Tynishia Whittley

April 18, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 1 5,331 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikt his here is stanky ass Tynishia Whittley from Ft. Worth/Crowley. This girl here had her 1st child when she was 13 and 12 years later she got 5 more kids that her momma is raising. She is living off welfare, hookin up with wanna be gang bangers, and doesn’t do shit for her kids. She nasty and her so called man is sleeping with other hood rats. Beware of this bish.

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Fake Country/rockstar Alex Rogers

April 18, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 1 6,010 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alex Rogers, an East Texas guy with a west coast state of mind. Loves to run around Dallas and Denton telling anyone who will listen about his song writing and sold out shows. He tells friends and especially strangers how he co-wrote crazy girl, with the Eli Young Band. When in reality he is an 8 year college student approaching 30 with tons of debt and a hydrocodine and xanax addiction. We went to high school together and 2 years ago we became roommates. After 18 months of living with this guy, I am 6000 dollars in debt, and have had my identity stolen. He always has a story, and an excuse as well as a time line in which he will “repay you once his quarterly check arrives” ( eli young band). He has a girlfriend named Courtney which he cheats on and has cheated on numerous times in my presence. Also, for a brief time he played guitar for The Mark Mckinney Band which does actually give him some music credibility. Then he played guitar for a local Ft. Worth band called, The Heather Roberts band. He convinced The lead singer (heather) that he’d fallen in love with her, and almost broke up a 10 year marriage that involved 2 children. The affair lasted well over 4 months, mind you the entire time Alex and Courtney were together. I only wish I had better pics. Be wary of this con, he will drain you of anything you have and he is a smooth operator. He is currently living in Denton near Kroger and drives a white jeep grand Cherokee. It will be easy to spot him, he dresses in crusty girls jeans, with usually no shirt or an unbuttoned shirt, converse or boots, pooka shell necklaces, and aviators. Sometimes he rides a bike around town shirtless trying to pick up desperate sorority chicks.

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Jessica Vasquez Tejano Sloot

April 15, 2014 Fort Worth, San Antonio 25 8,231 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Vasquez. 35. Manager at Shasa at [removed]R. Como la flor tattoo on her forearm. Has slept with members of Tejano bands, Kumbia Kings, Stampede, Lazzo. You will find her at Fiesta, MK Davis, Cadillacs, anywhere where Ondo is playing. She moved from Dallas to SA. Likes movies with Kevin Costner and Lucas Black. Hit her up on facebook, has a picture of Kourtney Kardashian as her pic. Great lay. Can also find her other post (Dallas) on here, google “The Dirty Jessica Vasquez”

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Worthless Manslore

April 10, 2014 Fort Worth 0 5,976 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this man has pretty much slept with anyone and everyone in the dfw area he has a girlfriend but, might as well not. He lies to girls gets them drunk hangs out in strip clubs pimps basically on a daily basis. Such a loser! I feel bad for his girlfriend she has no clue or maybe shes just an idiot!

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Golden Grill

March 28, 2014 Fort Worth 0 7,805 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this female here is a hoe she lov suckin dick an pay more attention to these lame fucks the her kids she stays with her parents but claims to be a real bitch claims she about that gangsta life she a pothead that don’t know what the true meaning of motherhood is she more worried about gettin fcked in the ass the feeding her kids

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Drunken Slore; Michelle Ghorbani

March 27, 2014 Fort Worth 0 8,385 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik here’s Michelle Ghorbani the ultimate whore. I met her when she used to be a beer tub girl at Cowboys. Now she bartends at the Wild Rooster. She likes to sleep around and has an std. You can find her behind te back of the building where she works trading blow jobs for drugs. I see her at 24 hour fitness staring at herself she thinks she’s God’s gift to men and women. That bulge between her legs seems to get bigger and bigger. I imagine it’s from all the steroids she’s taking to bulk up. She looks like a man and now her voice is starting to sound masculine. This girl needs to stop spreading her nasty disease all over the metroplex! If you want an easy lay, just buy her a drink and give her some drugs, she’ll put out real easy. Just make sure you double strap!

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Drunk on Steroids

March 27, 2014 Fort Worth 0 7,840 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this slut who bartends at Wild Rooster in Fort Worth sleeps around with all the customers, leaves with random guys at the end of the night and is so drunk can’t even walk on her on. You should see her beat up Honda Civic you can tell shes been in a few accidents. She’s always posting she’s at the gym and by the looks of it must be using steriods because she looks like a busted up dude. Beware guys you may find a penis under there.

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Dallas Psycho Angela Rabalias

March 19, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 29 9,110 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Angela Rabalais. She is a crazy bi*ch. She thinks shes so hot when shes really just a sloot. She goes clubbing every weekend popping molly in her underwear with an “above the influence” tattoo right abover her ass! Hahaha wtf!! Ive known her for a long time and she used to party at one of my friends houses. She fcked all the roomates that were there and alot of the guests. She is a screaming slut looking for attention. She uses her sick mother as an excuse for sympathy. *BEWARE* if your looking for easy ass go to insomnia on friday and Saturday. Or go to chili’s in Roanoke any other day. Youll see that stupid bi*ch

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