Should I Ask My Co-Worker On A Date

October 16, 2014 Fort Worth, The Dirty 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl’s name is Rosalie she is very beautiful she has such a great personality but, she has a boyfriend.  How can I get the guts to ask her out on at-least a coffee date without feeling like a d*ckhead because of her boyfriend, I think I’d make better boyfriend for her, her boyfriend looks like a total hipster dushe who never looks happy when he comes into the store, very rude and stuck up his own ass. She is a metal head, who plays RPG loves video games and cooks very well! once she brought home made lunch and it looked and smelled Devine! She’s perfect. Unless, anyone knows in TheDirty about her? Please tell! What should I do, Nik?

Just tell her “I love your bangs”. A soft compliment might win her metal heart.- nik

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I Need Advice

October 15, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth, The Dirty 237


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want your input on what work youd recommend for me to get to look more attractive. I know the metal in my face is something you’ll hate, but im asking about my actual physical features. You’ve changed my outlook on certain traits I used to find attractive and Id appreciate your insight. Thanks in advance!

Take all the sh*t out of your face. I cannot help you until you help yourself.- nik

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Wavy Yall

October 10, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Megan Lewis. She’s dilusional and sloppy, she’s engaged to Richard but still manages to do him dirty. She is obsessed with tech n9ne to a point where you question her sanity. She takes the most unflattering photos of herself  (which by the way 99% of her IG photos are throwbacks when she was younger and actually not overweight and ew), can’t keep a job for longer than a couple months at a time and apparently has no worries about her poor hygiene. She doesn’t take care of herself that’s why she ends up in the hospital for respitory problems and then takes photos of her hospital stay for pity. I worked with her at Olive Garden and I kid you not she has very obvious facial hair. Megan you should start taking care of yourself,  treat your man right and stop fishing for attention. Please and thank you!

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Chris Harkins

September 24, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this douche bag raped my current girlfriend when she was a sophomore in high school, he was a senior at the time, he invited her to go hang out at his apartment, her not knowing any better, and wanting to hang out with the cool kids she followed. Point is he got her so drunk she passed out and took advantage of her, when she and some friends confronted him about it he replied and I quote “it seemed like you were enjoying it, so it’s not rape.” Who the fck does he think he is? Honestly if I would’ve know about it when it happened he wouldn’t be breathing right now.

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Jennilyn Jay in Euless

September 22, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Jennilyn Jay( [email protected] )well over a year ago. I quickly noticed she walked, talked, acted and lived like white trash. It wasn’t long before I  noticed she advertised on craigslist and backpage as a prostitute with one of the lowest half hour rates available. She has a Dallas tattoo right over her chest and has no problems bringing strangers into her home where she has young children. CPS has been investigating her for a while regarding her kids, Fidi and Gabi but to get the agency off her ass, she will send kids to her Moms or sisters( jess jay). To subsidize her hooker income as well as government assistance, she has a criminal history of extorting men, mostly by telling them she is pregnant with their child and threatening to expose them. In fact she has her ex-husband in jail for not paying child support when she and the world has no idea who the real father is. She needs to go back to jail, ending with a very long probation period to protect the public from her long history of cheating and lying. State of Texas should drug test everyone that gets welfare. Get a job!

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour

September 4, 2014 Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Plano, San Antonio, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Texas, The Dirty, University of Miami 9


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now!

Click here to get your TICKETS for tonight’s show at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre at the Florida St Fairgrounds in Tampa!!!

Click here to get your TICKETS for September 6th show at Austin 360 Amphitheater in Austin!!

Click here to get your TICKETS for September 7th show at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas!!!

Click here to get your TICKETS upcoming shows!!

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Another Casey Anthony in the Making

August 6, 2014 Fort Worth, Pittsburgh 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This sick individual is 27 year-old Whitney Hale of Ft. Worth, Texas, living in White Settlement, Texas at present. She is another Casey Anthony in the making. She is in an ongoing custody dispute with her ex-husband. Her daughter has been taken away, but if she wins her court case and gets her daughter back, the kid probably will not live to see her 6th birthday. She drops her daughter off with anyone she can in order to abuse crystal meth and run around with various married men. She has been known to lock her daughter in the bathroom for hours at a time while she engages in drug use. She does not work and will do anything to get money for drugs. A true sociopath, she will show up in church on Sunday morning after neglecting her daughter all week long. She is an avid drug abuser: ice, meth amphetamines, the hard stuff. She has epilepsy and so the drugs cause her to seizure often. Before her ex took the kid, she would seizure while her kid was helpless in her presence after hard core drug binges. I hope her ex is out there and has friends who read this and let him know that he has people pulling for him. You got friends man! She is extremely desperate and will latch onto anyone who bends her ass over a sink for 10 minutes. This “woman” is Casey Anthony 100% in-the-making in every way. If she gets that kid back, the inevitable will happen. You were warned.

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The Dirty D

July 30, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 23



THE DIRTY ARMY: David Swaim fcks anything that has money. He lives a double life having multiple girlfriends he has no home and mooches off these girls he claims he is a big time drug dealer but is always broke he’s had has car repoed his house he was evicted from so he finds woman to take care of him he’s 28 and still going to school and doesn’t know what he wants to do with no job he’s scandalous so watch out.

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