The Dirty D

July 30, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 4



THE DIRTY ARMY: David Swaim fcks anything that has money. He lives a double life having multiple girlfriends he has no home and mooches off these girls he claims he is a big time drug dealer but is always broke he’s had has car repoed his house he was evicted from so he finds woman to take care of him he’s 28 and still going to school and doesn’t know what he wants to do with no job he’s scandalous so watch out.

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Chelsea Johnson

July 21, 2014 Fort Worth, Houston 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chelsea Johnson, from Houston but stuck in Ft Worth, TX. Chelsea is a 22 year old pill popping, drug addict, thief, and mother” to a 1 year old. If she is seen CPS should be called immediately. She neglects the child hours on end while she spreads her legs and gets strung out on OxyContin. The 1 year old girl barely weighs 20lbs, because she only gives it soda or junk food; if she even feeds her. The child has had diaper rash for months on end because she won’t bathe or clean her. She completely ignores the poor girl and leaves her sitting in her feces! Her next goal in life is to get knocked up by another guy that she can claim child support on or get more welfare money with. So she can continue her OxyContin/crck binge. When she’s not popping pills or spreading her legs for them you can find her at your local walmart ripping off thousands of dollars worth of groceries. She’ll open up goods at the store just to give it to her baby, or she’ll use empty diaper bags to stuff groceries into. But be careful if you call her out in person she’ll get in your face and threaten to attack you while holding the baby in her arms between you. People need to be warned of this sticky finger thief. She’ll steal anything you have for a quick penny and she’ll guilt you with her child. CPS has been called on multiple occasions but she uses the mouthwash to pass the mouth swab test. Nik please put her on blast and save her poor baby Eva.

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I Spy – Alfred Abi Hanna

July 8, 2014 Boston, Fort Worth 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alfred Abi Hanna is a 51 year old Lebanese man who takes advantage of anyone he can. He lies about everything he does. Acts like he is rich, steals by manipulating and moving funds to private banks like credit cards. Makes up new business names to fit his needs. He secretly stalks women, puts apps on their phones to follow them, he\’s at the top of the pedifile list. He blackmails people to do what he wants. He even goes to the length of sneaking into a business and installing spyware on the computer so he can remotely steal information and get into bank accounts and see figures. little does he know, he\’s not smart enough to get away with it, he’s in boston and thinks he pulled a fast one until we pulled the plug on him. He\’s not as smart as he thinks. he married a beautiful smart Lebanese woman in Lebanon this year and brought her to America, only to leave her sit at home, chase women and now she has fled to her family and he married his drug addicted mistress. what is wrong with this man. he’s dangerous and very cunning and I want everyone to know that you should avoid him at all costs and do not go into business with him or a relationship of any kind. he will cheat on you right under your nose. easy to identify, he has one glass eye, gray hair. i’ll attach a pic. I’ve never had to say things like this about anyone, but this is a major exception to the rules. the worst is that he acts like he is religious and says god bless you while he\’s stabbing you in the b

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Still at It

June 10, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat disgusting sloot will sleep with anyone for a roof over her head or some more drugs to ingest. She is simply disgusting. She has a son she sees maybe once a year because she decided instead of raising him she would rather party. She thinks it is totally appopriate to wear skin tight clothes and try to fit into all her skinny friends clothes, essentially ruining them for life. At least fifteen different people have told me personally that even being to close to her you can smell the dumpster juice that is her vagina. She is so desperate for attention she basically tries to rape every guy she meets. Sorry honey, all that meth might have made your face skinny but the rest of your creature like body is HUGE. She thinks she can steal everyones man which is really just HILARIOUS. I feel bad for anyone who is dumb enough to believe her sob stories and lets her leach off them for awhile because she will screw you over just like she has everyone else. There is a reason she is 24 hanging out with a bunch of barely legal kids. That reason being everyone her own age has already seen her for what she is and moved on with their lives. If you let this girl into your house I AM WARNING YOU make sure everything is still in place when she leaves because she has a tendency to steal anything she can get away with. So if all of a sudden shes dissappeared you know why!

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Captain Douchebag: Cory Smith

May 30, 2014 Fort Worth 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik. Cory Evan Smith touches underage girls because there the only ones stupid enough to fall for his brand of controlling insane hyper-emotional bullshit the amount of Hypocritical things I’ve heard come out of that “boys” mouth is staggering Hes the kind of kid who cries over getting a speeding-ticket his mommy issues make sure to that listening to every word she says being forced home by 10\’o clock because he\’s to poor to buy his own car, Can\’t even keep a job to save his life because anyone over the age of 16 can see he’s scum likes to pretend like he\’s some sort of genius but can\’t even go to community college In fact this crazy motherfucker who leaves his girlfriend on the side of the road In the middle of nowhere wants to be a Psychologist when he really needs one him self. In short: Self Centered,Hypocritical, Womanizer, Pedophile, Moms boy with no future.

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Midget Groupies

May 28, 2014 Fort Worth 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik you need to expose these lil shreck ass hoes that think they all that, out every weekend fuckin all the Denton rappers. There a fckin joke they think they rappers now to. Haha they got all of denton living with them they even built in a studio so niggas wont leave, they lil circus asss needa worry bout they midget babies an quit gettin fucked up an worryn bout wat video they gonna be in. Niggas only fukn wit these stupid hoes cus they buy erthang so mf will fuk wit them

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Cariah Fabila

May 13, 2014 Fort Worth, Texas 1


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Cariah Fabila she is such a whore and a bad “mother” she doesn’t take care of her kids she always leaves them to go Chase after her boyfriend because he’s always wanting to leave her because she can never, have a conversation with anyone because “its arguing” she just wants her boyfriend at her apartment as a, bitch taken care of,her kids not one is his and all 3of,her kids are, of different race with different dads and she’s pregnant again due on the same day as her last kid was born she doesn’t take care of her kids she, hoes around but her bf doesn’t know it and she has tattoo on her twice “Johnny” another bf, of hers she was “engaged”to but, she gets engaged v to everyone she talks to she’s talks to she’s fake and she needs, to be exposed!!! She is DRAMA and, Nothing but it, expose her!

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Isamar Millan, No Good Mom

April 21, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Isamar Millan works at xtc cabaret fort worth is always posting about it showing off on fb can never take a picture without her boobs coming out has kids but you wouldn’t know it because she don’t post about them only her self and her stupid strip club job she needs to stop & be a mother post about her kids not her self &partying &drinking

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