works at bone daddys and at a pollo run apartments. the girl is always drunk or on coke. she could have a car by now but she would much rather spend on getting high on anything. She loves to tell people that her man is the DAB KING. He’s about to be 30. He makes over $10 grand a month but if u have meet him then u know he has no concept of the value of a dollar. They love to use people that is their thing. If you help them out one time then they are constantly asking for more. I don’t even think they have fully paid anyone back that they have borrowed from. The other guy- david slider almost 30. he thinks he’s a bad ass cause the pink house in Denver supplies him. (Supplies the dab king) but really all 3 of them are fake as fck!!!!!!! They all think they are such bad ass people HAHAHAHA. A few months back the DAB KING got is door kicked in by the Feds.hes not smart at all but since he got caught with dab and weed he decided to not man up on his own mistakes and turn random people he knows of and is jealous of. So basically all 3 of them got caught and are snitches. David is helping out the Feds as well as hannah so jayce doesn’t go to prison. What do you think should happen to snitches??? Do you think snitches deserve to be put on blast?

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Monica Victoria Ortiz

November 5, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Monica Victoria Oritz ! She is a 35 year old washed up stripper who got fired from every club she ever worked at for sleeping with the staff or starting drama. She LOVES to talk sh*t online and behind a screen. Instead of taking care of her 4 kids (literally 4 KIDS she has a teenage son, teenage daughter, twin sons who all but the daughter are in full custody of the Dads care) she runs around DFW talking sh*t about anyone she can. She is a COMPULSIVE LIAR who LIES about everything. Monica has lived with multiple older men she meets at the strip club because she has no where to go cause her Mom is a pill head and wants nothing to do with her neither does any of the childrens father. She has lost custody of all her kids but one her daughte, and she is such a terror and is already out smoking weed and having sex at 14 !! She lives with her customers and when you see her in public she wont say ANYTHING TO your face when confronted. I was out for dinner when I ran into her and confronted her and she ran to the security guard like the little keyboard warrior she is! She lives with her customer (Sugar Daddy) and when he is not home or around she texts another guy whom also has a girlfriend. Karma is real Monica ! How cute is her mugshot? Classy and such a good mother! Keep it up! I have found other mugshots but we will save the best for last

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Megan Smallwood

November 5, 2014 Fort Worth 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen meet Megan Smallwood definition of a perfect wife and lady.

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Homewrecking Bird

November 3, 2014 Auburn, Fort Worth 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hooker let me tell you cheats on her bf and gf. She is a bi-sexual tranny looking slut who is desperate and mean enough to uck anything that walks in front of her. I would highly suggest not to otuch her with a 10 foot pole otherwise she might just try and rape you. She is a highschool dropout who uses people to get into their relationships. She is the walking plague. She will come into your nice home and steal everything you have. She is like a bloodsucking leech who sux everything out of you that’s good. Don’t bring her home men she will take everything you have and destroy you and leave you lingering with her fowl tatse. She is a cockroach who needs to be squashe immediately when enetering or near your home. beware you have been warned of this homewrecking whore of a plague!!

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Dick Dope Dealer

November 3, 2014 Auburn, Fort Worth 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: My ex boyfriend Philip Anderson is a desperate ass dope Fein loser. He claims he is like God or something to all the dirty hoes in the 5-3-0. He is so desperate he used me for 3 years never once paid rent admitted to sleeping with girls behind my back in my apartment that I was paying for. Eating pusy to another desperate ass dirty cracked out bagwhore from grass valley with the nickname of pipe wipes who supposedly goes around sucking pipes till there’s nothing left and only getting fucked by the most desperate men in the dope houses around town. this mother fucker is so dirty and low he will smile in your face then turn around and fck his homies ex gfs and your best friend and her little sister all without you knowing while playing it off as if nothing ever happened. this loser right here should definitely be made as a rad flag. ladies pleaseif you have any morals or standards stay away from this dirty scumbag. he is also notorious for getting girls high on crank and fucking the shit out of them and then dumping them off in sac somewhere. he’s the next best thing to a serial killer. ladies be on the lookout for this loser and dudes please don’t introduce him to your woman or he will for surely fuk her behind you back causing many a disease to spread around. God if I only knew what a fuking desperate ass loser this little boy was I never would have hooked up with him. he decides to rub every scandalous thing he has done in my face since we broke up and its not cool.

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Jaycee Hernandez

November 3, 2014 Fort Worth 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jaycee Hernandez AKA KinkyKrissy from eccie is prostituting in Fort Worth. Letting men use NO CONDOMS, KNOWING that she has herpes! Just bought herself a new set of tits with the hoe money. All while she was pregnant and didn’t know who the father of the child was so she got ANOTHER abortion. LET ALONE pawns her first daughter off on the baby daddys mother to go slut around and party every night!!! This ex meth addict needs to be put on blast!! She will fck any and everything! She fuked my boyfriend and stole money from me and claimed to be my bestfriend! Put this cum guzzling whore on blast before she infects the whole town with her drds! Forget catching Eb*la, DON’T CATCH THE JAYCEE HERNANDEZ!!

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Miss Sour Skittles

October 31, 2014 Fort Worth 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch is the nastiest girl ive met, she likes to fcking run her mouth and cant back it up, she had her daughter 2 years ago and then her son 8 months ago, and now shes prego again!!!! she gets pregnant for attention and she likes to be a hoe. she doesn’t take showers and she is so loose!! I should know anyways watch out for this nasty bitch!!!! she fcked my boyfriend while I was in jail and she stole my boyfriend from me too! and had a fcking kid with him!!! this bitch is a walking time bomb

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