Whitney Weinberger At Florida State

September 5, 2012 FSU, The Dirty 10 9,382 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik im in love with this blonde named whitney weinberger. i dont think she is jewish, at least i hope not. im not religious racist i just dont like the way isreal people taste. kinda salty and at FSU they don’t have many. im pretty sure she is mormon looking. so nik i know your the blonde king. how should i tell her i love her? we have a class together and i just look at her thats why im failing i think.

No, you are failing because you suck at capitalizing. How the f*ck did you get into Florida State University?- nik

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Tiffany Wants A Second Chance

August 27, 2012 FSU, Orlando 0 7,213 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik bikini clad teacher Tiffany Shepherd (now Mullins) who was fired from Port St. Lucie High School wants to go back to teaching… She needs our support… She now runs “A girl with a gun spray tanning” with her husband in Florida but it seems that she misses teaching… They opened this tanning center with the money she saved during her carrier in the adult industry. Isn’t it a great idea to have ex porn star milf as your high school teacher? I think the students will love this idea… Maybe you can help her by promoting her petition here on change dot org petitions..”Give me a chance to prove to the world that the St. Lucie School Board lied about me.”  Give her a chance….[Click here to give her a second chance] 

No chance. Pornstars cannot be teachers. I decided.- nik

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Monica Gorman Tampa’s Pantie Passer

August 21, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, FSU, Tampa 16 6,255 Views




THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, This is about Monica Gorman, she is a Tampa wannabee. She flaunts around Tampa in every club. You can always find her f**king some athlete. She is a gold digger that lives off of selling her pssy in the form of jewelry and the occasional trip here and there.. She works at Neiman Marcus part-time. She has stooped so low that she is trying to become a video vixen. You can find her on Blam men magazine under the name Monica Denise. She depends on daddy to pay her bills when she falls short. She is a walking herp waiting to be spread around town. She works out at Powehouse gym downtown. She is a two bit slut whore thats just looking for the next black man to f**k.

By daddy you mean sugar daddy right.- nik

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Would You With This Tranny

July 31, 2012 FSU, Orlando 2 10,356 Views

Would You bang this Tranny?

Would You bang this Tranny?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m 100% straight and I’d never get with a dude, but damn- this tranny is smokin. Apparently, she has a vagina, which I’d actually be interested in seeing what it feels like. What do you think? Would that make me gay if I got with a tranny? I’ve seen her on youtube and xtube and DAMNNNN! [Click here for a pic of her poop shoot]

It’s amazing how fake breasts can make any man look good.- nik

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Is This The Best FSU Can Do

June 10, 2012 FSU, The Dirty 13 8,243 Views

Is THIS the best we can do FSU?

Is THIS the best we can do FSU?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember that ‘model’ from FSU that everyone swears is the hottest thing ever and tried to call you out saying “Nik can’t criticize her shes so hot he had to stretch to find something” and “oh Nik is ‘airbrushed cellulite ruined it for me’ the best you can do?” ya ok heres a NOT BLURRY face pic of her and we know these are still photoshopped so how bad is that! Check out the pitbull nose and weird mouth! Please tell me FSU this is not your top model! What do you think Nik?

I think I was right… this chick is beat.- nik

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FSU Left Tackle And His Girlfriend

April 27, 2012 Dirty Athletes, FSU, The Dirty 22 5,470 Views

FSU LT and his girlfriend

FSU LT and his girlfriend

FSU LT and his girlfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not that I am complaining about all of these hot cleat chasers with these NFL draft hopefuls but I am seriously ready to see at least one future NFL baller with a girl who is pretty AND hot and does not have to put half naked pictures of herself on facebook just to be a self promoter. This is FSU’s left tackle Andrew Datko’s girlfriend Morgan Waters. She was in one of my classes this semester and she is super sweet and always helped me with the homework. She always comes to class in a frat tank and running shorts looking like a bombshell without even trying. Props to this girl who is only 19 for keeping her soon to be millionaire boyfriend on a leash (from what I hear).

Andrew, life is about to change… cut her loose bro. It will save both of you pain and you will play better. It’s your money, not her money.- nik

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Jerry Linn Gets Invited To FSU

February 27, 2012 FSU, Manhattan, The Dirty 24 9,620 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t tell if this girl is being serious or just trying to get a bunch of youtube videos.  She does have some huge ass +2′s which makes her an automatic winner in my book.

This shows you how stupid the students are at FSU. One of her sisters told her about Jeremy Linn from New York and she confused it for a black guy who doesn’t play for the Giants.- nik

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Piece Of Trash

February 20, 2012 Dirty Predator, FSU, Kansas City 68 8,383 Views

Piece Of trash!

THE DIRTY ARMY: This douche-bag is nothing but a worthless piece of trash. His name is Andrew Lawrence Porter. He thinks he is hot shit and he’s nothing. He uses women to get what he wants and fills their head full of nothing but lies. This dude isn’t going anywhere and life and never will. This guy is nothing but a predator out to get in any girls pants he can. Your a disgrace to our country. In this pic is him thinking hes something at the bar he works out, even though hes some big air-force hot shot but yet works at a bar now.

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