Ready and Willing

February 24, 2014 Fresno 0 8,762 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: if ur lookn for a good time hit me up ill make it worth ur wild……

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Typical A-Hole

January 14, 2014 Fresno, Fresno State 51 10,660 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guys name is Anthony DeLuca a real jerk. Takes advantage of women and there kindness, uses them to buy him things and treats them like crap afterward, cheats, compulsive liar, no job, no money, a leech on women, obviously from the pictures which are taken only days apart; he’s been with at least 5 girls I’m the last 3months and acts like he does nothing wrong. He’s also raped a girl he knew once, and played mind games with her by telling her he loved her and was going to be with her, she found out the truth that he was/is in fact a real douchebag! He likes to date women who are in management, owners of businesses and or young dumb and nieve girls that will buy him things lend them their cars and give him money. Ladies beware!! Don’t let assholes like this take advantage of you. (The 2 ladies in photo were cut out cause their reputation as being stupid should be private). He’s the real problem not the females.

I believe it…- nik

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Jennifer Beatty

January 2, 2014 Fresno, Los Angeles, Would You? 15 6,607 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Jennifer shes a singer songwriter huge pumpkin head and mannish face and chunky body and large nose the question here is would you or wouldn’t you?

Answer: No, wide angle fish lenses aren’t good for horses.

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Military Slore

December 13, 2013 Fresno, Los Angeles 10 7,832 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi, Nik this chicks name is Sarah, one of the girls my husband cheated on me with. Yes, I said one of them. There have been a few more at least 5 other women if not more, seems he can’t keep his dick in his pants. I’m not sure where or how they meet but I know they meet when he was away. I hope her pictures blast all over the internet! They are both Army! Shame on you both!

Which one of those dudes is your husband?- nik

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Marina B Mirelez

December 2, 2013 Fresno 11 10,507 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out fresno! This whore here is Marina B Mirelez 23 works at post office in Reedley but a hardworking well trained HOE. She proudly says she’s a Christian & likes to make herself seem as a church girl yet is the fuggliest fat back stabbing liar Ive ever met in my life. She sleeps with only married men! Not only married but married men with children & even on the way!!! she sends naked pictures, pleasures herself & to men through the phone. She cannot be trusted she is not a loyal friend. She is a home wrecker. she is a disgrace. She is what we call gods mistake. You won’t get to far in life fat whore. Cannot be trusted.

Sweet comb-over.- nik

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Buddy Rausch

November 29, 2013 Chico State, Fresno 34 7,493 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone I would like you to meet Buddy Rausch aka Buddy Raunchy!!!I’m honestly shocked he hasn’t been put up here yet for his Nasty Radioactive Tainted Dick since he has put at least 4 girls that I know of on here. I can’t wait until one day his little princess ends up on the dirty because then he might realize how big of a dirtbag he is for putting woman on this page!!! So now it’s FINALLY his turn paybacks a bitch just like you! This creeper here thinks he’s mechanic and God’s greatest gift to women. When in all reality he has a little dick and does nothing but runs drugs out of his shop,(Tedious Repairs on Nord in Chico) fucks your car up more then it already was, takes your money, then tells you that your cars a piece of shit that he can’t fix. The only business this man is running is an illegal one! Last time I checked you aren’t aloud to run stolen property out of a place of business, let uncertified people work on cars, take peoples car home like their yours, or have sex with woman in your place of business in exchange for services on their cars. This trick even has his current girlfriend of 9 months thinking he’s innocent hints she is still with him. When their entire relationship he has been texting/seeing multiple females behind her back to the point where she is Facebook stalking them then questioning them whether or not he is cheating on her! GIRLFRIEND get a clue if he has naked pictures in his phone of other women that should be your first hint he’s cheating why question women you don’t know psycho, I think we’ve got ourselves a stage 5 clinger!!! Anyways this little gingerbread dough boy is nothing but a little bitch who can’t work on cars, lives for drama and can’t go a day without fcking someone over in someway so I suggest you stay away he is poison!

Does he always wear the same shirt?- nik

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Jessica Rodriguez

November 22, 2013 Fresno, Visalia 0 9,768 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica the fat nasty slob od rialto think tha she is the shit and everyone want her …hehehe funny bitch no one want ur nastry ass this girl or shoud i say slob wushes that she could get with her bestie named donald and got made when another girl made out with her she wishes she would have that furst kisss well no one want to kiss you bitch and u will never get a kiss from no one.. she is known for making up fake boyfrined and is in love with her brother that wants nothing to do with her becuase he know she is nasty and haas his own life.. she wishes she has her own life but the truth is no one will go out with her and she wishes she could get dick.. she says she is a virgin by choice yea thats true but its not her choice

You’re friends are just being nice…- nik

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Da Shawna Slightom

November 15, 2013 Chico State, Fresno 42 11,368 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Da Shawna Slightom is a crazy dirty girl. She has been offering sexual services for a oil changes and power steering fluid top offs. She excepts to suck her tab off. She knows I was taken and often says “what makes her better than me?” Everything no***s, no trains ran on her, and doesnt sell her body for auto needs!!! Stalking me for 9 months, told her we can never be and to go away, she refused sending me pictures daily and begging for me “we can be successful together!!” More like bitch u can mooch of me, keep dreamin’. Won’t going away even when I was taken. Trying to sleep with my friends in the park to get info on me. She thinks she can screw her way to the top. Someone needs give this girl a wake up call !!! You can make someone want you, your are a dirty girl and this page fits you!

Some chicks were never meant to have a wallet.- nik

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